U.S. keeping troops in Afghanistan. Anyone surprised?

President Obama announced that the U.S. will keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan at the end of 2014. Currently, 32,000 troops are stationed there. What a pathetic game Obama, his zionist masters and pentagon generals are playing with the American public. Is there anyone naive enough to think that America is ever going to leave Afghanistan? Not if the neo-cons in Washington, London, New York and Tel Aviv have anything to say about it.

Any talk of draw-downs, withdrawals, retreats, and exits is just gibberish spewing from the mouths of politicians. The grand chessboard, with central Asia as the most prized possession, is ever front and center for Kissinger, Brzezinski, and their proteges in Washington DC.




Incredible as it may sound, there are still hard-core Obama apologists  existing in what is known as “the Left” in America. Scarcely remembering that they elected this man on a platform of bringing peace and prosperity back to America after the naked war-mongering of Bush Jr. , they live in a world of make-believe where whatever Obama does is somehow good, because he is , well…not Bush.

If we do in fact see a reduction from 32,000 down to 9,800 by the end of this year (not a sure thing, only a promise), it is only because those troops are badly needed in the next theatre of war, whether that will be in Asia (see: Asian pivot), the Caucasus (see: Ukraine) , or Africa (see: Boko Haram, Tuareg, Somali insurgents ad nauseum).


One thing is for sure: the flow of opium profits from Afghanistan must be maintained at all costs. If they can do the job with 10,000 soldiers, great. It’s an investment that will more than pay for itself. Meanwhile, Obama will throw a bone to the American public every 6 months or so about reducing troops here or there, but the empire will march on, as long as it can.



4 thoughts on “U.S. keeping troops in Afghanistan. Anyone surprised?”

  1. Obummer’s comments yesterday on Afghanistan,” This is how wars are fought in the 21st. century. There are no teaties signed or agreements made.” He forgot to add there are no wars declared nor approved by Congress. There are no budgets for these wars. There are no guarantees that if a soldier lives through these wars they will have adequate facilities to treat their wounds, mental as well as physical. There are no criterias for these wars in a national policy of pre emptive war. Notice it’s all about wars. Notice it’s all about killing. Notice who are his “advisors”, War Mongers. Notice how our boogey men seem to crop up where there are drugs, lithium, oil, ….. profits for his real people the corporate elite. Obummer is Bush in half black face. What he really means is the Agenda for the Twenty First Century moves forward. Maybe Barry should put his presidential library in the soon to be leveled areas of Detroit. Fitting fo his legacy.

  2. Barry Obummer has recently justified the killing of U.S. children, minors with drones inorder to get at their parents. In an Orwellian way for his Orwellian world this is now justified. But wait, as Putin says the U.S. is shrewd. All these boogey man warloards in Africa supposedly recruit cild warriors/soldiers. Africom may the need to kill children in Africa so it must be justified. This practice will further swell the VA hospitals with mental issues. How many more minions of the NWO do we need to tollerate. False flags/false threats are becoming too obvious. America is sick. More wars will not be the cure. It may very well be the end.

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