The vaccine scam- the view from Asia

Last year a number of infants died in central Viet Nam after being injected with a ‘5 in 1’ vaccination.  The Ministry of Health in Viet Nam, like most health ministries in other countries around the world, pursues an aggressive vaccination program, especially for infants and children. Following the tragedy of the infant deaths, the ministry and its multi-national sponsors,  such as WHO and its affiliated programs, had to go into damage control. The children’s deaths, though tragic, were a result of perhaps a ‘bad batch,’ they claimed. The ministry reassured families in the region that a thorough review was being done and all samples would be tested for safety. But most of all, they reiterated in strong language that in no way should parents be fearful of vaccinations, that vaccines are completely safe, and that parents should continue on as before with the full schedule of vaccinations. ‘Nothing to worry about here, go on as before. We have the situation under control….’


I have not seen any follow-up stories in the last year. It would be interesting to know how many families in the affected region stopped the vaccinations and how many believed the government’s reassurances. Taken in isolation, the story of a simple ‘bad batch’  could indeed be plausible. But when looked at from a wider angle, with all the stories from around the globe of deaths  and adverse reactions to vaccines, from polio in Central Asia, to influenza in America to smallpox in Africa, the story takes on a much deeper and more sinister aspect.


Even an average college graduate has little knowledge  on vaccines- their history, their ingredients, their rate of efficacy, potential short and long term effects, and the political and financial aspects to the whole world-wide vaccination program. Imagine then an uneducated, impoverished farmer’s reaction when a a health team shows up at the commune with a bag full of needles and drugs and instructs the women to bring all the children ’round. When the doctors and nurses starts speaking to the villagers about the wonder of these drugs, using medical terminology which is incomprehensible to them, and furthermore stoking their fears with what might happen to them if they don’t get injected- malaria, dengue fever, death!- they easily succumb to the propaganda.



Just yesterday, a story appeared in the local news media about the immunization program for Viet Nam. Children already receive eleven    vaccines here. But that’s not enough. Now, they want to add three more. The new shots will be for pneumococcus, diarrhea caused by rotavirus, and cervical cancer.  The Global Alliance for Vaccines has pledged to provide the vaccines for free initially. The GAVI is a Bill Gates foundation founded in 2000, which is a public and private partnership. This, of course, is code language meaning that the drug manufacturers want vaccination rates to increase, as this will increase their profits.  (In a future post, I will examine whether Bill Gates really wants to save children, or eliminate them.) The story goes on to say that the vaccines are expensive, with the cervical cancer vaccine costing nearly 80 USD per shot. And this is in a country with a yearly per capita income of $2,000.


There is little doubt that at this time next year, we will read a news story that states that the ministry of health has decided to add another handful of vaccines to the regular schedule for children. The fear campaign will be kept ramped up, and the smarmy, gruesome  visage of Bill Gates will be looming in the background. Meanwhile, expect to see more unfortunate deaths and hospitalizations from the millions of shots being given by brainwashed doctors and nurses.

vaccineChildren do not need more vaccinations. What they need now, and have always needed, is clean water, proper sanitation, and pure, fresh food. There is no substitute for a healthy immune system.

‘Primum Non Nocere’- First, do no harm.–nearly-20-babies-die-after-vaccination.html

4 thoughts on “The vaccine scam- the view from Asia”

  1. I see this as a marketing strategy. If you have everyone convinced they must have these shots, well , that equals profits. If there are side effects, well, that equals profits. Our corporate pharmacy chain offered prizes with your flu shot. Reminds me of prizes for using your debit card. When ever one’s sees prizes for anything it’s for more profits. Autism rising at 10,000 percent? There’s the real prize or more correctly suprise.

    1. Yeah, I need to write a post on the HPV vaccine. Now, you can get vaccines for cancer! Just found this guy who has a youtube channel, and he comes across as an ‘objective’ commentator on health issues. Then I saw he was hyping the HPV vaccine, and sure enough he’s an MD. With the internet, people can now educate themselves on health issues, and big pharma and the AMA don’t like that one bit. They are going to fight back hard to keep their profits.

  2. Wow, i used to think Bill Gate is a great man. But I should reconsider it after reading your post.
    Thanks for giving insight about the evil in medical industry. Really helpful.

    1. Gates is a card carrying member of all the elite organizations. He is a proud eugenicist and boasts of his desire to see Earth’s population reduced significantly. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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