The crazed state of Israel

The news this month has been dominated with headlines of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. This latest round of mass murder was supposedly instigated by the killing of three Israeli teenagers. True to form, the zionists in Israel are killing 100 Palestinians for every dead Israeli. The Israeli military machine indiscriminately slaughtering Palestinian men, women and children has become such a recurring story over the last 20 years, so mind-numblingly routine,  that it’s inevitable that one gets a sense of deja vu when reading the news. “Didn’t I read this story last year? Almost word for word? And the year before that, and the year before that too?” Yes, you did.

The Israeli/zionist dominated press in the USA and Europe has been working overtime informing the masses that there is a ‘war’ going on, that ‘both sides’ are firing deadly rockets. According to the Israeli/CIA  news service, commonly known as ‘CNN’, Israel only attacked Gaza after being provoked and the the fighting is the fault of Hamas, who didn’t adhere to a cease fire agreement. According to an ‘Israeli source’, 140 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. So, we have 140 ‘deadly’ rockets fired, and zero deaths. Wow, those are some serious missiles. The whole storyline coming out of Tel Aviv is so farcical and ridiculous that it’s amazing that the reporters can keep a straight face when giving out statistics from the Israeli military.

The mainstream media actually attempts to give the impression that there are two equal opposing sides fighting each other. In fact, on one side you have an impoverished and oppressed people who are under a constant state of siege and are kept in the world’s largest outdoor prison. For weapons , they have some smuggled -in machine guns and homemade ‘rockets.’ And slingshots. The other side has hundreds of modern tanks, hundreds of modern fighter jets, attack helicopters, ships, submarines, howitzer cannons, missiles and nuclear bombs. Not exactly a fair fight.


For the so-called state of Israel,  the routine killing of Palestinians serves a number of objectives. The first one is the obvious, blatant and brutal ethnic cleansing of the native people of Palestine. The Palestinians are seen as nothing more than a nuisance, a sub-human species that is using land that Israel wants. Not until all the Palestinians are gone and ‘Greater Israel’ is realized will they be happy. It is no accident when women and children in the West Bank and Gaza strip die. They are not ‘collateral damage.’ It is the whole point of the operation. Decrease the population.


Second, the Palestinian people serve as convenient target practice for the Israeli military. Relatively defenseless, Palestinians can only fight back by throwing the crudest homemade ‘rockets’ over the border, the vast majority of which don’t even hit their targets and land harmlessly in a field. Israel is free to test out new weapons and give its young soldiers practice shooting at real people.

To witness what is going on in Palestine, even from a great distance, is to feel the utmost sense of revulsion and disgust with the zionist government in Tel Aviv, its duped population and brainwashed, murderous soldiers. For how many more years can this despicable play go on? Until every last Palestinian is exterminated?


Many governments around the world, along with many organizations and individuals, have condemned Israel for its policies vis a vis the Palestinian people, including the hundreds of illegal settlements and colonization across the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip. For what it’s  worth, I join the chorus of condemnation.  But so what? Isra-hell doesn’t care what I think or say , or what anybody thinks. They do what they want. Period. They have an agenda. World-wide condemnation means nothing to Netanyahu and his gangster brethren. With the United States, Great Britain and NATO firmly in the grasp of zionist controllers, Tel Aviv fears nobody , including Russia and Iran.

No. Simple condemnation, whether in the UN or anywhere else, will accomplish nothing. If the world is fed up with Israel and its murderous, apartheid regime, then its time to do something real and concrete. At the very least, sanctions should be implemented, along with a general boycott of ALL Israeli made goods. It’s long past time for the bully in the Middle East to be brought to justice.

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  1. These two killers of children, both sidesnow, in the name of their competing gods are both insane. They both need to hire a new god, one that would make such a horific act for any reason the work of evil. The bottom line is that God does not require such archaic small minded animalistic human sacrafices. This is the year 2014 and not 104.

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