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Joe Rogan exposed

Joe Rogan has become something of a celebrity in the alternative media world as the host of the Joe Rogan Experience which, according to Wikipedia, was downloaded 16 million times a month in October 2015. What I will attempt to show here is that Rogan is, among other things, an agent of intelligence whose shtick is to get young rebellious types to experiment with drugs, engage in idle conspiracy talk, and ultimately spin them back to the mainstream.

Rogan’s bio is so convoluted and contradictory that it’s difficult to know where to begin to dissect this guy. Let’s begin with his birth date: August 11, 1967. 8-11. We know that 8 is the favorite number of intelligence, with 11 a close second. Note how many famous people have supposedly been born on variants of 8. That right there is enough to set off alarm bells in my mind regarding this guy.

His life from birth to high school graduation is covered in one brief paragraph on wikipedia. We learn only that his mother was ‘a free spirit’ and his father was a cop who beat his wife. The rest of the early life bio is taken up with accounts of his martial arts training. He dropped out of college.

While Rogan was doing stand-up comedy in Boston, he was ‘discovered’ by a Jew talent agent, Jeff SussMAN. Stories that involve people with surnames ending in MAN usually indicate a hoax. This is another red flag.

In 1994 Rogan moved to L.A., no doubt at the behest of his intelligence handlers, to enhance his ‘career opportunities.’ This Boston kid, with neither talent nor looks, who had only performed at some comedy clubs in Boston immediately landed a gig on MTV. That doesn’t happen in the real world unless you are a Jew with Hollywood connections and/or under the guidance of Intelligence. MTV is a subsidiary of Viacom, one of the largest media companies in the world. Rogan was immediately offered a  three-year exclusive contract. Isn’t it nice how these people never have to go through the normal rigors of climbing up the corporate ladder or working their way upward? They are just conveniently and smoothly moved along to get more and more exposure.

I tried to find a clip of Rogan performing on MTV but was unable to locate one. It would be interesting to watch that clip because, according to wiki, his performance blew away top studio execs who engaged in a bidding war for his talents. Again, this doesn’t happen in real life. After jumping ship at MTV, Rogan got in bed with the Disney Corporation (Walt Disney- 33rd Degree Freemason) and FOX (numerology:666). All of these Forbes 500 corporate and Zionist connections will be important to remember later as we analyze Rogan in his role as an independent voice and counterculture icon.

Joe Rogan performed at the Comedy Store in L.A. for 13 years- another spook numerology indicator. From 1995-1999, Rogan moved over to NBC where he played a role on a sitcom. Are you keeping track of all of the corporate connections? So far, we have MTV, FOX, Disney, and NBC , and we’re just getting started. It’s incredible to think that this guy who has fashioned this persona of being smart and interesting is a college dropout who worked in tv sitcoms, the lowest of the low in terms of ‘popular entertainment.’

After the sitcom era, Rogan began working for UFC. I can’t untangle how exactly he landed that gig, but Wiki admits that it was through the influence of SussMAN. Rogan’s role here seems to be to keep young, testosterone-fueled men glued to the tv watching cage fighting instead of getting involved in politics, grassroots organizing, etc.

During this time, Rogan also hosted the NBC shoe ‘Fear Factor.’ I’ve never seen the show as I don’t own a television, but I know it involves paying people to do stupid and gross things like eating spiders and the like. It’s basically the Jews in Hollywood throwing a few shekels at the goyim to make fools of themselves and then laughing about it.

Taking a break from the cesspool  of sitcoms and gross-out television  shows, Rogan starred in his own show, ‘Joe Rogan questions everything’ in which he attempted to flip the entire notion of an open-minded investigator by belittling and mocking not the establishment, but the independent media itself. Watch the program where he attempts to debunk chemtrails to see a blatant example of this.

And finally we arrive at Rogan’s current acting gig, The Joe Rogan podcast. “But wait,” you say, “that’s not an acting job. It’s just Joe giving his thoughts on the world.” No, it isn’t. Rogan has always been an actor. His bio admits as much, in great detail. He performed a role in his sitcoms, his ‘reality shows’, in UFC fights, at his comedy routines, and everywhere else. If you are a listener of Rogan’s podcast, it’s impossible to know what he really believes and what he’s being told to say by his Zionist handlers. One day Rogan stated steadfastly that humans never traveled to the moon and the next day he said the opposite (as he hosted the NWO puppet Neil DeGrasse TySON. (MAN and SON surnames= hoaxers.)

When normal people want to do a podcast, they just set it up at their computer in their living room or bedroom with a simple microphone, wifi connection and go at it. But when JOE ROGAN wants to do a podcast, he rents out an entire building with a sophisticated studio, huge radio microphones, wall-mounted cameras and the like. This tells us that either Rogan is a huge megalomaniac with an inflated ego (and a fat bank account) , or his handlers set the entire operation up.

Rogan admits that he smokes pot before each podcast and that’s he’s stoned throughout the entirety of the show, showing you that he thinks the whole thing is a joke. His listeners apparently haven’t caught on to this. College dropout Rogan includes variants of ‘fuck’ in almost every sentence he utters. His limited vocabulary limits his use of the English language, so that he is rendered to speaking sentences like this: ‘That was just stupid as fuck!’

Note the photos on the wall behind Rogan during is podcast. There are pictures of Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix. Why do you think Rogan chose those two particular people to place in the viewer’s eyes? Could it be that Intelligence put them as a marker? Remember, the Intelligence community loves to place these markers as inside jokes, and since Presley and Hendrix were both Intelligence projects, we can connect some dots.

I’ve always thought it was funny to watch Rogan talk with his co-hosts, friends, and guests in the studio. They’re separated by huge consoles , boom mikes, and earphones even though they’re just a few feet from each other. The whole podcast appears to be an operation, and I’m sure it is.

In October of 2015, Rolling Stone magazine published an extensive piece on Rogan. Since RS is owned and run by Intelligence, it makes sense that they would publicize one of their own. Right off the bat, take note of the photo of Rogan RS uses to headline the piece. It’s in black and white, covers half of his face in shadow, and features him frowning malevolently with his bald head and tattooed forearms. Why do you think RS wanted to show him like that? Who instructed the photographer to shoot him in such a way?

The headline proclaims Rogan as a ’21st Century Timothy Leary.’ Just as the MSM will call any enemy of the Anglo-Israeli-American Axis ‘the new Adolf Hitler’, anyone who speaks about psychedelics and gets airtime is called the ‘the new Timothy Leary.’ The problem with that comparison is that it’s nonsense. The only thing Leary and Rogan have in common is that both worked for the CIA.

The article itself, written by some sniveling ‘journalist’ named Eric Hedegaard is painful to read. Before we move on to the article, we should note that Hedegaard is probably a fake name, and Hedegaard  himself probably a fake person altogether. Two ‘e’s in the surname clue us in the hoax, and the double ‘a’ nails it.

The first sentence in the article tells us how awful this piece will be. Here it is: Maybe never in your life do you meet an individual like Joe Rogan. Are there no longer editors working at prominent magazines and newspapers who have even a basic grasp of the English language? From that sentence, it’s not clear at all what the hell the writer is trying to say. He’s probably saying, “I have never met anyone like Joe Rogan.” Or maybe he’s trying to say, “You will never meet a guy like Joe Rogan.” Instead, he mangles the English language. I guess this is the kind of writing RS is looking for these days. The next sentence, incredibly, is just as bad. He’s that singular, in a multivariate kind of way. I had to consult my dictionary to find the definition of multivariate. It relates to statistics and is completely inappropriate to the meaning the writer is searching for. Again, where are the editors? It seems that Hedegaard, whoever and whatever he is, is trying to scramble the readers’ brains, much like what Rogan does in his podcasts.

The grammar and sentence structure in the rest of the article is just as horrific, but I won’t torture you with any more examples. We are told that Rogan is short. It’s a minor detail, but one worth noting. Remember, the vast majority of major stars in Hollywood are short, Jewish, and gay. For the record, Rogan is 5’8″.

Hedegaard  speaks glowingly of Rogan’s use of DMT and other drugs to enhance his consciousness. Nonsense. Rogan doesn’t want people expanding their consciousness. It’s not even Rogan speaking. It’s our governors speaking through him. They want people doing drugs-any drugs. As long as people are sitting at home stoned, stupefied, or navel-gazing, they will pose no threat to the establishment.

Hedegaard tells his readers that Rogan’s podcast ‘is one of the greatest things going.’ Wow. Really? I guess we’re all supposed to become more enlightened when Rogan interviews former porn stars. We’re also told that Rogan ‘shoots himself up with testosterone on a weekly basis’ and that his podcast topics have no rhyme or reason. However, instead of criticizing this lack of focus or even coherence, Hedegaard thinks it’s cool.

Joe Rogan is a huckster of the worst sort. He’s an A-list con man, a guy who has never really had a real job, and a pretender tough guy. Joe Rogan, you are exposed.





Is John Oliver a shill? Yes, and much more.

John Oliver is a comedian, television host and political commentator.    Born and raised in England, Oliver is now a permanent resident of the United States and has his own HBO program titled, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He honed his comedic skills and earned a reputation working with John Leibovitz and Stephen Colbert on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Leibovitz). Oliver even guest-hosted The Daily Show for eight weeks. While Oliver can occasionally be mildly funny when he pokes fun  at establishment figures, he is clearly a paid shill and an establishment tool. Like all the other shills who have recently been uncovered, Oliver has removed his mask and is now blatantly showing Americans, and the world, what he is.

It always surprises me when Americans aren’t suspicious of English nationals coming to America and getting high-profile positions in the media. Don’t we know our history? The British have been invading us and meddling in our affairs for well over 200 years, and yet we give them the benefit of the doubt.

Recently, I thought we had learned a lesson with the Piers Morgan debacle, but now  we have this little weasel  Oliver, who lacks comedic talent, is ugly and obnoxious, shills for Hillary Clinton and mocks the truth community. His fan base, unsurprisingly, is heavily skewed toward urban lefties and hipsters, the same demographic group which propelled Leibovitz and Colbert to their heights of stardom.

Oliver’s wikipedia entry gives very little information on Oliver’s life before his comedic career. However, we are told that his paternal great-great grandfather was a bishop and court chaplain to Queen Victoria, so we know that his family is connected to royal bloodlines. Furthermore, we read that Oliver attended Christ’s College, Cambridge where John Milton and Charles Darwin studied.  Only 450 undergraduates attend Christ’s College; I think that fits the definition of ‘exclusive.’

John Oliver, scion of elites in England going back at least 200 years, a  graduate of an elitist college connected to Cambridge, and all-around liberal wanker who has probably never held a real job in his entire life, now postures as a wise-cracking ‘commentator’ who ‘speaks truth to power.’

What else do we know about Oliver? He has stated  that he is not Jewish,  but in a stand-up routine told his audience that he has always ‘tried to look Jewish.’ Indeed, his facial features  and nose do have a certain Hebraic appearance. My guess is that he is a crypto-Jew like many of his brethren in the mass media and Hollywood. Judge for yourself:


Being that Oliver has attained a high-profile position in the Jewish/Zionist media/Hollywood empire, we would also expect him to be gay. Officially, he is married, but this woman Kate Norley could just be his beard. They don’t appear very affectionate in the few photos I’ve seen of them together. And then we have this photo, straight from his wikipedia page:


Let’s take a closer look at what Oliver says and does on his HBO show. First, he sits behind his desk and yells. His whole monologue is presented with him screaming at the camera and talking very rapidly. I can only watch him for a minute or two before I have to turn him off. His entire presentation is incredibly irritating to watch. But even more important than what he says is what he does, specifically with his hands. Now that we have nearly every big name Hollywood, music, and athletic celebrity flashing the ‘666’ and Baphomet  signs, Oliver has decided to join the club! I have watched a number of his videos, both his stand-up routines and his HBO program, and he usually flashes the ‘666’ sign within the first ten seconds. He then makes the gesture at least a half-dozen more times during the monologue. Remember, the elite occultists who run this world communicate through SYMBOLS, NUMBERS, AND COLORS. Once you learn this simple fact, decoding what these people are doing becomes child’s play. Turn off the sound and pay attention to the numbers flashing across the screen, the colors in the background and what gestures and symbols are being thrown in your face. They’re  always Freemasonic and Satanic. When Oliver isn’t throwing up the ‘666’ with his right hand,  he is subtly making  the Baphomet horns with left hand. This is all to cue people in to who he is really working for, the Synagogue of Satan.


Supposing you can actually look at and listen to the weasel, what does he say about the important issues of your day? He came out against Brexit, of course. So anti-establishment! I guess people didn’t hear enough anti-Brexit propaganda from the BBC, the British government and every mouthpiece in the mainstream press. They needed even more propaganda spewing from the mouth of elitist John Oliver. While his pieces on  Trump were, relatively speaking, on point, why weren’t those satirical arrows directed at Hillary Clinton as well? Could it be because of Oliver’s connections to the Clinton Foundation?

His transparent hit piece against so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ on youtube was a new low for Prince Oliver. He stooped to mocking conspiracy researchers, when a good portion of his listening audience most likely watch many of the mentioned videos. Again, with the mainstream press already producing hundreds, if not thousands, of hit pieces on conspiracy researchers, why did Oliver find it necessary to jump on the pile.? The elitists, through their mouthpiece and talking head John Oliver, are trying to discredit truth seekers. It’s not working.

The first conspiracy Oliver tried to mock was the Denver Airport/Illuminati connection. He yelled and laughed as if the very idea was so silly it wasn’t worth discussing. Hmm, really? Actually, the Denver Airport is, without a doubt, the creepiest airport in the United States, and possibly the world. It is stuffed to the gills with illuminst symbology and anyone who takes five minutes to research this can verify it. Yet, Oliver thinks this is all made up by wacko ‘conspiracy researchers.’  You can tell he is just reading from a script, but it’s a sad and pathetic sight.

Naturally, his show uses a laugh track. It has to. As I stated, Oliver is not funny in the least. I watched a full 30 minutes of his routines while researching this article, and I never chuckled. Not even once. Yet, the laugh track produced huge belly laughs for every single line he uttered. This is Monarch mind control, brought to you by the CIA. You laugh when we tell you to laugh!


An American expat’s view of the U.S. election

The 2016 U.S. presidential election is finally over.  People have called U.S. elections many things: a horse race, a dog and pony show, a charade, a farce, grand political theatre, a tedious and tiresome process, a meaningless exercise in grandstanding, and many others. They all describe the elections accurately; I don’t believe there is a single word, phrase, or idiom which can give an all-encompassing view of the elections.

I quit voting after the 1996 election. I was a Jesse Jackson supporter for a time in the early ’90s, and later on supported Ralph Nader’s campaigns. But by 2000, it had become clear to me that my vote didn’t matter. I sensed that the whole game was rigged from top to bottom and the 2000 results confirmed that when Al Gore didn’t challenge the results  and the Supreme Court selected the president.  The absurdly antiquated electoral college made the so-called ‘democracy’ of America a joke. When I read that vote counts were now being  done on machines made by Diebold, a company with links to intelligence and the military-industrial complex, any illusions I had about the ‘democratic process’ were shattered. Furthermore, I had also decided that never again would I vote for ‘the lesser of two evils.’ One of the more intelligent comments I’ve read about the elections was from a gentleman who posted this: “I’ll start to believe my vote is actually being counted when they give me a paper receipt after I cast my ballot.”

Every time there is a U.S. presidential election, people say that a nadir has been reached. It can’t possibly get any worse. And then it does. Even more money is spent and even worse candidates are trotted out in front of the electorate. The so-called debates become even more superficial and look more like game shows. I threw away my television years ago, so I don’t actually watch any of the crap that passes for political debate and discussion in the U.S. I also don’t read the CIA’s newspapers like the Washington Post or Zionist garbage like the New York Times, so I see everything from a good distance.

I have lived abroad during the two most recent elections and I pay as little attention to them as possible. However, I was aware of the new round of puppets the illuminati were parading across the stage- the billionaire buffoon Trump and the arch-demon Hillary. Hence, I was as curious as anyone to see who was selected, oh I mean ‘elected.’ For a week after the big day, most of my acquaintances and friends, and even many strangers, asked me what I thought about the results.  That’s interesting because I never discuss politics with my friends here. However, this particular election had been so polarizing that everyone was dying to know if I was elated or dejected.

Since I know that the President of the United States has no real power or authority and is simply a figurehead (and has been since at least 1974) , how could I be happy or sad? A new face in the White House will change nothing, certainly not the AGENDA. Any intelligent and thinking person knows this. Having said that, I will admit to some guilty pleasure when I saw the results. First, I like surprises and I was as surprised as anyone. Trump is a pathetic zionist stooge and he will do nothing good for America, but he might just be fun to watch. Hillary, on the other hand, is evil incarnate. The thought of enduring  the wicked witch sitting in the White House was a bit too much to bear. And watching the Hollywood liberals and the mainstream media stare in disbelief at the final vote was pure, unadulterated joy.

I really believed that Trump would wait until his first month in office to stab his supporters in the back and renege on every promise he made during his campaign, a la Barack Hussein Obama. As cynical as I am, I didn’t imagine that he would start to do so just a few days after the election!  He talked so much about ‘draining the swamp’ and then he immediately appointed  to his transition team nothing but beltway lobbyists, senators, and congressmen.  He, and his buddies, are laughing in the faces of the American populace, and in particular in the faces of those who voted for him and expected something to change.

Liberals speak of moving to Canada now that Trump will soon assume office. I remember my liberal friends saying the same thing when Bush Jr. was elected. They were sure that he would provoke WW3 and the U.S. wouldn’t survive him.  At the time, in 2000 and 2004, New Zealand was a popular choice for those dreaming of expatriating. Somehow, America  did survive Bush Jr. , and Obama, and somehow the U.S. will survive Trump. After all, he’s just a (Zionist) puppet on a string.



The West, Putin, and Russia- the fight for minds

You have to tip your hat to the Western corporate media. Their willingness and determination to turn reality upside down and give a false impression of the world is unmatched in history. Even in the darkest days of the Soviet Union with its tightly controlled media organs, we never saw such blatant and transparent government propaganda as we now see in the United States and Western Europe.

With each passing month, we see the corporate presstitutes reach new lows in their ability to not only write blatant lies, but also create stories out of thin air when it suits them. Nothing is beneath them. Whether it is standing in front of a green screen in the newsroom pretending to be ‘reporting live from the scene’ or interviewing crisis actors at false flag events (see ‘Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon etc.) , the mainstream lackeys work full-time to keep the illusion of the matrix going full-tilt. The victims in this sad drama are the general public, the citizens who sadly still rely on the old guard press for their understanding of world events.

Recently, I came across a copy of the ‘Economist,’ an elite-sponsored rag published by and for Wall-Street criminals and their zionist bankster handlers.  The cover shows a photo of Vladimir Putin, glaring intently at the reader with an outstretched arm holding strings on each finger which we are led to believe are attached to puppets. The caption reads: “Putin’s War on the West.” The image, likely photoshopped,  and the caption leave nothing to chance. The Economist is telling you, the gullible reader, who the enemy is and who you should be fearing. Using a cover like this , the Economist is dispensing with any pretense at objectivity and is showing us that it is a proud and willing supporter of U.S. empire-building and world hegemony.


For a citizen who has a few minutes to research and possesses a map, a computer, and a basic grasp of recent history, the notion of Putin and Russia ‘waging war’ against the U.S. falls somewhere between laughable and absurd. The U.S. military is, at this very moment, encircling Russia with military bases equipped with long range ballistic missiles capable of striking Moscow within minutes. The U.S. military, along with zionist controlled NATO, is actively and aggressively provoking Russia by conducting large-scale military exercises in the Baltic countries, on Russia’s doorstep. The U.S. government, led by the psychopathic warmongers Hillary ‘We came, we saw, he died’ Clinton and John Kerry, along with Benjamin ‘Bibby’ Netanyahu, instigated and funded the coup d’etat in Ukraine. The NATO gangsters are now trying to set up a fully compliant government in Ukraine, on Russia’s border,  and construct  yet more military bases with which to strike at Russia. The United States government is filled with Russophobes, most notably Zbigniew Brzezinski, who want nothing more than to see Russia wiped off the map, or at least crippled beyond repair. Brzezinski has long been one of Obama’s top foreign affairs advisors.

Russia is the only power standing in the way of U.S./Israeli domination of the Middle East and global hegemony. China is powerful, but not yet ready, willing, and able to take on the U.S. military. Russia is a different story. Russia is ready, willing, and able.

Forget what comes out of the mouths of politicians. It’s all lies. Watch their actions. The United States military is moving toward war against Russia. Study the troop movements, the war games, the exercises and all the rest. The propaganda is simply part of the march to war. Hence, Putin must be demonized, at all costs. Media organs such at the New York Times, the Economist, the Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, and CNN have been told to use the meme “the new Hitler” to brand Putin in Westerner’s minds. In the reality of the zionist media, the U.S. is not conducting war against Russia. Oh no. Russia is conducting war against the U.S.





Marching toward transhumanism- talking ATMs and computers

Recently the ATM which I use most frequently has started talking to me. As each new direction appears on the screen, a disembodied, robotic voice vocalizes the words simultaneously. In this  particular ATM, the voice is feminine. “Please enter your PIN,” she firmly instructs me. “Please enter the desired amount,” she continues in her creepy monotone.

The voice startled me the first time I heard it. ‘What the hell?’ I thought. ‘The freakin’ machine is talking to me!’ I’m no longer startled,  though I’m not in any way comfortable with it yet. I don’t need or want the ATM talking to me. I can read just fine. And this new innovation begs the question: should I reply? When the cool, detached voice tells me ‘thank you,’ should I answer back, “Your welcome”?

This is not as silly or far-fetched as it may seem. Clearly, the global zionist oligarchy which is steering humanity in the direction of transhumanism wishes for us to get  used to the idea of interacting  and communicating with computers and robots. Soon enough, we will be expected to take orders from robots and eventually merge with the machines.



Right around the time the local ATM started talking to me, the computers at my office started to say, ‘Welcome to your computer’ after booting up. I wonder who in the IT department thought it would be a good idea to add this little feature to all the computers? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if in the near future, other phrases are added to that simple beginning. Perhaps I will start hearing ‘good morning,’ ‘have a nice day,’ and maybe even ‘you look well today!’

Ostensibly, the first talking ATMs were developed by banks to make it easier for blind  people to use the machines. Isn’t that so thoughtful of the ‘too big to fail’ banks? They’re always looking out for us.



Italy to halt ‘Mare Nostrum’ but the agenda moves on

The issue of illegal migration has been a hot topic in the news during the last few months, and it will undoubtedly remain so for the foreseeable future. The root causes of the problem have little to do with the perfunctory explanations given in the mainstream media and have everything to do with a global agenda being pushed by the zionist global elite.

Let’s look at Italy. Last year, the Italian government launched a program called ‘Mare Nostrum’ which was ostensibly a humanitarian mission to rescue the hundreds of thousands of poor and desperate migrants from Africa and the Middle East who were attempting to reach Italy by way of wooden boats across the Mediterranean Sea. Stories of overcrowded boats sinking with hundreds of people drowning had made headlines in 2013 and the government had a good cover story to launch the mission. I am using words and phrases like ‘ostensibly’ and ‘cover story’ on purpose here, as I don’t believe for one moment the government’s glib explanations to devote manpower and money for this program when the country is in such economic dire straits and when poor Italians cannot get government assistance for basic needs. The government’s words ring hollow, as usual.

Immigrazione: Marina Militare, ieri soccorsi 1812 migranti

According to reports,  Italy deployed 32 boats, two submarines, planes, and helicopters and the 900 man crew picked up an average of 400 migrants a day. These people were then taken to Italy for ‘processing.’ Many, perhaps most, of those people will eventually file for asylum in Italy or perhaps another EU country if they can manage to make it somewhere else.

The latest word is that, after massive popular backlash at home, the government will shut down ‘Mare Nostrum’ and the EU will pick up the slack with its own program called ‘Triton.’

The backlash is not surprising. The Italian masses are not that stupid. They see what is happening. The government is simply ferrying in immigrants with ‘Mare Nostrum’ instead of dissuading them from coming. Remember, these people are attempting to illegally enter a country. That is grounds for immediate deportation in most cases, but here we have a government actually assisting them to enter.

So, what is the real story here?  The leaders of the Italian government are receiving orders from a much higher place and the Renzi government is merely a mouthpiece for those elites higher on the pyramid scheme. As always with these agendas, there are primary, secondary, and tertiary benefits. The primary benefit is in line with what is happening throughout most of Western and Northern Europe. That is, push in huge numbers of immigrants from foreign countries who have vastly different cultures from the native cultures of Europe and shove the ‘multicultural’ meme down people’s throats. The ensuing dilution and  weakening of native cultures will serve to benefit the agenda of one world government, by way of the NWO.

Secondary benefits would include a new infusion of cheap labor into the market.  For example, many young Italians no longer wish to work in the country’s farms doing manual labor , but the newly-arrived Africans are more than happy to pick fruit. Wages will of course be depressed further as the new workers will lack the language and organizing skills to avoid being massively exploited.

Tertiary effects include  the divisive wedge the immigrant issue will surely drive into the country’s populace.  It’s already happening. Protests against ‘Mare Nostrum’ and the wave of illegal migrants have been met with the predictable charges of ‘racism’ and counter-protests have been organized by misguided and/or manipulated useful idiots on the Left.

But Italy and Europe are just one piece of the puzzle. The globalists don’t have that name for no reason. Over in the USA, Barry Obummer and his merry band of handlers are busy writing legislation and executive orders to give blanket amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegals even while more are continuing to cross the border.


A recent story from the Inter Press Service News gives some insight into the agenda at work in America. According to the article, some 70,000 children were apprehended at the border during the fiscal year 2014. Most of these children came from Honduras and El Salvador and will be given temporary asylum; this ‘temporary’ asylum will surely become permanent under Obummer’s plan.

Already, the children are receiving free health care and free education. One of the school districts in Texas which is currently taking in a number of these students is called Sommerville. An administrator from the district, a real do-gooder, said, “As soon as the student comes to Sommerville, they are our students, period, and we don’t need to know, and we’re not interested in knowing, , about their residency status.”

She’s ‘not interested’ in knowing a child’s residency status? I guess she knows Obummer’s got her back. Texas is not alone in having such an open policy toward illegals. All children in Massachusetts have the right to free public education, regardless of immigrant status or national origin.

It’s interesting to observe  the tone of the article and the subtle ways in which it takes its stance. It presents the administrator and teachers in Texas as paragons of righteousness. The terrible conditions in Honduras and El Salvador are meticulously noted. The article states that the U.S. constitution ‘guarantees’ education for all children , regardless of status. The heart-wrenching stories of a young man named “Pedro” is given many column inches. You get the idea. The agenda relies on the media to do much of the front line work to brainwash the masses. It has often been called social engineering. Uproot people, make them refugees, move them far away and dilute culture wherever and whenever you can. The zionist plan at work.




Syria, Obama, the controlled press and a brainwashed population

Bashar al-Assad has been a thorn in the side of the zionist West for some time. Stubbornly maintaining an independent stance and refusing to get in bed with the IMF, World Bank and other instruments of global control and domination, Assad has governed Syria with a firm and steady hand since the year 2000. Furthermore, Syria does not have a Rothschild controlled central bank. For a more complete overview  of  why the NWO hates Syria, check out Syrian girl’s summary on her excellent and well-produced youtube channel.

When Obama, under the control of fascist and zionist elements based in London, Tel Aviv, and Washington D.C.,  tried to initiate a bombing campaign against Syria a couple of years ago, he was stopped by Vladimir Putin who used a combination of diplomacy and  threats of retaliation. Although Putin was able to give Assad and the Syrian people some temporary breathing room, the zionists didn’t give up their plans, they merely postponed them.

Hence, we see the drama now being played out in Syria, Iraq, and Turkey with ISIS (ISIL). This shadowy group is obviously a creation of the CIA and Mossad and was being trained in Jordan at least as far back as 2009, possibly earlier. ISIS gives the zionist west the pretext for going into Syria. The United States military is now bombing Syria,  and the final push to kill or exile Assad has begun. Is anyone naive enough to think that the real target here is ISIS? The agenda is to destroy enough of the Syrian infrastructure, including of course the oil installations, to weaken the Assad regime so that it collapses or becomes so helpless that the jihadist fundamentalists can move in with the backing of the West.


Russia is too busy containing the threat in Ukraine to do anything at this point and Iran is too smart, or too cautious, to be drawn into an open fight with the U.S., Israel, and Great Britain, so Syria has been left on its own. This doesn’t look good for the Syrian people.

I recently spent a week in the United States and what a surreal landscape it is. In terms of the media there, what’s particularly noteworthy is how unified they all are when it comes down to the important issues. This is not surprising when you realize that all the media outlets are owned by the same handful of companies, mostly jewish owned. I walked through the airport and CNN was blasting its propaganda from every gate, with the disgusting zionist shill Wolf “I love Israel” Blitzer positively giddy over the Syrian bombing campaign and harping about how a new ‘coalition’ was forming to support the strikes. In modern newspeak, a small handful of Gulf dictatorships constitutes a coalition.  The Washington Post is fully ‘on board’ with Obama’s latest war venture, with only minor quibbles on its editorial page about strategy and tactics. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the rest present a unified front and act as a  microphone for the United States military industrial complex. WAR, WAR, and more WAR.

Modern Americans are a strange breed. They are completely disconnected from their supposedly ‘representative’ government and either take no interest whatsoever in what it is doing, or pay some attention but passively accept  that they can do nothing to change its course. Only the oldest Americans can now remember a time when the United States was not bombing some country in a faraway land. Indeed, since World War 2, the U.S. has bombed so many countries, so consistently and unremittingly, that the populace  no longer takes any notice of it. They simply glance at the headline with their morning coffee, “U.S. initiates airstrikes against Syria” and then go about their day with a shrug.


Obama’s recent speech at the U.N. only reinforced his status as the most Orwellian dictator in recent history. Obama’s only mantra these days can be summarized thusly: WAR IS PEACE.

One headline that I saw splashed across USA Today and the Washington Post was that the people in Syria were ‘cheering’ the bombing. Yes, according the zionist press, the people of the world are now asking for the U.S. to bomb them.



Synagogue of Satan

The news coming from the Gaza strip is horrifying ;  the world looks  on as Israel continues its unrelenting assault on the defenseless Palestinians. At last count, more than 600 Palestinians have died at the hands of the Israeli Defense Forces, mostly women and children, of course. Israel acts with impunity as we see pronouncements  coming from the U.N. and other governmental bodies ‘urging restraint on both sides’ and ‘calling for immediate cease fire on both sides’ and so on. What a joke. Israel ignores and brushes aside all calls for ‘restraint.’ It knows full well that the U.N.  will do nothing. Neither will NATO nor any other group of nations.

The zionists in Israel have an agenda. What exactly that agenda is we don’t know. But we can observe their present and historical actions and get some idea. Since the founding of the illegitimate state of Israel in 1947, it has systematically taken over more land from the Palestinians  year after year  and from its neighbors to the North and South. The illegal settlements and occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip blatantly flout international law. This is the very definition of ethnic cleansing.

badra killing civilians

The Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip had a miserable existence even before this latest massacre. They are living in the world’s largest outdoor prison, with an maritime blockade on one side and a massive concrete wall on the other. Nothing goes in or out of Gaza without the permission of the jews in Tel Aviv. The current apartheid regime  in Israel cares nothing for the Palestinians or its other Arab neighbors. It will expel  or exterminate the Palestinians. The Arabs who are allowed to live in Israel must live  in the world’s only openly racist state, where Judaism is the state religion and  non-jews are second class citizens.


The invasion of Gaza  with tanks, missiles and a fully-equipped modern  army is  grotesquely unethical, immoral and satanic. And let’s not forget that Israel is also using white phosphorus, a chemical weapon which is prohibited by international law. But they don’t give a hoot about international law. People around the world who have a conscience are speaking out against Israel and marching on its embassies, though this goes largely unreported in the Western press.




While there is no hard evidence , there is certainly a link connecting Israel with the downed Malaysian jetliner. Malaysia does not recognize Israel’s ‘right to exist’ and has no relations with it. Furthermore, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal took place last year in Malaysia, charging Israel and General Amos Yaron with genocide. Shooting down the plane could have been Israel’s pay back to Malaysia for daring to challenge it in an open forum on the world stage.



The crazed state of Israel

The news this month has been dominated with headlines of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. This latest round of mass murder was supposedly instigated by the killing of three Israeli teenagers. True to form, the zionists in Israel are killing 100 Palestinians for every dead Israeli. The Israeli military machine indiscriminately slaughtering Palestinian men, women and children has become such a recurring story over the last 20 years, so mind-numblingly routine,  that it’s inevitable that one gets a sense of deja vu when reading the news. “Didn’t I read this story last year? Almost word for word? And the year before that, and the year before that too?” Yes, you did.

The Israeli/zionist dominated press in the USA and Europe has been working overtime informing the masses that there is a ‘war’ going on, that ‘both sides’ are firing deadly rockets. According to the Israeli/CIA  news service, commonly known as ‘CNN’, Israel only attacked Gaza after being provoked and the the fighting is the fault of Hamas, who didn’t adhere to a cease fire agreement. According to an ‘Israeli source’, 140 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. So, we have 140 ‘deadly’ rockets fired, and zero deaths. Wow, those are some serious missiles. The whole storyline coming out of Tel Aviv is so farcical and ridiculous that it’s amazing that the reporters can keep a straight face when giving out statistics from the Israeli military.

The mainstream media actually attempts to give the impression that there are two equal opposing sides fighting each other. In fact, on one side you have an impoverished and oppressed people who are under a constant state of siege and are kept in the world’s largest outdoor prison. For weapons , they have some smuggled -in machine guns and homemade ‘rockets.’ And slingshots. The other side has hundreds of modern tanks, hundreds of modern fighter jets, attack helicopters, ships, submarines, howitzer cannons, missiles and nuclear bombs. Not exactly a fair fight.


For the so-called state of Israel,  the routine killing of Palestinians serves a number of objectives. The first one is the obvious, blatant and brutal ethnic cleansing of the native people of Palestine. The Palestinians are seen as nothing more than a nuisance, a sub-human species that is using land that Israel wants. Not until all the Palestinians are gone and ‘Greater Israel’ is realized will they be happy. It is no accident when women and children in the West Bank and Gaza strip die. They are not ‘collateral damage.’ It is the whole point of the operation. Decrease the population.


Second, the Palestinian people serve as convenient target practice for the Israeli military. Relatively defenseless, Palestinians can only fight back by throwing the crudest homemade ‘rockets’ over the border, the vast majority of which don’t even hit their targets and land harmlessly in a field. Israel is free to test out new weapons and give its young soldiers practice shooting at real people.

To witness what is going on in Palestine, even from a great distance, is to feel the utmost sense of revulsion and disgust with the zionist government in Tel Aviv, its duped population and brainwashed, murderous soldiers. For how many more years can this despicable play go on? Until every last Palestinian is exterminated?


Many governments around the world, along with many organizations and individuals, have condemned Israel for its policies vis a vis the Palestinian people, including the hundreds of illegal settlements and colonization across the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip. For what it’s  worth, I join the chorus of condemnation.  But so what? Isra-hell doesn’t care what I think or say , or what anybody thinks. They do what they want. Period. They have an agenda. World-wide condemnation means nothing to Netanyahu and his gangster brethren. With the United States, Great Britain and NATO firmly in the grasp of zionist controllers, Tel Aviv fears nobody , including Russia and Iran.

No. Simple condemnation, whether in the UN or anywhere else, will accomplish nothing. If the world is fed up with Israel and its murderous, apartheid regime, then its time to do something real and concrete. At the very least, sanctions should be implemented, along with a general boycott of ALL Israeli made goods. It’s long past time for the bully in the Middle East to be brought to justice.

Is the world really going insane, or are we just being played for fools? Boko Harem, Isis, and El Shabaab

Some form of mass shooting now occurs  almost daily in the United States. In the Middle East and Africa, mass killings, car bombings, and kidnappings are also a daily occurrence. New ‘terrorist’ groups and cells appear out of nowhere. Now we have an entire ‘terrorist’ army (ISIS) which has, supposedly, come out of nowhere and overrun half a country.  Is there a connection between all these events? Can we connect a few dots here?

To begin with, we the people should, as always, ignore everything we  read in the corporate, zionist-controlled mass media. It is nothing more or less than mass mind control, meant to first instill fear and confusion, and then to ultimately steer and control the masses into the desired outcome.

The recent shootings in America, going back to Sandy Hook and Boston, are all likely false-flag staged events. They are elaborate hoaxes and productions, and the fact that they are coming so furiously now means that the social engineers are busy getting ready to implement some new draconian program, most likely gun control, i.e. confiscation. Thank goodness we have the independent media and researchers who can expose the absurd events as soon as they are broadcast. Anyone who spends a few minutes examining the evidence and circumstances surrounding these shootings comes away with a lot of unanswered questions.

Concomitant with the shootings in America, we have all the recent madness on the African continent and the appearance of this army in Iraq. Boko Harem, which is likely a CIA creation, is busy creating the requisite climate of fear and terror needed for NATO intervention. It is the classic ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’ program at work. Along with ‘Boko Harem’ (a name probably concocted in some CIA dungeon during a late night drinking session) , we now have a new group of maniacs running loose in Kenya, slaughtering people without remorse. Reuters (Rothschild owned) and AP (Rothschild owned) are telling us that the gunmen are crazed killers (Al-Shabaab) from Somalia. Western powers have a long history of intervention in that strategic country in the horn of Africa, and there is every reason to think that events occurring there have a hidden hand behind them.


If you believe all this nonsense with Boko Harem and Al-Shabaab, then we have a doozy for you. With thousands of high-tech satellites hovering over Earth, sophisticated eavesdropping equipment, the NSA, the CIA, military intelligence -not to mention thousands of operatives on the ground all over the Middle East- somehow they failed to detect the presence of an army which has in a matter of days taken over half of Iraq. Yeah, right.

This army didn’t come out of nowhere and they didn’t magically acquire all those light and heavy weapons they are now using so ruthlessly. They are well-armed and well-funded. But by whom?  The Middle East is so awash with weapons smuggled in from everywhere that it would be difficult if not impossible to find out the truth of the matter. All we can do is ask the obvious question: ‘Qui bono?’ Who will benefit from the unfolding madness in Iraq? Arms merchants and banks, for sure. Israel, probably. The Israelis need weak, divided and fractured states in the neighborhood. Don’t forget, the long range plan of the zionists in Tel Aviv is a ‘Greater Israel’ that extends all the way to the Tigris and Euphrates.


The banksters and zionist war mongers who pull Obama’s strings need to keep the war machine going. It may be as simple as that: more conflict for the sake of …..more conflict. The neo-cons even told us so. This war will go on forever, they said. The psychopaths who sit at the table of the ruling elite need their blood sacrifices.  Humanity will take back our freedom when we stop feeding the beast.