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An American expat’s view of the U.S. election

The 2016 U.S. presidential election is finally over.  People have called U.S. elections many things: a horse race, a dog and pony show, a charade, a farce, grand political theatre, a tedious and tiresome process, a meaningless exercise in grandstanding, and many others. They all describe the elections accurately; I don’t believe there is a single word, phrase, or idiom which can give an all-encompassing view of the elections.

I quit voting after the 1996 election. I was a Jesse Jackson supporter for a time in the early ’90s, and later on supported Ralph Nader’s campaigns. But by 2000, it had become clear to me that my vote didn’t matter. I sensed that the whole game was rigged from top to bottom and the 2000 results confirmed that when Al Gore didn’t challenge the results  and the Supreme Court selected the president.  The absurdly antiquated electoral college made the so-called ‘democracy’ of America a joke. When I read that vote counts were now being  done on machines made by Diebold, a company with links to intelligence and the military-industrial complex, any illusions I had about the ‘democratic process’ were shattered. Furthermore, I had also decided that never again would I vote for ‘the lesser of two evils.’ One of the more intelligent comments I’ve read about the elections was from a gentleman who posted this: “I’ll start to believe my vote is actually being counted when they give me a paper receipt after I cast my ballot.”

Every time there is a U.S. presidential election, people say that a nadir has been reached. It can’t possibly get any worse. And then it does. Even more money is spent and even worse candidates are trotted out in front of the electorate. The so-called debates become even more superficial and look more like game shows. I threw away my television years ago, so I don’t actually watch any of the crap that passes for political debate and discussion in the U.S. I also don’t read the CIA’s newspapers like the Washington Post or Zionist garbage like the New York Times, so I see everything from a good distance.

I have lived abroad during the two most recent elections and I pay as little attention to them as possible. However, I was aware of the new round of puppets the illuminati were parading across the stage- the billionaire buffoon Trump and the arch-demon Hillary. Hence, I was as curious as anyone to see who was selected, oh I mean ‘elected.’ For a week after the big day, most of my acquaintances and friends, and even many strangers, asked me what I thought about the results.  That’s interesting because I never discuss politics with my friends here. However, this particular election had been so polarizing that everyone was dying to know if I was elated or dejected.

Since I know that the President of the United States has no real power or authority and is simply a figurehead (and has been since at least 1974) , how could I be happy or sad? A new face in the White House will change nothing, certainly not the AGENDA. Any intelligent and thinking person knows this. Having said that, I will admit to some guilty pleasure when I saw the results. First, I like surprises and I was as surprised as anyone. Trump is a pathetic zionist stooge and he will do nothing good for America, but he might just be fun to watch. Hillary, on the other hand, is evil incarnate. The thought of enduring  the wicked witch sitting in the White House was a bit too much to bear. And watching the Hollywood liberals and the mainstream media stare in disbelief at the final vote was pure, unadulterated joy.

I really believed that Trump would wait until his first month in office to stab his supporters in the back and renege on every promise he made during his campaign, a la Barack Hussein Obama. As cynical as I am, I didn’t imagine that he would start to do so just a few days after the election!  He talked so much about ‘draining the swamp’ and then he immediately appointed  to his transition team nothing but beltway lobbyists, senators, and congressmen.  He, and his buddies, are laughing in the faces of the American populace, and in particular in the faces of those who voted for him and expected something to change.

Liberals speak of moving to Canada now that Trump will soon assume office. I remember my liberal friends saying the same thing when Bush Jr. was elected. They were sure that he would provoke WW3 and the U.S. wouldn’t survive him.  At the time, in 2000 and 2004, New Zealand was a popular choice for those dreaming of expatriating. Somehow, America  did survive Bush Jr. , and Obama, and somehow the U.S. will survive Trump. After all, he’s just a (Zionist) puppet on a string.



The West, Putin, and Russia- the fight for minds

You have to tip your hat to the Western corporate media. Their willingness and determination to turn reality upside down and give a false impression of the world is unmatched in history. Even in the darkest days of the Soviet Union with its tightly controlled media organs, we never saw such blatant and transparent government propaganda as we now see in the United States and Western Europe.

With each passing month, we see the corporate presstitutes reach new lows in their ability to not only write blatant lies, but also create stories out of thin air when it suits them. Nothing is beneath them. Whether it is standing in front of a green screen in the newsroom pretending to be ‘reporting live from the scene’ or interviewing crisis actors at false flag events (see ‘Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon etc.) , the mainstream lackeys work full-time to keep the illusion of the matrix going full-tilt. The victims in this sad drama are the general public, the citizens who sadly still rely on the old guard press for their understanding of world events.

Recently, I came across a copy of the ‘Economist,’ an elite-sponsored rag published by and for Wall-Street criminals and their zionist bankster handlers.  The cover shows a photo of Vladimir Putin, glaring intently at the reader with an outstretched arm holding strings on each finger which we are led to believe are attached to puppets. The caption reads: “Putin’s War on the West.” The image, likely photoshopped,  and the caption leave nothing to chance. The Economist is telling you, the gullible reader, who the enemy is and who you should be fearing. Using a cover like this , the Economist is dispensing with any pretense at objectivity and is showing us that it is a proud and willing supporter of U.S. empire-building and world hegemony.


For a citizen who has a few minutes to research and possesses a map, a computer, and a basic grasp of recent history, the notion of Putin and Russia ‘waging war’ against the U.S. falls somewhere between laughable and absurd. The U.S. military is, at this very moment, encircling Russia with military bases equipped with long range ballistic missiles capable of striking Moscow within minutes. The U.S. military, along with zionist controlled NATO, is actively and aggressively provoking Russia by conducting large-scale military exercises in the Baltic countries, on Russia’s doorstep. The U.S. government, led by the psychopathic warmongers Hillary ‘We came, we saw, he died’ Clinton and John Kerry, along with Benjamin ‘Bibby’ Netanyahu, instigated and funded the coup d’etat in Ukraine. The NATO gangsters are now trying to set up a fully compliant government in Ukraine, on Russia’s border,  and construct  yet more military bases with which to strike at Russia. The United States government is filled with Russophobes, most notably Zbigniew Brzezinski, who want nothing more than to see Russia wiped off the map, or at least crippled beyond repair. Brzezinski has long been one of Obama’s top foreign affairs advisors.

Russia is the only power standing in the way of U.S./Israeli domination of the Middle East and global hegemony. China is powerful, but not yet ready, willing, and able to take on the U.S. military. Russia is a different story. Russia is ready, willing, and able.

Forget what comes out of the mouths of politicians. It’s all lies. Watch their actions. The United States military is moving toward war against Russia. Study the troop movements, the war games, the exercises and all the rest. The propaganda is simply part of the march to war. Hence, Putin must be demonized, at all costs. Media organs such at the New York Times, the Economist, the Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, and CNN have been told to use the meme “the new Hitler” to brand Putin in Westerner’s minds. In the reality of the zionist media, the U.S. is not conducting war against Russia. Oh no. Russia is conducting war against the U.S.





Love is the antidote to fear. Beware of the fear mongers.

The spiritual masters have always taught that infinite and unconditional  love is the highest vibration. Conversely, fear is the lowest vibration. Fear keeps humanity in chains and the never-ending propagation and magnification of fear allows the powers-that-be to easily control and manipulate the human race. Fear facilitates the imposition of a police state and the instigation of wars.

For those who are awake, knowing these simple facts means we have the responsibility to spread as much love as possible as well as to act in a fear-less manner while exposing and countering the fear disease and the fear-mongers who seek to inculcate the disease in the populace.

In this blog, I am seeking to expose a global agenda, planned and executed by a small global cabal,  which is pure evil at its core and which uses various means to carry out the agenda, including but not limited to: chemtrails, GMOs,  junk food, television, cell phone towers, EMF radiation, and vaccinations.

In doing this, I seek to enlighten and educate my readers and ultimately to empower them to make positive changes to their lives, their communities and finally our planet. I never promote fear, make hyperbolic statements based on innuendo or cite ‘unnamed sources’, channeled entities or ‘an insider.’ Anything I write about can be verified by a simple search of the information on the internet,  in books, in government white papers and from other verifiable sources.

Any individual, organization, or group who is actively promoting fear needs to be relentlessly exposed and countered with a corresponding dose of empowering truth.

While most educated people at this point at least recognize that the major job of a government is to keep its citizens in a constant state of paralyzed fear, unfortunately we have a large number of writers, bloggers, commentators, authors, and activists who subtly and covertly promote fear while ostensibly acting as truthers and advocates for freedom and liberty.

These fear mongers  fall roughly into four camps: the financial armageddon types, the outer space types, the environmental types and the war/martial law/world war 3 types. Let’s examine each of them.

Financial Armageddon

Before discussing this group, let’s make something clear- our current global financial structure is completely fraudulent, insane, and unsustainable. The stock market is a transparently rigged game and the banking system is nothing but a racket run by a vicious global cartel. The whole superstructure needs to go and one day it will indeed collapse, either by its own insupportable weight or by a more active outside force. We should all be preparing ourselves for that day.

The financial armageddon types know these facts and use them not to empower people but to instill fear by constantly predicting events, such as a stock market collapse, a collapse of the dollar, an economic implosion, a collapse of the entire fiat currency system, and many more dire events. Beware of anybody who claims some power to be able to read the future, whether that be thru analyzing  trends and forecasts, talking to insiders, or reading the I Ching. 


Every year for at least the past 15 years, I have read at least one alternative press type predict a stock market collapse, when the Dow will fall 5,000 points or more in less than a month. Yet, it never happens. The Dow just keeps going up. Is it rigged? Is it phony? Is it disconnected from reality? Yes, yes, and yes! And it will go down in flames-someday. But in the meantime, the Rothschilds and their ilk have their plunge protection team and various methods to keep the stock market artificially inflated. Likewise, I’ve been hearing for goodness knows how many years that ‘this year’ gold will shoot up to $10,000 an ounce while the dollar goes into a corresponding free fall. Still waiting…

The champion fear mongers in this category include:

1) Michael Snyder, proprietor of the website titled, “The economic collapse” , (see how he has boxed himself into a corner?)

2) Max Keiser, author of the “The Keiser Report” on RT, who predicted that last year we would witness the  complete global meltdown of all fiat currency

3) Jeff Berwick, anarcho-capitalist who writes for anarchist.com and thedollarvigilante.com.

4) Simon Black, proprietor of sovereignman.com

5) Gerald Celente is the author of the Trends Journal, an excellent source of investigative journalism. I like Celente, but too often he goes into the fear-mongering mode.

6) Alex Jones. It would take a full post to address all the issues with Jones, but he has become a fear-monger extraordinaire, and probably a disinfo. agent as well. Go back ten years ago and watch him rant about imminent national martial law, WW3, the dollar collapse ad infinitum. He sells fear, plain and simple.

All of these people have done, and continue to do, good research, but more often than not I see them making fantastical claims about imminent doom that never come to pass. Most of the time, when you put their information and predictions thru simple BS filters, it doesn’t hold up. Their sources are either anonymous or their predictions  amount to nothing more than their own hunches. Most importantly, if you feel a buildup of fear and tension while reading and listening to them, then you should stay away.

The environment

This is a broad category and includes issues like ‘Peak Oil,’  the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, global warming, aka ‘climate change’, earthquakes, volcanoes, and species extinction.

Peak oil is a term for the coming oil shortage. Its proponents state that we have reached the peak of discovery and extraction and from now on, demand will exceed supply and the nations of the world will be fighting each other viciously for the remaining drops. I remember ten years ago when the price of oil suddenly spiked and hovered near $4 a gallon in the USA. The peak oil gang went hyperbolic and breathlessly wrote about how the ‘days of $3 a gallon are gone forever’, and that the price of gas will go nowhere but up into the future. In a couple more years, we would be looking at $10 a gallon. Oil would rise to $200 per barrel. Those predictions were written in 2004. The theory of peak oil has lost its momentum. Just yesterday, a Reuters article appeared with the title “New era of oil abundance on the horizon.’

What peak oil theorists claim:


The peak oil types were always suspicious to me. On the one hand, they would state that the Saudis were notoriously reticent and secretive about how much reserves they really had, and yet in the same breath they claimed to ‘know’ that the world was running out of oil. If the Saudis, and probably all oil producing nations, not to mention all the big oil companies, are not forthcoming about how much recoverable oil actually exists, then on what basis can someone make claims about ‘peak oil.’ It’s absurd.

James Howard Kunstler, author of ‘The Long Emergency’ was one of the biggest exponents of peak oil, along with the late Michael Ruppert. According to them, the fallout from peak oil would create global havoc and wreck civilization as we know it. ‘The Long Emergency’ , while containing some interesting and at times useful information, is really just a manual for the production of fear.

To reiterate: a global economy based upon oil is unsustainable and harmful and should be replaced by a more equitable and holistic model. But to spend our valuable time chasing rabbits like peak oil is a dead-end.

Man-made Global Warming

The theory of man-made global warming was long ago debunked but the elite have shifted laterally to rename it as ‘global climate change.’  Earth’s climate  is variable and is quite possibly going thru some major shift, but much of it can be attributed to the sun and our position within the Milky Way galaxy. Similar changes occurring on our sister planets confirm this. As for the man-made aspect, HAARP and chemtrails are responsible for much of the rest, NOT carbon emissions. Which means that going out and buying a Prius will not stop what is happening. What is clear is that Gore, and other global elitist scum will continue to attempt to hype the claim of global warming to promote carbon taxes and a further clampdown on humanity, with corresponding moves toward global governance.

The relentlessly exploited image of the polar bear:


Al Gore is, of course, the grand champion fear monger in this category and he should be relegated back to the lizard hole from whence he came.


The disaster at the Fukushima site in Japan is without precedent in human history. It is undoubtedly having a global impact. But just how much of a global impact is the question. I have no way of independently finding out the truth of the matter, and must rely on anecdotal accounts and bits of informations gathered from individuals around the world. Perhaps there are some individuals the top of the global control pyramid who know exactly what’s happening, but for the rest of us we are mostly groping in the dark. Hence, I take all Fukushima disaster talk with a heavy grain of salt.

Jeff Rense, who runs the popular website rense.com, is the ultimate Fukushima fear monger , along with physicist Leuren Moret. The Japanese people, for their part, are not panicking, and actually appear unconcerned.

World War

I have written a number of blog posts regarding the outbreak of world war 3 and do believe we will plunge deeper into war in the coming years. The problem with fear mongers like Alex Jones, Lyndon LaRouche, Michael Snyder, Steve Quayle and the rest is that they are always claiming that their ‘sources’ are telling them that ‘next week’ Israel will bomb Iran and the world will go down in flames. At least since early 2010, I’ve heard that we ‘are just a month away from the beginning of WW3’, with this type of headline regularly appearing on that veritable bullhorn of fear, infowars.com. The christian evangelicals and zionist christians are fond of the WW3 theme to sell their brand of fear porn and collect money and followers from the easily duped. They keep their copies of Revelations close by to correlate each day’s news to a sentence in that ancient text.

Outer Space

The idea that a rogue planet, aka ‘Planet X’, or a wayward comet/ asteroid/meteor is going to strike Earth is a theme that has been hyped and milked for decades. The latest incarnations of this phenomenon was comet Elenin in 2011 and comet ISON in 2013, both of which were relentlessly hyped on the internet as potential ‘species extinction events.’ Henning Kemner, dahboo77, and Alfred Lambremont Webre, among many, many others , were at the forefront of hyping these non-events.





100 years later: Remembering World War I

This month will be the 100th year anniversary of the beginning of World War I, or the Great War. As the world lurches into the opening stages of World War 3, it is instructive to look back a century ago at that cataclysm.

The history of the war is so vast, including its causes and immense repercussions, that even a full length book cannot do it justice. Indeed, any aspect of the war that one chooses to look at leads down multiple related areas of inquiry: new tactics of warfare, rapid advances in military technology, the break-up of huge empires, the behind-the-scenes maneuvering of zionists in England and the United States, the duplicity of Woodrow Wilson, America’s exit from its isolationism, the redrawing of the map of the Middle East, the unimaginable incompetence of politicians and generals , carnage on a scale never seen before, the mutual assured destruction caused by the system of alliances, the loss of an entire generation of young men, and the effect of the war on European intelligentsia.

Furthermore, the Great War played a large role in creating the conditions which  ultimately resulted in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in  1917 and the great flu pandemic of 1918. The harsh terms inflicted on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles assured that in a short time (21 years), war would break out again.

Considering its role in shaping the 20th century, the Great War is a subject that should be taught in-depth in secondary school and in the universities, but that is not the case. I minored in history at university and learned only the most cursory information about the war. Only much later in my adult life did I begin to get an inkling of the importance of this event and hence began to study it in earnest. I read a number of books and watched some documentaries to get up to speed. The Great War, like all major events in human history can be studied on two levels: the surface level including the actual battles, the major public figures, the official treaties signed at the war’s conclusion and the hidden or conspiratorial level where figures behind the scenes played a role as important as or even more important than the figureheads.

Before getting into the ‘why’ of the Great War and going down that deep rabbit hole, , it is instructive to sit down and read some straightforward accounts of what occurred between 1914 and 1918 to get a sense of the scale of the battles and the territory involved. Although World War 2 produced a greater overall number of casualties, the Great War saw vast armies squaring off against each other in the field on a scale not seen before or since. Reading the accounts of the Battles of the Somme, Verdun, and the Marne, one struggles to imagine and visualize what took place there-hundreds of thousands of men stumbling across pock-marked fields weighed down with gear and ammunition and getting mowed down mercilessly with machine gun  and cannon fire. The casualties incurred on just the the first day of the Battle of the Somme were greater than the total number incurred in many previous wars. It is not at all surprising that so many intellectuals in Europe in the 1920s  were forced to reassess their understanding of humanity and humans’ capacity for good and evil.

The bloodletting occurring on the Western Front was so great that it occupied most of the attention of the generals, politicians, and the press but it was not, of course, the only theatre of the war. Another series of battles was played out on a vast territory in the Middle East, known then as the Ottoman Empire. Most of the conflicts happening today in the Middle East can be traced back to the decisions and redrawing of maps which occurred in Versailles in 1919 as Great Britain, France and the United States carved up the remnants of that once proud empire.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey:


Although most people know little of this chapter of the war, the outcome of the break-up of the Ottoman Empire was as far-reaching as anything that happened in Europe. ‘Gallipoli’ is a name that will be forever remembered in Australia, as it will in Turkey. The war in the Middle East witnessed the rise of legends and heroes such as Mustafa Kemal, or ‘Ataturk’, the father of modern Turkey, as well as T.E. Lawrence, better known as ‘Lawrence of Arabia.’  Also, the battles here saw the  downfall  of many other politicians and military leaders, such as Enver Pasha in Turkey and Winston Churchill in England. Baghdad, Jerusalem, Damascus, Bethlehem, Basra and many other ancient cities changed rulers.



The war extended even into Africa where a German military contingent managed to fight a successful guerrilla campaign for the duration of the conflict.

World War I was the first war where all the modern inventions and innovations in weaponry were put to full use. Richard Gatling’s invention of the machine gun in the 1861 had been refined in the intervening years and was used to devastating effect by all sides. The machine gun, combined with barbed wire, long-range cannon, and trench technology assured that the defensive would reign supreme. The tank was invented and put into use in the latter stages of the conflict and airplanes were employed first as reconnaissance and later as fighters and bombers. Poison gases such as mustard gas were utilized mercilessly on the battlefield. Germany manufactured and deployed hundreds of U-boats which wreaked havoc on the Royal Navy. Dreadnought battleships engaged in the first and only great battleship engagement in history, the Battle of Jutland.

How did it happen? How could such an immense conflict come about? History books in general do an awful job of explaining the outbreak of World War I. They claim that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Serbia by a radical Serbian nationalist set off a chain of catastrophic events caused by an entrenched system of alliances. And that’s pretty much all the information they give you. It’s not that there is a dearth of information about the real causes of the war, it’s just that most historians and writers are too lazy or too fearful to dig deeper.

And if we are looking at people to point fingers at, there is no shortage of guilty parties. The war was most certainly not caused by a Serbian nationalist. It didn’t just happen, it wasn’t inevitable, and it wasn’t simple political bumbling.

We might begin with King Edward VII of the United Kingdom (1841-1910), a man whose role in early 20th century politics has been downplayed and nearly forgotten. It was Edward who set up the Triple Entente of England, France and Russia which assured each country that if any one was attacked , the others would come to their aid. Even though Edward died in 1910, many in Germany placed the blame for the outbreak of war squarely on his shoulders and considered him an anti-German warmonger. Be wary of allowing inbred European psychopathic ‘royalty’ to get involved in politics.



It has been said by some that all wars are created by banks. Banks (and their arms manufacturing subsidiaries) are the only institutions to benefit from wars. Banks have an incentive to foment wars: they lend money to all sides and therefore profit handsomely regardless of who actually ‘wins.’  Wars are the most expensive enterprise that a government can undertake. They require a vast mobilization of resources, material, and men and the costs required of such an operation are far beyond governments financial reserves. Hence, they go to the banks, all Rothschild owned, with supplicant hands and plead, “Please, lend me money.”

Countries exit wars with debt so severe that it often takes generations to pay off. Every country which participated in World War I came out of the conflict deeply in debt and in subservience to Rothschild banking interests. It is not an exaggeration to say that a country loses its sovereignty to banking interests when this happens. To give one example, the U.S. before the war was virtually debt-free, with a debt to GDP of 2.7%. After just two years of war and borrowing, that figure skyrocketed to 33% and the U.S. found itself $33 billion in the hole ($334 billion in today’s dollars.)



What is particularly infuriating about the above statistic is that the U.S. should have never been in the war in the first place. The American people at the time were resolutely isolationist, a term which was used proudly at the time but later became something of a pejorative term. Americans saw no need or reason to become involved in the Europeans’ fratricidal wars and adhered to George Washington’s admonition to avoid foreign entanglements. American president Woodrow Wilson was well aware of this fact and won his second term in 1916 on the slogan, “He kept us out of war.”  Unfortunately, Wilson was surrounded by snakes such as Colonel Edward House and Paul Warburg, men whose loyalty lay not with the United States and her people, but with Rothschild and Jewish banking interests.

Is it a mere coincidence that the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 after a secret meeting of bankers on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia and one year later World War I broke out? Is it coincidental that  four years later the U.S. entered the war, against the wishes of the American people?  In global politics, nothing happens by accident or coincidence, and the congruence of these massive events is too tidy to overlook or brush aside.

International banksters weren’t the only ones secretly maneuvering the U.S. into the war. Remember, prior to the U.S. entry into France in late 1917, Britain and France were losing the war. Germany was poised to overrun Paris and impose terms  on the battered, demoralized and broken British and French armies. French soldiers mutinied on the battlefield. Russia, after the Bolshevik Revolution, was out of the game. A way had to be found to get America into the war-fast. Jewish zionists working in London at the time sensed an opportunity and took advantage of it. They approached the British leadership and proposed a deal: write a declaration proclaiming Jewish ‘right’ to a homeland in Palestine and British support for it, and we will have our political insiders in America pressure Wilson to change his stance and commit America to the war. The rest, as they say, is history. The ‘Balfour Declaration’ was duly written and given to the worldwide press and America sent hundreds of thousands of its young men off to die on the Western Front. All of the above is a matter of historical record, though again, not taught in college history courses.


The seed of World War 2 was firmly planted in World War I and some historians simply group them together as the ‘Great European Civil War.’ They view this war as a culmination of Germany’s roughly century-old battle to claim its place in the world, and to quit playing second-fiddle to the British and French Empires. While this viewpoint is certainly true in many respects, it ignores the deeper and more complex questions of how political leaders and populations are cleverly and expertly manipulated and conned into entering into war.

The people, of course, never want war. For them, war means only death and destruction. For the banksters pulling the strings of puppet politicians, war means something else entirely: unimaginable profits,  consolidation of power, and control over sovereign nations.

The same forces which pushed the world into the inferno of World War I are now pushing nations into the next world war. Many of the same tactics are being used. Will we wake up before it is too late?

The Western ‘Press’, Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the road to World War 3

If you grew up in the U.S.A. during the cold war, as I did, you were taught to hate and fear the Russians. The politicians and military-industrial complex kept the fear of thermonuclear war ever-present in the public’s mind. This was done through the mainstream media , Hollywood, and the Republican and Democratic parties who competed with each other to see who could talk the toughest toward the ‘Ruskies.’ This cleverly orchestrated campaign of fear reached its zenith (or nadir, depending on your viewpoint) in the 1980s with the election of Ronald Reagan to the presidency. Reagan promised to quit playing ‘soft’ with the Russians, to expand the military, and to ratchet up the arms race. Hollywood did its part with the production of movies such as ‘Top Gun’ which was nothing more than a pentagon propaganda film with lots of special effects and Tom Cruise.



After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet Union a couple of years later, the Russians  lost most of their credibility as bad guys . Mikhail Gorbachev’s policies of Glasnost and Perestroika signalled a possible end to the cold war itself. The 1990s and the early 2000s was a terrible time for Russia. The oligarchs seized control of big chunks of formerly state owned enterprises and Western business interests flew in like vultures  to carve up the remnants of the old empire. Russia’s death rate at this time skyrocketed as the economy was in turmoil and many men became jobless. The combination of joblessness, poverty, cheap vodka and cold winters saw hundreds of thousands of young and middle-aged men dying early deaths. Furthermore, an extremely low birth rate occurring simultaneously meant Russia’s overall population was declining, rapidly.

Given all these factors- Gorbachev’s policies, the end of the cold war, the break-up of the Soviet Union, Russia’s impoverishment and demographic crisis and the aging of its military hardware- it was time for the U.S. to conjure a new bogeyman. Hence, 9-11, and the birth of ‘terrorism.’ The image of the turban-wearing, radical  Muslim terrorist has worked pretty well for over ten years, but now that image doesn’t invoke the same outrageous hysteria and fear that it did five or ten years ago. Many Americans have started to catch on  that the whole Muslim terrorist things was just a war for Israel from the beginning.

So, what have the neo-cons, the military-industrial-security complex, the New York Times, CNN, and the Power Party (aka Republicans and Democrats)  done to reinvigorate fear into the hearts of Americans? Amazingly, they have brought the Russian bogeyman back from the dead. Once again, just like in the 1950s and the 1980s, Russiaphobia is sweeping across America and parts of Europe. The media is blasting its propaganda at full volume, 24/7 across all media outlets, that Vladimir Putin is, you guessed it, the ‘new Hitler.’ Not surprisingly, the easily duped American public is buying what the media is selling.



How could this happen? Only a decade ago, many were consigning Russia to the dust-bin of history. It was finished. Or, maybe it wasn’t. It’s somewhat misleading to give credit to a country’s turnaround, especially a country as large and diverse as Russia, to one man. However, it’s not a stretch to say that Vladimir Putin has not only saved Russia from the oligarchs and Western capitalists, but has also risen to the stature of world statesman. The Western imperial establishment went to sleep thinking that Russia was done and they could focus on carving up the Middle East and suddenly this guy Putin happened. What the hell?

Whether you love or hate Putin, you have to give credit to what he has accomplished in a short time. The demographic crisis has passed and births are once again exceeding deaths. He has upgraded the military and put the important industries back in the hands of the Russians. He has forged important alliances with countries in the Middle East, Asia , and South America. And most importantly, he has served as the strongest voice against the unipolar, zionist new world order being promoted from Washington D.C., London, and Tel Aviv.

As columnist Paul Craig Roberts points out in a recent essay, Western zionist neo-cons want Russia as a vassal state. They are determined to crush Putin and once again weaken the Russian state so that it poses no threat to their plans for global hegemony. Accordingly, the United States and NATO have attempted to encircle Russia with military bases and missile sites. The latest ploy in Ukraine is just one more move in the grand chess game. Already, Western mercenary forces are deeply embedded in Ukraine and working alongside the Kiev forces. The shoot-down of the Malaysian jet is a propaganda ploy, nothing more. The hit pieces on Putin, which now come on a daily basis via CNN, the BBC, the NYT, Washington Post, Business Insider, the Economist, and all the rest, are part of an overall strategy to isolate Russia and Putin. An American/Israeli/NATO nuclear first strike on Russia is not out of the question. The public is being systematically prepped for world war.  Oh, and how about Obama? What’s his role in all of this? He’s making burger commercials and playing golf. It seems nuclear holocaust doesn’t concern him.

June 2014- World War 3 is here.

Many people wonder when World War 3 will begin. World War I is said to have begun with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist. World War II officially began with the German Wehrmact’s invasion of Poland in 1939. Historians especially like specific actions and dates onto which they assign beginnings and endings for grand events like wars. Thus, many modern political commentators seem to be waiting for some mass mobilization of armies, along with the rolling of armored columns of tanks across multiple borders to proclaim that ‘it’ has finally begun.

Yet, World War 3 is already here. As I peruse the daily papers, I see war spreading like wildfire all through the Middle East and Africa. With Ukraine, it is entering Europe. Soon, war will come to Asia.

War in Africa

Nigeria is busy battling an insurgency against a group calling itself ‘Boko Haram.’ Whoever this group is, and whoever they are taking their orders from, they are creating a battleground in Nigeria which, according to sources, is now spreading into neighboring Cameroon.

Mali is battling a tribal Tuareg insurrection in its northern territories. Its army took a bad beating recently and now France is keeping its forces there to prop up that country’s weak forces.

Somalia is a lawless land, overrun with multiple warlords vying for control . Its weak central government is regularly attacked by armed militias.

The violence in Somalia is spilling over into Kenya, which has experienced waves of attacks over the past two years that show no signs of letting up.

Since the death of Qaddafi, Libya has rapidly spiraled downward into a lawless and chaotic land. Nobody appears to know who is really in control. Foreigners are being urged to evacuate the country and the U.S. has sent a convoy into the Mediterranean in preparation for some kind of action. NATO and the zionist West is desperate to keep the flow of oil and the ports under firm control. Another invasion from NATO forces looks possible, even probable.

Egypt is in a precarious state. It has just elected an army general as its new leader. Which direction this country, with one of the largest populations in Africa, is going is anybody’s guess.

The Middle East

Syria is in bad shape. Bashar Al-Assad has amazingly managed to stay alive and in control. His people have rallied around him and his army has beaten back the terrorist mercenary armies sent from Saudi Arabia and various other countries. However, the refugee problem is critical and their infrastructure and economy have taken a terrible beating. While the mercenary forces are in full retreat, they might well re-group and stage further attacks, with Israel’s backing and aid. Israel itself, using Ukraine and other events as a perfect distraction, might unilaterally launch its own attack on Syria. It will most likely use some false flag attack as a pretext.

Iraq suffers daily bombings as the country has spiraled downward into full scale Sunni/Shia civil war. The government is helpless to stop the bloodshed. Further fracturing is inevitable. Most likely, it will eventually split into three or more countries.

The government of Yemen is fighting groups of insurgents, some affiliated with Al-Qaida. The U.S. , not wanting to see its puppet government fall on this strategic piece of property, is aiding Yemen with drone strikes, which occur with such regularity now that Americans don’t even bat an eyelash over daily bombing reports on civilians.

Afghanistan is a battlefield and will continue to be for at least the near future. The Taliban may never gain the strength to achieve a final victory of U.S. and NATO forces, who show no sign of leaving. Nevertheless, they do have the means to attack targets of their choosing and have shown the capability of striking right in the heart of Kabul itself.

Ukraine is the new cold war battleground of the West versus Russia. With mercenary forces supplied and funded by superpowers on both sides. the violence there will get worse before it gets better.


China is making increasingly aggressive moves in its backyard. Its recent installation of an oil rig in the South China Sea in Viet Nam’s territorial waters is both a strategic and a symbolic move, meant to show its neighbors and the U.S. that China is ready to claim its ‘sphere of influence.’


Japan, with fascist leaning Shinzo Abe at the helm, is ready to jettison its constitution, which barred it from building an offensive army. Abe has indicated that Japan is willing to fight for the islands that it considers its own, and which China also lays claim to.

Countries all over the world are spending more than ever on military expenditures. Most of these new weapons will be used on native populations, as always. But a hevily armed world, filled with anxiety-ridden governments and desperate and hungry populations, is ripe for disaster.

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