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Neil deGrasse Tyson: shill extraordinaire (and spook)

I’ve written about Neil deGrasse Tyson before and exposed him for the shill that he is.  A couple of years ago when I watched him idiotically  promoting GMOs, I couldn’t stomach it and had to write a short article warning people to recognize him for what he is: a paid agent working for the NWO. Recently, this smug ‘scientist’ has made headlines again, going on a talk show to do a ‘rap’ performance in order to refute a rapper who had claimed that the earth is flat. The most outrageous part of the previous sentence is not the part about the flat earth, but the fact that a country’s most distinguished scientist has nothing better to do with his time than go on a talk show to refute some pathetic ‘musician’ who made waves by writing a song about the flat earth.

Does Tyson actually have a real job? With people like Tyson and Zuckerberg, one has to ask this question. Given the amount of time he spends on radio and tv interviews and self-promotion, he must have precious little time to do any real work, let alone any authentic science. Tyson is simply a front man for the mainstream scientific worldview. He’s a hired gun for the priestly class of scientists who  do not tolerate ANY debate on their theories and models of the universe. In fact, Tyson admitted in an interview that he doesn’t stoop to debating people. He claimed that ‘there are the laws of physics….and everything else is opinion…so I can just walk out of the room when people want to start debating.’ Is this not the height of arrogance and pomposity? You can find the clip on youtube.

Neil deGrasse Tyson has so many red flags flapping around him that it’s easy to expose him.  Look at where he studied: Harvard; Columbia;  Princeton. These schools, along with Yale, are the prime incubators not only for the ruling elite in the United States but also, and more importantly,  for Intelligence agents. Tyson has been educated and groomed at the premier spook schools in the United States and promoted relentlessly to take his fake science message to the masses. See the recent work of Miles Mathis.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Tyson spends more time in Langley, Virginia than he does at a university science lab. So how did this brilliant scientist prove the existence of gravity on the talk show? He dropped his microphone. Wow. Brilliant.



What happens when you drink blood with the royal family

I often engage in a sort of self-inflicted torture- reading the mainstream news. The articles are either pure propaganda-corporate or government- or mindless trivia meant to distract the masses. Skimming over the daily dose of pablum, I often notice the overt worship of power, wealth, the state and royalty displayed by the hired hacks of news conglomerates.


Hey, did you know that British punk bands of the 1970s had a designer? I didn’t either! But they did, according to an article recently posted by Agence France-Presse. titled ‘Punk fashion queen Westwood bows to Prince Charles.’ Vivienne Westwood ‘helped shape the look’ of punk bands by working closely with Malcolm McLaren and others. I always thought that punk music was anti-establishment and anarchistic , but now I find out that they had a fashion designer working to perfect their ‘look.’ Perhaps the whole movement was not as spontaneous and rebellious as I once thought?  In any case, this former admirer  of punk’s attitude toward royalty is now an unabashed boot-licker of the British royal family, gushing forth praise for Prince Charles in this insipid piece of ‘journalism.’  Perhaps we should not be surprised, as we are now supposed to refer to her as ‘Dame’ Vivienne Westwood. Sure.


“He’s such a visionary,” the fashion designer said. “Right back in the 1970s as a young man, he realized we have to live in harmony with the earth. And all his charities have made such a difference, they’ve really helped people, they’re very practical and solid things, they build communities, support people. We would have a wonderful world if he had ruled it all that time.”

Wow. Let that final statement sink in a bit.Not only does she act as PR mouthpiece for this ‘royal’ piece of garbage, idiotically extolling his goofy charities, she goes further, actually stating that she wishes Prince Charles were the emperor of the world. I wonder if she flashed  a baphomet symbol while saying this. You can’t get much creepier than this: openly advocating for a lizard bloodline half-wit eugenicist to be world dictator. ‘Dame’ Westwood is saying it openly and proudly. How far we have fallen.





Bono: a case study on how rock stars are co-opted and bought off

The subject of famous and prominent  rock musicians who have sold out to the corporate world has been covered extensively by other writers over the years, but it seems that it has become less noticeable and less of an issue than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Perhaps because the public is so used to to seeing musicians take the easy road to corporate riches that we now expect it, and  don’t feel the need to comment upon this phenomenon any longer.

Most of today’s little corporate ‘musicians’ (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Rihanna, et al) are not worth commenting upon, except perhaps to point out how much they celebrate their satanism with their elaborate stage shows featuring  satanic and illuminatist imagery.

However, there is one particular corporate shill who does need a calling-out and that man is known by the name of ‘Bono.’ The lead singer of the world’s most successful rock and roll band, U2,  Bono was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1960 as Paul David Hewson.  Beginning with the release of ‘Boy’ in 1980 and continuing until the 2009 release of ‘No Line on the Horizon,’ Bono and U2 have crafted an immensely successful career as rock musicians and continue to tour the world and sell out large stadiums.



If Bono was merely a run -of- the- mill rock star/corporate sell-out, he would not be worth writing about. But he has gone far beyond merely hawking credit cards or sports cars. In the late 1990s, Mr. Hewson decided that he was going to get actively involved in activism, and in particular philanthropy directly primarily towards the poor nations of Africa. He has taken on ‘third-world’ debt relief and the sub-Saharan AIDS crisis as his pet causes. To this end, he has crafted an entirely new persona for himself outside of his rock star image, though of course the new one is built  upon the success of the former.


What’s incredible to see is how long Bono has been able to deftly weave these two careers together. He uses  his music fame to support his causes and enter into relationships with prominent politicians and businessmen and then turns around and advertises his philanthropy at U2’s concerts. I say ‘incredible’ because judging from the number of young (and old) fans snatching up their music and attending their shows, many people still cling to the old image of Bono as a youthful and rebellious rock star. He is no longer young, and most certainly not rebellious. He is a middle-aged, fabulously wealthy supporter and cheerleader for the status quo.



Author Harry Browne who recently wrote a book about Bono, calls him a ‘spokesmodel for the virtues of neo-liberal capitalism.’ Bono wants his gullible fans to believe that the rich and powerful of this world have good intentions to make the world a better place. He stands for philanthro-capitalism, and believes that this system is more powerful than genuine popular movements for change.

Furthermore, Bono believes in a techno-utopianism (trans-humanism, anyone?) of which Bill Gates is the personification of enlightenment. Gates is the main sponsor Bono’s Africa endeavors, though certainly not the only one. Warren Buffet and George Soros are other names mentioned in association with Bono. Browne states that Bono’s campaigning work is merely a branch of the Gates Foundation. Gates’ unabashed embrace of eugenics and global depopulation has been well documented, and written about, including in this blog. Bono/Hewson also owns a stake in Facebook.



In addition, Bono is an unapologetic supporter of multi-national corporations and has even supported American evangelical Christians with their agenda in Africa.

It has long been said that you are known by the company you keep. Let’s look at the company Bono keeps. He has embraced, both figuratively and literally, war criminal George W. Bush, war criminal Tony Blair, war criminal Barack Obama, and unrepentant racist Jesse Helms. Bono has worked closely with Wall Street bankers and insiders such as Jeffrey Sachs and Bobby Shriver of the Kennedy family.  He has been invited to 10 Downing Street for ‘lunch.’ He has worked with Robert Rubin, a well-connected Wall Street insider who has been implicated in much of the wheeling and dealing that led to the 2008 financial meltdown. He was close friends with Steve Jobs and helped him launch itunes.

Is that enough? There’s more. Bono has been a ‘regular fixture’ at Davos, Switzerland for the yearly meeting of the World Economic Forum. This is the place where the world’s most powerful corporate leaders get together to discuss how to screw over and impoverish the world’s population while increasing their riches. In 2012, shortly after the conclusion of the G8 summit, Bono was out shilling for Monsanto. Yes, Africa will be saved by the introduction of GMOs, monocultures fields and plenty of Roundup. Saved?  That’s more like a recipe for genocide.


When he’s not making multi-millions in grandiose concert gigs or cheerleading for GMOs, or being a spokesmodel  for Bill Gates’ foundation,  Bono takes time to pose for celebrity photographers like Annie Liebovitz and do ads for Louis Vuitton in Africa. Louis Vuitton? Are you serious, Bono?


U2 is rumored to be working on a new studio album which will likely be followed by anther concert tour. No doubt the album’s release and tour will be successful and lucrative for Bono and his bandmates. More than 25 years ago, the late comedian Bill Hicks reminded us that once a musician goes on tv (or any media) and starts hawking products, he has FOREVER given up his artistic license. Let’s be clear about this: Bono has voluntarily relinquished his title of ‘artist.’ He may be a guy who runs around on stage singing and occasionally playing guitar, but he no longer can use the title of artist. He now merely acts to give a hip facade to a global agenda of genocide and pure evil.



The wrap around red sunglasses which Bono always wears in public are, he says, to protect his sensitive  eyes. He claims his right eye ‘swells up’ when it is exposed to bright light. He also claims he has a ‘blockage’ in one eye, whatever that means. I don’t believe any of it. He looks freakish with his silly sunglasses,  befitting a guy who now participates in a malicious  agenda and maybe doesn’t want the world to see into  his soul.