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Bill Clinton pays a visit to Viet Nam

July 19, 2014 –

Viet Nam’s president Truong Tang Sang hosted a reception for notorious war criminal Bill ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton as the former U.S. president visited the country during a trip to five Asian countries to promote his AIDS foundation.

Clinton served two terms as president from 1993 to 2001. Before being elected to the highest office in the land, he was a two-term governor of the state of Arkansas. In 1992 Americans had endured  12 years of the Reagan/Bush era and were eager for change. They elected the young charismatic ‘Kennedy-esque’ Clinton who spoke of ‘change’ and even wore cool sunglasses and played the saxophone! The Oxford-educated politician talked  of a ‘new direction’ for America,  with respect for workers, students, and the poor taking on more importance.


Even at the time of the election in the early 90s, independent investigators and journalists were digging up loads of dirt on the man who looked so suave and spoke with such eloquence. Rumors of massive drug shipments being flown into Arkansas, with the aid of the DEA and Clinton’s mafia friends, were rife. But these reports were ignored by the mainstream media and Clinton got busy in the White House. Just as Obama had done, Slick Willy immediately began instituting policies that went against every speech and promise he had made on the campaign trail. Within a few short months of his election, The Washington Post and the The New York Times penned glowing editorials  of the new president and wrote of how the ‘pleased’ the ‘business community’, i.e. Wall Street bankers, were with the policies of the Democratic president.


In the ensuing eight years, Clinton and his gang, er,  administration,  would go on to inflict  massive damage to the U.S. economy and to the American people, in particular to those very people he had promised to work for: the poor, workers, and students.

The rap sheet against Clinton is so long that it’s far beyond the scope of this article to detail all of it. Nevertheless, a few highlights of this illuminati-sanctioned puppet’s career include:

1) The passage of NAFTA. The North American Free Trade Agreement was enthusiastically lobbied for and passed by his administration and signed into law on January 1, 1994. Thereafter, it was known as one of the darker days in American worker history, as millions of American jobs, mostly high-paying blue collar ones, were shipped away to other countries, mostly Mexico. Although Clinton viciously betrayed and back-stabbed his voting base numerous times, this con job was possibly the lowlight of his career in the White House.


2) The 1996 telecommunications act. This was Slick Willy’s gift to his friends and campaign donors in the media business. The law effectively deregulated the entire telecommunications industry in the U.S., including television, radio, cable, newspapers, magazines and the internet  and allowed media cross-ownership  which meant that cable companies could buy up newspapers, internet giants could buy up cable companies  and on and on. The overall effect of this consolidation was a significant and irreversible decrease in diversity. Good for a few media business billionaires, a catastrophe for the American populace and the marketplace of ideas.

3) The repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. Not content with NAFTA and the telecommunications act, Slick Willy was intent on causing more hare to the American population before he left office and facilitated the dismantling of one of the most important pieces of legislation  in the United States: Glass-Steagall. This law prohibited commercial and investment banks from combining and thereby kept a strict boundary between those two distinct entities. This  protected American consumers from unnecessary risk to their savings accounts.  Overnight, Wall Street was turned into a casino. The global economic implosion of 2008 can be traced back to the very day Clinton engineered this dastardly and immoral deed.

4) ‘The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act’ of 1996. With an Orwellian title like that, it was obvious that Clinton was passing another piece of legislation to grind down the poor even more. Wanting to show that he was ‘tough’ on cheating welfare mothers, this law made it much more difficult to obtain government aid for the poor. Meanwhile, corporate welfare handouts continued unabated.

On the world stage, Clinton’s record was perhaps even worse than his domestic one. Continuing with his predecessor Bush’s war against  Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Clinton oversaw a non-stop bombing campaign against that country along with crippling economic sanctions which killed an estimated 1.5 million people, mostly children. This alone qualifies Clinton for the term WAR CRIMINAL.

Clinton oversaw ‘Operation Gothic Serpent’ in Somalia in August 1993, only months after taking office. Thousands of Somalis were killed in the Battle for Mogadishu along with 19 U.S. soldiers.

In 1999,  Clinton gave full U.S. support to the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Serbia, which occupied the most prominent position in Yugoslavia, was the target. This small but proud country had always maintained a fierce independence from the power structure in Western Europe;  European plutocrats, from Hitler down to the present day, have been trying to bring Serbia under Western European, NATO, and zionist control. Clinton, ever the loyal  soldier, did his part.


The bombing campaign was instigated and carried out without authorization from the U.N. and against a nation that did not pose a threat to any member states. According to wikipedia, 2,300 missiles and 14,000 bombs were used, including uranium bombs and cluster munitions. 2,000 civilians were killed, including 88 children; 300 schools and libraries and 20 hospitals were destroyed.; 40,000 houses and 90 historical and architectural monuments were ruined. Clinton was quite proud of this act of savage butchery, most of which was carried out using American hardware and weaponry.


These days,  War Criminal Clinton travels the world and is still met with adoring fans who are  ever eager to rub shoulders and shake hands with a powerful former politician. Meanwhile, his wife ‘Dragon Lady’ Hillary has set her eyes on the 2016 presidency and we may see ‘Slick Willy’ back in the White House again, this time kissing the hand of the dragon.

How to read (and understand) the corporate press. Case study: Serbia

If you walk by a newsstand and pick up a magazine like  Businessweek or a newspaper like the Wall Street Journal, you know that you will be reading ‘the news’ from the perspective of large business interests, and the stories will be slanted to fit into their perspective and worldview. But what about mainstream newspapers and news organizations, such as BBC, Agence France-Presse, AP, Al-Jazeera, The New York Times  and all the rest? Are we getting ‘objective’ reporting about news, especially economic news, which gives us a clear understand of micro and macro economic conditions? No, of course not. All of the news organizations listed are themselves huge corporations, publicly traded on Wall Street, and have boards of directors who themselves sit on other companies’ boards.

What’s humorous to observe and study is the language that reporters for these companies use when reporting on political and economic issues facing countries. The language is carefully crafted to appear as neutral, independent , and objective when in reality it is nothing of the sort.

Let’s take a recent article from Agence France-Presse about recent elections in Serbia. AFP refers to Aleksandar Vucic , the Deputy Prime Minister as a former ‘ultra nationalist hawk.’ This is simple code language, used often in the business press, to refer to a leader who doesn’t ‘play ball’ with the international money lenders and tries to keep his country independent, strong, and sovereign. The big corporations and banks have no use for countries like that. They want weak, impotent countries with puppet dictators whom they can easily control.

Now, however, Vucic is no longer a ‘a nationalist hawk’ who is against joining the EU. He has ‘reformed’ himself and is a new man! Now, he is happily steering Serbia into full EU membership and thus subjugating a once proud and independent country to rule by a bunch of European bureaucrats residing in Brussels. He will no doubt be receiving heaps of praise from media such as AFP.



The article goes on. The reporter informs the readers that Serbia ‘has often been seen as a defiant international pariah since playing a central role in the Balkan wars of the 1990s.’  I wish I had a nickel for every time an organization like AFP or the New York Times referred to Serbia as a ‘pariah.’ In fact, Serbia’s leaders did what any country’s leaders do when attacked by foreign forces: fight back and work to protect their people and borders. Serbia’s real crime was that it was stubbornly independent and didn’t want to trade in its sovereignty for the chance to join the EU. But the lazy writer for AFP is counting on his readers not knowing history or understanding the language he is using.


In the following paragraph, this reporter gives a couple of statistics detailing Serbia’s current economic troubles- which of course were the result of its being a pariah and not playing ball with Brussels, the IMF, World Bank and Goldman Sachs- and then gives the solution. The reporter writes: “The next government will have to focus on reforming antiquated labor laws and cutting down on bureaucracy, analysts say.”



This is classic IMF/Wall Street lingo, understood perfectly well by those in the upper echelons of the business class, but little understood by the average reader. First of all, who are the ‘analysts’ the reporter writes of? Notice he doesn’t bother to name his sources. He doesn’t need to. No doubt these so-called ‘analysts’ work for Wall Street. He also cleverly phrases it in a one-sided manner, to give the impression that there is no debate on this now, that it’s a foregone conclusion what the new administration in Belgrade must do. ‘Antiquated labor laws’ is phrase that business writers love to hurl at governments , especially of countries like France which have strong laws on the books to protect their workers from amoral and rapacious corporations. ‘Cutting down on bureaucracy’ is another timeworn and favorite phrase of the corporate press. They want governments to gut all the departments which are in place to protect workers, children and families so that the corporations can have free reign to do as they please, i.e. extract, pollute, and exploit.

The nameless reporter plows ahead in the next paragraph. “The new government will also have to push through a stringent austerity package, including the privatisation of 170 state-owned companies, along with subsidy cuts and tax increases.”

Again, where is the reporter getting this information from? It looks as though he has the IMF/World Bank loan form right in from of him. Serbia, he is telling us, will have to drink the same bitter medicine that Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece and others have drunk. The banks and large trans-nationals will come in to rape the country of its natural resources, buy all the state companies for pennies on the dollar and subject its population to years, possibly decades , of imposed poverty and disease. Again, it’s presented as if this is the only viable solution, and a done deal. The only thing left is to sign on the dotted line. The same thing will happen in Ukraine, and all the articles about that country will sound just like this one.

‘Austerity’ and ‘privatisation’ mean rape and pillage. But the business press always prefers to use polite language, so you must learn how to translate.