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Hipsters, the fake left, and misguided youth

It’s never been easy to make sense of the world, but in 2016, the Powers-That-Be (PTB) have turned reality upside down and inside out so that forming a coherent picture of our situation  has become a herculean task. It’s a particularly arduous chore for those under the age of 35, as they are the most susceptible to brainwashing, propaganda, peer pressure, social engineering, and the various effects of the media to which they are constantly exposed. It’s not easy being a youth in today’s world.

For those in their 20s who want to fit in, be cool, and make lots of friends, they must of necessity ‘toe the line’ when it comes to their beliefs and attitudes. Youth today are under more pressure than ever to engage in groupthink in large part due to the effects of social media such as facebook.

Social media is a good place to begin. Even though 80-year-old grandmothers have facebook accounts, it’s the youth who spend the most time online networking on social media. You are simply not allowed to disengage from this MATRIX as doing so would cost you most of your friends and brand you as an ‘eccentric’ at best and ‘fucking weirdo’ at worst. And the higher up you are in the social hierarchy (think hipsters and djs), the more time you must devote to your online presence.

The slavish devotion to social media is a corollary of our unquestioning acceptance and  devotion to technology in general. Anything that is branded, marketed and sold as ‘new’, ‘improved’ or  ‘modern’, especially in the arena of technology, will be gobbled up by the masses in copious quantities. Again, the youth, with their desire to be on the cutting age and be with the hip crowd, will be easy game for the corporations selling their addictive techno toys.

Facebook and Instagram have transformed the notion of narcissism from a negative quality to a positive one. In the past, to be labeled a narcissist was a put-down. It was an insult. To be a narcissist signified that you were only concerned with yourself, that you had little to no concern for your family, your community, or your country.  But the unholy combination of Facebook and the camera phone has birthed the phenomenon known as the ‘selfie’ which has brought narcissism and narcissistic behavior to hitherto unknown levels. We see girls, particularly those from the 13-29 age group, walking around all day taking selfies, for no reason at all. They do it just….to do it. Taking selfies has now become an almost unconscious, reflexive behavior. ‘My friends are doing it, so I guess I need to do it too’. Middle-aged and elderly people engage in this abominable behavior as well, sending a clear message to the youth that ‘it’s ok and acceptable.’

The LGBT agenda, marketed most aggressively by those on the fake left, has snared today’s youth brilliantly. I used to support gay rights, gay marriage, the rainbow flag and the rest of that garbage until I wised up, so I know firsthand how easily one can be duped. When I first came upon information about the  ‘agenda’ behind the gay rights movement, I dismissed it outright. I thought the idea of an agenda or hidden hand was just a made-up story from a bunch of disgruntled Christians and ultra-conservatives. But, by and by, I noticed how the gay rights issue was getting an inordinate amount of media coverage; I noticed that politicians, including Barack Obama  were spending a lot of time giving their opinions on it (mostly in supporting it) ; I noticed that entertainers, especially young pop stars, were singing about their homosexual desires and experiences ; I noticed Hollywood coming out with movies about gay lovers. Gradually, I began to see that the idea of an agenda wasn’t so farfetched after all. Sadly, most 20-somethings haven’t grasped this yet. They march proudly in gay pride parades, waving their rainbow flags and cheering, completely oblivious to the fact that they are being played like a fiddle by a hidden hand that has an agenda to destroy the family and religion.

I have here in front of me the most recent copy of slick magazine marketed to rich, urban, English-speaking expats and tourists in Southeast Asia. The picture on the cover is a young transgender. When I  open to the article, I read his ‘heartwarming’ story and his struggle for acceptance in a traditional, family-based society. See how this goes? This type of story in the mass media is not an uncommon occurrence. Moreover, nightclubs here often have benefit shows dedicated to ‘LGBT’ rights. We’re all supposed to come and cheer our queer brothers and sisters.

I could write much more about this topic. I could talk about how the youth have been told to love modern ‘art,’ which is a complete creation of the CIA, how they’ve been manipulated into supporting multi-culturalism, how they’ve been cleverly suckered into supporting a corporate tool like Obama,  and how they’ve been dumbed down to such an extent that being intelligent is not cool and being ignorant and stupid is seen as hip. Even the corporatocracy  itself is no longer questioned, let along rebelled against. Wearing t-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with corporate logos is acceptable and trendy.

What can we do? As a teacher, I try my best to decondition my students from the programming as best as I can. I try to put books in their hands. I talk to them. For those of us who are 50 and over, the best we can do is model sane behavior. Youth today increasingly have no one to look to see how to act in a proper manner in a sane society. If you are 50-year-old father of four, and you are taking selfies and checking your smartphone while you are sitting at a restaurant with your family, you are failing. It’s time to look in the mirror.





U.S. keeping troops in Afghanistan. Anyone surprised?

President Obama announced that the U.S. will keep 9,800 troops in Afghanistan at the end of 2014. Currently, 32,000 troops are stationed there. What a pathetic game Obama, his zionist masters and pentagon generals are playing with the American public. Is there anyone naive enough to think that America is ever going to leave Afghanistan? Not if the neo-cons in Washington, London, New York and Tel Aviv have anything to say about it.

Any talk of draw-downs, withdrawals, retreats, and exits is just gibberish spewing from the mouths of politicians. The grand chessboard, with central Asia as the most prized possession, is ever front and center for Kissinger, Brzezinski, and their proteges in Washington DC.




Incredible as it may sound, there are still hard-core Obama apologists  existing in what is known as “the Left” in America. Scarcely remembering that they elected this man on a platform of bringing peace and prosperity back to America after the naked war-mongering of Bush Jr. , they live in a world of make-believe where whatever Obama does is somehow good, because he is , well…not Bush.

If we do in fact see a reduction from 32,000 down to 9,800 by the end of this year (not a sure thing, only a promise), it is only because those troops are badly needed in the next theatre of war, whether that will be in Asia (see: Asian pivot), the Caucasus (see: Ukraine) , or Africa (see: Boko Haram, Tuareg, Somali insurgents ad nauseum).


One thing is for sure: the flow of opium profits from Afghanistan must be maintained at all costs. If they can do the job with 10,000 soldiers, great. It’s an investment that will more than pay for itself. Meanwhile, Obama will throw a bone to the American public every 6 months or so about reducing troops here or there, but the empire will march on, as long as it can.



The art of being free

Many yoga teachers are fond of saying ‘a flexible body is a flexible mind.’  Therefore, a good way to always maintain flexibility in your thinking is to take up a yoga practice. Most beginner yogis soon realize that as their bodies become more limber and supple, so too does their thinking.

Becoming flexible and adaptable in our thinking is crucial. We could also refer to this as ‘open-mindedness.’  Unfortunately, there are endless traps awaiting us as we strive to maintain this mind set and become free human beings.

Yogi - Annelies Rigter

Easy ways to fall into the trap of rigidity include  adopting labels, joining groups and organizations, attaining advanced academic degrees, and attaching ourselves so tightly to a way of thinking or viewpoint that we become unable to incorporate and adapt to new and possibly conflicting information.

For example, take the theory of global warming. Visit the website or blog of any warming activist, scientist or blogger and see how many of them have recanted their position on the issue. Despite the absence of any warming over the past 17 years and the leaked memos regarding the IPCC and all the rest, they continue to plow on, oblivious to the facts at hand.

I wouldn’t buy a vacuum cleaner from this man, let alone trust his bogus research on man-made global warming. We know what he’s selling: carbon credits. Check out the size of his mansion to see how much he cares about mother earth.


The peak oil theory is another good example. The leading theorists for this have been shouting through their bullhorns for the last 20 or so years about  plummeting rates of oil extraction and how this was going to cause civilizational collapse. Gas was supposed to be 15 dollars a gallon by now. Michael Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon  (2004) and owner of the website fromthewilderness is a peak oil and collapse fear monger. Did the fact that none of his predictions turned out to be true cause him to issue any apologies or change his stance?  No.


James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency (2005) is another example of this trend. According to Kunstler , the end of the era of cheap energy has already begun and the resulting convulsions are going to be massive. The problem is that year after year, as new oil discoveries are made and his predictions fail to materialize,  no change in viewpoint is noted in his  writings or blog. These writers claim that the answer is simply that the government and corporations are hiding the true facts. No doubt governments and corporations lie incessantly, but to use that excuse as a cover for their own flawed research is rather disingenuous.


I think what is happening here, and what we see in so many places on the internet and blogosphere , is that researchers and writers back themselves into a corner with their stances, and, having built up  followers and made their name promoting a viewpoint, are unable to extract themselves from their self-constructed box.

One of the most astounding examples of rigid and inflexible thinking that has occurred on a mass scale  over the past 6 years is peoples’ views of Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama. The man was swept into office in 2008 on such a wave of hysteria and ‘hope’ that people willingly ignored the facts about his background. In the ensuing years as he broke every single campaign promise he made, people still couldn’t bring themselves to admit that they had been duped. Thankfully, I see more and more 20-somethings, blessed with the adaptability of youth,  who are now waking up, but a surprisingly large number of boomers are still buying what this guy is selling.





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