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2018 chemtrail update

I wrote my first article on chemtrails four years ago. It’s now February of 2018 and sadly, nothing has changed. In fact, in many parts of the world, including Southeast Asia where I live, it appears that the situation is, if anything, getting worse. The sky is being sprayed daily with a chemical cocktail whose exact constituents are known only to the small clique of powerful (and satanic) individuals who are running the chemtrail program.

Many chemtrail researchers have stated that the major components of the chemical soup are barium, strontium, and aluminum. This claim, which was first put forward by Michael Murphy, Dane Wigington and others, has  been repeated by many others though without any definitive proof. Even the initial claims of proof put forward by Murphy were suspect, in my opinion. In fact, as the years go by and as the spraying continues and intensifies, the more I am moving away from the barium, strontium, and aluminum theory. I think we would see more evidence by now of elevated concentrations of these elements in soils and more dying plant matter. But, at least where I live, I don’t see it yet.

So, although we still don’t know what the hell they are spraying over our heads on a daily basis or why they are doing it, we know they ARE doing it. And whoever ‘they’ are, they must be pretty fearful of something to be pouring so much money into it. What might they be scared of? Global warming?

Whatever the spraying program might be doing to soils and plant and animal organisms on the ground, we can see for sure that it is blocking a significant amount of sunlight. And that can’t be good, for anybody. Some have surmised that the evil elite is trying to hide something in the sky, whether it be the return of ‘Nibiru’ or the changing nature of the sun or moon. But this is all pure speculation.

Although there are dozens of theories regarding chemtrails, the ones that are espoused most often on youtube and conspiracy blogs are as follows:

  1. They are spraying to try to mitigate the effects of ‘global warming.’
  2. They are trying to hide ‘Nibiru’ or a second sun.
  3. They are trying to alter the pH of soils around the world to make them more conducive to growing GMO foods.
  4. They are hiding the changes occurring on the sun and moon.
  5. They are poisoning humanity with the goal of drastically reducing the earth’s population in a short period of time.
  6. They are altering the composition and electrical conductivity of the atmosphere to make it conducive for the transmission of radio waves, 5G, and other forms of electromagnetic pollution.

I lean toward theory #6, but I can’t offer any evidence to support my guess. At this point, it’s nothing more than a hunch. Plus, the other theories seem less plausible to me than theory #6. For example, global warming doesn’t exist, so I rule out theory #1. I don’t believe in Nibiru, so #2 goes out the window. I can’t get behind #3 because I just don’t think it would work. As for #5, I think the evil cabal has other and more efficient ways of culling the herd than spraying the skies.

Given the fact that the chemtrail program has continued for so many years and has even accelerated in the last year, one might think that more people would be waking up. But this has not turned out to be the case. People have not taken notice or woken up and I don’t expect that they will do so, ever. First, the younger generation, especially those under 30, has grown up with the metallic skies that we now take for granted. They don’t know anything different and cannot recall, as the older generation can, the clear blue skies of yesteryear. Second, the smartphone has guaranteed that people will not spend their time outdoors looking up. When people do venture outside, they look DOWN, not up. So we can’t expect them to take notice of what’s going on over our heads.

These are photos of the sky over Southeast Asia during October, November, and December of 2017. You can see that the chemtrail clouds are conspicuous, widespread, and dense. Often, when I am observing these ‘clouds’ and taking photos, I feel like the loneliest person on Earth because nobody around me is taking the slightest interest in the sky. Even when people are on vacation and lying on the beach or spending the majority of their day outside, they STILL take no notice. It’s remarkable, really.

We are now two full months into the dry season here in Southeast Asia. It should be hot and sunny every day, with clear blue skies most days. However, we had quite a number of rainy days in January and for the last two weeks, it has been ‘mostly cloudy’ every day. I put that in parentheses because most of the clouds are, in fact, chemtrails. The temperature has been far cooler than it should be for this time of year. The last two mornings, my wife had to put on a sweater to walk to the bus in the morning. I can’t help thinking that the spraying program is related to all of this strange weather. Actually, some researchers, myself included, believe that there no longer is any such thing as natural weather on planet Earth.

The Problem with textbooks

Few people outside of the field of education are aware of what has happened to the textbook industry. A small percentage of parents who take an active role in their children’s education have some idea, and perhaps some politicians who are involved  in education know a bit as well. While many in academia see the downward spiral of textbook quality, few are speaking out about it.

The trends in textbook publishing affect all levels of education, from preschool to postgraduate studies. Public and private schools, rich and poor, urban and rural, all draw from the same pool of textbooks. They have little choice in the matter; the textbook industry has gone through the same relentless wave of consolidation as almost every other industry over the past few decades.

The textbooks I am most familiar with are ESL (English as a second language) books since that is the subject I am currently teaching. However, I have looked closely at my students’ textbooks for their biology, physics, chemistry, history, and health classes, and I see the same design and content changes occurring everywhere.

First, the overall dumbing down of the texts is undeniable. One rarely encounters a word that requires  a dictionary to understand. In the secondary school texts, the lexical, grammatical, and syntactical level seems to be stuck at around the 6th grade. At the university level, it’s not much better.

Much of the content presented in modern textbooks is thinly disguised corporate propaganda. Textbook publishers are reluctant to divulge how much of textbook content is taken directly from corporate sources, but we can be sure it is substantial. Corporations are known to write entire and complete legislative bills which they hand to congress for approval.  Corporate lobbyists write speeches for politicians. Transnational corporations now control everything of value on the planet, so it follows that they are writing textbooks as well. Some of this corporate propaganda is subtle and woven into the content unobtrusively.  In some chapters, the propaganda is more blatant, such as when biology texts discuss GMOs. Monsanto definitely has its dirty hands in the education field.

Besides the obvious propaganda pushing GMOs , Darwinian evolution, quantum physics, and space exploration, there’s also the social engineering type of brainwashing. This includes the celebration of rampant consumerism, transgenderism, homosexuality, multiculturalism, hi-tech, celebrity culture, shopping, social media, and general superficiality. Parents who have not looked at an English textbook for 20 or 30 years would  be appalled at what they see. Nearly every page of the ESL text which I used for a recent course discussed one of those subjects. Consumerism and high-tech gadgets such as smartphones are especially popular topics for learning. The not-so-subtle message being taught to students, outside of the embedded grammar lesson, is this: The only meaning you can derive from life is through shopping, consumerism, acquisition, and the acceptance of a multicultural and inclusive world. The only pictures one sees on the pages are photos of models,  smiling and joyful in their sleek modern offices, making loads of money which they will spend in fancy restaurants and department stores.  Traditional families are absent. Pictures of rural life are nearly absent as well. The world is presented as one giant playground, basically. It’s filled with exciting and exotic cities which  you can visit on your next ‘holiday,’ and return home with giant shopping bags filled with the loot you collected overseas. Oh, the joys of being a yuppie! That, essentially, is the dream being sold. Everyone can be a rich yuppie, living in a high-rise in some ‘bustling’ metropolis.

Every page of modern textbooks must have a photo. On some pages, more than 50 percent of the total space is filled with photos. The people in the photos are utterly fake. Most of them are models. They looks about as real as a GMO tomato. They’re always smiling and laughing, of course. They’re always attractive. They always seem to be on holiday. They’re usually talking on their smartphones and striding confidently to their next high-powered business meeting.

Do these photos contribute anything to the lesson being taught? Do they enhance the subject matter or clarify important points? No, they do not, not in the least. They’re just filler. Publishers insert them because they claim that students will not look at a page filled only with text. Actually, the publishers are correct when they state this. I once gave my students a book to read. It had no pictures. They gasped audibly and complained loudly and bitterly to me. How could they possibly read a book with no pictures? It would be so boring….

We must ask, though, how our kids became so frightened and/or bored with a page of text. Television and computers deserve the bulk of the blame, but parents and educators have done too little to instill a love of reading to students. Education publishers help to create this problem, and then turn around and state that they are merely responding to market demand.

The hundreds or thousands of photos placed into a typical textbook today drives up the cost of the text enormously. The expensive and glossy paper on which the photos are placed is considerably more pricy that simple paper for text. Moreover, it’s not just lots of unnecessary, ugly, and fake photos that one sees on textbook pages. Graphic designers now play a role even more important than content writers. Every page must be a different color. Oh, yes. Pages must be multi-hued with flashy background themes. Black text on white background, white text on black background, green on black, blue on yellow-whatever. Every page must now resemble a website. Many pages are so repulsive to look at that I ignore them when working through a chapter. I don’t want my students to look at something so ugly and so manipulative.

Students coming up through the system today have no idea that textbooks used to be different. With their immaturity and lack of perspective, they naturally assume that things have always been this way. They are unaware that students used to read books with no pictures! And sometimes those books were hundreds of pages long, and filled with highly technical details.

In conclusion, I regard modern textbooks as abominations. They are filled to overflowing with shameless propaganda, touting GMOs and transhumanism, among other things. Their slick and glossy pages, designed by well-paid graphic designers, are all about style, not substance. Content has now receded into the background. Actual text now coves less than half of most pages and the lessons are presented in small doses so as not to stretch students’ minds too much.



It’s the chemtrails, stupid

Back in 2008,  I moved from rural Northern California to Portland, Oregon. A month after arriving, I suddenly became quite ill with a ferocious hacking cough which wouldn’t relent even for a minute. I had never coughed like that in my entire life. I couldn’t manage to clear my throat or take anything to soothe it, even temporarily.  In desperation, I walked a few blocks to the nearest hospital and checked myself into the emergency room. The kindly physician informed me that I had ‘walking pneumonia,’ likely caused by the recent spell of cold and damp weather. He gave me medicine and inhalers to provide symptomatic relief. It took nearly a month to completely clear myself of symptoms.

A year later, I moved up north to Seattle. During the two years that I lived there, I continually experienced a variety of unusual symptoms which I had never had  before, including burning, watery  eyes, constant thick yellow mucus- often tinged with blood- and irritability. The obvious culprits-allergies caused by pollens, dust etc. and smog related pollution- didn’t seem to fit the bill.

Now I live in a large city in Southeast Asia. I recently got over a persistent and relentless cough which lasted for a month. When I described my symptoms to colleagues, many of them informed me that they were experiencing the exact same thing. I heard comments such as, “It’s the damnedest thing. I can’t figure it out.” And “I’ve never had anything like this before.”

I believe there is a common link to these stories. I don’t think I had walking pneumonia in Portland, allergic reactions in Seattle or acute sensitivity to smog and motorbike exhaust here in Viet Nam. I think in all three cases that I was suffering from acute poisoning from chemtrail residue. All three of the cities where I have recently lived have been heavily sprayed with chemtrails , often on a daily basis. In Portland and Seattle, the spraying would typically  start in the late morning and reach a crescendo in the late afternoon when I experienced my symptoms.

A story recently posted on ZenGardner’s website goes into some detail the theory of Dr. Leonard  Horowitz who states that the American population is being deliberately poisoned and made sick by elements within the U.S. government. The article is well worth reading.

Dr. Horowitz says that the large numbers of people being admitted to hospital emergency rooms with upper respiratory infections do not have a ‘mystery flu’ or walking pneumonia. Doctors are misdiagnosing these people. What’s really happening is a massive campaign of poisoning from the upper atmosphere. Planes are spraying the populations, like insects, with ethylene dibromide, which is mixed into the jet fuel. This causes a general immune suppression in the population. The weakened populace are then susceptible to opportunistic infections, such as micoplasmas which have been patented by the U.S. military and its biological warfare division.

The theory made sound like a wild conspiracy to the uninitiated, but after you’ve studied the modus operandi of the moneyed elites and the occultists who run this world, it sounds perfectly plausible. Chemtrailed skies are now a daily occurrence, both here and in most countries of the world. It is the ‘new normal’ and few even bother to comment on it anymore. Humanity has seen the last of pristine blue skies and we have not even bothered to mourn.

The sheeple may not bother to look up or to care what is happening over their heads, but these respiratory infections will only increase in number.  The medical establishment will find it increasingly difficult to continue diagnosing everybody with the ‘flu.’



Bono: a case study on how rock stars are co-opted and bought off

The subject of famous and prominent  rock musicians who have sold out to the corporate world has been covered extensively by other writers over the years, but it seems that it has become less noticeable and less of an issue than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Perhaps because the public is so used to to seeing musicians take the easy road to corporate riches that we now expect it, and  don’t feel the need to comment upon this phenomenon any longer.

Most of today’s little corporate ‘musicians’ (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Rihanna, et al) are not worth commenting upon, except perhaps to point out how much they celebrate their satanism with their elaborate stage shows featuring  satanic and illuminatist imagery.

However, there is one particular corporate shill who does need a calling-out and that man is known by the name of ‘Bono.’ The lead singer of the world’s most successful rock and roll band, U2,  Bono was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1960 as Paul David Hewson.  Beginning with the release of ‘Boy’ in 1980 and continuing until the 2009 release of ‘No Line on the Horizon,’ Bono and U2 have crafted an immensely successful career as rock musicians and continue to tour the world and sell out large stadiums.



If Bono was merely a run -of- the- mill rock star/corporate sell-out, he would not be worth writing about. But he has gone far beyond merely hawking credit cards or sports cars. In the late 1990s, Mr. Hewson decided that he was going to get actively involved in activism, and in particular philanthropy directly primarily towards the poor nations of Africa. He has taken on ‘third-world’ debt relief and the sub-Saharan AIDS crisis as his pet causes. To this end, he has crafted an entirely new persona for himself outside of his rock star image, though of course the new one is built  upon the success of the former.


What’s incredible to see is how long Bono has been able to deftly weave these two careers together. He uses  his music fame to support his causes and enter into relationships with prominent politicians and businessmen and then turns around and advertises his philanthropy at U2’s concerts. I say ‘incredible’ because judging from the number of young (and old) fans snatching up their music and attending their shows, many people still cling to the old image of Bono as a youthful and rebellious rock star. He is no longer young, and most certainly not rebellious. He is a middle-aged, fabulously wealthy supporter and cheerleader for the status quo.



Author Harry Browne who recently wrote a book about Bono, calls him a ‘spokesmodel for the virtues of neo-liberal capitalism.’ Bono wants his gullible fans to believe that the rich and powerful of this world have good intentions to make the world a better place. He stands for philanthro-capitalism, and believes that this system is more powerful than genuine popular movements for change.

Furthermore, Bono believes in a techno-utopianism (trans-humanism, anyone?) of which Bill Gates is the personification of enlightenment. Gates is the main sponsor Bono’s Africa endeavors, though certainly not the only one. Warren Buffet and George Soros are other names mentioned in association with Bono. Browne states that Bono’s campaigning work is merely a branch of the Gates Foundation. Gates’ unabashed embrace of eugenics and global depopulation has been well documented, and written about, including in this blog. Bono/Hewson also owns a stake in Facebook.



In addition, Bono is an unapologetic supporter of multi-national corporations and has even supported American evangelical Christians with their agenda in Africa.

It has long been said that you are known by the company you keep. Let’s look at the company Bono keeps. He has embraced, both figuratively and literally, war criminal George W. Bush, war criminal Tony Blair, war criminal Barack Obama, and unrepentant racist Jesse Helms. Bono has worked closely with Wall Street bankers and insiders such as Jeffrey Sachs and Bobby Shriver of the Kennedy family.  He has been invited to 10 Downing Street for ‘lunch.’ He has worked with Robert Rubin, a well-connected Wall Street insider who has been implicated in much of the wheeling and dealing that led to the 2008 financial meltdown. He was close friends with Steve Jobs and helped him launch itunes.

Is that enough? There’s more. Bono has been a ‘regular fixture’ at Davos, Switzerland for the yearly meeting of the World Economic Forum. This is the place where the world’s most powerful corporate leaders get together to discuss how to screw over and impoverish the world’s population while increasing their riches. In 2012, shortly after the conclusion of the G8 summit, Bono was out shilling for Monsanto. Yes, Africa will be saved by the introduction of GMOs, monocultures fields and plenty of Roundup. Saved?  That’s more like a recipe for genocide.


When he’s not making multi-millions in grandiose concert gigs or cheerleading for GMOs, or being a spokesmodel  for Bill Gates’ foundation,  Bono takes time to pose for celebrity photographers like Annie Liebovitz and do ads for Louis Vuitton in Africa. Louis Vuitton? Are you serious, Bono?


U2 is rumored to be working on a new studio album which will likely be followed by anther concert tour. No doubt the album’s release and tour will be successful and lucrative for Bono and his bandmates. More than 25 years ago, the late comedian Bill Hicks reminded us that once a musician goes on tv (or any media) and starts hawking products, he has FOREVER given up his artistic license. Let’s be clear about this: Bono has voluntarily relinquished his title of ‘artist.’ He may be a guy who runs around on stage singing and occasionally playing guitar, but he no longer can use the title of artist. He now merely acts to give a hip facade to a global agenda of genocide and pure evil.



The wrap around red sunglasses which Bono always wears in public are, he says, to protect his sensitive  eyes. He claims his right eye ‘swells up’ when it is exposed to bright light. He also claims he has a ‘blockage’ in one eye, whatever that means. I don’t believe any of it. He looks freakish with his silly sunglasses,  befitting a guy who now participates in a malicious  agenda and maybe doesn’t want the world to see into  his soul.





Don’t look now, but Monsanto is actually writing your child’s textbooks

Recently, I was browsing through my school’s library when I came across a biology textbook. It was printed in 1998 and appeared to be  a typical textbook used in high school biology courses around the world. Along with the usual chapters on cellular metabolism and the categorization of organisms, the book had a chapter on a subject which has been addressed many times on this blog: genetic engineering. I should not have been so surprised to find that Monsanto has inserted  its tentacles deeply into the education system. They certainly have the money, the power, and the political influence to do so. Still, I was shocked to observe how cleverly and seamlessly the GMO industry has been able to weave their propaganda into schools and universities.

The chapter on GMOs was almost exactly in the middle of the book which is a clever move when you think about it. The naive student reading the text will  infer that GMOs and genetic engineering have  been an acceptable part of the biology curriculum for a long time. Logically, such a chapter should be at the very end of the book, to say, ‘this is where biology is possibly heading…’

The chapter begins with the story of two biochemists, Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer who, we are told, constructed a creature in 1973 which was part frog and part bacterium. Instead of pausing and questioning the obvious Frankenstein overtones of such experimenting, the authors simply ask ‘How did they do it’ ? and then proceed phlegmatically to give a dry explanation of the process.



From here, the next few pages give  a more detailed explanation of the process of genetic engineering. Again, it’s all stated quite matter-of-factly and the blatant, if not exactly explicit, message is this: playing god with genetics and doing bizarre cross species transgenetics is good for humans and the planet.

Following the introduction into the nuts and bolts of genetic engineering, the corporatist scientists really drive the point home with sections on GMO drugs and ‘the new agriculture.’  Just in case you might have some qualms about all this, rest assured! The new class of drugs we can produce from this process can, we are promised, cure genetic disorders. We are shown two photos of cute, smiling children who were given ‘gene therapy.’ The text informs us, “Three years after their treatment, they both appear to be thriving.” Ya don’t say…



Seriously, the entire chapter was no doubt written in a Monsanto PR firm. They then sent it to the publishing company as a ‘gift.’ They probably sent it with a note like, ‘A thoughtful, comprehensive, objective overview of genetic engineering, written by qualified scientists.’

The next section on agriculture is nothing more than an undisguised advertisement for GMO crops and Roundup weed killer. The textbook authors tell us that a recent ‘improvement’ in agriculture is the development of crops which are resistant to the herbicide glyphosate, a ‘biodegradable’ weedkiller. This is pure Bullshit. Glyphosate is most certainly NOT biodegradable and there is no shortage of non-biased research on this. In fact, in 2009 a French court found Monsanto guilty of lying and false advertising by stating that glyphosate (roundup) was ‘biodegradable’ , ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘left the soil clean.’ A recent peer-reviewed study linked glyphosate to the following: autism, obesity, allergies, cardiovascular disease, infertility, Parkinson’s , Alzheimer’s and many more. By using terms like ‘herbicide’ and ‘weedkiller’, Monsanto hides the fact that this is a POISON. And a very deadly one at that. Food crops and poison do not go well together.



The next page in the text states that ‘herbicide-resistant crops (i.e. Monsanto’s terminator seeds) are beneficial to the environment’ because fields don’t need to be weeded. Wow, I never knew weeding did so much damage to mother earth! Let’s get rid of that back breaking work once and for all! Now, all we have to do is drag a rope soaked with poison across the fields and voila! All the pesky weeds are gone and we are left with just the hardy GMO plant.

We the readers are reminded yet again that glyphosate is ‘quickly broken down’ in the environment. Then we are told that if we plant more GMOs, soil erosion will be greatly reduced as well since all that  cultivation we do to remove weeds is so damaging to the topsoil. Gee, I never knew..

What else can these wonderful new GMO crops do? Give us world peace? Make everyone happy? Cure racism?

Note that this text is 16 years old. I can only imagine what today’s texts look like. If you are a parent and you have not taken a look at your child’s biology textbook in a while, perhaps you should. If you are a student and you are unaware that your texts are being written by giant corporations who have no interest in impartial and objective  science and are lying through their teeth, then you need to wake up. Quickly. The number of blatant falsehoods I found in this one chapter makes me question what the rest of the text is filled with. Furthermore, it makes one pause to consider how ‘scientific truths’ are first promulgated,  become mainstream and then get passed along to subsequent generations. Whatever controversy accompanied the original theory is forgotten over time as opinion, speculation and theory become ‘fact.’








Neil deGrasse Tyson outs himself as a corporate shill

GMOs, chemtrails, our RF saturated environment (cell phone towers, GWEN towers et al.) , and technology addicted youth are all serious issues facing our planet, but for transhumanists , they are not ‘problems’ at all, but simply logical and necessary steps that we need to take in order to arrive at what they call the ‘singularity,’ the final merging of man and machine.



In order for the human race to be successfully led to that point in the near future where we have morphed into a completely different species, it is necessary for the ‘powers that be’ (TPTB) to convince us that the technological trends and innovations  we see happening around us are in fact a ‘good thing’ and beneficial. To this end, they occasionally need to employ celebrities, media talking heads, and prominent scientists. In a previous post, I discussed how one such well-known scientist, Michio Kaku, is now a leading cheerleader for the transhumanist/singlularity movement and how we would do well to take anything says with a heavy dose of skepticism.

Corporations such as Monsanto work tirelessly to insert their employees into governmental positions to ensure favorable regulation. However, Monsanto has an increasingly bad reputation around the world and they too need to utilize big name celebrities to  give a smiley face to their  wicked agenda. Hence, we have the recent spectacle of Neil deGrasse Tyson, famous astronomer and scientific celebrity,  making a complete fool of himself by publicly stating that GMOs are a natural progression  of what human farmers have been doing for the last 10,000 years and that opponents of genetic modification should ‘chill out.’



This is a pure psy-op and is about as transparent as you can get. Tyson is immensely popular and regularly works  the talk show and news program circuit to discuss recent astronomical discoveries and his thoughts on the universe. Affable, humorous, self-deprecating, and humble, he is a brilliant scientist who the ‘everyman’ can relate to.

If science truly is our new religion, than Tyson is one of its high priests.  When he speaks publicly on an important scientific issue such as GMOs, people tend to listen. Therefore, it was with no small degree of shock that many of us heard him utter his recent opinions on GMOs. Does he really believe what he said, or was he simply bought off? We will probably never have a definitive answer to that question, but for a man who claims to adhere to the scientific method, his thoughts on GMOs are puzzling indeed.

Unfortunately for Tyson, the issue of GMOs is not akin to astro-physics and I’m afraid that he seriously underestimated the intelligence and knowledge of his audience when he claimed that genetic modification of plants and trans-genics is no different from the plant breeding that we have been doing for thousands of years. Really, it’s as if he thought he was talking to a bunch of schoolchildren.  To make matters worse, when people called him out on his statements on Facebook and other social media, he retrenched and reiterated his stance instead of going home and doing the scientific research on the subject which he so obviously needs to do.

I am happy to see GMO researcher and author Jeffrey  Smith publicly call out Neil deGrasse Tyson and challenge him to a debate. I’m not holding my breath. The last time a GMO/Monsanto shill agreed to a public debate, he was dismantled and humiliated by a fifteen year old girl.



I also heartily encourage Mr. Tyson to take some time off work and work on a GMO farm for a summer. There’s some wonderful GMO cornfields in Iowa that might be looking for farmhands. There’s nothing quite like an afternoon of breathing in heavy doses of Round-Up.

Our artificial sky and Monsanto’s war on the human race

August  2014

This morning I took these pictures from my bedroom window, looking east and south just after sunrise. As is the case most mornings, the sky is filled with chemtrails. Here in Southeast Asia, the chemtrail planes do most of their work at night and off-shore so the worst time of the day to be outside is between 6am and 10am. DSCF8633




Although the spraying here is not quite as bad as it was in Seattle when I was living there a few years ago, it is bad enough. The deafening silence surrounding this ongoing ecoside of our planet’s biosphere demonstrates conclusively how much the mass migration of people from the countryside to the cities over the last century has atrophied their  hard-wired connection to the natural world.

Even though our sky is  sprayed on a daily basis and the resulting diffuse chemical soup obliterates the blue hue, nobody notices it, let alone comments on it. None of the local media here, whether local or expat, print or digital, journalist or blogger, takes note of the sky and what is happening. This new artificially engineered world, indeed artificially engineered reality, has been put carefully into place and we now have a new normal.



As I browse the world wide web, the vast majority of photos from every continent which show a portion of the sky in the background give evidence of the chemtrail program. Whether I’m looking a photo from Paris, Johannesburg, Moscow, Sao Paulo, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, or Riyadh, the sky looks the same: a bleached out morass of chemicals suspended in the air and slowly descending to the ground in the form of nano particles of aluminum, barium and strontium. To reinforce this new normal, advertisements, especially those revolving around air travel and tourism now feature chemtrails. Disney movies are being made showing fat chemtrails spewing from the planes’ engines. Technicians in Hollywood are busy in the studios adding chemtrails to the sky in pre-1990 movies. Increasingly, when I watch films online from the 1970s and 1980s, I’m seeing them, even though the spraying program didn’t really begin until the late 1990s. Not just our current reality, but history itself is being reconfigured so that we, the people of planet Earth, accept what is being done to us without our knowledge or consent.

There is an increasing amount of evidence that the chemtrail program is being implemented in conjunction and coordination with the  push for GMOs which is being led by Monsanto. This monster of a corporation has not hidden its agenda for total control of the entire global food supply. Their patented GMO seeds will be the only ones capable of growing in heavy metal saturated soils.



So far, nobody has been able to prove this link between the spraying program and Monsanto. We are awaiting a courageous whistle blower to come forward and lift the lid on this assault on Earth’s life support systems.

Meanwhile, I will do what I can by continuing to publicize the issue and sound the alarm bell. Take whatever protective measures you can such as building or purchasing an orgonite chembuster.. Detox regularly; chelation therapy removes heavy metals from the body.



Monsanto moves into Viet Nam; disaster looms for the country’s farmers

Monsanto, with the aggressive backing of the U.S. embassy and State Department,  has been busy lobbying  the Vietnamese government to introduce its GMO crops into the country.  Events are moving along at a good pace for Monsanto who, along with Syngenta and DuPont,  has  been pushing their ‘frankenseeds’ into developing countries for years.  Monsanto tested its first seeds here in 2011.

Eight years ago, the government in Viet Nam issued a blueprint regarding agriculture which envisioned having 30-50% of the country’s arable land planted with GMO crops by 2020. With such a momentous change on the horizon for  Viet Nam, its farmers, its land, its food and its people, you might think that there is a robust debate going on within the media, the government agencies responsible for coordinating food policy and in the general populace. You would be wrong. In fact, almost no one in Viet Nam is even familiar with the term ‘GMO’, let alone aware that there is a global debate raging over the harmful effects of these seeds on human health, the environment, animals, and plants. In my random sampling of locals here in Ho Chi Minh City, I did not encounter a single person who could tell me what a GMO is.



This is dangerous, and potentially catastrophic for the country. Decisions about the introduction and widespread implementation of GMO crops are being made by a tiny handful of government officials, who have been engaged in many closed-door meetings with executives from Monsanto, Syngenta and DuPont. Furthermore, with the current government wanting to maintain warm relations with the Obama regime, it behooves them to be friendly with some of Obama’s biggest supporters.

The government has done absolutely nothing to inform the population of what GMO seeds are and the science surrounding them. So, it is left up to the local media to bring some awareness to the issue. In that regard, a local paper, Thanhniennews has run some admirably hard-hitting pieces in the last few months, finally calling the government to task on this. The local English language paper, Viet Nam News has done a pathetic and criminally negligent job of covering this story, only running pieces that blithely quote government mouthpieces who work for the ministry of natural resources and the environment and the ministry of agriculture and rural development. We have people like Le Dinh Luong, professor of genetics at Hanoi University, who gleefully trumpets the benefits of GMOs and says that activists shouldn’t ‘make a fuss’ over the hazards of these scientific monstrosities.  Another scientific stooge, Professor Nguyen Lan Dung warned Viet Nam was ‘too cautious’ in planting GMOs on a wide scale. I guess he’s never heard of the cautionary principle.



The fact that GMOs are being embraced so enthusiastically by the government and upper scientific establishment here is not too surprising given the overall direction that they hope to push agriculture in. Since I arrived here, I have been collecting articles on food and agriculture printed in the local media, and looked thru them while preparing to write this piece. In every one, the government talks only of improving agriculture with ‘modern technology’,  ‘hi-tech agriculture’, ‘bio-technology’ , and ‘applying advanced technology to agriculture products.’ More machines. More chemicals. More fertilizers. More technology. The direction is clear, and in this context, it is natural   that they would jump on the GMO bandwagon, even without the arm twisting of  Monsanto and the U.S. State Department.

Viet Nam sits at a crucial juncture.  GMO corn is set to be planted in seven provinces in the North, Central Highlands, and South. If these crops are allowed to be planted in the next couple of years, there really will be no turning back. Neighboring fields will quickly become contaminated. It is much more difficult to rip them out of the ground and try to go back to organic crops than it is to halt this whole process at the beginning. However, there is little chance of a grass-roots movement getting started in time, given how ignorant and uniformed the population is.


The impoverished and uneducated farmers who have been subsistence farming for hundreds of generations will be easy targets, as company PR flaks, accompanied by agricultural officials from the government, will entice them with golden promises of higher yields, less work, less pests and crucially- more money.

Instead of working toward truly sustainable models , such as permaculture- based systems, which rely on building up the health of the soil, crop rotation, and the implementation of polyculture systems to make the land resilient to pests, the government is heading in the wrong direction:  to a high-tech , machinery dependent, high external input- based agriculture system geared toward the export market and not toward a reliable food supply for the Vietnamese people.



Most of the population is not even aware that Monsanto was the biggest producer of Agent Orange, used to such devastating effect during the war in the 1960s. When they are made aware of that connection, most of them realize that they don’t really want a chemical weapons manufacturer to be responsible for providing their rice.

Apparently, a GMO labeling law was enacted some years ago, but like many laws here, it is not enforced in any way, and therefore useless. A ‘Non-GMO’ label has yet to make an appearance on a store shelf in Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City.

As global elitists such as Henry Kissinger have long said, “Food is a weapon.” And that weapon is set to be unleashed on Viet Nam.