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CIA moles in the media- a case study

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when the CIA gained complete control of the media, although it’s clear that at least by the 1960s it exerted considerable  leverage, and often dominated  most of the major media organizations  in the United States. As Intelligence has tightened its grip on all information dissemination, it has formed an unholy alliance with Zionist interests based in Tel Aviv, Washington D.C., Wall Street, and Hollywood.

I recently came across an excellent and provocative series of articles by a writer who has done extensive research on the role of Intelligence in media and its use of moles to manipulate and form public opinion. He suggested that we, the people, should ‘out’ these fake journalists, writers, artists, actors, novelists, and celebrities whenever we can. With a little background knowledge,  including an understanding of how moles work and how they get promoted, we can apply some basic analysis and ferret out these clowns who prance around the world stage pretending to be something they are not- authentic people.

I think that’s a brilliant idea and I will nominate a writer who I used to enjoy not that long ago who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle. The man’s name is Mark Morford and he pens a column for the paper once or twice a week and has been a regular contributor for ten years. I say ‘used to enjoy’ because when I first came across his columns back in 2005, I thought he was ‘edgy’ and had a certain knack for turning a phrase. I liked his musings on wine, sake, drugs, San Francisco, Burning Man and other subjects with which I had a passing interest. I didn’t agree much with his political opinions which consisted mostly of cynical attacks on the Tea Party and Republican Party. Over time, his pose struck me as someone who was living in the middle of Sodom, and enjoying it tremendously -with plenty of booze, drugs and hedonism- and thumbing his nose at middle America. It was rather juvenile, especially for a man approaching 40. I eventually lost interest in his writings and forgot about him. But going back and looking at his work with fresh eyes, and with a new appreciation and understanding of CIA infiltration into the media, I sense something far more sinister than just a flaunting of San Francisco liberalism and licentiousness.

If we look at what the social controllers and engineers have been trying to achieve in post World War II America, and what Morford writes about (and encourages) , it’s a perfect fit.

It’s clear by now to anyone with eyes half-open that there is indeed a  gay agenda. The agenda has a number of facets, but the most prominent is a pushing of a gay ‘lifestyle’ on the young via pop stars and celebrities. Brokeback Mountain, ‘I kissed a girl,’ Madonna kissing Britney Spears on stage and pretty much every young star singing about ‘experimenting’ give proof to this. Morford does his part by celebrating gay culture in many of his articles. He relentlessly attacks anyone against gay marriage as being hopelessly outdated Mid-America yokels, worthy only of scorn and pity.

Intelligence has been trying to flood the American landscape with drugs since even before the 1960s, in an effort to destroy the hippie movement, the Left, and any sort of coherent, youth-led revolution against the status quo. Alcohol plays a major role in the drug trade. Again, here we see Morford doing his duty by relentlessly singing the praises of alcohol (and other drugs),  encouraging his readers to imbibe. Of course, he dresses it up in hip language and talks about the finest brands of sake and whiskey, and throwing up a patina of urban sophistication to cover his agenda.

Finally, the elites and their intelligence apparatus have been using the age-old tactic of divide and conquer with devastating success on the American people. With the United States having such a diverse population to begin with, getting the various groups at each other’s throats is child’s play for elite groups with an understanding of human psychology and having the latest modern technology at their disposal. Once more, we see Morford playing the role by hyping his liberal bona-fides and telling his followers that they have nothing in common with the rest of America. It’s the old Left vs. Right game.

The rest of America, with the exception of perhaps New York and Seattle, is just a giant wasteland of rednecks and Republicans, according to Morford;  hipsters from San Francisco shouldn’t waste their time  talking with them. Remember, real movements for change, whether originating from the right or the left, have always focused on bridge building. Once people discover their common humanity and that the fight  is really about the tyranny of the 1%, it’s all over. The elites don’t want that to happen and will do anything to keep people fighting on the basis of skin color, religion, and political ideology. Morford doesn’t tell his readers to go out and build bridges with members of the Tea Party or Republican Party. He advises to ignore them. Or better yet, to mock them. As Miles  Mathis says, if it looks like CIA, sounds like CIA and smells like CIA, it’s probably CIA.

When the American people started to wake up in 2009 and 2010 about Barack Obama, Morford was used as damage control. He tirelessly defended Obama, and still does. Morford’s defense of Obama verges on the worshipful. “Obama is really great and is doing great things!! Really! Trust me. You may not  see it, but those great things are happening behind the scenes. All the negative stuff you hear about Obama is just sour grapes coming from the redneck Republicans.” He was saying all of this, and more, long after Obama was exposed, after ALL of the broken promises, the continuing wars,  and the cozy relationship with Israeli zionists and Wall Street insiders.

And finally, we might ask, and indeed should ask, how did Morford get hired to write a column for the San Francisco Chronicle? He was just another wannabe musician, a Bay Area hipster with mediocre writing talent and almost no resume when he was hired. The Chronicle is an old-school, mainstream newspaper,  operated as a mouthpiece for big business and big government. As a policy, they hire as few journalists and reporters as possible. I was a journalism school graduate back in the day and I’m somewhat familiar with the hiring practices of big city newspapers in the USA. The thought that this young kid just walked into the Chronicle and got hired as a columnist to write edgy, counter-culture articles to leftist San Francisco is laughable. It doesn’t work that way. But if we see that we was planted there, it makes perfect sense.







The West, Putin, and Russia- the fight for minds

You have to tip your hat to the Western corporate media. Their willingness and determination to turn reality upside down and give a false impression of the world is unmatched in history. Even in the darkest days of the Soviet Union with its tightly controlled media organs, we never saw such blatant and transparent government propaganda as we now see in the United States and Western Europe.

With each passing month, we see the corporate presstitutes reach new lows in their ability to not only write blatant lies, but also create stories out of thin air when it suits them. Nothing is beneath them. Whether it is standing in front of a green screen in the newsroom pretending to be ‘reporting live from the scene’ or interviewing crisis actors at false flag events (see ‘Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon etc.) , the mainstream lackeys work full-time to keep the illusion of the matrix going full-tilt. The victims in this sad drama are the general public, the citizens who sadly still rely on the old guard press for their understanding of world events.

Recently, I came across a copy of the ‘Economist,’ an elite-sponsored rag published by and for Wall-Street criminals and their zionist bankster handlers.  The cover shows a photo of Vladimir Putin, glaring intently at the reader with an outstretched arm holding strings on each finger which we are led to believe are attached to puppets. The caption reads: “Putin’s War on the West.” The image, likely photoshopped,  and the caption leave nothing to chance. The Economist is telling you, the gullible reader, who the enemy is and who you should be fearing. Using a cover like this , the Economist is dispensing with any pretense at objectivity and is showing us that it is a proud and willing supporter of U.S. empire-building and world hegemony.


For a citizen who has a few minutes to research and possesses a map, a computer, and a basic grasp of recent history, the notion of Putin and Russia ‘waging war’ against the U.S. falls somewhere between laughable and absurd. The U.S. military is, at this very moment, encircling Russia with military bases equipped with long range ballistic missiles capable of striking Moscow within minutes. The U.S. military, along with zionist controlled NATO, is actively and aggressively provoking Russia by conducting large-scale military exercises in the Baltic countries, on Russia’s doorstep. The U.S. government, led by the psychopathic warmongers Hillary ‘We came, we saw, he died’ Clinton and John Kerry, along with Benjamin ‘Bibby’ Netanyahu, instigated and funded the coup d’etat in Ukraine. The NATO gangsters are now trying to set up a fully compliant government in Ukraine, on Russia’s border,  and construct  yet more military bases with which to strike at Russia. The United States government is filled with Russophobes, most notably Zbigniew Brzezinski, who want nothing more than to see Russia wiped off the map, or at least crippled beyond repair. Brzezinski has long been one of Obama’s top foreign affairs advisors.

Russia is the only power standing in the way of U.S./Israeli domination of the Middle East and global hegemony. China is powerful, but not yet ready, willing, and able to take on the U.S. military. Russia is a different story. Russia is ready, willing, and able.

Forget what comes out of the mouths of politicians. It’s all lies. Watch their actions. The United States military is moving toward war against Russia. Study the troop movements, the war games, the exercises and all the rest. The propaganda is simply part of the march to war. Hence, Putin must be demonized, at all costs. Media organs such at the New York Times, the Economist, the Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, and CNN have been told to use the meme “the new Hitler” to brand Putin in Westerner’s minds. In the reality of the zionist media, the U.S. is not conducting war against Russia. Oh no. Russia is conducting war against the U.S.





The zombie mainstream media

Like many writers and bloggers who reside in the ‘new’ or ‘alternative’ media universe, I regularly glance at a variety of mainstream websites, sometimes just for laughs and sometimes to see what sort of pablum they are feeding the gullible masses. In the past few months, almost every mainstream media (MSM) site that I look at has undergone a design update.  Perhaps not coincidentally, all of them now look exactly the same. Actually, we know it’s not a coincidence, since all of the dinosaur media are owned by a small handful of corporations.

Websites such as business insider, the weather channel, CNN, sfgate, and many more have adopted a design template that can only be described as bizarre and schizophrenic.  Ever since the old news organizations, i.e. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fox etc.   belatedly and grudgingly started websites and started putting energy and resources into their online presence, they have struggled to find an identity. The old newspaper design, with a front page, a business section, sports section, weather, and comics didn’t translate well onto a webpage. What to do?  The dinosaur newsrooms weren’t exactly bursting with creative types and savvy web designers, and they still aren’t. Basically, most of these organizations just tried to keep as much of the old format as possible. Instead of using this changeover to digital media as an opportunity to rethink the entire model, which in fact was long overdue, they simply made their websites to look as similar as possible to a newspaper.



In recent months, word must have come down from high above to shake things up a bit. The dinosaur media are continually losing viewership and readers and they will try to do anything to be relevant. Sadly, this is yet another case of putting lipstick on a pig. These organizations are so woefully out of touch, so removed from relevance and even reality itself, that no design change is going to save them.

They are now all using a white background and attaching large, color  rectangular photos to most stories. As you scroll down the site, anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of the screen is taken up with photos. Stories are rarely introduced without an accompanying photo. Headline writing has undergone a dramatic change in the last two years. Whereas in the old days, headlines were used to give the reader a basic summary of the article’s contents, nowadays they are used as ‘teasers,’ and are often phrased not as statements, but as questions. Common headlines now begin with phrases such as “You won’t believe..” and “Can you guess…”



Taking their cues from travel sites, the MSM throw around words like ‘amazing,’ ‘incredible,’ ‘stunning,’ and ‘awesome,’ with careless abandon. They are trying their best to debase these words completely, and in many respects already have.

Stories are juxtaposed without rhyme or reason. So-called hard news, soft news, trivia, sports, weather, gossip, advice, restaurant reviews, real estate tips and much , much more are assembled in a mishmash fashion. The reader can scroll endlessly through hundreds of stories before coming to the bottom of the page. The MSM is trying to be all things to all people by throwing putty against the wall and hoping that something sticks. Lots and lots of photos, catchy but inane headlines, a wide variety of stories written at a third grade level and and a hip facade are just some of their tactics.

Want to find out what’s happening in the business world and get some ‘insider’ tips? Well, don’t go to www.businessinsider.com. Here are the top stories today: ‘Solar eclipse 2015- the best photos from across Europe…’ The 30 most eligible men and women in San Francisco’….’48 tips on becoming more powerful’…and ‘The best pizza in every state.’  That’s just a sampling from the first page. What the hell does this site have to do with business? What a joke. It’s all fluff, inanity, and distraction, filled with lots of celebrity name-dropping. Nutrition-less mind candy. But hey, the site looks really cool!

The mainstream media, aka the dinosaur media, aka the zombie, living-dead media are an embarrassment. They have no shame, no scruples,  and no integrity. They continue to insist on their relevance, long after they have been thoroughly discredited.





The make-believe world of advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing are  very popular majors for university students these days, especially in Asia. The only fields which are which rank as high in popularity are banking and finance and business. It’s difficult for me to wrap my head around this fact. Why would so many bright, young people want to devote their working lives to being paid shills? Advertising companies and departments, along with their sidekicks P.R. firms, are hired disinformation agents. They can invent and use all the euphemisms they want to describe themselves and their work, but the bottom line remains the same: they are paid to manipulate people, using whatever overt and covert means are at their disposal, to act against their best interest  and buy products which they do not need.

Perhaps the notions of idealism and ‘doing what you love’ and ‘following your bliss’ have been swept aside in modern global capitalism with its ‘dog eat dog’ mentality.  Furthermore, today’s youth have grown up in a corporate world, with corporatism infusing every aspect of their lives from birth. Like a fish swimming in water, today’s youth have no conception of a world without corporations and are used to the daily barrage of propaganda, advertising, and lies spewing forth from the plasma televisions bolted into their bedroom walls. Graduating university and going to work for ‘The Man’ is the most natural thing in the world.

It doesn’t really matter anymore how absurd the advertising is. People don’t complain or subject it to its proper ridicule. The sum total of all the daily images, words, video, etc. just becomes a big blur.


I work as an educator in the highly competitive English teaching industry in Asia. Not surprisingly, the private schools here devote a significant portion of their working budgets to advertising and marketing. Everything the schools  sell to students has the company logo on it, with the backpack being the most important item. The bigger schools will often place a five or six-story high photo of smiling, happy students on the sides of their buildings. I always chuckle when I walk by these buildings and see the photo. The schools are different, the students are different, but the basic theme is always the same: a group of fifteen or twenty kids sitting with ramrod straight backs, eyes fixed on the teacher with happy smiles, and each of them raising their hands high to volunteer to answer a question. Any teacher who has spent a day or two in a classroom will tell you that such a class has never existed and will never exist. The typical shy and passive Asian student rarely raises his hand to volunteer, and when he or she does, it is a subtle and wary gesture, with the elbow often remaining on the desktop. No matter. The advertising departments forge ahead with their idealized class of happy, enthusiastic students. “Okay, everybody raise your hand for the photo. One, two, three. Got it!”

I recently wandered into a local outlet of the ‘The Body Shop.’ This pseudo eco-groovy corporation  likes to grab hold of whatever trend is hot in the field of natural health, incorporate it into their line of products and then of course advertise the hell out of it. Hence, they have distinct sections of their stores devoted to pomegranate, aloe vera, hemp, maca root, seaweed, tea tree, vitamin c, vitamin e, shea butter, cacao, almond, and jojoba. Each section is accompanied by large back-lit photos of pomegranates, aloe vera plants, and tea tree plants. There’s just one problem- very little of these natural ingredients actually goes into the products. Most of the items contain ingredient lists like this: tocopherol acetate, p-Anisic Acid, Disodium ETA, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Polysorbate 20, and PPG-2. The disconnect between the colorful advertising and the actual ingredients in the containers couldn’t be more obvious. And yet, we the consumers are not supposed to notice that, let alone care about it, let alone complain about it. Everyone- the plastic smile automatons who work there and the oblivious customers- simply goes along. 


If you read through the ingredient list on ‘The Body Shop’ products, you will also encounter the words “Against animal testing.”  Pay close attention to the words , as they were undoubtedly crafted by the marketing department in close association with the legal department. It doesn’t say ‘Our company and all of our affiliates do not engage in any form of animal testing for any of our products- 100% guaranteed.’  NO. The corporation simply states that they are ‘against’ the practice, which of course means absolutely nothing. This legalese claptrap ensures that the Body Shop cannot be sued in court if any of their suppliers is found out to be engaging in animal torture, I mean ‘testing.’



The NFL and CNN spearhead the charge to destroy grammar

Readers of George Orwell will recall that one of the primary methods to destroy people’s mental and intellectual capacity that he described  in his novel ‘1984’ was the destruction of language itself. Government in Orwell’s  dystopian future either removes all meaning from words and concepts or inverts them completely to mean the opposite of their true meaning. Hence, ‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.’

It would make sense that governments and their globalist  overlords in the NWO would desire to destroy grammar and logic along with word meanings and concepts. Hence, we witness today the rapid degeneration of grammar in the media, academia, and politics.

A couple of years ago, I began to notice a trend in the media that has become so prevalent now that it is not even commented upon: the disappearance of the paragraph. Go to any online news story published by a mainstream media outlet or even an independent blogger and you see a never-ending sequence of one or two sentence paragraphs. The paragraph form that has been taught to students for countless generations, and which is still taught in most schools today, has been abandoned entirely. We teachers have always taught students that an average paragraph length is four to five sentences with some being shorter and some being longer. Now, so-called journalists, writers and bloggers just tap the space key after every sentence or two. Articles and stories have no rhythm, cohesion or flow. Sure, some of them have good information and some are even entertaining to read, but the lack of the paragraph and transitional phrases severely reduces an article’s readability  and illustrates  the undisciplined writing that is so widespread in news media today. In turn, this undisciplined writing feeds the dumbing down of the population.

Another extremely disturbing trend is the replacement of the past tense, past perfect and even future tense with the all-encompassing present tense. Again, I noticed this for the first time a couple of years ago, especially amongst sports commentators. Now, I see it everywhere in the mass news media, including old reliable CNN.  For example, instead of saying the grammatically correct, “If he had caught that ball, they would have won the game,” the commentator will simply say, “If he catches that ball, they win.” What the hell is that? Is it simple laziness, stupidity, or something more conspiratorial? Likewise, when discussing the future, instead of writing, “Will he return next year?”, journalists now write, “Does he return?” And another will respond, “Yes, I think he returns next year,” instead of “I think he WILL return next year.”

We’re now taking our grammar cues from these guys?


I find it hard to believe that so many writers and journalists have forgotten the past and future tense so suddenly. Perhaps they are being told by their editors to ‘simplify’ their language so as to hold on to as many viewers and readers as possible. Regardless, the result is the same- a massive evisceration of grammar to go along with the destruction of words and concepts.

Another one that bothers me is the use of the ‘historical present.’ If you are not familiar with that term, this is when a writer or narrator will consistently use the simple present tense when describing a sequence of historical events. Some of my favorite historical documentaries use this convenience , and it perplexes me and bothers me to no end. What is the point of it? I surmise that the editors and writers feel that using the present tense gives their documentary a more visceral feel and immediacy  than using the  past tense,  but is that really true? Does it sound better to say, “As the battle rages, many soldiers die,” instead of “As the battle raged on, many soldiers died”?  For me, the use of the present tense here does nothing to heighten the impact of the sentence.


Another strange recent trend is taking about oneself using the second person. It’s weird enough to use the third person, but the second person sounds especially bizarre. Athletes again are at the forefront of this trend. A reporter asks, “How do you feel about losing the game today?” and the athlete responds, “Well, YOU just do the best YOU can,,,,,,YOU go out and fight hard, and hope YOU get the result YOU want, but today it didn’t work out….”


These are not the idle gripes of a ‘Grammar Nazi.’ These are issues that everyone who speaks English, cares about education, and follows the workings of the NWO should be concerned about. Grammar matters, as it is the foundation for logic and rhetoric which are in turn the building blocks for the Quadrivium:


Transhumanism, wearable tech, and the Neo-Luddites

Walking through an airport last week, I caught a glimpse of the new issue of Time magazine. The eye-catching cover shows the bottom half of a man’s forearm and a clenched fist. Superimposed on the bare forearm is a multi-colored computer interface illuminating various graphs and charts showing pulse rate, calories consumed, time, temperature and other data. The title and subtitle of the article  reads: “Never offline- The Apple Watch is just the start. How wearable tech will change your life- like it or not.”

The editors and headline writers at Time have always had a penchant for headlines that subtly talk down to their readers, with phrases like ‘Here’s what you need to know’ and ‘why everything you thought you knew about (insert issue) is wrong’ and so on. This particular title is not even subtle about its message: transhumanism is here and resistance is futile. 

Wired magazine, the bible of tech zombies:


The article itself discusses the launching last week of Apple’s newest trendy gadget, its wearable watch. I expected the author of the piece to be a gung-ho techie who was going to be breathlessly touting the wonders of the watch. So,  I was surprised that the author, to his credit, took a rather neutral,  even nervous,  tone regarding where this kind of gadget is taking us. The author claimed that ‘this is technology attempting to colonize our bodies.’

Overall, the article appears to neither wholly support nor condemn the watch; the writer simply accepts that this is the direction we are heading in and we will have to adapt.


Apple’s introduction of its watch and the media campaign, with the likes of Time magazine, surrounding it, is yet another salvo in the transhumanism offensive to move us to ‘post-humanity’ , a term which the article’s author even mentions.

No doubt the young tech zombies will rush out to buy  whatever new product Apple introduces and the rest of the herd will soon follow. (The Iphone 6 was selling on the black market for 3x the retail price in China.) Will there be any resistance to the transhumanist agenda?  A year ago a small fracas erupted in a neighborhood in San Francisco as a number of bar patrons violently objected to a girl who was walking around the bar wearing google glass. The story  got airplay in the Bay Area press but wasn’t picked up by many other media outlets. At the time, I wondered whether a Neo-Luddite movement might be possible to finally give some push-back to the tech onslaught. (The Luddites were a group of English textile artisans who protested, sometimes violently, against the introduction of machines during the 19th century.)


The chances of such a movement developing are slim to none, but I did read that article with great interest and a sense of hope. The ‘powers that be’ (TPTB) are in a rush to decimate most of humanity and microchip the survivors. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, which after all are mostly owned by the same stockholders and work together,  are at the forefront of the agenda to modify us into something that is more machine than human. The iphone laid the groundwork and the watch is the next step. The implanted phone/computer has surely already been developed in a lab somewhere and will be foisted upon the public in another year or two. We can expect that the launching of the implanted computer will be accompanied by the same brand of media coverage as we have seen for the iphone and watch. That is, the writing will range for joyous acceptance to limp resignation.

Televisions and Wifi

A new restaurant opened last month in my neighborhood. I like what they have done  with the interior, especially the enormous wooden table which they placed in the center of the main room to use for shared dining. It has a nice, functional wraparound bar with recessed lighting and a selection of wines by the glass. The new manager was there last week when I stopped by and we chatted for a while. I thanked him for doing something different on Bui Vien Street and not filling the restaurant with televisions showing sports. However, a week later when I returned two enormous televisions were hanging from the ceiling. Disappointed,  I asked the manager, “How could you?” He lamely replied that ‘customers asked for it.’ I didn’t believe him, but nowadays all restaurant owners feel pressured to install televisions lest they lose customers to the loud bar next door. It’s all about catering to the herd  masses.

And god help you if you are a restaurant owner who hasn’t installed free wifi. Be prepared to be crucified on Yelp, tripadvisor, and other review sites. Recently I read a review of a restaurant on Yelp and a young man gave an otherwise good review to the restaurant in question, but was apoplectic that they didn’t offer Wifi. “How do they expect me to enjoy my meal if I can’t check my Facebook??? Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!”

To the few remaining restaurant owners out there who have not caved in and still offer a television- and wifi- free dining experience, GOD BLESS YOU. You are a dying breed.



Orwell, the language of empire, doublespeak, and the butchering of grammar

In June of 1949,  Eric Blair, writing under the pseudonym  George Orwell , published his groundbreaking novel ‘1984.’  As the novel became increasingly well known in the following decades, the slogan of the party ‘WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH’ became something of a catch phrase to describe political doublespeak.  Astute observers and social and political commentators noticed how many of Orwell’s ‘predictions’ were coming to fruition. Increasingly, the term ‘Orwellian’ came to describe aspects of modern societies  which resembled Orwell’s dystopian nightmare, such as the ever-increasing police state, never-ending war, torture cells, and the ruthless crushing of all dissent.

The novel’s protagonist, Winston Smith, works for the Ministry of Truth where he spends his days rewriting history for the sake of the party. Naturally, he utilizes all the tools of the government propagandist including the use of doublespeak. Current events must mesh precisely with historical events so that the government can always be seen as acting in accordance with logical principles and complete rationality, when of course just the opposite is true.

While the outlines of a  1984-type world could be seen taking shape during the latter half of the 20th century,  particularly during the worst stages of the Soviet Union, the post 9-11 United States has now taken the lead in implementing a completely totalitarian and tyrannical state, with an unprecedented surveillance apparatus watching and analyzing every word and act of its citizens.

However, the United States is hardly alone in this trend and the use of doublespeak and surveillance technology is widespread around the world. Last week, the city government here announced that they were installing thousands of closed-circuit video cameras on downtown streets for ‘public safety.’


So-called ‘Orwellian’ language has now become so integrated into the daily propaganda feeds from government mouthpieces and the media conglomerates which feed at the government trough that the vast majority of it seeps into the collective unconscious without comment.

For example, last week I was reading a summary of international headlines re-printed in my local newspaper. One brief headline from the Central African Republic stated that ‘United Nations Peacekeepers shot and killed a number of rebel fighters’ in that war-torn country. Yes, the role of a peacekeeper  is to kill. To keep peace is to kill… WAR IS PEACE. Just as Orwell told us it was going to be. Indeed, we have become so used to seeing these blue-helmetted UN peacekeepers with their machine guns and bullet-proof vests that we don’t question it.

The manipulation, degradation and inversion of language is one of the most important and vital tools of the power elite of this planet. They love to twist and reinvent the meaning of words, to so butcher them that people quickly forget what they used to mean. Few people understand that dictionaries themselves are regularly rewritten, as are encyclopedias. Find a dictionary from 50 or 100 years ago, and notice how much the meanings of certain worlds have morphed over time. This is all part of the plan.

Grammar too must be put into the grinder so that the ‘proles’ are unable to formulate and articulate  their thoughts and engage in the act of critical thinking. One of the preferred avenues for inserting memes into the collective unconscious is sporting events. The former jocks who act as commentators for events like football games were not intellectual giants to begin with, but it is no accident that increasingly we are seeing the use of the simple present tense only, even when discussing past or future events. For example, a commentator, when discussing a game from ten years ago, will say, “If he catches that ball, they win.” Additionally, when writing about the future, they will state, “If he works hard, he makes the team.” This is absolutely absurd. Are the writers and commentators so brain dead that they cannot formulate the sentence, “If he works hard, he WILL make the team.” ?

The United States is now a global empire and it’s interesting to listen and read the language of empire. The stated goal of the neo-cons in power is perpetual war, taken directly from the 1984 playbook. It follows that Orwellian propaganda and doublespeak must be used at all times to ‘justify’ this state of affairs. Last week, Barack Obama, the leader of the United States, announced that the U.S. military was bombing Iraq, a sovereign country. Whether or not the puppet government in Baghdad invited the U.S. to bomb the ISIS rebels , the totally blasé manner in which this action was undertaken  speaks volumes about the state of our world. The United States military bombs countries  all over the world , mostly with drones, and rarely even bothers  to justify anything. The occasional press conference to state that they are ‘combatting terrorism’ or ‘helping to keep the peace’ is sufficient, apparently. Killing to maintain peace. WAR IS PEACE.

Holly-wood spellcasting, one hundred years of shaping public opinion

People love to ‘go to the movies.’ Ever since the first movie theatre opened at the turn of the last century, the public  has been enthralled and captivated by this new technology of entertainment and has fallen under the spell of the large movie studios who busily create and maintain an entire industry of ‘celebrities’ and ‘stars.’ To this end, the studios employ vast numbers of directors, producers, technicians, advertisers, marketers, actors, movie ‘reviewers’  and various hacks. The owners of this huge entertainment complex, the studio moguls, have used the public’s insatiable thirst to be ‘entertained’ not to enlighten and uplift humanity, but to dumb it down and offer it little more than gratuitous sex and violence, sprinkled with heavy doses of propaganda and mind control.

The public has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will consume anything that Hollywood produces, no matter how shallow, trite, boring, hackneyed, and infantile the product. Even though the mindless fluff that Hollywood cranks out today, in 2014, is a far cry from movies in the heyday of moviemaking in the 1970s, the public utters not a word of protest, so great is the addiction to ‘going to the cinema.’ Indeed, many youth around the world like to spend their weekend afternoons at the movies. Mostly, they do not bother to pick out a movie beforehand, but simply show up at the cinema complex and buy a ticket to whatever movie has the coolest poster and advertising. Endless repetitions of comic book stories,  regurgitated myths,  recycled James Bond movies , Harry Potter, Godzilla, plastic kids toys made into films (Transformers), and special effects-laden blockbusters starring Johnny Depp are the entertainment ‘food’ that the public consumes. It is the mental equivalent of junk food and anyone who wishes to preserve their mental health had best stay away from it.

The sheer number of directors and actors who have sold their soul to the devil to work in Hollywood and achieve their fame is so numerous that it would require a book to list them all. One of these directors stands out in his utter depravity and deserves special mention and that man is Quentin Tarantino.

I can still recall my experience of viewing his film Pulp Fiction in 1994. This film generated an enormous amount of publicity  leading up to its premiere. All of the movie reviewers were going gaga over it and the street buzz was palpable. It was a ‘must-see’ movie. I remember sitting in the movie theatre and feeling extremely uncomfortable, almost to the point of walking out. On the screen, I was watching characters who were unrealistic and cartoonish, thuggish goons who reveled in senseless violence and had a knack for uttering clever one-liners whenever they blew someone away. In one scene, one of the main characters accidentally discharges his gun and blows the head off of the man in the back seat of the car. Needless to say, it was  graphically violent, but because the Samuel Jackson character was such an inept idiot, the audience actually laughed. I looked around me and wondered why they were laughing at some guy who just had his head blown off. But that was , and is, Tarantino’s gift: getting audience members to laugh and revel in his endless portrayals of graphic violence. Media and Hollywood hacks even invented a term for the director’s style: the ‘aestheticization of violence.’

That’s not all. The movie also featured plenty of torture scenes, along with male on male rape and sadomasochism. There was not a single character who was either believable or likable.


Django Unchained - UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

I started going to far fewer Hollywood movies after that experience with Tarantino in 1994. If this was what was now consider ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ , I wanted nothing to do with it. The success of Pulp Fiction propelled Tarantino  to stardom and he went on to make numerous movies in the following decade, all of which used the same themes which had worked so well in his first blockbuster.

It was interesting to observe the professional movie critics discuss Quentin Tarantino. While they acknowledged some of the disturbing aspects of his movies, they said it was all ok because he was such an artistic genius. Siskel and Ebert, not surprisingly, ate it up. Playing their dutiful role of Hollywood pimps, they sang the glories of this new kid on the block. In Pulp Fiction, the only original thing Tarantino did that I could tell was starting the movie in the middle of the storyline. The critics thought that this ‘non-linear’ storytelling was so, you know, avant-garde. Yawn. Tarantino is not an artist, nor is he even a particularly talented filmmaker. He simply hires big name Hollywood actors, copies scripts from real masters like Akira Kurosawa, choreographs lots of stylish fights (ripped off from famous Hong Kong fight directors), inserts hit songs from the 50s and 60s, and claims that he has done something original.

That a director like  Tarantino has been able to achieve such a degree of fame and wealth shows the enormous power and influence of Hollywood’s marketing apparatus. Indeed, the spell casting gurus who live in Southern Californian mansions can pretty much get the public to believe in anything. For example, how is it possible that Adam Sandler has a job? This guy is completely bereft of talent. He knows it, the studios know it, everyone knows it except for the movie-going public who continue to go see his movies. His movies are not merely bad, they are horrible. He’s never made a worthwhile movie in his life, and he never will. He wasn’t even funny on Saturday Night Live. This guy is so bad, so over-the-top annoying, and so talent-less that perhaps it’s fitting that he’s found a home in the one place on Earth that rewards such attributes: Hollywood.

We could also add Samuel Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Keanu Reeves, Steven Seagal, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Vin Diesel, Ben Stiller, Rob Schneider, Will Ferrell, Hayden Christensen, and Jim Carrey to our list of ‘actors’ who cannot act.

And how about the so-called actresses who grace the covers of the celebrity magazines and are the ‘epitome of beauty’? What a joke. Again, this is a clever mind-trick, getting people to see something which isn’t there and to not see something which is there. Julia Roberts? She wouldn’t have even made the cheerleading squad at my high school. Jennifer Aniston?  There’s a dozen girls who I work with who are far more beautiful than this average-looking female. Angelina Jolie?  She looks like a freak. Even though all of us know women who are far more beautiful than these Hollywood tramps, when asked ‘who is the most beautiful woman in the world’, most people continue to name a famous actress. We prefer, I guess, to let others do our thinking for us.

Two depressing new trends on the web

It’s hard to keep up with all the crazy new trends happening on the world wide web, but let’s take a look at a couple of the biggest:

Wacky headline teasers

Are you old enough to remember the days when headlines gave you  basic information on the content of that article?  A quick glance at the headline told you the important information, and then you could decide if you wanted to read the article in full. There’s an ‘old-fashioned’ newspaper in the city where I now reside, and they still use these types of headlines. Here’s a couple of examples:

‘VN urges joint action on mines’…..’Water shortage hits central region’….’Lao Cai Police nab drug traffickers’……..’Water pipe breach hits Ha Noi again’….

Each of these headlines is clear and concise. I can skim through the paper quickly, get an idea of the day’s stories and use the headlines to stop and read the articles that I find interesting.

However, website designers, publishers and marketing companies have discovered that it’s better to use teasers- headlines that give only a tiny (and insufficient) bit of information on the content,  sprinkled with a tantalizing word or phrase. Often these new headlines serve a dual purpose of dishing out needless fear as well. If you want to get an idea of the cutting edge of this trend, look no further than the website for the ‘weather channel.’ They have perfected this loathsome trend and unashamedly splatter their home page with juicy headlines such as:

‘Beware, THIS is invading the U.S.’….’The View you will see’……’One third of the world INFECTED’….’Volcano ready to BLOW’…’Are they INVADING us?’…..’An endless winter, can you imagine?’…

For a more in-depth and hilarious listing of weather.com’s idiotic headlines, check out this article on college humor:


Another website which is quickly gathering readers and fans and which posts many interesting articles is called upworthy. com. My best friend in California recommended  this site and while I enjoy many of the articles, the editors have certainly embraced this teaser headline trend to a fault. Nearly every headline uses this format and it makes me a wee bit nauseated to scroll through the home page with examples like these:

‘Dear straight people, we have to talk’…..’If I told you what this is about, you almost definitely would not click on it’   (I didn’t click on it anyway, nice try)….’If you’re too grossed out to share this video, then you’re exactly why it exists’ ….and on and on.

‘Recommended for you’

By now, everyone who regularly uses the internet has come across the ubiquitous links at the conclusion of articles that are ‘recommended for you.’ Or, they might read  ‘Around the web.’ Typically, you will see about a half-dozen links with photos which are often tangentially related to the article you just finished. Here’s the rub: those innocent looking links to  web articles and blogs are nothing more than advertisements. They are cleverly disguised as news articles , of course, as all good corporate PR is, but a closer look  reveals them for what they are. Beware.

journalism- the worst profession in the world

Back in the mid-80s, I made one of the worst decisions of my life: to major in journalism.  Even though some courses I took at university offered tantalizing glimpses of an alternative route  (astronomy, for one), I stuck with my original decision and slogged through the mostly boring four years of a communications degree.

In that time, journalism in America had long been in decline, from at least the early 70s. Its downward trajectory has only continued and where the bottom lies is anyone’s guess. With these thoughts in mind, I noticed an op-ed piece penned in yesterday’s Viet Nam News. It was written by a working journalist in Viet Nam, and the article demonstrates clearly that being a journalist anywhere in the world these days sucks. The article is titled ‘Journalism cannot be a mercenary pursuit.’

It begins, “In 2013, global job-search portal CareerCast rated journalism as the worst job in the United States, below lumberjacks, janitors, garbage collectors, and bus drivers. The agency publishes the list annually in its Jobs Rate Reports. Two hundred jobs are ranked based on factors such as environment, income, outcome, and stress.”

While this study focused on the U.S., the writer explains that the situation is the same in Viet Nam, where journalists deal with low pay, high stress, competitiveness and crazy hours. Reporters earn between 200 and 400 dollars a month. As bad as journalism was back when I graduated, the ubiquity of the internet with thousands of citizen journalists and bloggers has made the working newspaper journalist not only endangered but quite possibly obsolete.

This is not a black and white issue. I think society benefits from having trained, professional, and full time journalists working for established news organizations who both support and defend them. At the same time, we as citizens cannot rely on or even expect these journalists to do all the work that is required of a citizenry keeping a check on over-reaching and over-zealous governments. Bloggers and citizen journalists (and whistle -blowers) can fill this gap.

Ten years ago, many media watchers, observing the increasing rate of bankruptcies and mergers in the newspaper industry, along with the increasing penetration of the internet, were predicting that within a decade the newspaper industry would be dead. That hasn’t yet happened and the remaining newspapers are hanging on, though often by just the thinnest of margins. It’s 2014 and I’m happy that I can still wake up and buy a local newspaper to read with my morning coffee. And I salute the journalists who are still ‘out there’ , working for pennies, and often putting their very lives at risk. (70 journalists killed in 2013, with many more imprisoned or beaten).