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Joe Rogan exposed

Joe Rogan has become something of a celebrity in the alternative media world as the host of the Joe Rogan Experience which, according to Wikipedia, was downloaded 16 million times a month in October 2015. What I will attempt to show here is that Rogan is, among other things, an agent of intelligence whose shtick is to get young rebellious types to experiment with drugs, engage in idle conspiracy talk, and ultimately spin them back to the mainstream.

Rogan’s bio is so convoluted and contradictory that it’s difficult to know where to begin to dissect this guy. Let’s begin with his birth date: August 11, 1967. 8-11. We know that 8 is the favorite number of intelligence, with 11 a close second. Note how many famous people have supposedly been born on variants of 8. That right there is enough to set off alarm bells in my mind regarding this guy.

His life from birth to high school graduation is covered in one brief paragraph on wikipedia. We learn only that his mother was ‘a free spirit’ and his father was a cop who beat his wife. The rest of the early life bio is taken up with accounts of his martial arts training. He dropped out of college.

While Rogan was doing stand-up comedy in Boston, he was ‘discovered’ by a Jew talent agent, Jeff SussMAN. Stories that involve people with surnames ending in MAN usually indicate a hoax. This is another red flag.

In 1994 Rogan moved to L.A., no doubt at the behest of his intelligence handlers, to enhance his ‘career opportunities.’ This Boston kid, with neither talent nor looks, who had only performed at some comedy clubs in Boston immediately landed a gig on MTV. That doesn’t happen in the real world unless you are a Jew with Hollywood connections and/or under the guidance of Intelligence. MTV is a subsidiary of Viacom, one of the largest media companies in the world. Rogan was immediately offered a  three-year exclusive contract. Isn’t it nice how these people never have to go through the normal rigors of climbing up the corporate ladder or working their way upward? They are just conveniently and smoothly moved along to get more and more exposure.

I tried to find a clip of Rogan performing on MTV but was unable to locate one. It would be interesting to watch that clip because, according to wiki, his performance blew away top studio execs who engaged in a bidding war for his talents. Again, this doesn’t happen in real life. After jumping ship at MTV, Rogan got in bed with the Disney Corporation (Walt Disney- 33rd Degree Freemason) and FOX (numerology:666). All of these Forbes 500 corporate and Zionist connections will be important to remember later as we analyze Rogan in his role as an independent voice and counterculture icon.

Joe Rogan performed at the Comedy Store in L.A. for 13 years- another spook numerology indicator. From 1995-1999, Rogan moved over to NBC where he played a role on a sitcom. Are you keeping track of all of the corporate connections? So far, we have MTV, FOX, Disney, and NBC , and we’re just getting started. It’s incredible to think that this guy who has fashioned this persona of being smart and interesting is a college dropout who worked in tv sitcoms, the lowest of the low in terms of ‘popular entertainment.’

After the sitcom era, Rogan began working for UFC. I can’t untangle how exactly he landed that gig, but Wiki admits that it was through the influence of SussMAN. Rogan’s role here seems to be to keep young, testosterone-fueled men glued to the tv watching cage fighting instead of getting involved in politics, grassroots organizing, etc.

During this time, Rogan also hosted the NBC shoe ‘Fear Factor.’ I’ve never seen the show as I don’t own a television, but I know it involves paying people to do stupid and gross things like eating spiders and the like. It’s basically the Jews in Hollywood throwing a few shekels at the goyim to make fools of themselves and then laughing about it.

Taking a break from the cesspool  of sitcoms and gross-out television  shows, Rogan starred in his own show, ‘Joe Rogan questions everything’ in which he attempted to flip the entire notion of an open-minded investigator by belittling and mocking not the establishment, but the independent media itself. Watch the program where he attempts to debunk chemtrails to see a blatant example of this.

And finally we arrive at Rogan’s current acting gig, The Joe Rogan podcast. “But wait,” you say, “that’s not an acting job. It’s just Joe giving his thoughts on the world.” No, it isn’t. Rogan has always been an actor. His bio admits as much, in great detail. He performed a role in his sitcoms, his ‘reality shows’, in UFC fights, at his comedy routines, and everywhere else. If you are a listener of Rogan’s podcast, it’s impossible to know what he really believes and what he’s being told to say by his Zionist handlers. One day Rogan stated steadfastly that humans never traveled to the moon and the next day he said the opposite (as he hosted the NWO puppet Neil DeGrasse TySON. (MAN and SON surnames= hoaxers.)

When normal people want to do a podcast, they just set it up at their computer in their living room or bedroom with a simple microphone, wifi connection and go at it. But when JOE ROGAN wants to do a podcast, he rents out an entire building with a sophisticated studio, huge radio microphones, wall-mounted cameras and the like. This tells us that either Rogan is a huge megalomaniac with an inflated ego (and a fat bank account) , or his handlers set the entire operation up.

Rogan admits that he smokes pot before each podcast and that’s he’s stoned throughout the entirety of the show, showing you that he thinks the whole thing is a joke. His listeners apparently haven’t caught on to this. College dropout Rogan includes variants of ‘fuck’ in almost every sentence he utters. His limited vocabulary limits his use of the English language, so that he is rendered to speaking sentences like this: ‘That was just stupid as fuck!’

Note the photos on the wall behind Rogan during is podcast. There are pictures of Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix. Why do you think Rogan chose those two particular people to place in the viewer’s eyes? Could it be that Intelligence put them as a marker? Remember, the Intelligence community loves to place these markers as inside jokes, and since Presley and Hendrix were both Intelligence projects, we can connect some dots.

I’ve always thought it was funny to watch Rogan talk with his co-hosts, friends, and guests in the studio. They’re separated by huge consoles , boom mikes, and earphones even though they’re just a few feet from each other. The whole podcast appears to be an operation, and I’m sure it is.

In October of 2015, Rolling Stone magazine published an extensive piece on Rogan. Since RS is owned and run by Intelligence, it makes sense that they would publicize one of their own. Right off the bat, take note of the photo of Rogan RS uses to headline the piece. It’s in black and white, covers half of his face in shadow, and features him frowning malevolently with his bald head and tattooed forearms. Why do you think RS wanted to show him like that? Who instructed the photographer to shoot him in such a way?

The headline proclaims Rogan as a ’21st Century Timothy Leary.’ Just as the MSM will call any enemy of the Anglo-Israeli-American Axis ‘the new Adolf Hitler’, anyone who speaks about psychedelics and gets airtime is called the ‘the new Timothy Leary.’ The problem with that comparison is that it’s nonsense. The only thing Leary and Rogan have in common is that both worked for the CIA.

The article itself, written by some sniveling ‘journalist’ named Eric Hedegaard is painful to read. Before we move on to the article, we should note that Hedegaard is probably a fake name, and Hedegaard  himself probably a fake person altogether. Two ‘e’s in the surname clue us in the hoax, and the double ‘a’ nails it.

The first sentence in the article tells us how awful this piece will be. Here it is: Maybe never in your life do you meet an individual like Joe Rogan. Are there no longer editors working at prominent magazines and newspapers who have even a basic grasp of the English language? From that sentence, it’s not clear at all what the hell the writer is trying to say. He’s probably saying, “I have never met anyone like Joe Rogan.” Or maybe he’s trying to say, “You will never meet a guy like Joe Rogan.” Instead, he mangles the English language. I guess this is the kind of writing RS is looking for these days. The next sentence, incredibly, is just as bad. He’s that singular, in a multivariate kind of way. I had to consult my dictionary to find the definition of multivariate. It relates to statistics and is completely inappropriate to the meaning the writer is searching for. Again, where are the editors? It seems that Hedegaard, whoever and whatever he is, is trying to scramble the readers’ brains, much like what Rogan does in his podcasts.

The grammar and sentence structure in the rest of the article is just as horrific, but I won’t torture you with any more examples. We are told that Rogan is short. It’s a minor detail, but one worth noting. Remember, the vast majority of major stars in Hollywood are short, Jewish, and gay. For the record, Rogan is 5’8″.

Hedegaard  speaks glowingly of Rogan’s use of DMT and other drugs to enhance his consciousness. Nonsense. Rogan doesn’t want people expanding their consciousness. It’s not even Rogan speaking. It’s our governors speaking through him. They want people doing drugs-any drugs. As long as people are sitting at home stoned, stupefied, or navel-gazing, they will pose no threat to the establishment.

Hedegaard tells his readers that Rogan’s podcast ‘is one of the greatest things going.’ Wow. Really? I guess we’re all supposed to become more enlightened when Rogan interviews former porn stars. We’re also told that Rogan ‘shoots himself up with testosterone on a weekly basis’ and that his podcast topics have no rhyme or reason. However, instead of criticizing this lack of focus or even coherence, Hedegaard thinks it’s cool.

Joe Rogan is a huckster of the worst sort. He’s an A-list con man, a guy who has never really had a real job, and a pretender tough guy. Joe Rogan, you are exposed.





Neil deGrasse Tyson: shill extraordinaire (and spook)

I’ve written about Neil deGrasse Tyson before and exposed him for the shill that he is.  A couple of years ago when I watched him idiotically  promoting GMOs, I couldn’t stomach it and had to write a short article warning people to recognize him for what he is: a paid agent working for the NWO. Recently, this smug ‘scientist’ has made headlines again, going on a talk show to do a ‘rap’ performance in order to refute a rapper who had claimed that the earth is flat. The most outrageous part of the previous sentence is not the part about the flat earth, but the fact that a country’s most distinguished scientist has nothing better to do with his time than go on a talk show to refute some pathetic ‘musician’ who made waves by writing a song about the flat earth.

Does Tyson actually have a real job? With people like Tyson and Zuckerberg, one has to ask this question. Given the amount of time he spends on radio and tv interviews and self-promotion, he must have precious little time to do any real work, let alone any authentic science. Tyson is simply a front man for the mainstream scientific worldview. He’s a hired gun for the priestly class of scientists who  do not tolerate ANY debate on their theories and models of the universe. In fact, Tyson admitted in an interview that he doesn’t stoop to debating people. He claimed that ‘there are the laws of physics….and everything else is opinion…so I can just walk out of the room when people want to start debating.’ Is this not the height of arrogance and pomposity? You can find the clip on youtube.

Neil deGrasse Tyson has so many red flags flapping around him that it’s easy to expose him.  Look at where he studied: Harvard; Columbia;  Princeton. These schools, along with Yale, are the prime incubators not only for the ruling elite in the United States but also, and more importantly,  for Intelligence agents. Tyson has been educated and groomed at the premier spook schools in the United States and promoted relentlessly to take his fake science message to the masses. See the recent work of Miles Mathis.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Tyson spends more time in Langley, Virginia than he does at a university science lab. So how did this brilliant scientist prove the existence of gravity on the talk show? He dropped his microphone. Wow. Brilliant.



Left-wing Gatekeepers: Maddow, Maher, Cockburn, Stewart, McKenna

The so-called ‘Left’ in America is populated with numerous gatekeepers. In a previous piece, I mentioned three of the most prominent: Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, and Michael Moore.  Let’s look at a few more.

1) Rachel Maddow.

She’s young, she’s hip, she’s smart, she’s liberal, and… she’s a lesbian. (cool!) She criticizes the government, especially those in government who are on the Republican team.  She is anti-war and anti-imperialism. Not surprisingly, she has attracted a following of young, liberal, urban hipster types with a political bent.

She graduated from Stanford University, the training ground for so many of America’s cold warriors and military-industrial-media-financial elite. From there, she was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and went on to obtain a PhD from Oxford. The people who award Rhodes Scholarships do not like to waste their money, and they bring in young people who are smart and willing to be groomed to be future leaders. If you are fundamentally opposed to the way the world is currently organized and structured, you will not be awarded things like Rhodes Scholarships and Oxford PhDs. Just something to keep in mind when judging people like Maddow.



Most of what she says about government malfeasance stands up  well. But, when it comes to the ultimate litmus test for gatekeepers- 9/11- , Maddow shows who she is really working for. Addressing the issue, she practically hyperventilated, and went off on – you guessed it- ‘conspiracy theorists.’ What’s wrong with those people anyway, she asked. Don’t they have anything better to do with their time? Those conspiracy people obviously have some misplaced wiring in their brain. The rant went on and on as she bashed Alex Jones and others.  People just shouldn’t question government lies about 9/11. Question government about everything else, but for the major event of the last 20 years… let’s just go along with the story and let it go. Her employer by the way is MSNBC,  owned by NBCUniversal, one of the largest media companies in the world.  Rachel Maddow is a fraud and a tool for the elite.

2) Bill Maher.

It’s difficult for me to watch this guy for more than a minute or two. I don’t know what bothers me the most: His nasally Jewish voice, his unrelenting sarcasm, his “I’m smarter than you” smirk, or his lack of any defining ideology. He uses his show, “Real Time with Bill Maher” to invite on his celebrity  buddies and shoot the shit about politics and religion. He pokes fun at religion, but George Carlin did that much better and long before Maher.

Considering that he has a large platform from which to speak and reach a large audience, and considering that he’s based in New York, and considering that he claims to be highly informed about politics, some folks asked him why  he didn’t bring up the issue of 9/11 and the flimsy government story. And what about Building 7, ?  Well, Bill wasn’t having any of that ‘conspiracy‘  talk and once again fell into lock- step with the other gatekeepers, bringing out the tried and true insults like ‘conspiracy nuts’ , ‘wackos’,  and so on. Bill Maher has never stood for anything, and his job is to be  controlled opposition, a harmless release valve for the ever suffering masses.

3) Alexander Cockburn.


The late writer for The Nation magazine, who wrote the popular column ‘Beat the Devil’ , was a talented political writer, fierce critic of the Bush presidency and American imperialism.  He was also  a shameless gatekeeper and peddler of absurdities such as the Oswald ‘lone nut’ assassination theory, sold to the American public by the Warren Commission (with of course the full and willing complicity of the national news media)   When I read his pathetic attempt at a refutation of the 9/11 truth movement, I was shocked that a man who could, and did, write eloquently and persuasively on many political subjects, would stoop to such sloppy, nonsensical and vitriolic arguments.  He viciously attacked and mocked anyone who was investigating 9/11 as kooks, not real writers and journalists, like he was. Those crazy folks just see a conspiracy under every rock. Why bother with them?  Cockburn was another controlled opposition fraud, meant to keep the Left docile, uninformed, and helpless.


4) Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.

Another good Jewish boy , working for the ‘Man.’ Oh, Jon Stewart, how many have you deceived with your quick wit, goofy smile, and acerbic intellect?  Quite a few, I see. Your adoring fans tune in every night to watch you mock  the idiot bureaucrats, political buffoons, and corporate hucksters with your talented team of writers.


There’s something strange going on here, though. What’s up with the guests? Why does Jon bring on so many of the very people that he professes to despise for friendly chats? Ostensibly, he invites them on his show to grill them with hard questions, something he says the MSM never does.

But what these little ‘interviews’ and chats really do is give these monsters a human face, and in the end it’s all just theatre- warm smiles all around, a lot of hand shaking and back slapping and you get the impression that after the show when the cameras are off, they all pile in the limo together to go out to have  drinks and watch strippers.

Need I say that Jonathan Leibowitz, (oh, sorry, ‘Jon Stewart’) disses the 9/11 truth movement? Oh yes. Don’t look there, there is nothing to see. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Yes Jon,  you can hold up your sign saying “9/11 was an outside job” and your brain- dead sycophantic audience will giggle and laugh stupidly, but not all of us are fooled, Jon. And we’re not laughing. You think we don’t know that Comedy Central is owned by MTV Networks Entertainment Group, which is owned by Viacom, one of the ‘big six’ media conglomerates which control 90% of the media in the U.S.?  Those are some serious people signing your paycheck, Jon. We’re talking BIG business. You’re in bed with the devil.  According to recent media reports, you make 30 million USD a year to host The Daily Show. I’m sure that’s enough to make you toe the line, eh Jon? You actually get your audience to believe that you’re just like them, one of the 99%. Nice one! And let’s not forget that his brother is the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange. The family seems to be good at making money.

5) Terence McKenna

Philosopher, ethnobotanist, lecturer, and author, Terence Mckenna (1946-2000) was an underground legend for years in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the psychedelic and rave community before he broke (somewhat) into the mainstream with a number of books published by HarperCollins and Bantam. Those books included The Archaic Revival, True Hallucinations, Food of the Gods, and The Invisible Landscape. 

I read all of his books in the 1990s with fascination. His theories about psychedelic plants, psilocybin mushrooms, the evolution of language, the ‘return to the archaic’, ufos, elves, rave culture, the IChing,  and the year 2012 were fascinating.  None of his theories could be proven, not even remotely, yet they were fun to contemplate.

In 1998, a friend gave me a series of audio tapes of his lectures, some 10 hours of talks at informal seminars. I listened to them many times over the next year and became increasingly uncomfortable with what he was saying to his audience.


The ‘lecturer’ McKenna was different from the ‘author’ McKenna. When he spoke, he drew in his audience not only with the captivating nature of the material, but also with his charm, quirky humor, and unique ability to turn a phrase.

There’s an advantage to listening to talks on tape. You can focus on the words and the message, and not be sidetracked with the speaker’s visual appearance, or how the audience around you is reacting. One thing I immediately noticed was how adoring and unquestioning McKenna’s audiences were. There was little to no real give and take, and they were just mesmerized by his seeming vast knowledge of all subjects. More worrisome though, was McKenna’s breezy and offhand dismissal of spiritual disciplines like yoga and meditation. For ‘real’ knowledge, he claimed you must ingest the plants. He once referred to the entire Indian subcontinent as ‘one giant scam.’

Furthermore, he often liked to say, in questions regarding global conspiracies, that in reality, “Nobody is in charge.” The world is too big, too complex and too slippery for any group or cabal to ever get ahold of. He implicitly and explicitly encouraged his fans to not bother searching into conspiracies.

For all his verbal wizardry and ethnobotanic knowledge, most of McKenna’s message just led his followers in circles. Now, years after his death, a recording has surfaced from a talk at Esalen Institute where he admits to working as a CIA agent for years after he was busted for smuggling hashish. Suddenly, much of his writing and lectures take on a new light.