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Updates on The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect which disturbs and affects me the most is the geographical changes. I look at maps almost every day and the world I see is so different from my memories of it that it leaves me shaken. Although I touched briefly geography in my last article on the Mandela Effect, I want to look at this in a bit more depth and detail.

Remember the ‘Land down Under’? Australia was always known as such, for a reason. It was ‘under’  everything else, meaning it was far south of the equator and distant from almost everywhere else, especially the closest large country, which is Indonesia. My friends and I used to talk about visiting Australia, but whenever we looked at it on a map, we commented on how isolated it was and how expensive it would be to fly there. In this parallel dimension we’ve slipped into, Australia is now part of Asia. There is no separation between the Australian continent and the southernmost islands of Indonesia. You can now literally swim from the northern tip of Australia to Papua New Guinea and the surrounding islets. If you’re an Australian, I suppose this could be either something to celebrate or mourn. If you enjoyed the isolation and remoteness that you had in the earlier reality, then this new reality sucks. However, if you’re an Asian-Australian and wished you could be closer to your relatives, congratulations.

Japan is another country that I look at and say to myself, “That looks all wrong!” Japan was always a long and thin country, so to speak. I remember this because I used to hear someone say that they lived in ‘Western Japan’ and I replied, “Oh come on. There is no real Western Japan. There’s only Northern and Southern Japan.” The current version of Japan (or at least Honshu) is now shaped like a comma. In this reality, Japan really has acquired a ‘West.’ Shikoku is currently an East-West island. Hokkaido bears no resemblance whatsoever to its former incarnation. It’s badly misshapen and enlarged.

Panama is  another country which has metamorphosed from an North-South oriented land mass to an East-West one. I remember reading about the Panama Canal when I was young; I recall seeing photos of the men building it. They dug out a straight line from the Atlantic to the Pacific, in an East-West orientation. In this version, the canal now goes Northwest to Southeast! In the old version, people would lie on beach on the Pacific Coast and watch the sun set looking due west. Currently, people who visit a Pacific Coast beach in Panama will be looking southward or even southeastward.

Cuba is now a bizarre sight to look at. In the old world, Cuba was a small country located 90 miles off the southern tip of Florida. It lay to the southeast of the North American landmass. Its size and shape were not particularly noteworthy. Presently, Cuba is an Orca whale-shaped island, twice the size of its former self, and provides an almost seamless bridge from the Yucatan to the Eastern Caribbean.

Moving over to Europe, Denmark formerly situated itself far to the south of Sweden. The northernmost tip of Denmark pointed toward Stockholm. Nowadays, in this reality, Denmark is located to the west of Sweden! It has seemingly moved itself hundreds of kilometers northward to snuggle in between Norway and Sweden. I wonder how the Swedes feel about their new neighbors.

Italy has always been the most easily identifiable country in Europe. When kids first begin studying  a map of Europe, the first country they learn is Italy; the reason is simple. Italy juts down from the continent into the Mediterranean and is shaped like a boot. In our parallel dimension (PD), Italy has been ‘pulled’ westward. It now points in a more southeasterly direction and the heel of the boot is much more pronounced than it used to be. Sicily has shifted hundreds of kilometers to the north and now almost joins the mainland of Italy. No matter how often I look at the map of Italy, I can’t shake the feeling of unreality which envelops me.

These countries are the most obvious and outstanding examples, but it is certain at this point that every single country has changed and shifted in PD. It appears that all of the countries in the Northern Hemisphere have moved en masse toward the north pole which, by the way, has disappeared. Welcome to the new world.

Addendum: I wanted to collect some new examples of the Mandela Effect and did a quick search on youtube. When I entered the search term ‘New Mandela Effects’, I was confronted with page after page after page of channels that are, apparently, produced by teenagers. Their headlines are always in all caps; the descriptions are nearly identical and are some variation of this: OMG! NEW MANDELA EFFECTS. THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. The accompanying photo of the channel shows the teenager with an exaggerated look of surprise and shock with pictures of Jif peanut butter and febreeze  floating above his head. The channels have different names, but with the nearly identical headlines and photos, they are obviously being produced from a common source. I would guess that the source and producer of these channels is Intelligence. Perhaps they are trying to surround the topic of the Mandela Effect with a lot of noise and mindless trash in the hope that people will dismiss it.



Some thoughts on The Mandela Effect

The first exposure I had to the Mandela Effect was watching a video about The  Berenstein Bears. Various people were commenting that the books that they grew up reading were called The BerenSTEIN Bears, but now the books were titled The BerenSTAIN  Bears. It wasn’t just the new copies that were being printed either. Google searches revealed nothing except the A spelling, including the Wikipedia entry. I had never read these books as a kid; indeed, I had never even heard of them. So, I didn’t think too much about the issue.

However, it wasn’t long before I came across more videos being posted on YouTube about this phenomenon. Vloggers started posting videos about all sorts of things- books, movies, product names, celebrity names, the map of the world- that had suddenly and inexplicably changed. The Mandela Effect had quickly gone well beyond the Berenstein Bears. After watching a number of these videos, I did my own research, both online and on the street, to verify the veracity of the claims presented. What I quickly found was that the Mandela Effect is real, verifiable, mind-blowing, and frightening. If there is anything else happening on Earth at this moment that remotely compares to this, I’d like to know what it is.

What exactly is The Mandela Effect? It is a phenomenon whereby people notice numerous aspects of our physical reality that are different from their memory of those things. These things can be lines from a movie, a book title, the name of a shampoo, or the map of Asia. People have known something to be a certain way for their whole life, perhaps many decades, and then suddenly they wake up, look around them, and see it is different. This awareness is startling and unsettling.

There are now hundreds, perhaps thousands, of examples of the Mandela Effect that have been catalogued. Facebook groups and YouTube channels devoted exclusively to the cataloguing of effects have been established, as well as discussion groups. The following is a very brief list of some of the more obvious Mandela Effects.  New ones seem to appear almost daily now.

  1. The map of the world.

We humans are now, apparently, inhabiting a completely different planet from the one I grew up on. I say this as someone who has spent his entire life studying maps and atlases. I have a very good grasp of world geography. I know (knew) the shapes and sizes of the continents and countries and their relative placement. The maps that I now encounter when I open an atlas, a textbook, or google maps are nothing like the world as I remember it. South America has now shifted 2,000 miles to the east. Panama has become an East-West country instead of North-South country and the canal now cuts Northwest to Southeast. Cuba has doubled in size, moved a thousand miles to the west, and now practically touches the Yucatan. Florida has shrunk. Denmark now juts up between Norway and Sweden and is much, much further north than it was before. Spain has shifted westward. Italy now points  in a southeasterly direction, instead of southward. Sicily has moved northwestward about 500 km and now touches the tip of Italy.

Moving to Asia, Japan has moved westward and is now much closer to Korea and China. It is far less elongated than it used to be. Australia has moved at least 2,000 km northward to the point that it now almost touches Papua New Guinea and has become part of Asia. This is just a partial list of geographical Mandela Effects. Readers, feel free to investigate this for yourselves, especially if you had an interest in geography as a kid.

Before I move on to some other notable effects, it must be emphasized that this is not a matter of a mere handful of maps being changed, nor is it just the new maps. A search online of old maps, or even a glance into an old atlas printed 30, 40 or even 100 years ago, will show the same bizarre shifting of landmasses. In other words, it is reality itself that has shifted. I have gone into numerous libraries and bookstores since I began investigating the Mandela Effect and have verified this for myself.

2)  Lines from movies.

A) This list keeps growing all the time. Everyone over the age of 40 remembers the famous line from Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” This has changed to become “Life WAS like a box of chocolates.” Again, this is not just evil google tinkering around with online versions of the movie. Your dusty old VCR copy will now have the updated version with “Was like a box of chocolates.”

B) The famous line from the film Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come,” has now become, “If you build it, HE will come.”

C) In the movie Jaws, Roy Scheider now says, “YOU’RE  going to need a bigger boat,” instead of “WE’RE  going to need a bigger boat.”

D) The evil queen in Snow White now says, “MAGIC mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” instead of the famous incantation, “MIRROR, mirror, on the wall….”

E) From the 1984 movie Purple Rain, Prince now begins the film by gazing at at the audience and announcing, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here tonight to GET THROUGH this thing called life.” WTF? The line was, of course, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here tonight to CELEBRATE this thing called life.”

3) Book titles

A) The famous Anne Rice novel Interview with A Vampire has shifted to become Interview with THE Vampire. By now, hopefully you’ve noted that the new lines in movies and new book titles don’t sound quite right and are often nonsensical.

B) The Berenstein Bears have now become The Berenstain Bears.

C) Oscar Wilde’s famous novel The Portrait of Dorian Grey has now shifted in this reality to become The Picture of Dorian Grey. 

Let me take a short digression here to relate an experience I had six months ago when I traveled to Phnom Penh for a weekend. I had been doing a lot of online research about The Mandela Effect, but I wanted more physical evidence. To that end, I ventured into the biggest and best bookstore in the city to have a look around. I walked over to the fiction section and searched for Oscar Wilde. When I pulled the copy of The ‘Picture’ of Dorian Grey off the shelf, my hand was shaking and my heart was pounding in my chest. Here was the hard evidence and it was undeniable. I mean, c’mon! The ‘picture’ ? It doesn’t even make sense! The story revolves around the portrait, hence the title.

To continue with my research, I walked a couple of blocks to a used book store. The friendly owner informed me that he had a large selection of used children’s books. I found four old copies of the BerenSTAIN Bears. The owner was unfamiliar with the books, but when an elderly woman walked in, he introduced her to me and said, “She’s the one to ask about children’s books.”

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hello, are you familiar with the Berenstein Bears books?”

Friendly woman (FW): “Well, I should be. I was a librarian for 40 years!”

Me: “Excellent! So, let me repeat the title, if I may. The books are properly called The BerenSTEIN  Bears, yes? ”

FW: “Yes, they are.”

Me: (Showing her the books that I was holding, with the alternative spelling) “Well then, what do you make of this?”

FW: “What….? Well…… I’ll be damed! (Laughing nervously)

Me: “How do you explain that?

FW: “Well, I guess I must have remembered incorrectly.”

At that point, I tried to impress upon her that it was not the fault of her memory that the title had changed. I suggested that something far more mysterious and creepy had happened and that she should investigate something called The Mandela Effect when she got home.

But here’s the rub when it comes to introducing people to this topic: It’s nearly impossible to discuss it without sounding like a loon to people who are unfamiliar with it. I’ve tried, tentatively, to broach the subject with a few of my close friends. What I try to do is find something they know well, whether it’s maps, movies, books or consumer products,and then point out anomalies. It they say, “Yeah, that doesn’t sound right,” or “Yeah, that’s not the way I remember it,” then I tell them they should do further research themselves.

4) Consumer products

There are now dozens, and perhaps hundreds, of Mandela changes with consumer products. The one that nailed it for me was  Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. I’ve been using Bragg’s products for 30 years. I have read their books. Their names are Paul and Patricia Bragg. Their smiling faces adorn all of their products. I also used the Liquid Amino Acids. So, I’m quite familiar with who they are and their company. And then, whammo! The Mandela Effect struck. The company is now called ‘Bragg.’  Every week when I go to the Western and health food market, I see ‘Bragg’ Apple Cider Vinegar and it never fails to send a shiver down my spine.

5) The human body

According to many Mandela Effect researchers, the human body itself has undergone a transformation in this new reality. The heart has now shifted to the center of the chest and the stomach has moved a number of centimeters to the left. All anatomy charts now show this new configuration.

The preceding list was meant to only be a brief introduction to the Mandela Effect. The list of effects is long and continues to grow. The big question is WHAT IS THE MANDELA EFFECT?  There are a number of theories floating about, all purely speculative at this point.

The first theory is that a certain percentage of humans now alive have relocated, somehow,  to this new ‘Earth’ from an old Earth that was destroyed in a cataclysm. Our residual memories from the old Earth are what is causing the so-called Mandela Effect. Perhaps the old Earth was destroyed in an event in 2012.

Another theory holds that we are now in a parallel dimension, an idea that was postulated and expounded on by Nikola Tesla himself. Readers who might wish to research this further can search on ‘Nikola Tesla’s theories on parallel dimensions.’

Yet another theory postulates that we live in a literal Matrix, very similar to the reality presented in the famous sci-fi cult films. Some kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can, and does, manipulate reality at its whim.

John Lamb Lash speculates that the Great Mother Sophia, written about in the Gnostic Gospels, and known also as Mother Gaia, is showing her sense of humor by tweaking reality and having a little bit of fun with homo sapiens.

I am neither dismissing nor leaning toward any of these theories at this point. I surmise that in the near future, more effects will manifest, more people will take note of them, and more theories will be put forth to explain it all. However this all shakes out in the end, one thing is clear: Reality is not what we thought it was and things will never, ever be the same.








What happens when you drink blood with the royal family

I often engage in a sort of self-inflicted torture- reading the mainstream news. The articles are either pure propaganda-corporate or government- or mindless trivia meant to distract the masses. Skimming over the daily dose of pablum, I often notice the overt worship of power, wealth, the state and royalty displayed by the hired hacks of news conglomerates.


Hey, did you know that British punk bands of the 1970s had a designer? I didn’t either! But they did, according to an article recently posted by Agence France-Presse. titled ‘Punk fashion queen Westwood bows to Prince Charles.’ Vivienne Westwood ‘helped shape the look’ of punk bands by working closely with Malcolm McLaren and others. I always thought that punk music was anti-establishment and anarchistic , but now I find out that they had a fashion designer working to perfect their ‘look.’ Perhaps the whole movement was not as spontaneous and rebellious as I once thought?  In any case, this former admirer  of punk’s attitude toward royalty is now an unabashed boot-licker of the British royal family, gushing forth praise for Prince Charles in this insipid piece of ‘journalism.’  Perhaps we should not be surprised, as we are now supposed to refer to her as ‘Dame’ Vivienne Westwood. Sure.


“He’s such a visionary,” the fashion designer said. “Right back in the 1970s as a young man, he realized we have to live in harmony with the earth. And all his charities have made such a difference, they’ve really helped people, they’re very practical and solid things, they build communities, support people. We would have a wonderful world if he had ruled it all that time.”

Wow. Let that final statement sink in a bit.Not only does she act as PR mouthpiece for this ‘royal’ piece of garbage, idiotically extolling his goofy charities, she goes further, actually stating that she wishes Prince Charles were the emperor of the world. I wonder if she flashed  a baphomet symbol while saying this. You can’t get much creepier than this: openly advocating for a lizard bloodline half-wit eugenicist to be world dictator. ‘Dame’ Westwood is saying it openly and proudly. How far we have fallen.





Europe slipping further into the abyss

A large number of articles discussing the current economic situation in Europe have been published in the last few weeks, all of which leave one with the impression that the continent is in a crisis which shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Joseph E. Stiglitz, nobel laureate and professor at Columbia University, recently penned an article in which he details the deep structural problems facing Europe and the lack of vision among its so-called ‘leaders’ who continually  make forecasts about the member country’s economies which turn out to be wrong. Stiglitz points his finger directly at the euro itself as one of the prime causes of Europe’s malaise. He writes, “Though intended to unite Europe, in the end the euro has divided it; and, in the absence of the political will to create the institutions that would enable a single currency to work, the damage is not being undone.”

Stiglitz also blames the austerity measures which have been imposed from the IMF and the ECB for Europe’s woes. Even though austerity has only exacerbated already bad situations in countries such as Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Portugal, leaders and zionist stooges such as Angela Merkel  continue to spout the hackneyed line of ‘we must continue the course.’


News about the crisis in Greece has slipped into the background over the last year, but the problems have not gone away. Its economy is a disaster with a 50 percent youth unemployment rate. An early election is scheduled for the end of January and European leaders and bankers, especially in Germany, are watching nervously. German banks have big exposure to bad loans made to Greece in the  early 2000s and however this drama plays out, the people in Greece, and probably Germany too,  will suffer. The banksters will of course be able to walk away from their bad decisions with golden parachutes.


Beginning on January 1st of this year, workers from Romania and Bulgaria will now be able to move freely throughout the EU and many are expected to go to Germany to look for work. While the minimum monthly wage in the former countries averages 200 USD, in Germany it is over 1100 USD. Additionally, Germany provides generous social welfare benefits, including unemployment insurance. Nobody knows how many Bulgarians and Romanians will rush to Germany, but politicians have consistently underestimated the amount of workers moving from poor regions of Eastern Europe to the prosperous north and west.

Germans are becoming increasingly uneasy about immigration. A new grassroots movement calling itself PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West, has been holding rallies in major German cities and attracting thousands of supporters. The mainstream media is quick to point out that ‘counter rallies’ have been drawing equal and sometimes greater number of supporters. Who knows what the truth is on the ground. Police and media typically make up numbers to satisfy whatever agenda is begin promoted. The German people are correct in questioning the policies of their government and should be concerned about immigration. But they need to ask themselves what is more important: preserving their culture or preserving their economy. The harsh truth is that with German’s historically low birthrates since the 1970s, the country needs to import young and educated workers to keep the economy humming. German couples simply aren’t making enough German babies to sustain the population, and that gap will have to be filled with foreigners if the country wishes to maintain a modern, world-leading economy. Germany has had more deaths than births every year since 1972 and its total fertility rate has been well below the replacement level of 2.1 since 1970, hovering around 1.3 for the last 15 years.

Merkel’s government presents, at best, a muddled view on immigration, population, and multiculturalism. Merkel herself said a few years that multiculturalism was a failure. Yet, Germany continues to allow in hundreds of thousands of refugees every year from the Middle East and Africa. This wave of Muslim, dark-skinned, and non-German speaking refugees, combined with possibly hundreds of thousands of ‘guest workers’  coming from Bulgaria, Romania, and other parts of Eastern Europe ensures that Germany’s demographic and cultural crisis will continue to fester for many years to come.

Great Britain

Across the pond, the anti-EU UKIP continues to gain support amongst the population, as the British have witnessed their country being overwhelmed with immigrants over the previous decade. Commenting on Iceland’s recent move to formally withdraw its EU application, UKIP’s Nigel Farage stated, “This move by Icelandic authorities and the increasing Mediterranean opposition to the EU shows that the idea of the inevitability of EU integration has been smashed. More and more people throughout Europe either no longer wish to join the EU or, as in Greece, to leave the euro currency altogether.”



The corporate press typically paints leaders such as Farage and Le Pen in France as ‘right wing’, ‘utra-right’, ‘nationalist,’ ‘xenophobic,’ ‘racist,’ and so on. In fact, these terms are neither descriptive nor accurate and do nothing to shed light on the reality on the ground. The creation of the European Union and  the euro, and the moves toward making Europe a multi-cultural society were planned by a small clique of banksters, royal families, and zionists. These are polices and agendas which were forced on the people from above, with assurances that they were for ‘the benefit of all.’

While all this chaos and disintegration is occurring, we witness  the bizarre spectacle of Latvia celebrating its adoption of the euro on January 1st. Latvia’s leaders, seemingly oblivious to the destruction wreaked on many of Europe’s weaker economies after they adopted the euro, are telling Latvians that the adoption of the euro will ‘stabilize’ their economy.  Meanwhile, Turkey has indicated it wants to hop onboard the sinking ship of the EU, but is engaged in a nasty dispute with Brussels and talks have broken down.  And then there’s the little drama being played out over in Ukraine…




Italy to halt ‘Mare Nostrum’ but the agenda moves on

The issue of illegal migration has been a hot topic in the news during the last few months, and it will undoubtedly remain so for the foreseeable future. The root causes of the problem have little to do with the perfunctory explanations given in the mainstream media and have everything to do with a global agenda being pushed by the zionist global elite.

Let’s look at Italy. Last year, the Italian government launched a program called ‘Mare Nostrum’ which was ostensibly a humanitarian mission to rescue the hundreds of thousands of poor and desperate migrants from Africa and the Middle East who were attempting to reach Italy by way of wooden boats across the Mediterranean Sea. Stories of overcrowded boats sinking with hundreds of people drowning had made headlines in 2013 and the government had a good cover story to launch the mission. I am using words and phrases like ‘ostensibly’ and ‘cover story’ on purpose here, as I don’t believe for one moment the government’s glib explanations to devote manpower and money for this program when the country is in such economic dire straits and when poor Italians cannot get government assistance for basic needs. The government’s words ring hollow, as usual.

Immigrazione: Marina Militare, ieri soccorsi 1812 migranti

According to reports,  Italy deployed 32 boats, two submarines, planes, and helicopters and the 900 man crew picked up an average of 400 migrants a day. These people were then taken to Italy for ‘processing.’ Many, perhaps most, of those people will eventually file for asylum in Italy or perhaps another EU country if they can manage to make it somewhere else.

The latest word is that, after massive popular backlash at home, the government will shut down ‘Mare Nostrum’ and the EU will pick up the slack with its own program called ‘Triton.’

The backlash is not surprising. The Italian masses are not that stupid. They see what is happening. The government is simply ferrying in immigrants with ‘Mare Nostrum’ instead of dissuading them from coming. Remember, these people are attempting to illegally enter a country. That is grounds for immediate deportation in most cases, but here we have a government actually assisting them to enter.

So, what is the real story here?  The leaders of the Italian government are receiving orders from a much higher place and the Renzi government is merely a mouthpiece for those elites higher on the pyramid scheme. As always with these agendas, there are primary, secondary, and tertiary benefits. The primary benefit is in line with what is happening throughout most of Western and Northern Europe. That is, push in huge numbers of immigrants from foreign countries who have vastly different cultures from the native cultures of Europe and shove the ‘multicultural’ meme down people’s throats. The ensuing dilution and  weakening of native cultures will serve to benefit the agenda of one world government, by way of the NWO.

Secondary benefits would include a new infusion of cheap labor into the market.  For example, many young Italians no longer wish to work in the country’s farms doing manual labor , but the newly-arrived Africans are more than happy to pick fruit. Wages will of course be depressed further as the new workers will lack the language and organizing skills to avoid being massively exploited.

Tertiary effects include  the divisive wedge the immigrant issue will surely drive into the country’s populace.  It’s already happening. Protests against ‘Mare Nostrum’ and the wave of illegal migrants have been met with the predictable charges of ‘racism’ and counter-protests have been organized by misguided and/or manipulated useful idiots on the Left.

But Italy and Europe are just one piece of the puzzle. The globalists don’t have that name for no reason. Over in the USA, Barry Obummer and his merry band of handlers are busy writing legislation and executive orders to give blanket amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegals even while more are continuing to cross the border.


A recent story from the Inter Press Service News gives some insight into the agenda at work in America. According to the article, some 70,000 children were apprehended at the border during the fiscal year 2014. Most of these children came from Honduras and El Salvador and will be given temporary asylum; this ‘temporary’ asylum will surely become permanent under Obummer’s plan.

Already, the children are receiving free health care and free education. One of the school districts in Texas which is currently taking in a number of these students is called Sommerville. An administrator from the district, a real do-gooder, said, “As soon as the student comes to Sommerville, they are our students, period, and we don’t need to know, and we’re not interested in knowing, , about their residency status.”

She’s ‘not interested’ in knowing a child’s residency status? I guess she knows Obummer’s got her back. Texas is not alone in having such an open policy toward illegals. All children in Massachusetts have the right to free public education, regardless of immigrant status or national origin.

It’s interesting to observe  the tone of the article and the subtle ways in which it takes its stance. It presents the administrator and teachers in Texas as paragons of righteousness. The terrible conditions in Honduras and El Salvador are meticulously noted. The article states that the U.S. constitution ‘guarantees’ education for all children , regardless of status. The heart-wrenching stories of a young man named “Pedro” is given many column inches. You get the idea. The agenda relies on the media to do much of the front line work to brainwash the masses. It has often been called social engineering. Uproot people, make them refugees, move them far away and dilute culture wherever and whenever you can. The zionist plan at work.




What happened to Europeans? The evisceration of Europe

I remember twenty years ago when I encountered Europeans in the supermarket, on the street, or in restaurants, how impressed I usually was with them. I recall thinking to myself that I could identify a European amongst a crowd of Americans very easily even without hearing anyone speak. They dressed better, appeared healthier, and had a prouder attitude than Americans, or so it seemed to me at the time.  I surmised that they hadn’t yet been crushed by the vicious form of predatory capitalism which had overrun  the United States and still ate real food as opposed to the junk food diet which had made the U.S. the fattest country in the world.

The economies of most European countries in the mid to late 90s were doing well. Trade was flourishing. Banks were  lending and people were setting up businesses. These were the pre-Euro days, before the EU and the EU commission and central bank ruled everything.

How times change.  Europeans these days look depressingly similar to Americans. They have grown obese. Many have the look of someone who’s just been sucker punched and is looking around him thinking, ‘what just happened?’

Americans, unhealthy  as they are, at least have made an effort to quit the smoking habit. Europeans have kept their smoking rates steady, in spite of all the studies and anti-smoking legislation that have occurred over the past five decades. If you’re otherwise very healthy, you might be able to mitigate some of the effects of smoking. But if you’re fat and smoke, you’ve got a problem.

But its not just the skyrocketing obesity that has changed Europe. The Europeans I see and meet don’t possess  confidence anymore about their countries, the future, or even themselves. More and more, I notice  people with a cynical attitudes  who live only for the moment.

What happened?  Globalization, the European Union, and immigration have combined to squeeze the life out of much of that continent. And furthermore, these forces are still increasing, despite some of the recent gains made by anti-EU parties in the elections.



Globalization meant that multinationals  bludgeoned their way into every facet of European life. All of the most loathsome of American corporations now do big business throughout Europe, including the fast food conglomerates and big box chains. McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Taco Bell and all the rest can be found in all European cities. Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Marlboro are sold everywhere. This has an effect not only on people’s physical health, but on culture itself. Every week, a news story is published about yet another traditional  facet of European life which is falling by the wayside. Last year, I read an article about the ‘disappearing Irish pub’ in its homeland.  Around the same time, another article appeared chronicling the demise of the traditional fish and chip shop in the U.K. France, home to such an old and proud culinary tradition, recently had to pass a law specifying exactly what constitutes a restaurant. The reason?  A large number of restaurants nowadays, even mid-tier, well-established ones, are simply re-heating food brought in from elsewhere. In other words, there is no cooking going on in the restaurant’s kitchen. 



Some may argue that there are other forces at work besides globalization, and they may well have a point. In Ireland, the police have increased DUI patrols, thus contributing to  the decline of pubs. In England, many fish and chip shops simply refused to adapt to changing  tastes and simply went bankrupt out of laziness and incompetence.

The EU has been a disaster. It’s stunning to think about, really. This experiment which less than twenty years ago was being heralded as the dawn of a glorious new age for Europe has crashed and burned with a rapidity that I would not have thought possible. How quickly everything unraveled! Those that stayed away from the Euro , like Norway, are doing quite well. Others that kept the EU at arm’s length, like Great Britain, are hanging on. Those that jumped in with both feet are now struggling for their very existence: Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain. The rest of the EU is a mixed bag, but what is without debate is the fact that all of those countries gave up a significant amount of their sovereignty to a centralized governing authority run by a bunch of lawyers, banksters and apparatchiks who have no accountability.



Mass immigration, formerly an American phenomenon, has become a huge issue in Europe. For a number of reasons, many governments in Europe have opened their doors to large numbers of immigrants from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The resulting and predictable dilution of native culture along with tension with locals that sometimes flares into violence has further undermined Europe’s stability. When you consider the the secular and liberal culture of a place like Holland or the Scandinavian countries and contrast that with the deeply religious and  conservative culture of many Middle Eastern and African countries from which these immigrants come, it’s hard to imagine how these new neighbors are going to live forever in peace and harmony.

This three-pronged assault on the physical, cultural, and political integrity of Europe has taken a terrible toll. Poverty, suicide, and despair are on the rise. Europe is so entangled now in so many different messes, it’s difficult to know where to begin the housecleaning. This recent anti-EU backlash is a good place to start. Countries regaining their sovereignty from the EU and rapacious corporations can be followed by a healthy reinvigoration of the native culture.

Europe’s political ‘earthquake’ 2014 and the EU’s downfall

The results are in from the EU elections and  most mainstream commentators appear stunned at the fact that ‘far right’ anti-EU parties did so well. In particular, the Front National in France, led by Marine Le Pen,  scored a smashing victory over Francois Hollande’s lame socialist party. Across the pond, the UK Independence Party, led by Nigel Farage,  scored a huge victory. It won more votes than any other party in the European parliament elections. This marked the first time in a century that a party other than Labour or Conservatives had won a nation-wide election. Farage predicted this will change British politics fundamentally.

What’s to be surprised about? The EU experiment is a failure, as all such grandiose schemes are destined to be. Nation states themselves,  usually comprised of vast numbers of different tribes, ethnicities, groups and identities, with national boundaries drawn with a ruler on a map, are unwieldy and artificial enough. Then they try to take these inorganic entities and group them into even bigger conglomerations like the EU, ASEAN, MERCOSUR, and so many others and you have a recipe for disaster.

UnknownWhich countries have benefitted from the EU? For Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Greece, the EU has been a disaster. For most of the other countries, the experiment has been tolerable, at best. For countries which resisted the EU carrot, such as Norway, they count their blessings. There is nothing surprising about these elections. We will see more of this anti-EU sentiment in the near future – much more.

The corporate and zionist controlled press will, as usual, try to paint these various movements with epithets such as ‘protectionist’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘far right’, ‘reactionary’, and so on. This is predictable.  But the pro EU forces can only go against nature for so long. Even nation states themselves will crumble in the not- too -distant future. Humans are tribal creatures. We exist in the ‘local.’ Trying to group 300 million Europeans into a political and economic union  is looking more laughable each passing day. Let us celebrate the EU’s downfall, not mourn it.