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2018 chemtrail update

I wrote my first article on chemtrails four years ago. It’s now February of 2018 and sadly, nothing has changed. In fact, in many parts of the world, including Southeast Asia where I live, it appears that the situation is, if anything, getting worse. The sky is being sprayed daily with a chemical cocktail whose exact constituents are known only to the small clique of powerful (and satanic) individuals who are running the chemtrail program.

Many chemtrail researchers have stated that the major components of the chemical soup are barium, strontium, and aluminum. This claim, which was first put forward by Michael Murphy, Dane Wigington and others, has  been repeated by many others though without any definitive proof. Even the initial claims of proof put forward by Murphy were suspect, in my opinion. In fact, as the years go by and as the spraying continues and intensifies, the more I am moving away from the barium, strontium, and aluminum theory. I think we would see more evidence by now of elevated concentrations of these elements in soils and more dying plant matter. But, at least where I live, I don’t see it yet.

So, although we still don’t know what the hell they are spraying over our heads on a daily basis or why they are doing it, we know they ARE doing it. And whoever ‘they’ are, they must be pretty fearful of something to be pouring so much money into it. What might they be scared of? Global warming?

Whatever the spraying program might be doing to soils and plant and animal organisms on the ground, we can see for sure that it is blocking a significant amount of sunlight. And that can’t be good, for anybody. Some have surmised that the evil elite is trying to hide something in the sky, whether it be the return of ‘Nibiru’ or the changing nature of the sun or moon. But this is all pure speculation.

Although there are dozens of theories regarding chemtrails, the ones that are espoused most often on youtube and conspiracy blogs are as follows:

  1. They are spraying to try to mitigate the effects of ‘global warming.’
  2. They are trying to hide ‘Nibiru’ or a second sun.
  3. They are trying to alter the pH of soils around the world to make them more conducive to growing GMO foods.
  4. They are hiding the changes occurring on the sun and moon.
  5. They are poisoning humanity with the goal of drastically reducing the earth’s population in a short period of time.
  6. They are altering the composition and electrical conductivity of the atmosphere to make it conducive for the transmission of radio waves, 5G, and other forms of electromagnetic pollution.

I lean toward theory #6, but I can’t offer any evidence to support my guess. At this point, it’s nothing more than a hunch. Plus, the other theories seem less plausible to me than theory #6. For example, global warming doesn’t exist, so I rule out theory #1. I don’t believe in Nibiru, so #2 goes out the window. I can’t get behind #3 because I just don’t think it would work. As for #5, I think the evil cabal has other and more efficient ways of culling the herd than spraying the skies.

Given the fact that the chemtrail program has continued for so many years and has even accelerated in the last year, one might think that more people would be waking up. But this has not turned out to be the case. People have not taken notice or woken up and I don’t expect that they will do so, ever. First, the younger generation, especially those under 30, has grown up with the metallic skies that we now take for granted. They don’t know anything different and cannot recall, as the older generation can, the clear blue skies of yesteryear. Second, the smartphone has guaranteed that people will not spend their time outdoors looking up. When people do venture outside, they look DOWN, not up. So we can’t expect them to take notice of what’s going on over our heads.

These are photos of the sky over Southeast Asia during October, November, and December of 2017. You can see that the chemtrail clouds are conspicuous, widespread, and dense. Often, when I am observing these ‘clouds’ and taking photos, I feel like the loneliest person on Earth because nobody around me is taking the slightest interest in the sky. Even when people are on vacation and lying on the beach or spending the majority of their day outside, they STILL take no notice. It’s remarkable, really.

We are now two full months into the dry season here in Southeast Asia. It should be hot and sunny every day, with clear blue skies most days. However, we had quite a number of rainy days in January and for the last two weeks, it has been ‘mostly cloudy’ every day. I put that in parentheses because most of the clouds are, in fact, chemtrails. The temperature has been far cooler than it should be for this time of year. The last two mornings, my wife had to put on a sweater to walk to the bus in the morning. I can’t help thinking that the spraying program is related to all of this strange weather. Actually, some researchers, myself included, believe that there no longer is any such thing as natural weather on planet Earth.

Chemtrails, Southeast Asia, 2017, the NY Times and a reality check

It appears that 2017 will bring not only a continuation, but a ramping-up of the chemtrail assault on our atmosphere. According to many skywatchers in the United States, the skies there are being sprayed in every state, nearly 24/7. Citizens of the great nation of the U.S.A. can no longer gaze upon a blue sky. The daily reality is now a horizon-to-horizon mass of whitish chemtrail goop. The chemtrail haze blocks out a significant percentage of sunlight reaching Earth and the effects of this will continue to be felt for humans as well as plant and animal life. These effects include, but are not limited to:  a decrease in vitamin d absorption for humans, decreased photosynthesis, stunted plant growth, tree death, increased rates of depression and fatigue, and a decrease in pineal gland activation in humans. 

The current situation in Southeast is only marginally better. We still occasionally get a chemtrail-free day with a blue sky. However, on a recent trip I had occasion to witness one horrific spraying episode above my head. I was able to snap some pretty good photographs of the aerial drone assault, complete with checkerboard patterns. The reptilian elites really love to laugh at us, don’t they?

I have in front of me the April 22nd edition of the New York Times, International Edition. The Times has been deconstructed and eviscerated by numerous intellectuals  for many decades, so it’s hardly worth commenting on. However, this copy literally fell onto my lap while I was eating lunch yesterday, so I gave it a glance. On the front page, there is an article with the headline ‘Is it O.K. to tweak nature to fight climate change?‘ The article is written by some corporate hack  named ‘Jon Gertner’, a Cornell boy who gets his articles and books published by Jew-owned N.Y. Times, Jew-owned Penguin, and Jew-owned Random House.

When the controllers wish to tell us, the people, what they are going to do in the near future, they typically will insert an obvious hint in television or movies. In conspiracy circles, we call this ‘predictive programming.’ But we haven’t yet invented a word or phrase to describe the action of telling us what they have been doing. Such is the case with articles like this.

I encourage my readers to juxtapose the photos below with the article to get a clear idea of the lengths that these people will go to in order to mock us. Gertner, along with the Harvard ‘scientist’ he interviews, David Keith, wants us to believe that geoengineering is just a ‘theory’, something that they ‘are studying’, and might put into application many years into the future. In fact, as anyone who bothers to look at the sky knows, geoengineering, aka chemtrailing, has been an ongoing project for at least the last 20 years, and possibly much longer. Either Gertner and Keith have never looked up from their desks at the sky, or they a just writing this piece out of boredom. The NY TImes is run out of Langley, and we know the CIA loves to have a laugh at our expense.

The article is also bizarre on another level. Gertner quotes Keith as saying that geoengineering is a crazy idea that could easily spin out of control and do more harm than good. Nevertheless, Keith is going to  research it anyway. Even if we take the entire article at face value, that  line of reasoning would qualify Keith as a sociopath, at the very least. As most scientists today fit into that category, that’s hardly news, but it’s worth noting.


The disappearance of adult music

When I was growing up in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, there was a clear demarcation between youth music and adult music. On the radio dial, the stations which marketed themselves toward the younger demographic played pop, rock, disco, R & B, soul and heavy metal. Alternatively, the stations which had an older, more mature audience played mainly classical and jazz. Most major cities in the U.S.A. had stations which were devoted exclusively to these genres as recently as a couple of decades ago. Those stations are now extinct, or nearly extinct. Teenage pop music, rap, and hip hop have taken over those coveted bandwidths on the radio waves. The adult audience has been unceremoniously evicted from radio.

This dire situation is compounded by the fact that restaurants, coffeeshops and cafes have followed the lead of the radio stations. Only in the most high-end and five-star restaurants can one now listen to classical or traditional music. I live in a large Southeast Asian metropolis, and I go out to eat and drink frequently. I can say unequivocally that teen pop music, along with cover music, has completely taken over the ambience in eating and drinking establishments. It doesn’t matter which neighborhood, which cafe or which restaurant I’m in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chain or independent establishment. It matters neither whether it is Eastern or Western food or if it caters to tourists or locals, rich or poor.  The music is always the same; shite pop music marketed to teens.

In shopping malls, gourmet markets, clothing stores, and convenience stores, it’s the same. Every time I open a door to walk inside ANY business, my ears are assaulted with the hideous, putrid garbage commonly known as ‘modern pop.’ Most of the time, the music is played at a loud volume. It is far beyond ‘background music.’ In other words, there is no escape. 

What’s particularly interesting about this phenomenon is how utterly unaware people are of it. Whenever I question random people about the music, they reply with answers such as: “Oh, I didn’t notice it,” or “It doesn’t bother me,” or “It’s ok.” When pressed further, they are unable to identify either the genre or the artist currently being  piped over the speakers. Apparently, it’s just some noise with a melody, but they don’t have a strong opinion about it either way.

At the moment, I’m sitting inside an extremely popular and hip coffeeshop chain during lunch hour. Approximately 25 percent of the clientele is over the age of 50 and half of the customers are at least 30 years of age. Yet none of them seem aware, let alone bothered by, the loud pop music wafting from the overhead speakers.

Here in Asia, Western music has completely  uprooted traditional music. However, despite the fact that Western music is now ubiquitous and that a large percentage of the youth is studying English, the locals  still can’t understand the lyrics of the songs. The convergence of the popularity of Western pop with the inability of the population to understand the lyrics creates bizarre and sometimes hilarious scenes. For example, the elderly who practice traditional Western dances such as the waltz in the park listen to a song where the singer croons about dumping his girlfriend whom he now despises. The oblivious couples think that they are listening to a ‘romantic’ song. The managers of fashionable clothing stores marketed to tourists play hip- hop songs from playlists downloaded from the internet. Last week, I was in such a store. This is what I heard from the speakers: “Hey motherfucker, whatcha gonna do? Fuck that shit, you can go fuck yourself, bitch….” And on and on. I pulled the young kid who was working on the floor aside and politely told him that perhaps this wasn’t the most appropriate music to be playing and nodded toward the families and kids nearby. He thought for a moment and said, “Yes, ok,” and wandered over to change the music.

What about the  European parents who were in the store at that time? Did they not mind the music? Did they find that music appropriate for their children? They too seemed oblivious. We find ourselves in a predicament now where all of us, regardless of our age or preferences, listen to kids’ music. The adults in the world have abdicated the radio airwaves and the wider soundscape in the public sphere without a fight or even a whimper of protest.

I have found only one man, in Britain, who at least is trying to do something. I can only pray that he can find some support. Here in Asia, the battle is lost. All I can do now is fight a defensive battle and pick and choose the places I frequent with extreme caution if I wish to protect my brain from being scrambled with what passes these days for ‘music.’


A Bill Mollison tribute

I learned a few days ago of the passing of Bill Mollison. While few people outside of the organic and sustainable farming community have ever heard of him, his legacy has already spread to every continent and will continue to grow in the years and the decades ahead. There’s a good chance that the farmer whose organic produce you are eating has studied and implemented many of the permaculture principles that Mollison developed back in the 1970s along with David Holmgren.* The theories on gardening and farming which tried to mimic nature instead of subduing it  would later be put into print in such books as ‘Permaculture One’ and ‘The Permaculture Designer’s Manual.’

I had already developed an interest in organic gardening and farming back in 1996 when I first came across the term ‘permaculture.’ I learned that there were a group of visionaries who were ‘going beyond’ organics and attempting to develop whole systems of sustainable living which including not only food production but also sustainable housing, energy production, village design and social dynamics. This small but growing nucleus of visionaries were putting Mollison’s principles into practice in various rural communities and small homesteads, refining and adapting them to fit into different regions, climates, and micro-climates. Mollison’s core group of students from the late 1970s and 1980s soon became teachers themselves and ,through hundreds of permaculture designer training courses,  spread the knowledge of the techniques and theories far and wide. Today, you can find farmers and gardeners practicing permaculture in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and North America.


I never got the chance to meet Mollison in person though I did have the opportunity to study with some of his students including Peter Bane, Chuck Marsh, and the Bullock brothers in Washington state.  Mollison was rumored to be irascible, rude-tempered, impatient, and provocative. Some found his personality and temperament to be offensive and there was, for a time, a split within the permaculture community over the ‘cult’ of Mollison. However, this drama eventually subsided as Mollison retired from teaching and the movement developed organically, without leaders and gurus.

Permaculture has evolved in leaps and bounds since its introduction almost 40 years ago. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, more books have been written on the subject since ‘Permaculture One’ was published in 1978. Dozens of websites connect practitioners from all over the world who now exchange information, techniques, and knowledge. No matter where you live, there’s a good chance you can find someone offering a course in the core principles. Three-day introductory courses to two-week or even one-month designer courses are regularly offered in most regions of the U.S., Australia, and Canada.

For those who have no knowledge of experience in permaculture and want to get a quick introduction without  leaving home or reading a book, two excellent documentaries are available to watch for free on youtube: ‘In Grave Danger of Falling Food’ and ‘The Global Gardener.’



Ten volunteering ideas to benefit your community

Here are ten things you can do now to start making a difference in your community. Volunteering your time, energy, and skills to contribute to the betterment of humankind has always been and will always be a noble enterprise.

Teach kids to swim. 

I live in a country which currently records about 6,000 drowning deaths per year, the vast majority of which are children under the age of 16. Other countries, espcecially in Asia and Africa,  have similar statistics. Even in rich countries in North America and Europe, many children do not learn how to swim.

Becoming a certified swimming instructor is a relatively easy task. Once you know how to teach swimming, finding students will be easy. Walk around your neighborhood and you’ll find at least half of the kids don’t know how to swim. Learning how to swim will enrich the child’s life enormously and prevent him from meeting an unnecessary early death.

Teach English

You don’t need to be a certified English instructor in order to teach English. If it is your native tongue, look around your neighborhood to see if there are people who speak English as a second or third language. They and their kids are likely in need of some instruction. Volunteer your time and assist  them with whatever they need the most help with, whether it be simple conversation, writing, public speaking, or reading.

Teach reading 

Illiteracy is still a huge problem in many parts of the world. Parents who are illiterate will not pass on the habit of reading to their children. If you can teach a child to read and also  share a love of books, you will be giving a gift that will last a lifetime. Help a kid to wean off the smartphone and learn the joy of book reading.

Teach nutrition and healthy cooking

Obesity is spreading like wildfire around the world. We need to start fighting back against the fast food conglomerates, the evil GMO seed companies, and junk food manufacturers. Most people receive no nutrition education whatsoever during their formative years. They don’t know how to read a food label, how to calculate calories, or how to cook a simple, inexpensive, delicious, and healthy meal. People will rarely go to a bookstore to buy a book on nutrition and take it home to read and study. They need a mentor and a counselor to guide them to a healthier lifestyle.

Teach gardening, fishing, and hunting

‘Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever.’ If you possess skills related to procuring your own food outside of the global capitalist food chain, then you can help others to do the same and gain a freedom they didn’t know existed. As more and more people move to the cities, these skills are rapidly being lost. Keep them alive by teaching the next generation.

Teach music

Everybody would love to play an instrument, but most need a nudge to get started. It’s not the money factor; second-hand instruments can be had for a dime. The time can be easily be found to practice. Even so-called ‘super busy’ people waste time during the week doing silly things like updating Facebook. What most truly lack is a good teacher who is affordable and available. You can be that person.

Teach martial arts

You don’t need to be an expert or a black belt to teach, especially to kids. This is not about opening a martial arts academy. If you possess some competency at a martial art, and you are willing to teach for free, then you can have a class  in your back yard or basement. Share what you know. Some knowledge of a martial art has enormous benefits. Your students will learn self-defense, get in shape, and gain self-confidence.

Teach CPR

Every town has a Red Cross chapter or a local clinic which offers CPR classes. Go one step further and become a certified trainer so that you can pass the skill onto others. When tragedies happen, the vast majority of people freeze like statues. They are scared and have no idea what to do. You can be the hero who jumps into action immediately.

Be a mentor

Millions of young boys around the world lack fathers and father figures. They long for the company of an older man who cares about their development and growth, even if they don’t consciously know it. Spending a few hours on a weekend afternoon with a fatherless boy and exposing him to some culture will often work miracles.

Teach money management

It’s a sad fact of modern life that our world revolves around money, yet most people don’t have a clue about how to manage their own finances. They have difficulty balancing their accounts and planning for the future. They don’t understand how, when, and where they should use a credit card. On a higher level, they don’t really even understand what ‘money’ is. Bonus points if you can explain the banking system.


Bonus: Pick up trash and litter

It has always perplexed me how people will ignore the trash and litter that blights their neighborhood. I think it has something to do with people’s notions of private property, space, and responsibility. Folks mistakenly believe that their ‘home’ extends no further than their front door. Therefore, that trash across the street is ‘not their problem.’ It is someone else’s problem, usually the city or municipal government. They will walk by that trash day after day after day, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the problem and to act on it. By taking action and collecting trash and offering your neighbors an example, you just may start a chain reaction. Be extra bags and gloves to give to curious onlookers.


Shooting down the ‘Fear the Sun’ psy-op

Of all the sinister psy-ops inflicted on the hapless and ignorant masses over the last century, one of the most evil is ‘the sun causes cancer’ campaign. The ability of the NWO minions to get the population to believe almost anything is truly breathtaking.  Our sun, the giver and sustainer of all life on this planet, the source of most ancient religions, the bringer of warmth and light , has been deftly turned into something to be feared and avoided. How remarkable is that?

People have now been trained to robotically repeat catch phrases like ‘UV radiation’,  ‘SPF 15’, ‘increased risk of skin cancer’ and so on. Go to any  popular beach on a sunny summer day and witness thousands of sheeple dutifully slathering themselves head to toe in gooey layers of toxic chemicals, popularly known as ‘sunscreen.’ These lotions, produced by mega transnationals and endorsed by organizations such as the CDC and the AMA, are sold by the tens of millions. The sunbathers  pat themselves on the back for doing the right thing and taking proper precautions.

Mmmm, jar o’ chemicals:



Interestingly, I currently live in a country where this fear and loathing of the sun has been taken to extremes.  Many Asian cultures, including Viet Nam, have a complicated relationship to the sun and tanned or dark skin. Historically, because the poor classes and farmers had to work outdoors, dark skin became associated with poverty and ignorance. Conversely, light skin was associated with the upper classes, wealth, and a life of leisure. To this day, many Vietnamese, especially women, will go to great lengths to keep their skin as white and pale as possible. They avoid the sun at all costs and sometimes even try to augment their whiteness with creams, lotions or even surgery. Watching Vietnamese women covering themselves from head to toe when venturing outside on a motorbike is an experience. Most of the women I know here laugh good naturedly when I tease them about this and reply, “I know. We look like ninjas, right?”



Actually, they look more like a technician wearing a hazardous material (Hazmat) suit venturing into nuclear waste site. Even when it is 40 degrees celsius outside, the women wear gloves, thick socks, thick sweaters, hoods, and face masks to make sure that not even one square centimeter of their body is exposed to the sun. When queried, they reply with a series of responses both cultural and pseudo-scientific:  “Sun is not good for you!  UV radiation is dangerous! I don’t want my skin to be black!”

When I tell my students that sunlight is actually good for you, they look at me with extreme skepticism, and sometimes downright hostility, as if I am trying to pull a fast one on them. Even when I show studies detailing the importance of vitamin D, and its crucial role in preventing a wide variety of diseases, they are not convinced.



The fact is, mainstream science has not produced any convincing evidence linking sunlight exposure to skin cancer. What they have managed to do produce is a massive fear campaign, coupled with disinformation and bad science. Hundreds of millions of people are now crippling themselves with a double whammy: reducing their intake of crucial vitamin D and absorbing carcinogenic toxic chemicals contained in the sunscreens. Chemicals produced in some factory are never good for humans, in any form, whether inhaled, injected, swallowed, drunk or rubbed onto the skin.


Sunlight does not cause skin cancer




Inventions we are better off without- the musings of a Neo-Luddite

There is no shortage of candidates in the competition for ‘worst invention ever.’ In the last half century especially, we have seen hundreds of inventions unleashed upon humanity, some of them useful, most unnecessary, and many downright absurd and truly obnoxious.

The Leaf Blower

Growing up in the tranquil suburbs of Washington D.C., I enjoyed plenty of quietness and serenity. That is, until the invention of the leaf blower. These detestable machines became commonplace in the neighborhoods around my house in the mid to late 1970s, and by the 1980s were ubiquitous. I recall many times sitting in my house reading a book or chatting with a family member when suddenly the ear-splitting  scream of a leaf blower would shatter the peacefulness.  I would peer out the window and inevitably saw a group of  (Hispanic) landscapers fanning out across the expansive lawns of my neighbors with the leaf blowers strapped to their sweaty backs, gas motors revved up and long nozzles blowing leaves around. The fumes from the cheap two-stroke engines polluted the air.



This was a weekly ritual. Even when their wasn’t much leaf matter or debris to gather up, they still used the blowers as a matter of course. On and on and on the nerve- wracking noise went, until my peace of mind was gone. Given the decibel range of these diabolical machines, the morning serenity was disturbed even when the blowers were a kilometer away.


What about the good old-fashioned rake and broom? In fact, the rake and broom are examples of appropriate technology: simple to produce, cheap, and effective. Additionally, the user of these tools gets the added benefit of some mild aerobic exercise. But if you want to keep up with the Jones’, you better hire a landscaping team with leaf blowers and demonstrate that you are with the times.

The Weed Whacker

Closely allied with the leaf blower is the ‘weed whacker’, sometimes called ‘weed eater’ or ‘string trimmer.’ Gaining widespread usage around the same time as the leaf blower, the weed whacker became a standard tool for all landscaping companies and for any respectable suburban dweller with a yard in the 1970s. My family bought one when they became widely available and affordable and I used it to ‘trim’ the lawn around my house. But I always hated it. For one thing, they can be quite dangerous. They can easily cut your foot or leg if you are not careful. They are noisy; they throw grass and debris in all directions, some of which can even fly into your face.  Most of all, they were, and are, unnecessary. They are simply an expensive, loud, and polluting machine designed and created to feed the vanity of America’s growing legions of suburbanites. Everybody with a lawn dreams of making their yard look like a golf course, just like on TV!! Therefore, the weed whacker is necessary to trim those edges and make everything look ‘perfect.’ In other words, the suburban yard should not look like anything remotely resembling nature.

The Paint Spray Gun

The paint spray gun is yet another loathsome invention, completely redundant and ridiculous. I recall a few years ago watching a group of painters performing a job on the apartment complex where I was living in the suburbs of Seattle. A man stood on a ladder with a spray gun in hand, moving it back in forth in rhythmic motion a couple of feet away from the building’s exterior. Standing below him , I immediately observed something: more than half of the paint from the gun was not hitting the wooden panels but was instead simply flying off into the air. I could literally see the paint droplets missing their target. The painter was unconcerned. Back and forth, up and down the spray gun went.  The worker was blithely indifferent to how much paint was being wasted. Of course, the wasted paint is only half of the problem. All of that toxic paint which goes into the air eventually falls to the ground or even gets inhaled by unsuspecting passers-by with the microscopic  droplets easily penetrating into the respiratory tract.  The workers used respirators, but did nothing to warm the neighbors about all the toxicity.



Just last week, I drove by a painter who was using a spray gun to paint some furniture on the sidewalk. This was in the middle of a city.  He had no protection whatsoever. Waiting at the intersection, I watched as he clumsily waved the gun all over the furniture, with perhaps only 20 or 30 percent of the paint hitting its target. Even though I was 20 meters away, I immediately tasted the paint particles in the back of my throat. I can only imagine what the people around him were exposed to.

I have a radical idea. Let’s go back to paint brushes. Similar to the broom and rake, the paint brush is simple to produce, simple to use, and is extremely cheap and durable. It requires no moving parts, no machinery and wastage is kept to a minimum. But such notions place me squarely in the Neo-Luddite camp, a very lonely place indeed.




Love is the antidote to fear. Beware of the fear mongers.

The spiritual masters have always taught that infinite and unconditional  love is the highest vibration. Conversely, fear is the lowest vibration. Fear keeps humanity in chains and the never-ending propagation and magnification of fear allows the powers-that-be to easily control and manipulate the human race. Fear facilitates the imposition of a police state and the instigation of wars.

For those who are awake, knowing these simple facts means we have the responsibility to spread as much love as possible as well as to act in a fear-less manner while exposing and countering the fear disease and the fear-mongers who seek to inculcate the disease in the populace.

In this blog, I am seeking to expose a global agenda, planned and executed by a small global cabal,  which is pure evil at its core and which uses various means to carry out the agenda, including but not limited to: chemtrails, GMOs,  junk food, television, cell phone towers, EMF radiation, and vaccinations.

In doing this, I seek to enlighten and educate my readers and ultimately to empower them to make positive changes to their lives, their communities and finally our planet. I never promote fear, make hyperbolic statements based on innuendo or cite ‘unnamed sources’, channeled entities or ‘an insider.’ Anything I write about can be verified by a simple search of the information on the internet,  in books, in government white papers and from other verifiable sources.

Any individual, organization, or group who is actively promoting fear needs to be relentlessly exposed and countered with a corresponding dose of empowering truth.

While most educated people at this point at least recognize that the major job of a government is to keep its citizens in a constant state of paralyzed fear, unfortunately we have a large number of writers, bloggers, commentators, authors, and activists who subtly and covertly promote fear while ostensibly acting as truthers and advocates for freedom and liberty.

These fear mongers  fall roughly into four camps: the financial armageddon types, the outer space types, the environmental types and the war/martial law/world war 3 types. Let’s examine each of them.

Financial Armageddon

Before discussing this group, let’s make something clear- our current global financial structure is completely fraudulent, insane, and unsustainable. The stock market is a transparently rigged game and the banking system is nothing but a racket run by a vicious global cartel. The whole superstructure needs to go and one day it will indeed collapse, either by its own insupportable weight or by a more active outside force. We should all be preparing ourselves for that day.

The financial armageddon types know these facts and use them not to empower people but to instill fear by constantly predicting events, such as a stock market collapse, a collapse of the dollar, an economic implosion, a collapse of the entire fiat currency system, and many more dire events. Beware of anybody who claims some power to be able to read the future, whether that be thru analyzing  trends and forecasts, talking to insiders, or reading the I Ching. 


Every year for at least the past 15 years, I have read at least one alternative press type predict a stock market collapse, when the Dow will fall 5,000 points or more in less than a month. Yet, it never happens. The Dow just keeps going up. Is it rigged? Is it phony? Is it disconnected from reality? Yes, yes, and yes! And it will go down in flames-someday. But in the meantime, the Rothschilds and their ilk have their plunge protection team and various methods to keep the stock market artificially inflated. Likewise, I’ve been hearing for goodness knows how many years that ‘this year’ gold will shoot up to $10,000 an ounce while the dollar goes into a corresponding free fall. Still waiting…

The champion fear mongers in this category include:

1) Michael Snyder, proprietor of the website titled, “The economic collapse” , (see how he has boxed himself into a corner?)

2) Max Keiser, author of the “The Keiser Report” on RT, who predicted that last year we would witness the  complete global meltdown of all fiat currency

3) Jeff Berwick, anarcho-capitalist who writes for anarchist.com and thedollarvigilante.com.

4) Simon Black, proprietor of sovereignman.com

5) Gerald Celente is the author of the Trends Journal, an excellent source of investigative journalism. I like Celente, but too often he goes into the fear-mongering mode.

6) Alex Jones. It would take a full post to address all the issues with Jones, but he has become a fear-monger extraordinaire, and probably a disinfo. agent as well. Go back ten years ago and watch him rant about imminent national martial law, WW3, the dollar collapse ad infinitum. He sells fear, plain and simple.

All of these people have done, and continue to do, good research, but more often than not I see them making fantastical claims about imminent doom that never come to pass. Most of the time, when you put their information and predictions thru simple BS filters, it doesn’t hold up. Their sources are either anonymous or their predictions  amount to nothing more than their own hunches. Most importantly, if you feel a buildup of fear and tension while reading and listening to them, then you should stay away.

The environment

This is a broad category and includes issues like ‘Peak Oil,’  the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, global warming, aka ‘climate change’, earthquakes, volcanoes, and species extinction.

Peak oil is a term for the coming oil shortage. Its proponents state that we have reached the peak of discovery and extraction and from now on, demand will exceed supply and the nations of the world will be fighting each other viciously for the remaining drops. I remember ten years ago when the price of oil suddenly spiked and hovered near $4 a gallon in the USA. The peak oil gang went hyperbolic and breathlessly wrote about how the ‘days of $3 a gallon are gone forever’, and that the price of gas will go nowhere but up into the future. In a couple more years, we would be looking at $10 a gallon. Oil would rise to $200 per barrel. Those predictions were written in 2004. The theory of peak oil has lost its momentum. Just yesterday, a Reuters article appeared with the title “New era of oil abundance on the horizon.’

What peak oil theorists claim:


The peak oil types were always suspicious to me. On the one hand, they would state that the Saudis were notoriously reticent and secretive about how much reserves they really had, and yet in the same breath they claimed to ‘know’ that the world was running out of oil. If the Saudis, and probably all oil producing nations, not to mention all the big oil companies, are not forthcoming about how much recoverable oil actually exists, then on what basis can someone make claims about ‘peak oil.’ It’s absurd.

James Howard Kunstler, author of ‘The Long Emergency’ was one of the biggest exponents of peak oil, along with the late Michael Ruppert. According to them, the fallout from peak oil would create global havoc and wreck civilization as we know it. ‘The Long Emergency’ , while containing some interesting and at times useful information, is really just a manual for the production of fear.

To reiterate: a global economy based upon oil is unsustainable and harmful and should be replaced by a more equitable and holistic model. But to spend our valuable time chasing rabbits like peak oil is a dead-end.

Man-made Global Warming

The theory of man-made global warming was long ago debunked but the elite have shifted laterally to rename it as ‘global climate change.’  Earth’s climate  is variable and is quite possibly going thru some major shift, but much of it can be attributed to the sun and our position within the Milky Way galaxy. Similar changes occurring on our sister planets confirm this. As for the man-made aspect, HAARP and chemtrails are responsible for much of the rest, NOT carbon emissions. Which means that going out and buying a Prius will not stop what is happening. What is clear is that Gore, and other global elitist scum will continue to attempt to hype the claim of global warming to promote carbon taxes and a further clampdown on humanity, with corresponding moves toward global governance.

The relentlessly exploited image of the polar bear:


Al Gore is, of course, the grand champion fear monger in this category and he should be relegated back to the lizard hole from whence he came.


The disaster at the Fukushima site in Japan is without precedent in human history. It is undoubtedly having a global impact. But just how much of a global impact is the question. I have no way of independently finding out the truth of the matter, and must rely on anecdotal accounts and bits of informations gathered from individuals around the world. Perhaps there are some individuals the top of the global control pyramid who know exactly what’s happening, but for the rest of us we are mostly groping in the dark. Hence, I take all Fukushima disaster talk with a heavy grain of salt.

Jeff Rense, who runs the popular website rense.com, is the ultimate Fukushima fear monger , along with physicist Leuren Moret. The Japanese people, for their part, are not panicking, and actually appear unconcerned.

World War

I have written a number of blog posts regarding the outbreak of world war 3 and do believe we will plunge deeper into war in the coming years. The problem with fear mongers like Alex Jones, Lyndon LaRouche, Michael Snyder, Steve Quayle and the rest is that they are always claiming that their ‘sources’ are telling them that ‘next week’ Israel will bomb Iran and the world will go down in flames. At least since early 2010, I’ve heard that we ‘are just a month away from the beginning of WW3’, with this type of headline regularly appearing on that veritable bullhorn of fear, infowars.com. The christian evangelicals and zionist christians are fond of the WW3 theme to sell their brand of fear porn and collect money and followers from the easily duped. They keep their copies of Revelations close by to correlate each day’s news to a sentence in that ancient text.

Outer Space

The idea that a rogue planet, aka ‘Planet X’, or a wayward comet/ asteroid/meteor is going to strike Earth is a theme that has been hyped and milked for decades. The latest incarnations of this phenomenon was comet Elenin in 2011 and comet ISON in 2013, both of which were relentlessly hyped on the internet as potential ‘species extinction events.’ Henning Kemner, dahboo77, and Alfred Lambremont Webre, among many, many others , were at the forefront of hyping these non-events.





Flying through chemtrails: A trip to the USA

I recently returned from a trip to the United States and what I witnessed in the sky there was quite disturbing.  I entered the U.S. on a plane  from Asia and traveled the length of the country. As the sun rose we were just south of Chicago and heading southeast toward Washington D.C. At approximately 35,000 feet, I had a good view of the countryside from my window seat. Looking down, I noticed a thick mass of chemtrails  comprising at least two distinct layers. The chemical soup was so thick that I could barely discern the ground. This tableau continued for the next hour and a half. It was astounding to imagine   the total area that they are able to cover with chemtrail spraying. The area we were flying over was mostly farmland and when I considered the effect of the chemtrails on sunlight hitting the ground, I realized that it must have a significant effect on the crops. Without a doubt, the chemtrails increase the earth’s albedo and reflect sunlight back into space;  what sunlight does make it to the ground is filtered and hazy.

Flying southward over West Virginia, the sky cleared for about a half hour before we began our descent into Dulles airport in Virginia. As we descended to 20,000 feet, I looked up and saw an amazing sight: seven chemtrail tanker planes flying due west in formation. They were laying parallel streaks of chemtrails for hundreds of miles heading into Ohio, West Virginia, and points beyond. Meanwhile, my fellow passengers dozed or watched tv, oblivious to it all…

I spent the next week in the Maryland, D.C., Virginia metro area and the spraying seemed to be heaviest in Virginia. We had one magnificent day of autumn weather, at least in the morning hours, before the spraying started in the early afternoon. By 4pm, the entire sky was covered in hazy whitish chemicals.

On the flight back home, I flew east to west in the late afternoon hours  across the upper half of the United States. Above the midwest, I noticed and photographed some truly bizarre chemtrail ‘clouds’ which extended like a giant blanket over the states of Wisconsin, North and South Dakota and points further south.

This is not normal:


30 minutes later:



One hour later:



We now live in such an artificially created reality that people no longer are able to recognize even the most basic  components of the natural world. I stood in the lobby of the hotel where I was staying in Seattle one morning, and the automaton weather ‘forecaster’ pointed at the screen behind him and said, “And here you can see some high cirrus clouds’ which were obviously chemtrails.  This is why they call it television ‘programming.’  Yes, the weather channel and all the local tv weather ‘reporters’ are in on the game. They get their weather information from the Rand Corporation, ‘the think tank that controls America.’ This is all documented and widely available to anyone who cares to do the research. They want you to deny what you see with your own two eyes. “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?”


Check out how often the daily forecast in your city calls for ‘partly sunny’ or ‘partly cloudy’ skies. (And what exactly is the difference between those two terms…?) Chances are, most days of the week have that term for the forecast. How convenient.


Dane Wigington, who has done more than anyone to sound the alarm about the global chemtrail program, also known as geoengineering, or global stratospheric climate modification, has recently written an excellent piece summarizing the history of this insidious and evil program and what we are faced with. The current drought in California is anything but normal and rain clouds are routinely steered away from the state. This article is well worth reading.



What happened to environmentalism?

The modern environmental movement is traced back to the publication of Rachel Carson’s seminal book Silent Spring in 1962 which gave impetus to  the budding ecology movement in the 1960s that culminated with the first ‘Earth Day’ on April 22, 1970.

Major ‘Earth Day’ remembrances and celebrations were held in 1990 and in 2000,  and smaller gatherings in many countries have been held annually thereafter.

springPrior to the big 20th anniversary event in 1990, I distinctly recall an excitement and sense of optimism amongst my progressive friends and acquaintances who were environmentally conscious. It appeared to us that the shift in consciousness that we had always hoped for was finally happening. Environmental destruction was finally getting the press and the attention that it deserved. At the health food store where I was working, we were phasing out all plastic bags and encouraging people to ‘bring your own bag.’ Taking advantage of the increased attention and momentum, we tried to make our little store as eco-friendly as possible. We imagined, or at least imagined, that within a decade plastic shopping bags would be a thing of the past, a relic of ignorant bygone era.

I can look back on my naiveté  during  that time with a certain amusement now. I had vastly overestimated the average person’s concern for the environment and had in a sense projected my own growing awareness onto the greater whole. Furthermore, in a war between environmental protection and the ever increasing needs of growing economies, the environment will always lose out. The capitalist corporate machine knows no boundaries.

In advanced first-world economies such as the United States and Western Europe,  where the educated class has been exposed to preservationist ideas, things such as littering out of the car window and burning your plastic trash in the yard are frowned upon and can even incur a hefty fine. In the developing world, it’s a different story altogether. Tossing your rubbish out of the car or bus window onto the roadside is normal and not seen as anything ‘bad.’ In South America, some roadsides I saw were heaped so high with garbage that you had to cover your nose when driving past. I remember once taking a bus through a beautiful, pristine mountain park in Ecuador, and the woman next to me casually threw her entire lunch, wrapped in numerous plastic bags, out the window into the wilderness.

Here in Southeast Asia, the ethic is the same. Outside of a few tourist areas, public trash bins are few and far between and people are raised and taught to ‘just toss it.’ The city governments hire thousands of street sweepers to keep the city free of rubbish, but a good amount of trash of course ends up getting washed into the waterways.

The deeper underlying issue is not whether or not the trash thrown onto the thoroughfares will get swept up and thrown away, but whether people can unlearn the dysfunctional habits they have  repeated  from a young age. When you venture into the countryside where there are no street sweepers, the ingrained habits manifest and people still toss it onto the ground, where the trash, if it doesn’t get washed into the rivers, will stay for millennia.

For developing countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Viet Nam, Indonesia and so many others, environmentalism is not a serious issue. It may be given occasional lip service by government ministers, but the name of the game is industrialization and ‘development’- at all costs. Build and develop now, clean up later. China is the poster child for this kind of thinking.  I’m afraid it’s already too late for many who live there, judging by recent news reports on the unbreathable air in many of its major cities.

This model of ‘clean up later’ filters down from the top to the bottom sectors of society. The populace of most developing countries, being uneducated and lacking any ecological perspective, is simply left to deal with the environmental crisis on their own. They are essentially abandoned by their governments who only want to see increasing GDP numbers. Incapable of organizing and  lobbying for laws for cleaner air, they simply don a primitive face mask in the hope of coping with effluent of industrial society.

And the plastic bags that I was so sure would be gone by now? They are more numerous than ever. The world loves plastic bags. Anything that I purchase, from a banana to a razor blade to a beer to a book, is handed to me in a plastic bag. I mostly refuse the bags, but my insignificant little act of eco-grooviness is pointless in the bigger picture. Nobody knows, let alone  cares, why I refuse plastic bags. The shopkeepers and clerks just shrug their shoulders and go about their business. I try to inform and educate whenever I can, especially to my students, but the level of enthusiasm for environmentalism is low.

I’m increasingly doubtful that environmentalism can ever gain any real traction in this world. In order for it to do so, a global consciousness shift would need to occur. Change must first happen in the mind before it can be manifested physically. I think Daniel Quinn pointed the way in his books, especially in Ishmael. As long as we continue to carry around the mindset that Earth is here to be conquered and for humans to use it at our pleasure, environmentalism will be but a pipe dream and a healthy planet only a memory.