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Crippling a population with vaccines- Viet Nam

I read recently that the Taliban kill  anyone caught administering the polio vaccine in Afghanistan. The vaccines are administered by various UN aid agencies under the guise of ‘protecting the children.’  Afghanis  understand that the people administering the polio vaccines are either dupes or outright paid agents of the NWO.

It’s no longer a secret that numerous NGOs, so-called ‘aid agencies,’ the WHO, and other benign sounding organizations are busy  throughout the world  engaging in nefarious activities on innocent and naive populations. The CIA -controlled USAID and National Endowment for Democracy have been busy since the early 1980s in toppling democratic governments on every continent. The Orwellian spin on ‘democracy’  is surely a source of endless amusement for the cigar smoking globalists in their high-rises in London and New York.

The NGOs work as a ‘fifth column’ inside countries, slowly and steadily eating away at the host. Paul Craig Roberts and other astute researchers have noted the important influence NGOs had in the years leading up to the coup in Ukraine.

But let’s get back to vaccines. One week ago, a brief news story, only five paragraphs long, appeared in a Vietnamese newspaper. The headline read, “Students stable after anaphylactic shock.” Just in case you don’t know what that is, here is a definition: “Anaphylactic shock: A widespread and very serious allergic reaction. Symptoms include dizziness, loss of consciousness, labored breathing, swelling of the tongue and breathing tubes, blueness of the skin, low blood pressure, heart failure, and DEATH.”

The WHO has been busy for quite a while in Viet Nam, dealing out their propaganda on vaccines, along with, of course,  the Gates foundation. Thousands of nurses and health workers fan out across the country, injecting the young and innocent children with vaccines that contain all manner of toxic adjuvants. In the short time I have lived in Viet Nam,  I have seen at least a half dozen instances of deaths and permanent injury to children and newborns  as a result of vaccines. This is getting to be ‘old news.’ When the communities cry for justice  and mourn their dead children, government  spokespeople rush in to assure them that it was ‘tragic accident’, but that the children should continue to receive the vaccinations. Everything is fine now, we destroyed the bad batch, sorry about your kid. 


In the recent case, 35 students from a secondary school went into shock after being vaccinated with the measles-rubella vaccination. Ten were in serious condition.

Viet Nam has a population of 90 million and the vast majority are uneducated. They are an easy target for those pushing the depopulation agenda. Toxic, mercury-laden vaccines, chemtrails, GMOs, fast food, and sugary soft drinks are all being foisted upon the people here in massive doses. The onslaught is occurring far faster than the people’s education regarding what these things are, let alone their effect on human health.

When government workers, nurses, and aid agencies show up at schools and in communities, they have official titles, degrees, and warm smiles.  They easily convince the people to do what they are told. Lacking education and possessing a trusting nature, they go along, and they suffer  the consequences. With so many recent deaths and injuries resulting from the rampant administration of vaccines, perhaps this trusting nature will end.



Italy to halt ‘Mare Nostrum’ but the agenda moves on

The issue of illegal migration has been a hot topic in the news during the last few months, and it will undoubtedly remain so for the foreseeable future. The root causes of the problem have little to do with the perfunctory explanations given in the mainstream media and have everything to do with a global agenda being pushed by the zionist global elite.

Let’s look at Italy. Last year, the Italian government launched a program called ‘Mare Nostrum’ which was ostensibly a humanitarian mission to rescue the hundreds of thousands of poor and desperate migrants from Africa and the Middle East who were attempting to reach Italy by way of wooden boats across the Mediterranean Sea. Stories of overcrowded boats sinking with hundreds of people drowning had made headlines in 2013 and the government had a good cover story to launch the mission. I am using words and phrases like ‘ostensibly’ and ‘cover story’ on purpose here, as I don’t believe for one moment the government’s glib explanations to devote manpower and money for this program when the country is in such economic dire straits and when poor Italians cannot get government assistance for basic needs. The government’s words ring hollow, as usual.

Immigrazione: Marina Militare, ieri soccorsi 1812 migranti

According to reports,  Italy deployed 32 boats, two submarines, planes, and helicopters and the 900 man crew picked up an average of 400 migrants a day. These people were then taken to Italy for ‘processing.’ Many, perhaps most, of those people will eventually file for asylum in Italy or perhaps another EU country if they can manage to make it somewhere else.

The latest word is that, after massive popular backlash at home, the government will shut down ‘Mare Nostrum’ and the EU will pick up the slack with its own program called ‘Triton.’

The backlash is not surprising. The Italian masses are not that stupid. They see what is happening. The government is simply ferrying in immigrants with ‘Mare Nostrum’ instead of dissuading them from coming. Remember, these people are attempting to illegally enter a country. That is grounds for immediate deportation in most cases, but here we have a government actually assisting them to enter.

So, what is the real story here?  The leaders of the Italian government are receiving orders from a much higher place and the Renzi government is merely a mouthpiece for those elites higher on the pyramid scheme. As always with these agendas, there are primary, secondary, and tertiary benefits. The primary benefit is in line with what is happening throughout most of Western and Northern Europe. That is, push in huge numbers of immigrants from foreign countries who have vastly different cultures from the native cultures of Europe and shove the ‘multicultural’ meme down people’s throats. The ensuing dilution and  weakening of native cultures will serve to benefit the agenda of one world government, by way of the NWO.

Secondary benefits would include a new infusion of cheap labor into the market.  For example, many young Italians no longer wish to work in the country’s farms doing manual labor , but the newly-arrived Africans are more than happy to pick fruit. Wages will of course be depressed further as the new workers will lack the language and organizing skills to avoid being massively exploited.

Tertiary effects include  the divisive wedge the immigrant issue will surely drive into the country’s populace.  It’s already happening. Protests against ‘Mare Nostrum’ and the wave of illegal migrants have been met with the predictable charges of ‘racism’ and counter-protests have been organized by misguided and/or manipulated useful idiots on the Left.

But Italy and Europe are just one piece of the puzzle. The globalists don’t have that name for no reason. Over in the USA, Barry Obummer and his merry band of handlers are busy writing legislation and executive orders to give blanket amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegals even while more are continuing to cross the border.


A recent story from the Inter Press Service News gives some insight into the agenda at work in America. According to the article, some 70,000 children were apprehended at the border during the fiscal year 2014. Most of these children came from Honduras and El Salvador and will be given temporary asylum; this ‘temporary’ asylum will surely become permanent under Obummer’s plan.

Already, the children are receiving free health care and free education. One of the school districts in Texas which is currently taking in a number of these students is called Sommerville. An administrator from the district, a real do-gooder, said, “As soon as the student comes to Sommerville, they are our students, period, and we don’t need to know, and we’re not interested in knowing, , about their residency status.”

She’s ‘not interested’ in knowing a child’s residency status? I guess she knows Obummer’s got her back. Texas is not alone in having such an open policy toward illegals. All children in Massachusetts have the right to free public education, regardless of immigrant status or national origin.

It’s interesting to observe  the tone of the article and the subtle ways in which it takes its stance. It presents the administrator and teachers in Texas as paragons of righteousness. The terrible conditions in Honduras and El Salvador are meticulously noted. The article states that the U.S. constitution ‘guarantees’ education for all children , regardless of status. The heart-wrenching stories of a young man named “Pedro” is given many column inches. You get the idea. The agenda relies on the media to do much of the front line work to brainwash the masses. It has often been called social engineering. Uproot people, make them refugees, move them far away and dilute culture wherever and whenever you can. The zionist plan at work.




Demographic collapse and the willful blindness of the NY Times

In an article titled “Bye-Bye, Baby”  posted April 4th in The New York Times  , the (toilet) paper of record, authors Michael S. Teitelbaum and Jay M. Winter contend that the crashing birth rates seen around the world are nothing to be worried about.

I once thought it would be fun to rebut all the garbage printed in the New York Times, but that would be a full-time job, and someone else is already doing it:


Whereas in a previous blog post here I contended that the issue was receiving far too little attention, according to Teitelbaum and Winter, who work at Harvard and Yale, the issue is receiving too much attention and causing hysteria. In order to buttress this claim , they name three  publications that have written recently on this topic, although I’m not sure that a few articles appearing in the Times and the Economist constitutes a wave of hysteria.

The authors go on to conflate the dire predictions of the Ehrlichs and the over-population crowd  with the new warnings about the dearth of births, trying to show how they are two sides of the same misguided fear coin. Our Ivy League professors  opine that writers and bloggers and even politicians who are sounding alarm bells are just “chicken littles” , and that we are suffering from a massive and unnecessary case of anxiety.

They do take one paragraph to discuss Russia’s near catastrophic population decline in the 1990s, but they assure us that the overall decline in population was only ‘modest’ and that besides, her birth rate has now climbed back to 1.6, so everything should be just fine.

Teitelbaum and Winter state that, while falling fertility poses challenges, it also has rewards-  more rights and opportunities for women. While women may or may not gain greater economic opportunity from having fewer children, too many women entering the workforce and postponing and even forgoing altogether family life clearly does not bode well for our collective future.

In their summary, the Ivy Leaguers declare that ‘population doom’ is a recurring fad that should be ignored and that we should focus on our real problems. Given that this was printed in the Times, I guess that ‘real’ problem would be how to send even more money to Israel?



Why aren’t people having babies? The Demographic Collapse

The demographic crisis currently unfolding around the world is not receiving the media scrutiny that it deserves. The most severe manifestations of this crisis can be seen in Southern and Eastern Europe, East Asia, and North America, but the phenomenon of plummeting birth rates can be observed in almost every area of the world.


Perhaps the reason for this lack of media coverage is our longstanding concern with overpopulation which has been ongoing since the time of Malthus and has gotten increasing media attention every time earth’s population adds another billion.

A number of recent articles that I came across detailing Japan’s demographic catastrophe and the unfolding situation in Eastern Europe kindled my interest. As I delved into the demographic statistics of the countries afflicted most severely with these problems, I was shocked at what I read.

Let’s begin with Southern Europe. Italy’s total fertility rate (TFR) fell below the replacement level of 2.1 back in 1977, dipping below 1.2 in the mid 1990s.  From 1975 until 2012, Italy added a measly 4 million people to her total population. Beginning in 1993, the country began to experience a yearly net loss in population, with more people dying than being born. Except for 2004 and 2006, Italy has lost somewhere between 2,000 and 46,000 people per year.



Serbia, the land of my ancestors, is experiencing an acute demographic crisis. Its TFR fell below 2 in 1991 and has been hovering around 1.4 for the last ten years.  Beginning in 1992, it began to lose population.  For the last ten years, it has averaged a net loss of 34,000 people per year. This is not an insignificant number for a country with a total population of only 7.1 million people.

The population of Greece, that ancient and beautiful land, stopped growing in the early 1980s. Its TFR dropped below the replacement level in 1983 and went quickly downhill from there. It has bottomed out (for now) around 1.4. Since 1996, half of the years have seen a net population decrease. With its recent economic troubles, Greece will not be in any position to help out its young, struggling families.

In Eastern Europe, the situation is even worse. Romania’s TFR slipped to 1.83 in 1990 and since then has hovered between 1.2 and 1.3. The country began to lose population in 1992. Since that year, Romania has lost over 795,000 people, with an average yearly loss of 36,000 people.

Bulgaria’s TFR fell to 1.96 in 1987. It got as low as 1.09 in 1997 before rebounding slightly and now has stabilized for the moment around 1.5 Bulgaria has had a net population loss every year since 1990 and now has 839,000 fewer people than it did then. Average annual population loss: 36,000.

Hungary last had a TFR of 2 or greater in 1979.  For the past seventeen years, its TFR has failed to rise above 1.3.  It started to lose population in 1981 and has had more deaths than births every year since then. Its total loss since then numbers over 868,000 people with an average annual loss of 26,000.



The Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have equally grim statistics. Since 1990, Latvia’s couples have been failing to reproduce themselves and its TFR dipped as low as 1.1 in 1997 and 1998. It has lost between 8,000 and 17,000 people per year since 1991, in a country of only 2 million. The figures for Estonia and Lithuania are comparable.

Russia’s demographic collapse ,which began after the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991,  received some press coverage, but looking back at the horrifying statistics from those years still gives pause. Russia suffered a double whammy: Not only did its birth rate decline quickly, but its death rate skyrocketed at the same time, resulting in massive yearly net population losses. From 1992 until 2006, Russia was losing around 800,000 (!!) people per year. Since 2007, thanks to an improving economic outlook and reforms put in place by Vladimir Putin, the birth rate has started to slowly climb back up and the death rate has begun to slowly decrease. In 2012, its annual loss was only 2,500 people, and last year Russia actually had a population gain for the first time in over 20 years.


Germany is another interesting country to examine. It has not had a TFR above 2 since 1971 and continues to have one of the lowest birth rates in the world, averaging between 1.2 and 1.4 for the last twenty years. It has had more deaths than births every year since 1972 and since 2002 has averaged 150,000 excess deaths per year. The only thing saving Germany from demographic collapse is massive immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe.

These statistics just scratch the surface of this problem. We could discuss the emigration patterns taking place around Europe and the world, which in some cases exacerbate and in other case alleviate the aforementioned issues.  We could talk about the underlying causes for couples choosing not to have large families, or any children at all. We might ask what will be the long term consequences for these nations which are losing people so quickly. We could take a look at Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and other places where there is an acute child shortage as well.

This phenomenon is real, it appears it is here to stay, and it is spreading. Save for Sub-Saharan Africa, couples- both married and unmarried- are failing to reproduce themselves and the long and short term consequences for humanity are going to be huge. Nation-states will collapse, national boundaries will be redrawn and the global balance of power will continue to shift.



Our population conundrum. Falling birthrates and demographic decline

China has recently announced that it is ‘relaxing’ its long- standing one child policy. The government of Viet Nam has made a series of recent announcements urging families, especially those in the south of the country where the birthrate has been falling precipitously, to have more babies. A recent article noted that in Japan, couples are not only not having babies, but also not getting married. Furthermore, many young people there have said they are losing interest in sex, as work has now taken a higher priority in their lives.

The government of Singapore is looking with deep concern over the country’s plummeting birthrate and taken measures to make the country more ‘child and family friendly’ with a series of tax measures and decrees to nudge young couples to make more babies. The situation is similar in Malaysia. A few years ago in Russian, Vladimir Putin went on television and literally begged the Russian people to have bigger families, as the death rate continued to exceed the birth rate, a deeply worrisome trend for any government concerned with it’s country’s survival.


These are just a few examples among many. Indeed, all over the world this phenomenon of falling birthrates is seen.  Social scientists have a term for the replacement rate of a population, or how many babies each woman must have to maintain the population. This figure is called the ‘Total Fertility Rate’ or TFR. Generally speaking, this number is 2.1. Each woman needs to have 2 children to replace her and her husband. And since not all women have children,  and some children die before reaching adulthood, the number rises to slightly above 2.

Japan and South Korea have a current TFR of 1.2. In Singapore, it is 1.89. In Western Europe, the figures are also startling: Portugal is 1.49, France is 1.99, England is 1.66.


Italy is a disaster. In the first four months of 2013, 8,000 fewer children were born in Italy than in the same period of the previous year. Its TFR is 1.41, which ranks it 203rd in the world. Deaths are outstripping births. For 2012, Italy had 12,000 fewer births than in 2011 and 19,000 more deaths.  The only factor that is keeping Italy’s population from shrinking rapidly is immigration.

In my country, the USA, the situation is similar. Birth rates have been declining for many decades. The U.S fertility rate fell to a record low in   2012 with only 63 births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44. This was the fifth year in a row in which birth rates have declined. Births in the U.S. have been below replacement level since  2007. Our population would have started declining many years ago if it were not for immigration. The U.S. has for a long time accepted around 2 million legal immigrants per year, and an unknown number of illegal immigrants, mostly from Mexico.

During my travels , I have often asked young women in their 20s about their future family plans . The answers I received were similar in South America and Asia. Most of the girls replied that they wanted one child. Some replied ‘none’ and some said ‘two’. When I inquired how many children their great grandmothers, grandmothers, and mothers had , they often told me: 6, 4, and 2. The trend is clear and unmistakable.

Governments and social scientists who study these trends and in many cases try to modify or reverse them look at economic causes. And many young people themselves often point to the economy and their uncertain economic status as the reasons for delaying having families or forgoing children altogether. The skyrocketing cost of private and higher education and the out-of-reach dream of owning a house are mentioned frequently. And yet, there appears to be something deeper and more profound happening here, something which nobody – neither scientists, nor bureaucrats-  has a handle on. It may be nature herself, working her plan thru unwitting humans who feel, mistakenly, that they are making rational, well-thought-out decisions based upon reason and study.

The world I grew up in during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, when the term ‘overpopulation’ was talked about incessantly and Paul Ehrlich’s  books about the ‘Population Explosion’ sold in the millions, is now over. Yes, we have surpassed 7 billion people, but the rate of increase is slowing way down  and  it seems our problem is no longer an over-populated world, but a soon- to -be underpopulated one.