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Italy to halt ‘Mare Nostrum’ but the agenda moves on

The issue of illegal migration has been a hot topic in the news during the last few months, and it will undoubtedly remain so for the foreseeable future. The root causes of the problem have little to do with the perfunctory explanations given in the mainstream media and have everything to do with a global agenda being pushed by the zionist global elite.

Let’s look at Italy. Last year, the Italian government launched a program called ‘Mare Nostrum’ which was ostensibly a humanitarian mission to rescue the hundreds of thousands of poor and desperate migrants from Africa and the Middle East who were attempting to reach Italy by way of wooden boats across the Mediterranean Sea. Stories of overcrowded boats sinking with hundreds of people drowning had made headlines in 2013 and the government had a good cover story to launch the mission. I am using words and phrases like ‘ostensibly’ and ‘cover story’ on purpose here, as I don’t believe for one moment the government’s glib explanations to devote manpower and money for this program when the country is in such economic dire straits and when poor Italians cannot get government assistance for basic needs. The government’s words ring hollow, as usual.

Immigrazione: Marina Militare, ieri soccorsi 1812 migranti

According to reports,  Italy deployed 32 boats, two submarines, planes, and helicopters and the 900 man crew picked up an average of 400 migrants a day. These people were then taken to Italy for ‘processing.’ Many, perhaps most, of those people will eventually file for asylum in Italy or perhaps another EU country if they can manage to make it somewhere else.

The latest word is that, after massive popular backlash at home, the government will shut down ‘Mare Nostrum’ and the EU will pick up the slack with its own program called ‘Triton.’

The backlash is not surprising. The Italian masses are not that stupid. They see what is happening. The government is simply ferrying in immigrants with ‘Mare Nostrum’ instead of dissuading them from coming. Remember, these people are attempting to illegally enter a country. That is grounds for immediate deportation in most cases, but here we have a government actually assisting them to enter.

So, what is the real story here?  The leaders of the Italian government are receiving orders from a much higher place and the Renzi government is merely a mouthpiece for those elites higher on the pyramid scheme. As always with these agendas, there are primary, secondary, and tertiary benefits. The primary benefit is in line with what is happening throughout most of Western and Northern Europe. That is, push in huge numbers of immigrants from foreign countries who have vastly different cultures from the native cultures of Europe and shove the ‘multicultural’ meme down people’s throats. The ensuing dilution and  weakening of native cultures will serve to benefit the agenda of one world government, by way of the NWO.

Secondary benefits would include a new infusion of cheap labor into the market.  For example, many young Italians no longer wish to work in the country’s farms doing manual labor , but the newly-arrived Africans are more than happy to pick fruit. Wages will of course be depressed further as the new workers will lack the language and organizing skills to avoid being massively exploited.

Tertiary effects include  the divisive wedge the immigrant issue will surely drive into the country’s populace.  It’s already happening. Protests against ‘Mare Nostrum’ and the wave of illegal migrants have been met with the predictable charges of ‘racism’ and counter-protests have been organized by misguided and/or manipulated useful idiots on the Left.

But Italy and Europe are just one piece of the puzzle. The globalists don’t have that name for no reason. Over in the USA, Barry Obummer and his merry band of handlers are busy writing legislation and executive orders to give blanket amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegals even while more are continuing to cross the border.


A recent story from the Inter Press Service News gives some insight into the agenda at work in America. According to the article, some 70,000 children were apprehended at the border during the fiscal year 2014. Most of these children came from Honduras and El Salvador and will be given temporary asylum; this ‘temporary’ asylum will surely become permanent under Obummer’s plan.

Already, the children are receiving free health care and free education. One of the school districts in Texas which is currently taking in a number of these students is called Sommerville. An administrator from the district, a real do-gooder, said, “As soon as the student comes to Sommerville, they are our students, period, and we don’t need to know, and we’re not interested in knowing, , about their residency status.”

She’s ‘not interested’ in knowing a child’s residency status? I guess she knows Obummer’s got her back. Texas is not alone in having such an open policy toward illegals. All children in Massachusetts have the right to free public education, regardless of immigrant status or national origin.

It’s interesting to observe  the tone of the article and the subtle ways in which it takes its stance. It presents the administrator and teachers in Texas as paragons of righteousness. The terrible conditions in Honduras and El Salvador are meticulously noted. The article states that the U.S. constitution ‘guarantees’ education for all children , regardless of status. The heart-wrenching stories of a young man named “Pedro” is given many column inches. You get the idea. The agenda relies on the media to do much of the front line work to brainwash the masses. It has often been called social engineering. Uproot people, make them refugees, move them far away and dilute culture wherever and whenever you can. The zionist plan at work.




Is the world really going insane, or are we just being played for fools? Boko Harem, Isis, and El Shabaab

Some form of mass shooting now occurs  almost daily in the United States. In the Middle East and Africa, mass killings, car bombings, and kidnappings are also a daily occurrence. New ‘terrorist’ groups and cells appear out of nowhere. Now we have an entire ‘terrorist’ army (ISIS) which has, supposedly, come out of nowhere and overrun half a country.  Is there a connection between all these events? Can we connect a few dots here?

To begin with, we the people should, as always, ignore everything we  read in the corporate, zionist-controlled mass media. It is nothing more or less than mass mind control, meant to first instill fear and confusion, and then to ultimately steer and control the masses into the desired outcome.

The recent shootings in America, going back to Sandy Hook and Boston, are all likely false-flag staged events. They are elaborate hoaxes and productions, and the fact that they are coming so furiously now means that the social engineers are busy getting ready to implement some new draconian program, most likely gun control, i.e. confiscation. Thank goodness we have the independent media and researchers who can expose the absurd events as soon as they are broadcast. Anyone who spends a few minutes examining the evidence and circumstances surrounding these shootings comes away with a lot of unanswered questions.

Concomitant with the shootings in America, we have all the recent madness on the African continent and the appearance of this army in Iraq. Boko Harem, which is likely a CIA creation, is busy creating the requisite climate of fear and terror needed for NATO intervention. It is the classic ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’ program at work. Along with ‘Boko Harem’ (a name probably concocted in some CIA dungeon during a late night drinking session) , we now have a new group of maniacs running loose in Kenya, slaughtering people without remorse. Reuters (Rothschild owned) and AP (Rothschild owned) are telling us that the gunmen are crazed killers (Al-Shabaab) from Somalia. Western powers have a long history of intervention in that strategic country in the horn of Africa, and there is every reason to think that events occurring there have a hidden hand behind them.


If you believe all this nonsense with Boko Harem and Al-Shabaab, then we have a doozy for you. With thousands of high-tech satellites hovering over Earth, sophisticated eavesdropping equipment, the NSA, the CIA, military intelligence -not to mention thousands of operatives on the ground all over the Middle East- somehow they failed to detect the presence of an army which has in a matter of days taken over half of Iraq. Yeah, right.

This army didn’t come out of nowhere and they didn’t magically acquire all those light and heavy weapons they are now using so ruthlessly. They are well-armed and well-funded. But by whom?  The Middle East is so awash with weapons smuggled in from everywhere that it would be difficult if not impossible to find out the truth of the matter. All we can do is ask the obvious question: ‘Qui bono?’ Who will benefit from the unfolding madness in Iraq? Arms merchants and banks, for sure. Israel, probably. The Israelis need weak, divided and fractured states in the neighborhood. Don’t forget, the long range plan of the zionists in Tel Aviv is a ‘Greater Israel’ that extends all the way to the Tigris and Euphrates.


The banksters and zionist war mongers who pull Obama’s strings need to keep the war machine going. It may be as simple as that: more conflict for the sake of …..more conflict. The neo-cons even told us so. This war will go on forever, they said. The psychopaths who sit at the table of the ruling elite need their blood sacrifices.  Humanity will take back our freedom when we stop feeding the beast.

Mali, Nigeria, Libya, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan: Problem-Reaction-Solution from the NWO


According to the mainstream news, Tuareg rebels in northern Mali have inflicted a humiliating defeat on the Malian armed forces. The defeat of the ‘poorly designed and executed operation’ is an embarrassment to the weak government in Bamako. Francois Hollande, the French president and NWO puppet who dreams of projecting French military power into Africa and beyond, has sent in his country’s military to ‘assist’ the Malian forces. With this recent setback to the local army, Hollande has promised to keep French forces there longer.  (Read: indefinitely). Mali used to be French colony and one would think that the very idea of your former colonizer sending in troops to your country would be unthinkable, but Mali has a sufficiently compliant political class and they understand how to take orders. These Tuareg rebels will be held up in corporate and government media sources as new bogeymen, and Hollande will have his justification for French meddling in Africa. This is  naked African neo-colonialism.


Meanwhile, the situation continues to deteriorate in the south in Nigeria. As noted here before, the bogeymen in Nigeria are called ‘Boko Haram.’ I’m sure we will see an sudden and rapid escalation in car bombings and slaughters of innocent villagers all over Nigeria, all conveniently blamed on this shadowy group. How these groups gain the knowledge and wherewithal to make sophisticated car bombs is never made clear. What is also never made clear is even why they would want to set off random car bombings,  killing innocent men, women and children. They serve no strategic value whatsoever. The lame, docile corporate press (CNN, AP, Reuters, NYT, etc.) are too cowed to ever investigate this story, because of where it might lead, namely Tel Aviv and London. The West, i.e. NATO, Israel, Tel Aviv and London want to break up Africa and grab hold of the resources and counter China’s growing influence. Watch for large-scale outright military invasion coming to Nigeria soon, courtesy of NATO and its NWO puppet masters.



South Sudan

Moving due east across the Sahel, we come to South Sudan, the world’s newest country and a scene of complete chaos and destruction. Stern-looking spokespeople from  the UN are making daily pronouncements of the dire situation there and pleading for more ‘aid’ to prevent mass starvation there. The puppet Obama will surely be sending in special forces soon, if he hasn’t already, ostensibly to ‘protect lives.’ Orwellian language, as always. We must kill to ‘save lives.’ WAR IS PEACE.

Obama and Hollande. “Let them eat cake.”



Turning north and traveling up to Libya, the scene of NATO’s triumphant toppling of ‘the evil dictator’ Qaddafi a mere three years ago, we see a country in ruins, with an impotent central government and numerous militias jockeying for power in a bid to control the oil resources. All of this was utterly predictable. Qaddafi, who ruled that large country peaceably for 30 years and who provided his people with one of the highest standards of living in all of Africa, is now dead, after he dared to attempt creating an alternative currency for Africa, freed from the clutches of Western banks. Wherever America, NATO and the Zionists intervene, they leave behind a shattered and ruined country. The people are unimportant. Whether they live or die is of no concern to the Zionists. As long as the oil and gas is flowing, all is well for them.


This week, Somalia suffered an attack on its parliament. That poor country is ungovernable and refugees from there continue to flee to Europe, with many drowning in boats on the journey across the Mediterranean.  Kenya is experiencing more unrest, supposedly from rebel groups next door in Somalia. Meanwhile, pentagon war planners ratchet things up with AFRICOM, as Obama tries to counter the Chinese in Africa. This is all going downhill quickly as Africa is slowly and surely carved up piecemeal for its rich resource base.







Boko Haram: the new bogeyman.

Have the higher-ups in the pentagon realized that the ‘threat’ of Al-Qaeda no longer sends shivers down the spines of naive Americans as it once did? Or, are more Americans learning how the U.S. government is working with Al-Qaeda in Syria and in other places? Have more people caught onto the fact that Al-CIA-da was a creation of U.S. intelligence all along? Whatever is going on, one thing is clear- a new bogeyman is needed to send a  wave a fear crashing over the landscape of America and beyond and to justify more imperialistic and militaristic global adventures. Hence, we have BOKO HARAM.

Expect to see more- a lot more- bombings, kidnappings, killings and mayhem in the days, weeks and months ahead, attributed to this shadowy group based in Nigeria. This crap could only have been cooked up deep in the belly of Washington neo-con think tanks, and mossad war rooms. ‘Let’s create a new ‘terrorist’ group. We shall base them in Nigeria. They live not in Lagos, but up in the Northern regions, where they are hard to track. Yes, good. And of course, they are Muslim. Their goals are unclear, but they are jihadist for sure, and hate everything about the good people of the Western world.’

So, this string of car bombings taking place in Nigeria is all conveniently blamed on Boko Haram, even though of course we never see a BK representative on television claiming anything. The sheeple are just  supposed to take the word of some government official, or a BBC or CNN reporter. Just like in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bali, London and elsewhere, these bombings have all the earmarks of the Mossad.

“Cui Bono?” Who benefits from this? If this Boko Haram group really exists, what would they stand to gain from slaughtering innocent bystanders in Lagos? Nothing.  Western powers however, stand to gain much from a breaking up and fracturing of Western Africa. There’s a whole lot of resources there for the taking.

Boko Harma, the new bogeyman hiding under your bed:


As the violence in Nigeria and Mali ratchets up, right on cue Barry Sotero announces the sending of the U.S. military to Africa, supposedly to help find some kidnapped schoolgirls. This is the script of a bad Hollywood ‘B’ movie. The grand chessboard in being played out on the African continent between China and the United States, with the help of NATO.  As the U.S. adopts a more open, and aggressive, military strategy in Africa, it will need new cover stories and new bogeymen to throw at the populace. Not that the elites in Washington DC and London and Tel Aviv care what you think anyway. But they need to say something. It wouldn’t be proper to just say, “We’re going in to get the gold, copper, oil, and manganese.”

Fela Kuti. His music lives on

In 1987 I was a young college student living in Austin, Texas. One afternoon I picked up the local alternative weekly, the Austin Chronicle, and took it home to read. Inside , there was a long article  about an African musician, composer, instrumentalist, and activist  named Fela Anikulapo Kuti (1938-1997). The writer was  obviously a big fan of African music and was quite knowledgeable about this man known simply as ‘Fela.’ As I recall, comparatively little of the article was about  his music. Most of it concerned Fela’s iconic status in Africa, his ongoing battles with the  military junta in Nigeria,  his imprisonment, and his promotion of Pan-Africanism.

fela-kuti-afrobeat-live-parisThe occasion of the article was Fela’s upcoming show in Austin. The author pleaded with readers to come out and support Fela and not to miss this rare opportunity to see him play in the United States. I knew absolutely nothing about African music but was so intrigued by the article and the author’s  admiration for Fela that I scraped together the money to go to the show.

It would be hard to overstate how unprepared I was for what I was about to witness. For three hours, I stood mostly uncomprehending, and wondered just what I had stumbled into. Somewhere between 15 and 20 musicians and dancers crowded the stage, with a large horn section including multiple saxophones. Fela himself alternated between singing, playing the organ and playing the tenor saxophone.  He sang in pidgin English and occasionally in Yoruba. He played syncopated rhythms on the organ which sounded wild and strange to my ears.

kutiWhen I arrived home after the show, my roommates asked how the show was. I replied, “I’m not sure. I think it was good. It was certainly interesting. I didn’t understand most of it. It had great rhythm but I didn’t know how to dance to it.”

I put Fela into the back of my mind and didn’t come across his music very often for the next 10 years. I almost forgot about him. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I started to collect and listen to his recordings, mostly his seminal work from the 1970s. One of my friends who was a musician and a big fan burned eight or nine of Fela’s best cds for me. Once I started to play them regularly on my stereo and really listen to the music, Fela became something of an obsession. His musical style, which is called ‘Afrobeat’ is a synthesis of Funk, Jazz, Highlife, and West African chants and rhythms. The combination of the ‘endless groove’ , hypnotic beats, soaring trumpet and saxophone solos and socially and politically conscious lyrics produced an intoxicating effect. No matter how bad of a mood I am in, after I play a half hour of Fela, I feel better.

expensive shitI’m still discovering new tracks from his large discography, available online. Most of the ‘greatest hits’ collections include classics such as Zombie, No Agreement, Sorrow,Tears and Blood, Colonial Mentality, Expensive Shit, Shuffering and Shmiling, Gentleman, and Lady. However, there are many other other less well-known and obscure tracks that are worth exploring at leisure.

Over one million people attended Fela’s funeral in Lagos in 1997. His death was mourned by Africans particularly, but also by musical fans and admirers all over the world. His legacy lives on through his recordings and his children, many of whom are fine musicians in their own right, such as his son Femi Kuti. In recent years, a musical based on his life has been a smash hit on and off Broadway. New Afrobeat bands are springing up all the time, paying homage to the master. ‘Albino’, based in San Francisco, is one of my favorites.

saxman2It’s rare to hear Fela on the radio or in clubs outside Africa, but surprises do happen. A couple of years ago, I was walking up a steep cobblestoned street in the coastal city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. I had read about a hipster club that was worth checking out. As I approached the door, I heard the unmistakable strains of Zombie coming through the door. I leapt for joy and bolted through the door and shouted at the bartender, “Turn it up! Yes!”

A few months ago, here in Ho Chi Minh City Viet Nam, I went into a club and the dj, a real afrobeat aficionado, was playing Fela non-stop for hours. What a treat.

open and closeMost of Fela’s songs are lengthy by modern standards, and last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes or more. Needless to say, that format did not lend itself to airplay on rock and R and B stations. As a consequence, his listening audience in America and Europe never reached the numbers of other musicians who composed music in a more digestible format. Commercial radio never warmed to Fela. If you were lucky, perhaps you were exposed to him on an alternative or independent station in a large city, or maybe on college radio.

Today, I play Fela for my students and I tell them, “Sit down and listen to this man!” After three or four minutes, they beg me to turn it off.

Yellow Fever“That’s horrible. Please turn it off. Can you play some K-Pop, please?” I chuckle and recall my first experience with Fela Kuti. This is music you need to come at gradually, warming up first with some exposure to Highlife music and jazz. Otherwise, it’s like walking outside from a dark room at noon and looking directly at the sun. Too much, too soon.