Synagogue of Satan

The news coming from the Gaza strip is horrifying ;  the world looks  on as Israel continues its unrelenting assault on the defenseless Palestinians. At last count, more than 600 Palestinians have died at the hands of the Israeli Defense Forces, mostly women and children, of course. Israel acts with impunity as we see pronouncements  coming from the U.N. and other governmental bodies ‘urging restraint on both sides’ and ‘calling for immediate cease fire on both sides’ and so on. What a joke. Israel ignores and brushes aside all calls for ‘restraint.’ It knows full well that the U.N.  will do nothing. Neither will NATO nor any other group of nations.

The zionists in Israel have an agenda. What exactly that agenda is we don’t know. But we can observe their present and historical actions and get some idea. Since the founding of the illegitimate state of Israel in 1947, it has systematically taken over more land from the Palestinians  year after year  and from its neighbors to the North and South. The illegal settlements and occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip blatantly flout international law. This is the very definition of ethnic cleansing.

badra killing civilians

The Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip had a miserable existence even before this latest massacre. They are living in the world’s largest outdoor prison, with an maritime blockade on one side and a massive concrete wall on the other. Nothing goes in or out of Gaza without the permission of the jews in Tel Aviv. The current apartheid regime  in Israel cares nothing for the Palestinians or its other Arab neighbors. It will expel  or exterminate the Palestinians. The Arabs who are allowed to live in Israel must live  in the world’s only openly racist state, where Judaism is the state religion and  non-jews are second class citizens.


The invasion of Gaza  with tanks, missiles and a fully-equipped modern  army is  grotesquely unethical, immoral and satanic. And let’s not forget that Israel is also using white phosphorus, a chemical weapon which is prohibited by international law. But they don’t give a hoot about international law. People around the world who have a conscience are speaking out against Israel and marching on its embassies, though this goes largely unreported in the Western press.



While there is no hard evidence , there is certainly a link connecting Israel with the downed Malaysian jetliner. Malaysia does not recognize Israel’s ‘right to exist’ and has no relations with it. Furthermore, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal took place last year in Malaysia, charging Israel and General Amos Yaron with genocide. Shooting down the plane could have been Israel’s pay back to Malaysia for daring to challenge it in an open forum on the world stage.


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  1. The U.N. for what they’re worth votes to look at Israel for war crimes. The only no vote to this investigation is, of course, the good ole USA. As Pascal said ….men can do the most evil things under the banner of religion. Now it seems even more evil things when you throw banks, corporations and their vampire greed in the mix. No God of any worth would accept the wholesale killing of children. If so, time to shop for a new God.

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