Chemtrails and subliminal programming

The  advertisement below was sent to my email inbox by my bank. Notice the subtle but obvious  inclusion of chemtrails in the sky.


Below are two different screensavers for windows 7, the first one includes some chemtrails in with regular cumulus clouds and the second one is just an absolutely grotesque picture of a chemical filled sky. This is what ‘they’ want you getting used to, and so a good way to do that is to gaze on it every time you turn on your computer.




The weather channel usually includes chemtrails in its home page. So do many other mainstream news sites.  Even sports sites like have chemtrail inspired backgrounds in their home page. The conditioning runs deep.


Travel agencies and airlines now routinely show chemtrail saturated skies in their photos of ‘beautiful vacation spots.’ There’s nothing quite like lying on a gorgeous tropical beach while staring up at a chemical filled sky blocking out the sun.





2 thoughts on “Chemtrails and subliminal programming”

  1. A friend in Birmingham England sent me a picture of the roadside billboard for their previous upcoming Olympics. Guess what was accross the sky in the billboard. This is no accident and I can say it as a somewhat expert opinion having spent over thirty years in corporate marketing. Every inch of that billboard was studied before approval. This chems in adds stuff is some type of conditioning program for the herd. Good documentary out called Look Up. Good advice. Face away from the screens and looking at what’s coming at you in the real world.

  2. regarding the TV on the wall in coffee shop, now mostly it is sponsored by Advertisement companies and they will pay coffee shop some hundreds bulk for forcing customers to watch ads

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