Mali, Nigeria, Libya, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan: Problem-Reaction-Solution from the NWO


According to the mainstream news, Tuareg rebels in northern Mali have inflicted a humiliating defeat on the Malian armed forces. The defeat of the ‘poorly designed and executed operation’ is an embarrassment to the weak government in Bamako. Francois Hollande, the French president and NWO puppet who dreams of projecting French military power into Africa and beyond, has sent in his country’s military to ‘assist’ the Malian forces. With this recent setback to the local army, Hollande has promised to keep French forces there longer.  (Read: indefinitely). Mali used to be French colony and one would think that the very idea of your former colonizer sending in troops to your country would be unthinkable, but Mali has a sufficiently compliant political class and they understand how to take orders. These Tuareg rebels will be held up in corporate and government media sources as new bogeymen, and Hollande will have his justification for French meddling in Africa. This is  naked African neo-colonialism.


Meanwhile, the situation continues to deteriorate in the south in Nigeria. As noted here before, the bogeymen in Nigeria are called ‘Boko Haram.’ I’m sure we will see an sudden and rapid escalation in car bombings and slaughters of innocent villagers all over Nigeria, all conveniently blamed on this shadowy group. How these groups gain the knowledge and wherewithal to make sophisticated car bombs is never made clear. What is also never made clear is even why they would want to set off random car bombings,  killing innocent men, women and children. They serve no strategic value whatsoever. The lame, docile corporate press (CNN, AP, Reuters, NYT, etc.) are too cowed to ever investigate this story, because of where it might lead, namely Tel Aviv and London. The West, i.e. NATO, Israel, Tel Aviv and London want to break up Africa and grab hold of the resources and counter China’s growing influence. Watch for large-scale outright military invasion coming to Nigeria soon, courtesy of NATO and its NWO puppet masters.



South Sudan

Moving due east across the Sahel, we come to South Sudan, the world’s newest country and a scene of complete chaos and destruction. Stern-looking spokespeople from  the UN are making daily pronouncements of the dire situation there and pleading for more ‘aid’ to prevent mass starvation there. The puppet Obama will surely be sending in special forces soon, if he hasn’t already, ostensibly to ‘protect lives.’ Orwellian language, as always. We must kill to ‘save lives.’ WAR IS PEACE.

Obama and Hollande. “Let them eat cake.”



Turning north and traveling up to Libya, the scene of NATO’s triumphant toppling of ‘the evil dictator’ Qaddafi a mere three years ago, we see a country in ruins, with an impotent central government and numerous militias jockeying for power in a bid to control the oil resources. All of this was utterly predictable. Qaddafi, who ruled that large country peaceably for 30 years and who provided his people with one of the highest standards of living in all of Africa, is now dead, after he dared to attempt creating an alternative currency for Africa, freed from the clutches of Western banks. Wherever America, NATO and the Zionists intervene, they leave behind a shattered and ruined country. The people are unimportant. Whether they live or die is of no concern to the Zionists. As long as the oil and gas is flowing, all is well for them.


This week, Somalia suffered an attack on its parliament. That poor country is ungovernable and refugees from there continue to flee to Europe, with many drowning in boats on the journey across the Mediterranean.  Kenya is experiencing more unrest, supposedly from rebel groups next door in Somalia. Meanwhile, pentagon war planners ratchet things up with AFRICOM, as Obama tries to counter the Chinese in Africa. This is all going downhill quickly as Africa is slowly and surely carved up piecemeal for its rich resource base.

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  1. The U.S. never ending policy of divide and conquer, of military might and destruction as a way to peace? All of it is rapidly becoming unacceptable to the world. We police the world for us, the U.S. greedy self interests. China seems to be able to deal with other countries without troops. China doesn’t leave a devestated mess when dealing with African countries. China doesn’t have an AFRICOM. I’m not saying their motivation of resource capture is much different but their empathy level sure exceeds the sociopathic greed tactics of the corporate/ military industrial complex. Barry Obummer, half black. That’s half black, embarrasses both his races in the process while sucking the ass of global corporations and Henry Kissinger still to this day. The bitch is nintey years old. Go away Henry. Go away Barry. Time for American people to come out of their cyber comas and live. Africom and Asian Pivot. Trillion dollar bully moves. China as usual waits till the bully ages and collapses. The U.S. is a mere child to the world less than four life times old. China, an ancient culture with a culture. Doesn’t it strike one funny that only the U.S. needs the most nukes and close to eight humdred military bases world wide to promote peace? Can anyone say ORWELLIAN DOUBLE SPEAK? This is not the character of the true American people. This is false ideology being forced on the people and in the end will not stand. China is a villan too but little league in scope to the “we’re number one USA”.

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