Love is the antidote to fear. Beware of the fear mongers.

The spiritual masters have always taught that infinite and unconditional  love is the highest vibration. Conversely, fear is the lowest vibration. Fear keeps humanity in chains and the never-ending propagation and magnification of fear allows the powers-that-be to easily control and manipulate the human race. Fear facilitates the imposition of a police state and the instigation of wars.

For those who are awake, knowing these simple facts means we have the responsibility to spread as much love as possible as well as to act in a fear-less manner while exposing and countering the fear disease and the fear-mongers who seek to inculcate the disease in the populace.

In this blog, I am seeking to expose a global agenda, planned and executed by a small global cabal,  which is pure evil at its core and which uses various means to carry out the agenda, including but not limited to: chemtrails, GMOs,  junk food, television, cell phone towers, EMF radiation, and vaccinations.

In doing this, I seek to enlighten and educate my readers and ultimately to empower them to make positive changes to their lives, their communities and finally our planet. I never promote fear, make hyperbolic statements based on innuendo or cite ‘unnamed sources’, channeled entities or ‘an insider.’ Anything I write about can be verified by a simple search of the information on the internet,  in books, in government white papers and from other verifiable sources.

Any individual, organization, or group who is actively promoting fear needs to be relentlessly exposed and countered with a corresponding dose of empowering truth.

While most educated people at this point at least recognize that the major job of a government is to keep its citizens in a constant state of paralyzed fear, unfortunately we have a large number of writers, bloggers, commentators, authors, and activists who subtly and covertly promote fear while ostensibly acting as truthers and advocates for freedom and liberty.

These fear mongers  fall roughly into four camps: the financial armageddon types, the outer space types, the environmental types and the war/martial law/world war 3 types. Let’s examine each of them.

Financial Armageddon

Before discussing this group, let’s make something clear- our current global financial structure is completely fraudulent, insane, and unsustainable. The stock market is a transparently rigged game and the banking system is nothing but a racket run by a vicious global cartel. The whole superstructure needs to go and one day it will indeed collapse, either by its own insupportable weight or by a more active outside force. We should all be preparing ourselves for that day.

The financial armageddon types know these facts and use them not to empower people but to instill fear by constantly predicting events, such as a stock market collapse, a collapse of the dollar, an economic implosion, a collapse of the entire fiat currency system, and many more dire events. Beware of anybody who claims some power to be able to read the future, whether that be thru analyzing  trends and forecasts, talking to insiders, or reading the I Ching. 


Every year for at least the past 15 years, I have read at least one alternative press type predict a stock market collapse, when the Dow will fall 5,000 points or more in less than a month. Yet, it never happens. The Dow just keeps going up. Is it rigged? Is it phony? Is it disconnected from reality? Yes, yes, and yes! And it will go down in flames-someday. But in the meantime, the Rothschilds and their ilk have their plunge protection team and various methods to keep the stock market artificially inflated. Likewise, I’ve been hearing for goodness knows how many years that ‘this year’ gold will shoot up to $10,000 an ounce while the dollar goes into a corresponding free fall. Still waiting…

The champion fear mongers in this category include:

1) Michael Snyder, proprietor of the website titled, “The economic collapse” , (see how he has boxed himself into a corner?)

2) Max Keiser, author of the “The Keiser Report” on RT, who predicted that last year we would witness the  complete global meltdown of all fiat currency

3) Jeff Berwick, anarcho-capitalist who writes for and

4) Simon Black, proprietor of

5) Gerald Celente is the author of the Trends Journal, an excellent source of investigative journalism. I like Celente, but too often he goes into the fear-mongering mode.

6) Alex Jones. It would take a full post to address all the issues with Jones, but he has become a fear-monger extraordinaire, and probably a disinfo. agent as well. Go back ten years ago and watch him rant about imminent national martial law, WW3, the dollar collapse ad infinitum. He sells fear, plain and simple.

All of these people have done, and continue to do, good research, but more often than not I see them making fantastical claims about imminent doom that never come to pass. Most of the time, when you put their information and predictions thru simple BS filters, it doesn’t hold up. Their sources are either anonymous or their predictions  amount to nothing more than their own hunches. Most importantly, if you feel a buildup of fear and tension while reading and listening to them, then you should stay away.

The environment

This is a broad category and includes issues like ‘Peak Oil,’  the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, global warming, aka ‘climate change’, earthquakes, volcanoes, and species extinction.

Peak oil is a term for the coming oil shortage. Its proponents state that we have reached the peak of discovery and extraction and from now on, demand will exceed supply and the nations of the world will be fighting each other viciously for the remaining drops. I remember ten years ago when the price of oil suddenly spiked and hovered near $4 a gallon in the USA. The peak oil gang went hyperbolic and breathlessly wrote about how the ‘days of $3 a gallon are gone forever’, and that the price of gas will go nowhere but up into the future. In a couple more years, we would be looking at $10 a gallon. Oil would rise to $200 per barrel. Those predictions were written in 2004. The theory of peak oil has lost its momentum. Just yesterday, a Reuters article appeared with the title “New era of oil abundance on the horizon.’

What peak oil theorists claim:


The peak oil types were always suspicious to me. On the one hand, they would state that the Saudis were notoriously reticent and secretive about how much reserves they really had, and yet in the same breath they claimed to ‘know’ that the world was running out of oil. If the Saudis, and probably all oil producing nations, not to mention all the big oil companies, are not forthcoming about how much recoverable oil actually exists, then on what basis can someone make claims about ‘peak oil.’ It’s absurd.

James Howard Kunstler, author of ‘The Long Emergency’ was one of the biggest exponents of peak oil, along with the late Michael Ruppert. According to them, the fallout from peak oil would create global havoc and wreck civilization as we know it. ‘The Long Emergency’ , while containing some interesting and at times useful information, is really just a manual for the production of fear.

To reiterate: a global economy based upon oil is unsustainable and harmful and should be replaced by a more equitable and holistic model. But to spend our valuable time chasing rabbits like peak oil is a dead-end.

Man-made Global Warming

The theory of man-made global warming was long ago debunked but the elite have shifted laterally to rename it as ‘global climate change.’  Earth’s climate  is variable and is quite possibly going thru some major shift, but much of it can be attributed to the sun and our position within the Milky Way galaxy. Similar changes occurring on our sister planets confirm this. As for the man-made aspect, HAARP and chemtrails are responsible for much of the rest, NOT carbon emissions. Which means that going out and buying a Prius will not stop what is happening. What is clear is that Gore, and other global elitist scum will continue to attempt to hype the claim of global warming to promote carbon taxes and a further clampdown on humanity, with corresponding moves toward global governance.

The relentlessly exploited image of the polar bear:


Al Gore is, of course, the grand champion fear monger in this category and he should be relegated back to the lizard hole from whence he came.


The disaster at the Fukushima site in Japan is without precedent in human history. It is undoubtedly having a global impact. But just how much of a global impact is the question. I have no way of independently finding out the truth of the matter, and must rely on anecdotal accounts and bits of informations gathered from individuals around the world. Perhaps there are some individuals the top of the global control pyramid who know exactly what’s happening, but for the rest of us we are mostly groping in the dark. Hence, I take all Fukushima disaster talk with a heavy grain of salt.

Jeff Rense, who runs the popular website, is the ultimate Fukushima fear monger , along with physicist Leuren Moret. The Japanese people, for their part, are not panicking, and actually appear unconcerned.

World War

I have written a number of blog posts regarding the outbreak of world war 3 and do believe we will plunge deeper into war in the coming years. The problem with fear mongers like Alex Jones, Lyndon LaRouche, Michael Snyder, Steve Quayle and the rest is that they are always claiming that their ‘sources’ are telling them that ‘next week’ Israel will bomb Iran and the world will go down in flames. At least since early 2010, I’ve heard that we ‘are just a month away from the beginning of WW3’, with this type of headline regularly appearing on that veritable bullhorn of fear, The christian evangelicals and zionist christians are fond of the WW3 theme to sell their brand of fear porn and collect money and followers from the easily duped. They keep their copies of Revelations close by to correlate each day’s news to a sentence in that ancient text.

Outer Space

The idea that a rogue planet, aka ‘Planet X’, or a wayward comet/ asteroid/meteor is going to strike Earth is a theme that has been hyped and milked for decades. The latest incarnations of this phenomenon was comet Elenin in 2011 and comet ISON in 2013, both of which were relentlessly hyped on the internet as potential ‘species extinction events.’ Henning Kemner, dahboo77, and Alfred Lambremont Webre, among many, many others , were at the forefront of hyping these non-events.





2 thoughts on “Love is the antidote to fear. Beware of the fear mongers.”

  1. The closest thing a human will experience in terms of God or Creator is LOVE. Fear as said many times before has two meanings, forget everything and run or face everything and rise. Fear keeps us in Dark World and love in the World of Light. Quite frankly it appears there is more short term profit potential in fear versus love, or so the minions believe and continually foster. There is more quick profit in conflict and hate versus peace and love, or so the minions believe. They are wrong when standing in the light. Prerhaps the phrase money is the root of all evil is close to true. Not all evil but a truck load for sure. It seems that where you play, light or dark, creates what you are. Spend too much time in or dealing with darkness and it will infect.

  2. I am listening to one of them right now. He is saying, “My insider source says it’s going to happen this spring or summer”. It is the exact same thing they say every year. I never give credibility to a date setter.
    I do think “it” will happen, but no one knows when. Just be prepared and live your life happy.

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