June 2014- World War 3 is here.

Many people wonder when World War 3 will begin. World War I is said to have begun with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist. World War II officially began with the German Wehrmact’s invasion of Poland in 1939. Historians especially like specific actions and dates onto which they assign beginnings and endings for grand events like wars. Thus, many modern political commentators seem to be waiting for some mass mobilization of armies, along with the rolling of armored columns of tanks across multiple borders to proclaim that ‘it’ has finally begun.

Yet, World War 3 is already here. As I peruse the daily papers, I see war spreading like wildfire all through the Middle East and Africa. With Ukraine, it is entering Europe. Soon, war will come to Asia.

War in Africa

Nigeria is busy battling an insurgency against a group calling itself ‘Boko Haram.’ Whoever this group is, and whoever they are taking their orders from, they are creating a battleground in Nigeria which, according to sources, is now spreading into neighboring Cameroon.

Mali is battling a tribal Tuareg insurrection in its northern territories. Its army took a bad beating recently and now France is keeping its forces there to prop up that country’s weak forces.

Somalia is a lawless land, overrun with multiple warlords vying for control . Its weak central government is regularly attacked by armed militias.

The violence in Somalia is spilling over into Kenya, which has experienced waves of attacks over the past two years that show no signs of letting up.

Since the death of Qaddafi, Libya has rapidly spiraled downward into a lawless and chaotic land. Nobody appears to know who is really in control. Foreigners are being urged to evacuate the country and the U.S. has sent a convoy into the Mediterranean in preparation for some kind of action. NATO and the zionist West is desperate to keep the flow of oil and the ports under firm control. Another invasion from NATO forces looks possible, even probable.

Egypt is in a precarious state. It has just elected an army general as its new leader. Which direction this country, with one of the largest populations in Africa, is going is anybody’s guess.

The Middle East

Syria is in bad shape. Bashar Al-Assad has amazingly managed to stay alive and in control. His people have rallied around him and his army has beaten back the terrorist mercenary armies sent from Saudi Arabia and various other countries. However, the refugee problem is critical and their infrastructure and economy have taken a terrible beating. While the mercenary forces are in full retreat, they might well re-group and stage further attacks, with Israel’s backing and aid. Israel itself, using Ukraine and other events as a perfect distraction, might unilaterally launch its own attack on Syria. It will most likely use some false flag attack as a pretext.

Iraq suffers daily bombings as the country has spiraled downward into full scale Sunni/Shia civil war. The government is helpless to stop the bloodshed. Further fracturing is inevitable. Most likely, it will eventually split into three or more countries.

The government of Yemen is fighting groups of insurgents, some affiliated with Al-Qaida. The U.S. , not wanting to see its puppet government fall on this strategic piece of property, is aiding Yemen with drone strikes, which occur with such regularity now that Americans don’t even bat an eyelash over daily bombing reports on civilians.

Afghanistan is a battlefield and will continue to be for at least the near future. The Taliban may never gain the strength to achieve a final victory of U.S. and NATO forces, who show no sign of leaving. Nevertheless, they do have the means to attack targets of their choosing and have shown the capability of striking right in the heart of Kabul itself.

Ukraine is the new cold war battleground of the West versus Russia. With mercenary forces supplied and funded by superpowers on both sides. the violence there will get worse before it gets better.


China is making increasingly aggressive moves in its backyard. Its recent installation of an oil rig in the South China Sea in Viet Nam’s territorial waters is both a strategic and a symbolic move, meant to show its neighbors and the U.S. that China is ready to claim its ‘sphere of influence.’


Japan, with fascist leaning Shinzo Abe at the helm, is ready to jettison its constitution, which barred it from building an offensive army. Abe has indicated that Japan is willing to fight for the islands that it considers its own, and which China also lays claim to.

Countries all over the world are spending more than ever on military expenditures. Most of these new weapons will be used on native populations, as always. But a hevily armed world, filled with anxiety-ridden governments and desperate and hungry populations, is ripe for disaster.

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One thought on “June 2014- World War 3 is here.”

  1. The plan for the 21st century talks about endless state of war. War won’t be concentrated on a battle field. There will be no surrender signings or peace treaties. Just an Orwellian warring state of mind. When you make such a plan and then follow such a plan to the letter of the plan people suffer. it might be a good idea to get a new and better plan and stop using the one destroying our world. This would not go along with the world view of the sociopaths who created this stupid direction and plan to sap the world’s wealth in the background …. the real end game of this ridiculous spew. What we belive is true. You can safely plan on that for certain.

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