How to bust chemtrails – Just do it

A German aerospace engineer has gone public with his story of installing chemtrail spraying apparatus on planes for years in Germany. You can watch the video of his speech on youtube. I doubt we will see large numbers of engineers copying his brave example, but this is an inspiring story.

Here in Viet Nam, the skies are daily being sprayed. Although it is not nearly as bad as what I experienced living in the Pacific Northwest, it is certainly bad enough. Many of my students have never seen a normal blue sky and are unable to identify even a single type of cloud.


Lest we become too despondent over the continuing onslaught of bad news, it is important to note that many independent activists are busy building and perfecting orgonite devices to knock chemtrails out of the sky. Building on the theories of Wilhelm Reich, these back-yard scientists are crafting elegant and functional devices to do something to clear our skies and fight back at those who wish to poison humanity into oblivion. So, if you are tired of the poison being rained down on you from faceless and nameless evildoers high in the sky, go to the hardware store and build yourself an orgone chembuster. The revolution begins in your own back yard.


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One thought on “How to bust chemtrails – Just do it”

  1. The most disturbing aspect of this spraying is the secrecy of it. If it is intended as some benefit then why the denial of it happening? It’s this giant elephant in the room. Since it is virtually worldwide and since no nation speaks out about it all nations must be in compliance but compliance to what end?
    For those who deny it’s existance the amount of dirty jet fuel and the total pollution of the skies caused by it should be enough to cause concern. Why have HAARP? What does it do? Why must it be controlled by the military? Ask yourself…. when was the last time the military acted in a non military fashion? Answer …. never.

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