Following the chaos in Brazil. Countdown to the World Cup

The latest news coming out of Brazil isn’t good. Bus drivers are going on strike in Sao Paulo and civil police forces are going on strike in 17 states and ‘will not be investigating crimes.’ Just what Brazil needs a couple of weeks before the start of the World Cup.

This is like watching a bad car crash in slow motion. Can the PR get any worse for the Brazilian government? Will Rousseff survive the next election? How many spectators and tourists are having second thoughts and canceling their trip to Brazil?

I shed no tears for FIFA, that arrogant and mafia-like bully. If the world cup is a disaster, perhaps FIFA will learn some sorely needed humility. Nor do I care much about the multi-millionaire players and their gargantuan egos, blow-dried hair and endorsement contracts. It’s the Brazilian people we should be concerned about, those who will inevitably pick up the tab for this unnecessary and costly fiasco.

Links are below. Simon Jenkins, who writes for the Guardian, gives an excellent overview of the situation, and offers an interesting piece of  advice for Brazil.

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