Flying through chemtrails: A trip to the USA

I recently returned from a trip to the United States and what I witnessed in the sky there was quite disturbing.  I entered the U.S. on a plane  from Asia and traveled the length of the country. As the sun rose we were just south of Chicago and heading southeast toward Washington D.C. At approximately 35,000 feet, I had a good view of the countryside from my window seat. Looking down, I noticed a thick mass of chemtrails  comprising at least two distinct layers. The chemical soup was so thick that I could barely discern the ground. This tableau continued for the next hour and a half. It was astounding to imagine   the total area that they are able to cover with chemtrail spraying. The area we were flying over was mostly farmland and when I considered the effect of the chemtrails on sunlight hitting the ground, I realized that it must have a significant effect on the crops. Without a doubt, the chemtrails increase the earth’s albedo and reflect sunlight back into space;  what sunlight does make it to the ground is filtered and hazy.

Flying southward over West Virginia, the sky cleared for about a half hour before we began our descent into Dulles airport in Virginia. As we descended to 20,000 feet, I looked up and saw an amazing sight: seven chemtrail tanker planes flying due west in formation. They were laying parallel streaks of chemtrails for hundreds of miles heading into Ohio, West Virginia, and points beyond. Meanwhile, my fellow passengers dozed or watched tv, oblivious to it all…

I spent the next week in the Maryland, D.C., Virginia metro area and the spraying seemed to be heaviest in Virginia. We had one magnificent day of autumn weather, at least in the morning hours, before the spraying started in the early afternoon. By 4pm, the entire sky was covered in hazy whitish chemicals.

On the flight back home, I flew east to west in the late afternoon hours  across the upper half of the United States. Above the midwest, I noticed and photographed some truly bizarre chemtrail ‘clouds’ which extended like a giant blanket over the states of Wisconsin, North and South Dakota and points further south.

This is not normal:


30 minutes later:



One hour later:



We now live in such an artificially created reality that people no longer are able to recognize even the most basic  components of the natural world. I stood in the lobby of the hotel where I was staying in Seattle one morning, and the automaton weather ‘forecaster’ pointed at the screen behind him and said, “And here you can see some high cirrus clouds’ which were obviously chemtrails.  This is why they call it television ‘programming.’  Yes, the weather channel and all the local tv weather ‘reporters’ are in on the game. They get their weather information from the Rand Corporation, ‘the think tank that controls America.’ This is all documented and widely available to anyone who cares to do the research. They want you to deny what you see with your own two eyes. “How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?”


Check out how often the daily forecast in your city calls for ‘partly sunny’ or ‘partly cloudy’ skies. (And what exactly is the difference between those two terms…?) Chances are, most days of the week have that term for the forecast. How convenient.


Dane Wigington, who has done more than anyone to sound the alarm about the global chemtrail program, also known as geoengineering, or global stratospheric climate modification, has recently written an excellent piece summarizing the history of this insidious and evil program and what we are faced with. The current drought in California is anything but normal and rain clouds are routinely steered away from the state. This article is well worth reading.


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  1. I have personally met and conversed with Dane Wigington and find him to be a well grounded concerned citizen and father. He is for real and not out there to promote Dane. In fact, if it weren’t for the concern for our people he wouldn’t be out there at all. The world needs more like him to step forward.

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