Five more disgusting facts about Fifa

The more I learn about FIFA and the world cup, the more sickened I feel about the whole charade. Almost every day I learn something new about this repulsive organization. For example,

1) FIFA is registered as a non-profit. Huh? A non-profit with a billion bucks in its bank account. Not bad.–fifa-s-steadfast-corruption-235458789-soccer.html

2) World cup stadiums were built on Indian land.



3) FIFA strong-armed the Brazilian government to lift its ban on alcohol sales in football stadiums to please its corporate sponsor Budweiser. Money trumps public health and public safety. Need we say this again? Governments don’t rule the world, corporations do.

4) The 2022 world cup will be held in Qatar, where it is not uncommon for the mercury to reach 125 degrees . Now, that’s some pleasant weather for a football match! But the weather is the least of the problems when talking about Qatar.  Workers building the infrastructure for the tournament are wantonly abused and are dying regularly, and most are kept in the country as virtual slaves. Already, 1,000 migrant workers have died. 


5) Most of the stadiums built in Brazil for the world cup will be ‘white elephants’ after the tournament has ended. They will be used sparingly, if at all, in the future and will simply rot away.

And can someone please tell me why the world cup requires twelve cities in which to host the games? I mean, even the olympics, which I thought was the world’s largest international sporting event, only requires one city. Call me crazy, but I have an idea. Can’t we just do the whole thing in one city?  Most major cities in the USA, for example, have a major league stadium, plus a handful of smaller stadiums at local universities. With proper staggering of the game times, this could easily be done. The host cities in Brazil are so far apart that hours long plane trips are required to get from one to the other. This is absurd!

John Oliver tells it like it is:

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