Europe’s political ‘earthquake’ 2014 and the EU’s downfall

The results are in from the EU elections and  most mainstream commentators appear stunned at the fact that ‘far right’ anti-EU parties did so well. In particular, the Front National in France, led by Marine Le Pen,  scored a smashing victory over Francois Hollande’s lame socialist party. Across the pond, the UK Independence Party, led by Nigel Farage,  scored a huge victory. It won more votes than any other party in the European parliament elections. This marked the first time in a century that a party other than Labour or Conservatives had won a nation-wide election. Farage predicted this will change British politics fundamentally.

What’s to be surprised about? The EU experiment is a failure, as all such grandiose schemes are destined to be. Nation states themselves,  usually comprised of vast numbers of different tribes, ethnicities, groups and identities, with national boundaries drawn with a ruler on a map, are unwieldy and artificial enough. Then they try to take these inorganic entities and group them into even bigger conglomerations like the EU, ASEAN, MERCOSUR, and so many others and you have a recipe for disaster.

UnknownWhich countries have benefitted from the EU? For Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Greece, the EU has been a disaster. For most of the other countries, the experiment has been tolerable, at best. For countries which resisted the EU carrot, such as Norway, they count their blessings. There is nothing surprising about these elections. We will see more of this anti-EU sentiment in the near future – much more.

The corporate and zionist controlled press will, as usual, try to paint these various movements with epithets such as ‘protectionist’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘far right’, ‘reactionary’, and so on. This is predictable.  But the pro EU forces can only go against nature for so long. Even nation states themselves will crumble in the not- too -distant future. Humans are tribal creatures. We exist in the ‘local.’ Trying to group 300 million Europeans into a political and economic union  is looking more laughable each passing day. Let us celebrate the EU’s downfall, not mourn it.


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