Europe slipping further into the abyss

A large number of articles discussing the current economic situation in Europe have been published in the last few weeks, all of which leave one with the impression that the continent is in a crisis which shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Joseph E. Stiglitz, nobel laureate and professor at Columbia University, recently penned an article in which he details the deep structural problems facing Europe and the lack of vision among its so-called ‘leaders’ who continually  make forecasts about the member country’s economies which turn out to be wrong. Stiglitz points his finger directly at the euro itself as one of the prime causes of Europe’s malaise. He writes, “Though intended to unite Europe, in the end the euro has divided it; and, in the absence of the political will to create the institutions that would enable a single currency to work, the damage is not being undone.”

Stiglitz also blames the austerity measures which have been imposed from the IMF and the ECB for Europe’s woes. Even though austerity has only exacerbated already bad situations in countries such as Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Portugal, leaders and zionist stooges such as Angela Merkel  continue to spout the hackneyed line of ‘we must continue the course.’


News about the crisis in Greece has slipped into the background over the last year, but the problems have not gone away. Its economy is a disaster with a 50 percent youth unemployment rate. An early election is scheduled for the end of January and European leaders and bankers, especially in Germany, are watching nervously. German banks have big exposure to bad loans made to Greece in the  early 2000s and however this drama plays out, the people in Greece, and probably Germany too,  will suffer. The banksters will of course be able to walk away from their bad decisions with golden parachutes.


Beginning on January 1st of this year, workers from Romania and Bulgaria will now be able to move freely throughout the EU and many are expected to go to Germany to look for work. While the minimum monthly wage in the former countries averages 200 USD, in Germany it is over 1100 USD. Additionally, Germany provides generous social welfare benefits, including unemployment insurance. Nobody knows how many Bulgarians and Romanians will rush to Germany, but politicians have consistently underestimated the amount of workers moving from poor regions of Eastern Europe to the prosperous north and west.

Germans are becoming increasingly uneasy about immigration. A new grassroots movement calling itself PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West, has been holding rallies in major German cities and attracting thousands of supporters. The mainstream media is quick to point out that ‘counter rallies’ have been drawing equal and sometimes greater number of supporters. Who knows what the truth is on the ground. Police and media typically make up numbers to satisfy whatever agenda is begin promoted. The German people are correct in questioning the policies of their government and should be concerned about immigration. But they need to ask themselves what is more important: preserving their culture or preserving their economy. The harsh truth is that with German’s historically low birthrates since the 1970s, the country needs to import young and educated workers to keep the economy humming. German couples simply aren’t making enough German babies to sustain the population, and that gap will have to be filled with foreigners if the country wishes to maintain a modern, world-leading economy. Germany has had more deaths than births every year since 1972 and its total fertility rate has been well below the replacement level of 2.1 since 1970, hovering around 1.3 for the last 15 years.

Merkel’s government presents, at best, a muddled view on immigration, population, and multiculturalism. Merkel herself said a few years that multiculturalism was a failure. Yet, Germany continues to allow in hundreds of thousands of refugees every year from the Middle East and Africa. This wave of Muslim, dark-skinned, and non-German speaking refugees, combined with possibly hundreds of thousands of ‘guest workers’  coming from Bulgaria, Romania, and other parts of Eastern Europe ensures that Germany’s demographic and cultural crisis will continue to fester for many years to come.

Great Britain

Across the pond, the anti-EU UKIP continues to gain support amongst the population, as the British have witnessed their country being overwhelmed with immigrants over the previous decade. Commenting on Iceland’s recent move to formally withdraw its EU application, UKIP’s Nigel Farage stated, “This move by Icelandic authorities and the increasing Mediterranean opposition to the EU shows that the idea of the inevitability of EU integration has been smashed. More and more people throughout Europe either no longer wish to join the EU or, as in Greece, to leave the euro currency altogether.”



The corporate press typically paints leaders such as Farage and Le Pen in France as ‘right wing’, ‘utra-right’, ‘nationalist,’ ‘xenophobic,’ ‘racist,’ and so on. In fact, these terms are neither descriptive nor accurate and do nothing to shed light on the reality on the ground. The creation of the European Union and  the euro, and the moves toward making Europe a multi-cultural society were planned by a small clique of banksters, royal families, and zionists. These are polices and agendas which were forced on the people from above, with assurances that they were for ‘the benefit of all.’

While all this chaos and disintegration is occurring, we witness  the bizarre spectacle of Latvia celebrating its adoption of the euro on January 1st. Latvia’s leaders, seemingly oblivious to the destruction wreaked on many of Europe’s weaker economies after they adopted the euro, are telling Latvians that the adoption of the euro will ‘stabilize’ their economy.  Meanwhile, Turkey has indicated it wants to hop onboard the sinking ship of the EU, but is engaged in a nasty dispute with Brussels and talks have broken down.  And then there’s the little drama being played out over in Ukraine…




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