Crippling a population with vaccines- Viet Nam

I read recently that the Taliban kill  anyone caught administering the polio vaccine in Afghanistan. The vaccines are administered by various UN aid agencies under the guise of ‘protecting the children.’  Afghanis  understand that the people administering the polio vaccines are either dupes or outright paid agents of the NWO.

It’s no longer a secret that numerous NGOs, so-called ‘aid agencies,’ the WHO, and other benign sounding organizations are busy  throughout the world  engaging in nefarious activities on innocent and naive populations. The CIA -controlled USAID and National Endowment for Democracy have been busy since the early 1980s in toppling democratic governments on every continent. The Orwellian spin on ‘democracy’  is surely a source of endless amusement for the cigar smoking globalists in their high-rises in London and New York.

The NGOs work as a ‘fifth column’ inside countries, slowly and steadily eating away at the host. Paul Craig Roberts and other astute researchers have noted the important influence NGOs had in the years leading up to the coup in Ukraine.

But let’s get back to vaccines. One week ago, a brief news story, only five paragraphs long, appeared in a Vietnamese newspaper. The headline read, “Students stable after anaphylactic shock.” Just in case you don’t know what that is, here is a definition: “Anaphylactic shock: A widespread and very serious allergic reaction. Symptoms include dizziness, loss of consciousness, labored breathing, swelling of the tongue and breathing tubes, blueness of the skin, low blood pressure, heart failure, and DEATH.”

The WHO has been busy for quite a while in Viet Nam, dealing out their propaganda on vaccines, along with, of course,  the Gates foundation. Thousands of nurses and health workers fan out across the country, injecting the young and innocent children with vaccines that contain all manner of toxic adjuvants. In the short time I have lived in Viet Nam,  I have seen at least a half dozen instances of deaths and permanent injury to children and newborns  as a result of vaccines. This is getting to be ‘old news.’ When the communities cry for justice  and mourn their dead children, government  spokespeople rush in to assure them that it was ‘tragic accident’, but that the children should continue to receive the vaccinations. Everything is fine now, we destroyed the bad batch, sorry about your kid. 


In the recent case, 35 students from a secondary school went into shock after being vaccinated with the measles-rubella vaccination. Ten were in serious condition.

Viet Nam has a population of 90 million and the vast majority are uneducated. They are an easy target for those pushing the depopulation agenda. Toxic, mercury-laden vaccines, chemtrails, GMOs, fast food, and sugary soft drinks are all being foisted upon the people here in massive doses. The onslaught is occurring far faster than the people’s education regarding what these things are, let alone their effect on human health.

When government workers, nurses, and aid agencies show up at schools and in communities, they have official titles, degrees, and warm smiles.  They easily convince the people to do what they are told. Lacking education and possessing a trusting nature, they go along, and they suffer  the consequences. With so many recent deaths and injuries resulting from the rampant administration of vaccines, perhaps this trusting nature will end.



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  1. Signs here in Cali. say free flu shot plus get a twenty percent discount on your purchases that day in combination with your free flu shot. At the same time news articles say they made the wrong batch for this year and other articles say the current batch is only twenty eight percent effective. There’s always one scare article as well usually early on about some terrible outbreak somewhere but it seems in the end very few people get this flu and many of those who do, get it right after the shot. I offer as example the H1N1 scare for three years in a row? ending in nothing. Obama thought about making this one mandatory. When the agenda doesn’t work it typically just evaporates.
    Our children all over the world have become targets in so many ways. It’s like some evil cabal is attempting to alter them inorder to be their proper servant class. Hope history repeats itself and the people go after these monsters yet again.

    1. A free flu shot? Does the federal government have a deal with these drugstore chains to reimburse them for all these free shots in order to protect public safety? I have not heard of such a deal being made. Is it just a marketing gimmick? Do these drugstores think they will recoup the money they lose with the freebies and discounts by enticing more customers into their stores? Doubtful. And since when are these transnational drug chains so interested in public health? Something stinks to high heaven here. Anyone who volunteers for a flu shot is a fool.

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