Christine Lagarde, the IMF, the elite and their fascination with the occult

A  speech by IMF head Christine Lagarde given to the National Press Club earlier this year is making the rounds in youtube and the alternative media for its quite unusual content. It is not a long speech and well worth viewing for a number of reasons.

The IMF is one of the most powerful financial institutions on the planet. It has enormous influence over sovereign countries’ economic policy and has used its influence and power over many decades to wreak havoc on those countries’ populations and enrich the transnational corporations for which it functions through its lending programs,  which are always tied to ‘austerity.’

When the IMF chooses a new leader, they no doubt look for someone with a high intellect, some background in international finance, the right connections and a personality which can be sufficiently molded to fit the IMF’s goals. Compassion, a sense of justice, and the ability to tell right from wrong are qualities that will quickly get you crossed off the list of eligible candidates.





But these qualities we are referring to really only scratch the surface, for when we speak of the people controlling the levers of power at the top of the global pyramid, we are talking about a class who are obsessed with the occult and specifically the dark occult. Black magic, the Qabalah, satanism, numerology and all the dark arts are used in the control system which is used to keep the sheeple asleep and satisfied in their life of slavery.

It has been pointed out by many researchers and writers that over the last two decades,  and especially since 9/11, the Luciferian elite has come out of the shadows and taken off their masks. No longer do they feel the need to disguise who they are or what they are doing. They are quite open about it and even boast of their plans. The zionist neo-con plan, formulated prior to 9/11  called for permanent war in the long term and the overthrowing of, at minimum, seven countries in the Middle East. This state of total, permanent war will be accompanied with the installation of a complete surveillance police state, enforced by a fascistic government run by a small oligarchy and supplied with endless corporate money.

Don’t leave your kids home alone with her:




Only 100 years ago, the tiny cabal who planned the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank felt the need to use pseudonyms , wear disguises, and travel to a remote island off the coast of Georgia to work out the strategy to finally foist a central bank upon the American people. Nowadays, the descendants of those banksters don’t need to use such precautions. Oh sure, when they meet in confabs like Bilderberg, they keep the press out, but everyone knows what they are doing behind the closed doors.

This new openness and confidence of the ruling elite is perfectly illustrated in Lagarde’s speech. This is a woman who is supposedly giving a talk on monetary policy and yet we don’t hear any of the following words: inflation, deflation, money creation, banking, GDP, job creation, lending, and currency. Instead, the only thing the elitist Lagarde talks about is numerology. Let me repeat that: the only thing she discusses in her speech is numerology. For anyone who doubts the elite’s obsession with this art, they should watch this speech.

Furthermore, notice this woman Lagarde and her mannerisms, demeanor, and complete lack of any feminine qualities whatsoever. This is not a person who cares about the world’s poor, that’s for sure. She is one of the new breed of powerful women who now strut across the world stage, as masculine, ruthless and hard-edged as any man. She and Hillary Clinton make a fine pair.

The first words Lagarde utters in her speech are the following: “I do what I am told.” We don’t doubt that, Christine. This reminds me of Hillary Clinton’s remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations a number of years ago when she said, while remarking that it was nice to have their office so close to the state department,   “I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how to think about the future.”



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  1. Too many male genes/testosterone in this BITCH .. BUT … what would be expected of a minion of this stature. Definately has taken a straight shot of the fiscal vampire blood. Where do they hatch these creatures?

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