chemtrails over Saigon 2014

Here are some photos of the sky over Ho Chi Minh City, May 2014.






The Vietnamese, like other people all over this modern world, rarely look up, let alone pay attention to what is happening in the sky above them. If they do manage to pry their eyes away from their smart phones, it is only to notice if it is daytime or nighttime, cloudy or sunny. They are not able to differentiate between cloud types and certainly cannot tell what a chemtrail is.

Here are a couple of photos from a slick expatriate magazine. One is the sky over Saigon and the other is the sky over Singapore. Again, we see a chemtrail filled sky but with no awareness or commentary from the photographer, writer, or editors.



DSCF8543Modern man’s ignorance of the most basic features  of the natural world, in this case cloud types and formations, is contributing to the rapid decline and downfall of our species. The fact that people today cannot look up and notice that something insanely unnatural is happening right over their heads is a sobering commentary on where we are.

The first step to knowledge, and then further on to wisdom, is direct observation. From direct and accurate observation, we can gather pertinent facts about the natural world and our circumstances. This is called ‘grammar’ in the classical Greek style of learning known as the Trivium. But before we can even get to observation, we must be in a state of awareness, another condition that they (the powers that be)  are trying to breed out of us. Smartphones and the like are specifically designed to destroy our awareness, and hence the PTB are able to blithely spray poisons down on us with not a peep of protest.

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  1. Ho Chi Minh City looks good compared to Arcata Ca. We had a morning this past weekend where there wasn’t a natural cloud in the entire sky. The problem stems from the fact that if you are under the age of thirty you may have never seen natural clouds and sky. If over thirty you may have been slowly conditioned to accept such crap as normal. Perhaps at this point only people over the age of fifty lived in a pre chemtrail world. It’s difficult to convince someone of something they’ve never seen or experienced and the advice of our elders has been deemed of no value as we race to the future of nowhere. Autism at 10,000% increase. People allergic to everything. Dementia in thirty year olds. Acceptable collateral damage for military and social control. It is a sad state of affairs and a pocket screen won’t solve these issues. They are a tool to keep people from reconizing what’s actually happening in the real world. Look Up!!!

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