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The West, Putin, and Russia- the fight for minds

You have to tip your hat to the Western corporate media. Their willingness and determination to turn reality upside down and give a false impression of the world is unmatched in history. Even in the darkest days of the Soviet Union with its tightly controlled media organs, we never saw such blatant and transparent government propaganda as we now see in the United States and Western Europe.

With each passing month, we see the corporate presstitutes reach new lows in their ability to not only write blatant lies, but also create stories out of thin air when it suits them. Nothing is beneath them. Whether it is standing in front of a green screen in the newsroom pretending to be ‘reporting live from the scene’ or interviewing crisis actors at false flag events (see ‘Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon etc.) , the mainstream lackeys work full-time to keep the illusion of the matrix going full-tilt. The victims in this sad drama are the general public, the citizens who sadly still rely on the old guard press for their understanding of world events.

Recently, I came across a copy of the ‘Economist,’ an elite-sponsored rag published by and for Wall-Street criminals and their zionist bankster handlers.  The cover shows a photo of Vladimir Putin, glaring intently at the reader with an outstretched arm holding strings on each finger which we are led to believe are attached to puppets. The caption reads: “Putin’s War on the West.” The image, likely photoshopped,  and the caption leave nothing to chance. The Economist is telling you, the gullible reader, who the enemy is and who you should be fearing. Using a cover like this , the Economist is dispensing with any pretense at objectivity and is showing us that it is a proud and willing supporter of U.S. empire-building and world hegemony.


For a citizen who has a few minutes to research and possesses a map, a computer, and a basic grasp of recent history, the notion of Putin and Russia ‘waging war’ against the U.S. falls somewhere between laughable and absurd. The U.S. military is, at this very moment, encircling Russia with military bases equipped with long range ballistic missiles capable of striking Moscow within minutes. The U.S. military, along with zionist controlled NATO, is actively and aggressively provoking Russia by conducting large-scale military exercises in the Baltic countries, on Russia’s doorstep. The U.S. government, led by the psychopathic warmongers Hillary ‘We came, we saw, he died’ Clinton and John Kerry, along with Benjamin ‘Bibby’ Netanyahu, instigated and funded the coup d’etat in Ukraine. The NATO gangsters are now trying to set up a fully compliant government in Ukraine, on Russia’s border,  and construct  yet more military bases with which to strike at Russia. The United States government is filled with Russophobes, most notably Zbigniew Brzezinski, who want nothing more than to see Russia wiped off the map, or at least crippled beyond repair. Brzezinski has long been one of Obama’s top foreign affairs advisors.

Russia is the only power standing in the way of U.S./Israeli domination of the Middle East and global hegemony. China is powerful, but not yet ready, willing, and able to take on the U.S. military. Russia is a different story. Russia is ready, willing, and able.

Forget what comes out of the mouths of politicians. It’s all lies. Watch their actions. The United States military is moving toward war against Russia. Study the troop movements, the war games, the exercises and all the rest. The propaganda is simply part of the march to war. Hence, Putin must be demonized, at all costs. Media organs such at the New York Times, the Economist, the Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, and CNN have been told to use the meme “the new Hitler” to brand Putin in Westerner’s minds. In the reality of the zionist media, the U.S. is not conducting war against Russia. Oh no. Russia is conducting war against the U.S.





The zombie mainstream media

Like many writers and bloggers who reside in the ‘new’ or ‘alternative’ media universe, I regularly glance at a variety of mainstream websites, sometimes just for laughs and sometimes to see what sort of pablum they are feeding the gullible masses. In the past few months, almost every mainstream media (MSM) site that I look at has undergone a design update.  Perhaps not coincidentally, all of them now look exactly the same. Actually, we know it’s not a coincidence, since all of the dinosaur media are owned by a small handful of corporations.

Websites such as business insider, the weather channel, CNN, sfgate, and many more have adopted a design template that can only be described as bizarre and schizophrenic.  Ever since the old news organizations, i.e. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fox etc.   belatedly and grudgingly started websites and started putting energy and resources into their online presence, they have struggled to find an identity. The old newspaper design, with a front page, a business section, sports section, weather, and comics didn’t translate well onto a webpage. What to do?  The dinosaur newsrooms weren’t exactly bursting with creative types and savvy web designers, and they still aren’t. Basically, most of these organizations just tried to keep as much of the old format as possible. Instead of using this changeover to digital media as an opportunity to rethink the entire model, which in fact was long overdue, they simply made their websites to look as similar as possible to a newspaper.



In recent months, word must have come down from high above to shake things up a bit. The dinosaur media are continually losing viewership and readers and they will try to do anything to be relevant. Sadly, this is yet another case of putting lipstick on a pig. These organizations are so woefully out of touch, so removed from relevance and even reality itself, that no design change is going to save them.

They are now all using a white background and attaching large, color  rectangular photos to most stories. As you scroll down the site, anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of the screen is taken up with photos. Stories are rarely introduced without an accompanying photo. Headline writing has undergone a dramatic change in the last two years. Whereas in the old days, headlines were used to give the reader a basic summary of the article’s contents, nowadays they are used as ‘teasers,’ and are often phrased not as statements, but as questions. Common headlines now begin with phrases such as “You won’t believe..” and “Can you guess…”



Taking their cues from travel sites, the MSM throw around words like ‘amazing,’ ‘incredible,’ ‘stunning,’ and ‘awesome,’ with careless abandon. They are trying their best to debase these words completely, and in many respects already have.

Stories are juxtaposed without rhyme or reason. So-called hard news, soft news, trivia, sports, weather, gossip, advice, restaurant reviews, real estate tips and much , much more are assembled in a mishmash fashion. The reader can scroll endlessly through hundreds of stories before coming to the bottom of the page. The MSM is trying to be all things to all people by throwing putty against the wall and hoping that something sticks. Lots and lots of photos, catchy but inane headlines, a wide variety of stories written at a third grade level and and a hip facade are just some of their tactics.

Want to find out what’s happening in the business world and get some ‘insider’ tips? Well, don’t go to Here are the top stories today: ‘Solar eclipse 2015- the best photos from across Europe…’ The 30 most eligible men and women in San Francisco’….’48 tips on becoming more powerful’…and ‘The best pizza in every state.’  That’s just a sampling from the first page. What the hell does this site have to do with business? What a joke. It’s all fluff, inanity, and distraction, filled with lots of celebrity name-dropping. Nutrition-less mind candy. But hey, the site looks really cool!

The mainstream media, aka the dinosaur media, aka the zombie, living-dead media are an embarrassment. They have no shame, no scruples,  and no integrity. They continue to insist on their relevance, long after they have been thoroughly discredited.





The vaccination war has begun

The recent story concerning kids at Disneyland who contracted measles is confirmation that we are now in the midst of a global war between two opposing camps. One one side we have the WHO, the CDC, the AMA, the entire allopathic medical industry, the Gates Foundation, most governmental health ministries, the brainwashed masses  and of course the corporate media. On the other side, we have freedom loving individuals who have educated themselves about vaccines and who dare to claim ownership over their own bodies.

The Disneyland story can only be viewed within this larger context of the war to determine whether we, as sovereign individuals,have the right to  determine what we put into our bodies and whether governments can violate that right in the name of ‘public safety and welfare.’ If you care to see just how confused the average person is over this simple issue, simply ask him, “Do you own your body?” Just a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’  answer will suffice. Watch how many people struggle over this and stumble through an answer. If they don’t  respond with a resounding “Hell yes!” then you know you are talking to a someone who has been conditioned to a hitherto unimaginable extent.

The anti-vaccintion campaign- I would not yet call it a movement- is making strides. Through the internet,  more and more people are becoming educated on the issue. They are reading the reports on links to autism and a host of other diseases, including AIDS. They are reading what’s actually in the vaccines. They are reading reports of deaths and crippling permanent injuries.  And slowly but steadily, people are fighting back. They are refusing vaccinations for themselves and for their children.

But TPTB (the powers that be) are fighting back, just as we knew they would. This ridiculous non-story about kids and measles in Disneyland is only the beginning. Expect to see many, many more such stories in the months and years ahead. We will see a non-stop campaign of fear mongering, disinformation, lies, obfuscation, and deceit. H1N1. Avian flu, swine flu, measles, polio, ebola……the list is endless. And they will add a new disease every year. The new ‘disease’ will be hyped in the corporate press, the fear mongering will go into overdrive, actors will be hired (check out the crisis actors who supposedly had ‘ebola’ in Africa)  and finally the solution will be rolled out in the form of- you got it- a vaccine.

Anybody with a lick of common sense could see right through the silly Disneyland story. Even before any facts had been uncovered, such as how many of those kids had been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine, journalists and the gullible public were screaming hysterically. Predictably, and on-cue, many were quoted as saying, “It’s the fault of parents who didn’t vaccinate their children!”  Never mind that measles is a benign disease which hardly ever kills anyone. Never mind that all of our grandparents had it and got through it just fine. Never mind that just a couple generations ago, parents would purposely have their kids contract measles by placing them near a child who had it, thereby gaining immunity.  Fear, emotion, and knee-jerk reactions have replaced reason, analysis, and facts.





The timeless struggle of the individual versus the collective

Is it possible to speak of individualism these days without laughing?  The concept of the individual and his inherent rights and worth has occupied many of the greatest thinkers and philosophers throughout recorded history.  Aristotle discussed the topic 2,500 years ago and it has reappeared in irregular intervals and in widely varying places and circumstances since then.

These days, the banner of individualism has mostly been taken up by libertarians and anarchists in the West. Sadly, today, we have no philosophers who stand proudly on the shoulders of Paine, Jefferson, Emerson, and Thoreau and enunciate the core principles of individualism to a modern audience. John Zerzan from Eugene, Oregon writes from an anarchistic and individualist perspective, but his books are too dense and academic for most readers in this day.  G. Edward Griffin is an excellent researcher and his talks on the origins on collectivism are edifying, though he has little to say about individualism per se.

Although the West is the birthplace of individualism and has seen dozens of brilliant thinkers espouse on its merits for the last 2,000 years, it has never gained a firm toehold. Collectivism and its modern manifestations-communism and socialism- always gains sway and brushes aside the fractured and disorganized individualist movement. Indeed, individualism’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. People who believe in and live the principles of self-rule and self-reliance seldom want to band together with large numbers of others and hence are easily picked off and isolated by institutions such as the state.



In the East, the various Asian cultures have never produced the rich legacy of individualist thought that the West has. Confucian values remain firmly rooted, with their emphasis on family and tradition. The importance of filial piety, culture, and group identity are constantly reinforced, both overtly and covertly. The individual, as such, has little to no meaning in Asian cultures. In Viet Nam, one of their more popular idioms is ‘the nail that sticks out gets hammered down.’

Whether we are speaking of East or West, another factor to consider is that humans are by nature tribal creatures and we desperately want to belong to groups, to ‘fit in.’  That group can be as small as a gang or fraternity or as big as a country. Hence, the popularity of ‘nationalism’ and its extreme manifestation- jingoism. This longing and insecurity has been deftly manipulated by political elites for thousands of years.Individualist thinkers and activists, whether wearing the label of ‘left’ (anarchist) or ‘right’  (libertarian) have been hounded, persecuted, ridiculed, ignored, and sometimes murdered for their beliefs.

‘Group think’ is not a modern phenomenon. It has been a part of human society since, well, forever. Cultures, societies, nations, governments and corporations don’t want individuals. They want sheep. The want predictability, conformity, and efficiency. They want obedience. And most of the time, humans are all to willing to oblige.

As an exercise in awareness, I often try to do the opposite of what is expected of me, whether ordering food in a restaurant, walking across the street, talking to a stranger or sitting in the dentist chair. Acting outside of the norm of acceptable  and expected behaviors always produces uncomfortable effects on people. Many people become physically agitated when you don’t do what they expect. You are not playing by the rules. Acting as a thinking individual just doesn’t cut it in society. ‘Why are you throwing a wrench in the machine? Why don’t you just go along to get along? Stop making things hard on yourself and others…..’

Individualism as an ideology and practice will never penetrate deeply into human societies. It will always remain on the fringe, as an enticing and enlightening idea, an inspiration for a brave few to try to live authentically, as Thoreau encouraged us to do 150 years ago.




2014 warmest year on record- the IPCC and Al Gore are back!

Last week, news headlines from the corporate press informed us that 2014 was ‘the warmest year on record.’ Along with this headline came the predictable  article : global warming is proceeding apace, the earth is inexorably heating up and the skeptics have been proven wrong. To say that articles such as the one written by Justin Gillis for the New York Times on January 16th are predictable is an understatement. They are written from a script. A template. All the writer has to do is fill in the year and a few updated quotes and he has his article ready to go to print. It’s laughable.

We’re informed in the first paragraph of the NYT article that records have only been kept since 1880, not even a blink of an eye in geologic history. Yet, we are supposed to ignore that fact when scientists make grand claims about ‘hottest ever.’  Mr. Gillis also tells us that this data undermines claims by ‘contrarians’ who dispute the anthropogenic global warming theory. I don’t think he means ‘contrarian’ in a nice way. When the IPCC, UN, and other NWO organizations take off the gloves, they often refer to doubters as ‘deniers,’ thereby attempting to link them with ‘holocaust deniers’ in the public’s mind.

Gillis continues by giving some random facts about heat records last year in the continental United States, caused by ‘the relentless planetary warming that scientists say is a consequence of human activity and poses profound long-term risks to civilization and nature.’ Scared yet?



After  1998 when Earth experienced its hottest year of the century, many climatologists, especially those in the IPCC,  told us that Earth was going to get continuously hotter, and this was due to mankind dumping ever increasing amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.  Well, the amount of CO2 continues to rise, but temperatures have not risen at all over the last 15 years. Scientists are ‘struggling’ to explain this strange trend, which goes against all of their models. And don’t forget ‘climategate’ from 2009 when leaked emails from scientists blew a big hole in the whole IPCC global warming theory. You’d think that the IPCC and Al Gore would admit defeat  and go back to the drawing board. But no. They were right all along, and we – the skeptics- were wrong. Got it?

According to John R. Christy, a scientist at the University of Alabama, the increase in 2014 was only a few hundredths of a degree, well within the margin of error. But Mr. Gillis is quick to remind his readers that Mr. Christy represents only a ‘handful’ of skeptics, and that the ‘vast majority of those who study the climate’  say the earth is in a long term warming trend.’  Links and sources are of course nowhere to be found.

And how about those recent crazy dips in the jet stream which have brought ‘Arctic vortexes’ and other anomalies to the United States? Those are  caused by global warming too! Mr. Gillis makes no mention whatsoever of HAARP, geo-engineering, or chemtrails.  How odd. Does he never step outside his NYT office and look up at the sky? Actually, if he dared to mention those terms in a NYT article, he’d be out of job overnight. Also not mentioned anywhere in the article is the sun. Seeing as how the sun determines just about everything regarding earth’s climate, you’d think it would be worth a mention.


As a send-off, Mr. Gillis ends his article by giving kudos to his buddy, former mayor of New York and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is ‘spending tens of millions of dollars of his personal fortune to battle climate change.’ Really? How is Mr. Bloomberg ‘battling’ climate change? More PR garbage. The guy is worth, officially, 36 BILLION dollars. Ten or twenty million is pocket change to him.


What happens when you drink blood with the royal family

I often engage in a sort of self-inflicted torture- reading the mainstream news. The articles are either pure propaganda-corporate or government- or mindless trivia meant to distract the masses. Skimming over the daily dose of pablum, I often notice the overt worship of power, wealth, the state and royalty displayed by the hired hacks of news conglomerates.


Hey, did you know that British punk bands of the 1970s had a designer? I didn’t either! But they did, according to an article recently posted by Agence France-Presse. titled ‘Punk fashion queen Westwood bows to Prince Charles.’ Vivienne Westwood ‘helped shape the look’ of punk bands by working closely with Malcolm McLaren and others. I always thought that punk music was anti-establishment and anarchistic , but now I find out that they had a fashion designer working to perfect their ‘look.’ Perhaps the whole movement was not as spontaneous and rebellious as I once thought?  In any case, this former admirer  of punk’s attitude toward royalty is now an unabashed boot-licker of the British royal family, gushing forth praise for Prince Charles in this insipid piece of ‘journalism.’  Perhaps we should not be surprised, as we are now supposed to refer to her as ‘Dame’ Vivienne Westwood. Sure.


“He’s such a visionary,” the fashion designer said. “Right back in the 1970s as a young man, he realized we have to live in harmony with the earth. And all his charities have made such a difference, they’ve really helped people, they’re very practical and solid things, they build communities, support people. We would have a wonderful world if he had ruled it all that time.”

Wow. Let that final statement sink in a bit.Not only does she act as PR mouthpiece for this ‘royal’ piece of garbage, idiotically extolling his goofy charities, she goes further, actually stating that she wishes Prince Charles were the emperor of the world. I wonder if she flashed  a baphomet symbol while saying this. You can’t get much creepier than this: openly advocating for a lizard bloodline half-wit eugenicist to be world dictator. ‘Dame’ Westwood is saying it openly and proudly. How far we have fallen.





Europe slipping further into the abyss

A large number of articles discussing the current economic situation in Europe have been published in the last few weeks, all of which leave one with the impression that the continent is in a crisis which shows no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Joseph E. Stiglitz, nobel laureate and professor at Columbia University, recently penned an article in which he details the deep structural problems facing Europe and the lack of vision among its so-called ‘leaders’ who continually  make forecasts about the member country’s economies which turn out to be wrong. Stiglitz points his finger directly at the euro itself as one of the prime causes of Europe’s malaise. He writes, “Though intended to unite Europe, in the end the euro has divided it; and, in the absence of the political will to create the institutions that would enable a single currency to work, the damage is not being undone.”

Stiglitz also blames the austerity measures which have been imposed from the IMF and the ECB for Europe’s woes. Even though austerity has only exacerbated already bad situations in countries such as Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Portugal, leaders and zionist stooges such as Angela Merkel  continue to spout the hackneyed line of ‘we must continue the course.’


News about the crisis in Greece has slipped into the background over the last year, but the problems have not gone away. Its economy is a disaster with a 50 percent youth unemployment rate. An early election is scheduled for the end of January and European leaders and bankers, especially in Germany, are watching nervously. German banks have big exposure to bad loans made to Greece in the  early 2000s and however this drama plays out, the people in Greece, and probably Germany too,  will suffer. The banksters will of course be able to walk away from their bad decisions with golden parachutes.


Beginning on January 1st of this year, workers from Romania and Bulgaria will now be able to move freely throughout the EU and many are expected to go to Germany to look for work. While the minimum monthly wage in the former countries averages 200 USD, in Germany it is over 1100 USD. Additionally, Germany provides generous social welfare benefits, including unemployment insurance. Nobody knows how many Bulgarians and Romanians will rush to Germany, but politicians have consistently underestimated the amount of workers moving from poor regions of Eastern Europe to the prosperous north and west.

Germans are becoming increasingly uneasy about immigration. A new grassroots movement calling itself PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West, has been holding rallies in major German cities and attracting thousands of supporters. The mainstream media is quick to point out that ‘counter rallies’ have been drawing equal and sometimes greater number of supporters. Who knows what the truth is on the ground. Police and media typically make up numbers to satisfy whatever agenda is begin promoted. The German people are correct in questioning the policies of their government and should be concerned about immigration. But they need to ask themselves what is more important: preserving their culture or preserving their economy. The harsh truth is that with German’s historically low birthrates since the 1970s, the country needs to import young and educated workers to keep the economy humming. German couples simply aren’t making enough German babies to sustain the population, and that gap will have to be filled with foreigners if the country wishes to maintain a modern, world-leading economy. Germany has had more deaths than births every year since 1972 and its total fertility rate has been well below the replacement level of 2.1 since 1970, hovering around 1.3 for the last 15 years.

Merkel’s government presents, at best, a muddled view on immigration, population, and multiculturalism. Merkel herself said a few years that multiculturalism was a failure. Yet, Germany continues to allow in hundreds of thousands of refugees every year from the Middle East and Africa. This wave of Muslim, dark-skinned, and non-German speaking refugees, combined with possibly hundreds of thousands of ‘guest workers’  coming from Bulgaria, Romania, and other parts of Eastern Europe ensures that Germany’s demographic and cultural crisis will continue to fester for many years to come.

Great Britain

Across the pond, the anti-EU UKIP continues to gain support amongst the population, as the British have witnessed their country being overwhelmed with immigrants over the previous decade. Commenting on Iceland’s recent move to formally withdraw its EU application, UKIP’s Nigel Farage stated, “This move by Icelandic authorities and the increasing Mediterranean opposition to the EU shows that the idea of the inevitability of EU integration has been smashed. More and more people throughout Europe either no longer wish to join the EU or, as in Greece, to leave the euro currency altogether.”



The corporate press typically paints leaders such as Farage and Le Pen in France as ‘right wing’, ‘utra-right’, ‘nationalist,’ ‘xenophobic,’ ‘racist,’ and so on. In fact, these terms are neither descriptive nor accurate and do nothing to shed light on the reality on the ground. The creation of the European Union and  the euro, and the moves toward making Europe a multi-cultural society were planned by a small clique of banksters, royal families, and zionists. These are polices and agendas which were forced on the people from above, with assurances that they were for ‘the benefit of all.’

While all this chaos and disintegration is occurring, we witness  the bizarre spectacle of Latvia celebrating its adoption of the euro on January 1st. Latvia’s leaders, seemingly oblivious to the destruction wreaked on many of Europe’s weaker economies after they adopted the euro, are telling Latvians that the adoption of the euro will ‘stabilize’ their economy.  Meanwhile, Turkey has indicated it wants to hop onboard the sinking ship of the EU, but is engaged in a nasty dispute with Brussels and talks have broken down.  And then there’s the little drama being played out over in Ukraine…




Italy to halt ‘Mare Nostrum’ but the agenda moves on

The issue of illegal migration has been a hot topic in the news during the last few months, and it will undoubtedly remain so for the foreseeable future. The root causes of the problem have little to do with the perfunctory explanations given in the mainstream media and have everything to do with a global agenda being pushed by the zionist global elite.

Let’s look at Italy. Last year, the Italian government launched a program called ‘Mare Nostrum’ which was ostensibly a humanitarian mission to rescue the hundreds of thousands of poor and desperate migrants from Africa and the Middle East who were attempting to reach Italy by way of wooden boats across the Mediterranean Sea. Stories of overcrowded boats sinking with hundreds of people drowning had made headlines in 2013 and the government had a good cover story to launch the mission. I am using words and phrases like ‘ostensibly’ and ‘cover story’ on purpose here, as I don’t believe for one moment the government’s glib explanations to devote manpower and money for this program when the country is in such economic dire straits and when poor Italians cannot get government assistance for basic needs. The government’s words ring hollow, as usual.

Immigrazione: Marina Militare, ieri soccorsi 1812 migranti

According to reports,  Italy deployed 32 boats, two submarines, planes, and helicopters and the 900 man crew picked up an average of 400 migrants a day. These people were then taken to Italy for ‘processing.’ Many, perhaps most, of those people will eventually file for asylum in Italy or perhaps another EU country if they can manage to make it somewhere else.

The latest word is that, after massive popular backlash at home, the government will shut down ‘Mare Nostrum’ and the EU will pick up the slack with its own program called ‘Triton.’

The backlash is not surprising. The Italian masses are not that stupid. They see what is happening. The government is simply ferrying in immigrants with ‘Mare Nostrum’ instead of dissuading them from coming. Remember, these people are attempting to illegally enter a country. That is grounds for immediate deportation in most cases, but here we have a government actually assisting them to enter.

So, what is the real story here?  The leaders of the Italian government are receiving orders from a much higher place and the Renzi government is merely a mouthpiece for those elites higher on the pyramid scheme. As always with these agendas, there are primary, secondary, and tertiary benefits. The primary benefit is in line with what is happening throughout most of Western and Northern Europe. That is, push in huge numbers of immigrants from foreign countries who have vastly different cultures from the native cultures of Europe and shove the ‘multicultural’ meme down people’s throats. The ensuing dilution and  weakening of native cultures will serve to benefit the agenda of one world government, by way of the NWO.

Secondary benefits would include a new infusion of cheap labor into the market.  For example, many young Italians no longer wish to work in the country’s farms doing manual labor , but the newly-arrived Africans are more than happy to pick fruit. Wages will of course be depressed further as the new workers will lack the language and organizing skills to avoid being massively exploited.

Tertiary effects include  the divisive wedge the immigrant issue will surely drive into the country’s populace.  It’s already happening. Protests against ‘Mare Nostrum’ and the wave of illegal migrants have been met with the predictable charges of ‘racism’ and counter-protests have been organized by misguided and/or manipulated useful idiots on the Left.

But Italy and Europe are just one piece of the puzzle. The globalists don’t have that name for no reason. Over in the USA, Barry Obummer and his merry band of handlers are busy writing legislation and executive orders to give blanket amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegals even while more are continuing to cross the border.


A recent story from the Inter Press Service News gives some insight into the agenda at work in America. According to the article, some 70,000 children were apprehended at the border during the fiscal year 2014. Most of these children came from Honduras and El Salvador and will be given temporary asylum; this ‘temporary’ asylum will surely become permanent under Obummer’s plan.

Already, the children are receiving free health care and free education. One of the school districts in Texas which is currently taking in a number of these students is called Sommerville. An administrator from the district, a real do-gooder, said, “As soon as the student comes to Sommerville, they are our students, period, and we don’t need to know, and we’re not interested in knowing, , about their residency status.”

She’s ‘not interested’ in knowing a child’s residency status? I guess she knows Obummer’s got her back. Texas is not alone in having such an open policy toward illegals. All children in Massachusetts have the right to free public education, regardless of immigrant status or national origin.

It’s interesting to observe  the tone of the article and the subtle ways in which it takes its stance. It presents the administrator and teachers in Texas as paragons of righteousness. The terrible conditions in Honduras and El Salvador are meticulously noted. The article states that the U.S. constitution ‘guarantees’ education for all children , regardless of status. The heart-wrenching stories of a young man named “Pedro” is given many column inches. You get the idea. The agenda relies on the media to do much of the front line work to brainwash the masses. It has often been called social engineering. Uproot people, make them refugees, move them far away and dilute culture wherever and whenever you can. The zionist plan at work.




Love is the antidote to fear. Beware of the fear mongers.

The spiritual masters have always taught that infinite and unconditional  love is the highest vibration. Conversely, fear is the lowest vibration. Fear keeps humanity in chains and the never-ending propagation and magnification of fear allows the powers-that-be to easily control and manipulate the human race. Fear facilitates the imposition of a police state and the instigation of wars.

For those who are awake, knowing these simple facts means we have the responsibility to spread as much love as possible as well as to act in a fear-less manner while exposing and countering the fear disease and the fear-mongers who seek to inculcate the disease in the populace.

In this blog, I am seeking to expose a global agenda, planned and executed by a small global cabal,  which is pure evil at its core and which uses various means to carry out the agenda, including but not limited to: chemtrails, GMOs,  junk food, television, cell phone towers, EMF radiation, and vaccinations.

In doing this, I seek to enlighten and educate my readers and ultimately to empower them to make positive changes to their lives, their communities and finally our planet. I never promote fear, make hyperbolic statements based on innuendo or cite ‘unnamed sources’, channeled entities or ‘an insider.’ Anything I write about can be verified by a simple search of the information on the internet,  in books, in government white papers and from other verifiable sources.

Any individual, organization, or group who is actively promoting fear needs to be relentlessly exposed and countered with a corresponding dose of empowering truth.

While most educated people at this point at least recognize that the major job of a government is to keep its citizens in a constant state of paralyzed fear, unfortunately we have a large number of writers, bloggers, commentators, authors, and activists who subtly and covertly promote fear while ostensibly acting as truthers and advocates for freedom and liberty.

These fear mongers  fall roughly into four camps: the financial armageddon types, the outer space types, the environmental types and the war/martial law/world war 3 types. Let’s examine each of them.

Financial Armageddon

Before discussing this group, let’s make something clear- our current global financial structure is completely fraudulent, insane, and unsustainable. The stock market is a transparently rigged game and the banking system is nothing but a racket run by a vicious global cartel. The whole superstructure needs to go and one day it will indeed collapse, either by its own insupportable weight or by a more active outside force. We should all be preparing ourselves for that day.

The financial armageddon types know these facts and use them not to empower people but to instill fear by constantly predicting events, such as a stock market collapse, a collapse of the dollar, an economic implosion, a collapse of the entire fiat currency system, and many more dire events. Beware of anybody who claims some power to be able to read the future, whether that be thru analyzing  trends and forecasts, talking to insiders, or reading the I Ching. 


Every year for at least the past 15 years, I have read at least one alternative press type predict a stock market collapse, when the Dow will fall 5,000 points or more in less than a month. Yet, it never happens. The Dow just keeps going up. Is it rigged? Is it phony? Is it disconnected from reality? Yes, yes, and yes! And it will go down in flames-someday. But in the meantime, the Rothschilds and their ilk have their plunge protection team and various methods to keep the stock market artificially inflated. Likewise, I’ve been hearing for goodness knows how many years that ‘this year’ gold will shoot up to $10,000 an ounce while the dollar goes into a corresponding free fall. Still waiting…

The champion fear mongers in this category include:

1) Michael Snyder, proprietor of the website titled, “The economic collapse” , (see how he has boxed himself into a corner?)

2) Max Keiser, author of the “The Keiser Report” on RT, who predicted that last year we would witness the  complete global meltdown of all fiat currency

3) Jeff Berwick, anarcho-capitalist who writes for and

4) Simon Black, proprietor of

5) Gerald Celente is the author of the Trends Journal, an excellent source of investigative journalism. I like Celente, but too often he goes into the fear-mongering mode.

6) Alex Jones. It would take a full post to address all the issues with Jones, but he has become a fear-monger extraordinaire, and probably a disinfo. agent as well. Go back ten years ago and watch him rant about imminent national martial law, WW3, the dollar collapse ad infinitum. He sells fear, plain and simple.

All of these people have done, and continue to do, good research, but more often than not I see them making fantastical claims about imminent doom that never come to pass. Most of the time, when you put their information and predictions thru simple BS filters, it doesn’t hold up. Their sources are either anonymous or their predictions  amount to nothing more than their own hunches. Most importantly, if you feel a buildup of fear and tension while reading and listening to them, then you should stay away.

The environment

This is a broad category and includes issues like ‘Peak Oil,’  the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, global warming, aka ‘climate change’, earthquakes, volcanoes, and species extinction.

Peak oil is a term for the coming oil shortage. Its proponents state that we have reached the peak of discovery and extraction and from now on, demand will exceed supply and the nations of the world will be fighting each other viciously for the remaining drops. I remember ten years ago when the price of oil suddenly spiked and hovered near $4 a gallon in the USA. The peak oil gang went hyperbolic and breathlessly wrote about how the ‘days of $3 a gallon are gone forever’, and that the price of gas will go nowhere but up into the future. In a couple more years, we would be looking at $10 a gallon. Oil would rise to $200 per barrel. Those predictions were written in 2004. The theory of peak oil has lost its momentum. Just yesterday, a Reuters article appeared with the title “New era of oil abundance on the horizon.’

What peak oil theorists claim:


The peak oil types were always suspicious to me. On the one hand, they would state that the Saudis were notoriously reticent and secretive about how much reserves they really had, and yet in the same breath they claimed to ‘know’ that the world was running out of oil. If the Saudis, and probably all oil producing nations, not to mention all the big oil companies, are not forthcoming about how much recoverable oil actually exists, then on what basis can someone make claims about ‘peak oil.’ It’s absurd.

James Howard Kunstler, author of ‘The Long Emergency’ was one of the biggest exponents of peak oil, along with the late Michael Ruppert. According to them, the fallout from peak oil would create global havoc and wreck civilization as we know it. ‘The Long Emergency’ , while containing some interesting and at times useful information, is really just a manual for the production of fear.

To reiterate: a global economy based upon oil is unsustainable and harmful and should be replaced by a more equitable and holistic model. But to spend our valuable time chasing rabbits like peak oil is a dead-end.

Man-made Global Warming

The theory of man-made global warming was long ago debunked but the elite have shifted laterally to rename it as ‘global climate change.’  Earth’s climate  is variable and is quite possibly going thru some major shift, but much of it can be attributed to the sun and our position within the Milky Way galaxy. Similar changes occurring on our sister planets confirm this. As for the man-made aspect, HAARP and chemtrails are responsible for much of the rest, NOT carbon emissions. Which means that going out and buying a Prius will not stop what is happening. What is clear is that Gore, and other global elitist scum will continue to attempt to hype the claim of global warming to promote carbon taxes and a further clampdown on humanity, with corresponding moves toward global governance.

The relentlessly exploited image of the polar bear:


Al Gore is, of course, the grand champion fear monger in this category and he should be relegated back to the lizard hole from whence he came.


The disaster at the Fukushima site in Japan is without precedent in human history. It is undoubtedly having a global impact. But just how much of a global impact is the question. I have no way of independently finding out the truth of the matter, and must rely on anecdotal accounts and bits of informations gathered from individuals around the world. Perhaps there are some individuals the top of the global control pyramid who know exactly what’s happening, but for the rest of us we are mostly groping in the dark. Hence, I take all Fukushima disaster talk with a heavy grain of salt.

Jeff Rense, who runs the popular website, is the ultimate Fukushima fear monger , along with physicist Leuren Moret. The Japanese people, for their part, are not panicking, and actually appear unconcerned.

World War

I have written a number of blog posts regarding the outbreak of world war 3 and do believe we will plunge deeper into war in the coming years. The problem with fear mongers like Alex Jones, Lyndon LaRouche, Michael Snyder, Steve Quayle and the rest is that they are always claiming that their ‘sources’ are telling them that ‘next week’ Israel will bomb Iran and the world will go down in flames. At least since early 2010, I’ve heard that we ‘are just a month away from the beginning of WW3’, with this type of headline regularly appearing on that veritable bullhorn of fear, The christian evangelicals and zionist christians are fond of the WW3 theme to sell their brand of fear porn and collect money and followers from the easily duped. They keep their copies of Revelations close by to correlate each day’s news to a sentence in that ancient text.

Outer Space

The idea that a rogue planet, aka ‘Planet X’, or a wayward comet/ asteroid/meteor is going to strike Earth is a theme that has been hyped and milked for decades. The latest incarnations of this phenomenon was comet Elenin in 2011 and comet ISON in 2013, both of which were relentlessly hyped on the internet as potential ‘species extinction events.’ Henning Kemner, dahboo77, and Alfred Lambremont Webre, among many, many others , were at the forefront of hyping these non-events.





Syria, Obama, the controlled press and a brainwashed population

Bashar al-Assad has been a thorn in the side of the zionist West for some time. Stubbornly maintaining an independent stance and refusing to get in bed with the IMF, World Bank and other instruments of global control and domination, Assad has governed Syria with a firm and steady hand since the year 2000. Furthermore, Syria does not have a Rothschild controlled central bank. For a more complete overview  of  why the NWO hates Syria, check out Syrian girl’s summary on her excellent and well-produced youtube channel.

When Obama, under the control of fascist and zionist elements based in London, Tel Aviv, and Washington D.C.,  tried to initiate a bombing campaign against Syria a couple of years ago, he was stopped by Vladimir Putin who used a combination of diplomacy and  threats of retaliation. Although Putin was able to give Assad and the Syrian people some temporary breathing room, the zionists didn’t give up their plans, they merely postponed them.

Hence, we see the drama now being played out in Syria, Iraq, and Turkey with ISIS (ISIL). This shadowy group is obviously a creation of the CIA and Mossad and was being trained in Jordan at least as far back as 2009, possibly earlier. ISIS gives the zionist west the pretext for going into Syria. The United States military is now bombing Syria,  and the final push to kill or exile Assad has begun. Is anyone naive enough to think that the real target here is ISIS? The agenda is to destroy enough of the Syrian infrastructure, including of course the oil installations, to weaken the Assad regime so that it collapses or becomes so helpless that the jihadist fundamentalists can move in with the backing of the West.


Russia is too busy containing the threat in Ukraine to do anything at this point and Iran is too smart, or too cautious, to be drawn into an open fight with the U.S., Israel, and Great Britain, so Syria has been left on its own. This doesn’t look good for the Syrian people.

I recently spent a week in the United States and what a surreal landscape it is. In terms of the media there, what’s particularly noteworthy is how unified they all are when it comes down to the important issues. This is not surprising when you realize that all the media outlets are owned by the same handful of companies, mostly jewish owned. I walked through the airport and CNN was blasting its propaganda from every gate, with the disgusting zionist shill Wolf “I love Israel” Blitzer positively giddy over the Syrian bombing campaign and harping about how a new ‘coalition’ was forming to support the strikes. In modern newspeak, a small handful of Gulf dictatorships constitutes a coalition.  The Washington Post is fully ‘on board’ with Obama’s latest war venture, with only minor quibbles on its editorial page about strategy and tactics. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the rest present a unified front and act as a  microphone for the United States military industrial complex. WAR, WAR, and more WAR.

Modern Americans are a strange breed. They are completely disconnected from their supposedly ‘representative’ government and either take no interest whatsoever in what it is doing, or pay some attention but passively accept  that they can do nothing to change its course. Only the oldest Americans can now remember a time when the United States was not bombing some country in a faraway land. Indeed, since World War 2, the U.S. has bombed so many countries, so consistently and unremittingly, that the populace  no longer takes any notice of it. They simply glance at the headline with their morning coffee, “U.S. initiates airstrikes against Syria” and then go about their day with a shrug.


Obama’s recent speech at the U.N. only reinforced his status as the most Orwellian dictator in recent history. Obama’s only mantra these days can be summarized thusly: WAR IS PEACE.

One headline that I saw splashed across USA Today and the Washington Post was that the people in Syria were ‘cheering’ the bombing. Yes, according the zionist press, the people of the world are now asking for the U.S. to bomb them.