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Television man. TV as mass mind control.

I have no television in my room. Sure, there was a beautiful new Samsung flat screen sitting on the table when I moved in here, but I requested the landlord to take it out. At first, they were sure that they had somehow misunderstood me and asked me to repeat my request. As every other room in the house already had a television, they had to brainstorm to find a place for it, but of course one can never have too many televisions in a room and so now it is being put to good use down the hall.

In my previous rental  across town, I had also asked  the landlord to remove my television. However, the law of unintended consequences took effect when the next day I walked downstairs and found out that it had been mounted over the stairwell on the first floor. Whereas previously the first floor and kitchen area had been been blissfully free of television noise, now the residents were happily watching  the tube for ten hours a day, and the quiet kitchen was now nothing more than a memory.

Edward Abbey:


I gave up tv watching 20 years ago and have never missed it. I find it is easier to simply remove it from the room than to cover it with a sheet and resist the temptation to turn it on.

Giving up the television is one of the best things you can do for mental health. You notice the effect on consciousness almost immediately. Your mind feels more clear and calm. You are mentally sharper and not as depressed. You find other useful things to do with your time. Most importantly, you remove yourself from the arena where the the Powers that Be (TPTB) can so easily brainwash and manipulate you. When you are not subjected to the constant, 24-hour-a-day barrage of propaganda spewing from the idiot box, you can actually research and think about the events of the world and maybe, just maybe, come up with some of your own conclusions and ideas.

What does this family worship? :


When I occasionally go to gatherings of young adults, such as parties, and they are discussing this or that tv series or bantering about some tv trivia, I am invariably lost. I have no idea what they are talking about and don’t care to. At these times, I simply deflect the conversation with a polite, “Oh, I must have missed that episode. Was it funny?” To say that I don’t watch tv in such a setting would brand me as an outright eccentric. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t have to go around waving a banner.


Television has become so deeply embedded and intertwined into our culture, our daily lives, and even our education, that is rarely ever talked about. It is simply taken as a given. We are a full four generations into the world-with-television, and the results are as grim and ugly as were predicted fifty years ago. Marshall McLuhan discussed television in his ground breaking books and demonstrated that it was not the content, but the ‘medium’ of television which was destined to rewire human brains and cause radical changes to our society and culture. Jerry Mander penned the classic “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television” in 1978, but few people have ever heard of the book, let alone read it. In an interview discussing the book, Mander had this to say,

“My own feeling is that that is true – that it’s very important to improve the program content – but that television has effects, very important effects, aside from the content, and they may be more important. They organize society in a certain way. They give power to a very small number of people to speak into the brains of everyone else in the system night after night after night with images that make people turn out in a certain kind of way. It affects the psychology of people who watch. It increases the passivity of people who watch. It changes family relationships. It changes understandings of nature. It flattens perception so that information, which you need a fair amount of complexity to understand it as you would get from reading, this information is flattened down to a very reduced form on television. And the medium has inherent qualities which cause it to be that way.”

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

In the mid-90s when I was teaching in the public schools in Texas, I was horrified to learn that all of the classrooms had televisions mounted on the walls and that students were forced to watch tv for 20 minutes a day. The station they watched was called ‘Channel One.’ If you are unfamiliar with it, Channel One is  a large media company, and it gives  away equipment to public schools all over the country in return for forcing students to watch the programming, which of course is embedded with advertising.


The advent, marketing and subsequent flood  of flat screen, plasma, and HDTV models over the past 15 years filled me with a deep apprehension. It wasn’t just the fact that consumers were rushing to buy these overpriced tubes for thousands of dollars- even when their televisions at home were perfectly functional- but also something more sinister appeared to be at work. Soon thereafter, when I read that governments were going to be switching  broadcast signals and thereby forcing people, by default, to purchase the new technology, my fears were reaffirmed.


A few years ago, ads for new apartments and houses started appearing in the sunday paper which pictured living rooms with the giant plasma tv already mounted on the living room wall. What’s more, the television was situated above the fireplace, taking the central spot in the room. You know, the spot that used to be occupied by the nicest piece of art the family owned , or perhaps a family heirloom. Or an altar. I suppose the designers of modern day apartments and condos know better than we do who our real gods are.

It’s now nearly impossible to escape the screen. Yesterday, I took a taxi home from the grocery store, and I was ‘entertained’ by a small television which flipped down from the roof behind the driver. He informed me that it was impossible for him to turn it off, as he did not have the actual controls or the authority to do so. When I take a long distance bus trip in South America or Asia, I am tortured with yet another showing of “Fast and Furious , Part 5”, at maximum volume of course.

Television, and fast food go together:


Screens are now built into cars, especially SUVs, to keep the kids docile in the back seat. They are in waiting rooms of hospitals, dentist offices, and other health care practitioners. They are in hotel lobbies. Increasingly, they are in not just sports bars, but all bars. They are finding their way into fine dining establishments. They long ago found their way into schools.


People now go to sport stadiums not to watch the team on the field, but to watch it on the giant plasma screen above the field. Huge screens are now built onto the sides of buildings in downtown parks. Want to go to a concert in a large venue and see your favorite performer, along with thousands of other rabid fans? You can be sure that anywhere from 2 to 10 giant screens will be mounted behind and above the stage for your viewing pleasure.



There is a large grocery store chain in the city where I live that has now installed flat screens above each shopping aisle. Worried about keeping up with the latest development in the soap opera or novella while choosing a certain brand of ketchup? We’ve got you covered. Ever felt bored standing in front of the elevator and watching the indicator light slowly drop down each floor? Have no fear: televisions are now mounted between elevator doors to keep you distracted. Running on the treadmill at the gym with your ipod in your ear not stimulating enough? Need some ‘visuals’ to go along with your music? No problem: modern gyms have thoughtfully designed their spaces with racks of dozens of televisions, so that no matter where you are working out or what you are doing, there is always a screen in your face.


Our current reality is just as George Orwell predicted in ‘1984’ with the ubiquitous screens. Big Brother, via the giant multi-national media conglomerates, is watching us, even as we are watching his ‘programming.’

We can’t even exercise without tv:



The Sunglasses Scam. Throw them away.

Sunglasses have been with us for more than a hundred years.  At first, they were used only by movie stars to avoid recognition. The first inexpensive and mass-produced sunglasses were marketed in 1929 and by 1937 had become a fad, according to Life Magazine.

Sunglasses are now worn for two reasons:  protection from the sun and as a fashion accessory.  Manufacturers of sunglasses have taken full advantage of a wonderful confluence of events. First, celebrities and movie stars made them wildly popular and ‘cool’, and an absolute   ‘must have’ item for everyone’s accessory kit. Later, the optometrist and ophthalmology  industries began to tell the populace that sunglasses were necessary whenever venturing outside. The bogeyman that they came up with was UV  or ultraviolet light. According to these health ‘experts’, any exposure to UV light when outside carried serious risk of short-term and long-term damage to the eyes.

Not only were we not supposed to ever “stare directly at the sun,”  or “look directly at a solar eclipse” but also not walk around on a normal sunny day without the trusty protection of our sunglasses.  Just exactly how humans had survived for the past 100,000 years without sunglasses was never adequately explained.

The fact that the entire population has fallen for this marketing campaign is breathtaking, and if Edward Bernays were alive, he would surely applaud with unmitigated approval. Now, there are of course certain times when the wearing of sunglasses is necessary and beneficial. If you are skiing down a mountain on a sunny day with the glare of the sun reflecting off the snow , then surely they come in handy. Pilots at times need them. Driving your car due west while looking at a setting sun requires the use of a good pair. But for just normal everyday outdoor activity, they are not necessary.

What is particularly funny to see is people who wish to wear them simply as a fashion statement, but insist to all those around them that they are only ‘protecting’ their eyes from ‘dangerous’ UV radiation.

Visit any of the innumerable social media and dating websites and see how many people, particularly women, have a profile photo in which they are wearing sunglasses. Often, the girls are wearing the outsized ones which cover half of their face. What are they hiding? Do they really expect to attract a mate when they are hiding their face? Do they believe they are being cool? We live in strange times indeed.

I own a pair of sunglasses, but they are gathering some serious dust in my closet. I rarely take them out. First, I have no wish to be cool or fashionable. Also, I am not into Hip Hop. Furthermore, I have no need to be in disguise. And most importantly, I have no need or desire to avoid those oh-so-nasty sun rays. In fact, I welcome them.  I love sunlight. One could even say I worship it. Sun worship has a long and glorious history among humankind and I feel a kinship with all the countless thousands of generations before me who paid homage to our great benefactor.

I make a point to flagrantly and obstinately violate each and every recommendation of the so-called experts on eye health. I never wear sunglasses. I stare at the sun. I look directly at solar eclipses. I give thanks for the  energy giving photons from the sun. In the morning, the first thing I do is to stare at the rising sun and let its energy penetrate my eyes and proceed  directly into my cerebral cortex. Sungazing has innumerable health benefits and those who engage in it will attest to this.

In addition, I want to see and experience reality directly. I don’t want a filtered view of what’s going on around me. Why would I want to walk around all day seeing the objects and people in my environment in a yellow or brown tint?  I want to see you as you are, as much as I am able. Likewise, if I am having a conversation with someone and they are wearing sunglasses, I will ask them politely to remove them. How can I talk to someone if  if I can’t see their  eyes, the windows to their  soul? If a person refuses to remove them, then I simply move along…

There’s a moment in ‘Sane Man’, Bill Hicks’s classic comedic tour de force,  when he calls out a customer in the night club who was wearing sunglasses. A guy wearing sunglasses….in a dark club…at night. “Ain’t this guy cool? Wearing sunglasses inside?” He rightly ridiculed the idiot. That was back in 1989. Look what we’ve become since then. Now, I see young hipsters wearing sunglasses indoors all the time. They think it’s cool. I guess we can think the hip hop culture for this. A word to the young: Toss your silly affectations in the trash, and come back to reality. Let’s all start looking at each other with fresh eyes again. And while we’re at it, let’s acknowledge the sun as our friend, and the source of all life on this planet.


Chemtrails- the annihilation of our sky

I remember seeing chemtrails for the first time back in the summer of 1998. My girlfriend and I were standing outside on a clear day in Asheville, N.C. and we looked up to see a most peculiar sight. A jet was flying high overhead and was spraying a dense line of chemicals behind it. At the time, we didn’t know what they were spraying, we just knew it didn’t look right. In fact, it looked ominous and evil. I had grown up watching the sky and knew quite well what a contrail was.  Contrails always dissipate within a matter of seconds. These trails we were seeing were not dissipating at all. They stayed in the sky for hours, eventually spreading out and merging with other trails laid down by other planes to finally turn to entire sky white


That first encounter with chemtrails was 16 years ago and the program has massively expanded since then. The scientific name for what ‘they’ are doing to our skies is ‘stratospheric geoengineering’ or just ‘geoengineering’ for short.  Government white papers and declassified NASA and pentagon papers from as far back as 40 years ago talked about the application of weather warfare and weather modification. This information is now available for anyone to read who wants to get up to speed on chemtrails and what is being done to our planet. A good place to start is here:


Chemtrail spraying is now occurring in every U.S. state, often on a daily basis, and in most countries of the world. I recently saw chemtrails in the Caribbean and in Central and South America. I am now based in Asia and the skies here are covered with this toxic soup. Here is a recent photo shot from my bedroom window. No blue skies here.


In 2008, I moved to Portland, Oregon.  I woke up one Saturday morning,  looked out my window at a clear beautiful day, and decided to go to my local park to sit on the grass and read. I felt elated. The weather was perfect and the sky was a deep blue. I began to relax and took out my book, but then I looked up to see a jet flying high overhead, laying down a huge chemtrail. My heart sank and I felt filled with a mix of emotions: sadness, resignation, dread, and rage. I knew what was coming next- more jets and more chemtrails. And sure enough, a few minutes later, another arrived. Then from the west, more came, each spewing their toxic cocktail of aluminum, barium and strontium. The tell-tale crisscross pattern became evident and within one hour, the blue sky was completely gone, hidden now under a hazy, milky blanket of chemicals.


I looked around me in all directions to see if anyone else was paying attention to this, or might be worried. I saw a handful of families and couples sitting in the park, but nobody seemed to be paying the slightest mind to the sky. All the people walking down the sidewalks and going about their business were oblivious to what was going on. Nobody was looking up! My initial instinct was to jump up screaming and run to everyone I could find and say, “Look, look! Don’t you see what’s happening? They are spraying us like insects.” But I knew what would happen. At best, they would think I was having a breakdown, at worst a complete psychotic break.

That scenario has been repeated hundreds of times since that day in Portland years ago. I soon moved to Seattle where the spraying was even heavier. Again, nobody bothered looking up. Often I arrived at work and grabbed my coworkers to take them outside and point out the trails in the sky and ask them, “Doesn’t that seem just a bit odd to you?” But everyone just shrugged their shoulders and replied that planes ‘have always done that.’ Even when I tried to explain the difference between contrails and chemtrails , my explanations fell on deaf ears.


Over the past six or seven years, I have tried to come to terms with and understand why something as massive as a global geoengineering program is ignored by 99% of the population. Here we are, being sprayed from above, just as we sprayed a cockroach with a can of ‘Raid’, and nobody even comments on it, let alone protests it. Absolutely astounding.

Have you ever seen a local television weather reporter talk about chemtrails? I used to observe the local weathermen in Seattle state confidently that, because of the predominant effect of a high pressure system,  skies ‘were going to be clear’ for the next few days. And then the planes started spraying in the morning and by the evening, when the weatherman came back on for the 6 o’clock news, apparently he hadn’t  bothered to go outside or even look out the window. If he had, he would have noticed the now chemtrail overcast skies. But he  went on talking nonsense, contributing to the overtly Orwellian mind-numbing that we see taking place every day.




Advertisers are now inserting chemtrail imagery into their ads. You almost never see a person standing or lying in front of a clear blue sky background. No, the ‘new normal’, and  indeed even the new model of ‘beautiful sky’ is one with long streaks of chemtrails. Hollywood studios are busily inserting chemtrails, thru the clever use of CGI,  into old movies from the 70s and further back, trying to convince the sheeple that these ‘have always been around.’ When I go to work, I turn on the computer and the Windows 7 screensaver is a blue screen with long white streaks, which then congeal into a hazy, fuzzy white blob on the bottom right corner. Hmm….I wonder why Microsoft chose that specific design for their screensaver? Out of the all the thousands of design ideas that they could have chosen? It’s conditioning and programming, pure and simple. Kids today have grown up knowing nothing but chemtrail skies. Many have never seen a clean, clear blue sky.


Recently, I perused the wikipedia page on cloud types. I had a strong suspicion that wikipedia had been infiltrated and taken over by this gang who, just as Orwell predicted in ‘1984’, are busy rewriting history. However, I was still stunned at what I saw. Almost the entire page is a disgusting propaganda piece, unapologetically showcasing all of our wonderful new chemtrail  ‘clouds’ with fancy scientific names like, ‘noctilucent’, ‘stratospheric nacreous’, ‘cirrus spissatus undulatus’, ‘cirrus uncinus’, ‘cirrus fibratus radiatus’, and ‘cirrostratus nebulosus.’ Do those names sound familiar to you? Me neither. They just made them up. Go back and look at an encyclopedia from 20, 30, or 40 years ago and see if you can find any of those names to describe clouds.

chemtrails sprayer

There is a story I read once about the Taino Indians on the island of Hispaniola. According to this story, when Columbus’s ships appeared on the horizon, the people standing on the beach were unable to ‘see’ them. The idea of strange looking ships coming from the other side of the world across the ocean was so far outside of their paradigm, that they literally couldn’t see them. The only ones who did were the local shamans. It was they who had to patiently teach and coax their people to see the ships. Perhaps we have something similar going on with chemtrails. Even if we get the slumbering and inattentive masses to look up and pay attention to the sky overhead, that is only half the work. As I told my friend years ago, to truly understand and grasp chemtrails, you have to know something about jet aircraft, weather patterns, contrails, and normal commercial jet flight paths. After you get the chemistry and meteorology down, then you need to understand a bit about how the power elite operate and their capacity to undertake and implement such a program. And lastly, you have to understand how little ‘they’ , i.e. ‘the powers that be’, care about us. It’s the 1% vs. the 99%, and in this war, we are losing.


The government of the USA, like all governments around the world, officially denies even the existence of chemtrails, even though anyone can walk outside and the see the planes ruining our skies. Why the conspiracy of silence? If it’s for our own good, then why aren’t they telling? If they are trying to stop global warming (one theory), then they should just come clean.

Since chemtrail spraying is happening all over the world, then that in itself seems to me to be prima facie evidence of a global conspiracy and indeed a global shadow government. It’s such a huge topic and so vast in its implications that it’s hard to wrap one’s head around it. But the first step is to stop being in denial and open our eyes to what is happening to our world. View the excellent documentaries, “What in the World are they spraying?” and “Why in the World are they Spraying?” Get in the habit of being a skywatcher and convince your family and friends to lift their eyes from their smartphones and pay attention again to our skies before it’s too late.