Boko Haram: the new bogeyman.

Have the higher-ups in the pentagon realized that the ‘threat’ of Al-Qaeda no longer sends shivers down the spines of naive Americans as it once did? Or, are more Americans learning how the U.S. government is working with Al-Qaeda in Syria and in other places? Have more people caught onto the fact that Al-CIA-da was a creation of U.S. intelligence all along? Whatever is going on, one thing is clear- a new bogeyman is needed to send a  wave a fear crashing over the landscape of America and beyond and to justify more imperialistic and militaristic global adventures. Hence, we have BOKO HARAM.

Expect to see more- a lot more- bombings, kidnappings, killings and mayhem in the days, weeks and months ahead, attributed to this shadowy group based in Nigeria. This crap could only have been cooked up deep in the belly of Washington neo-con think tanks, and mossad war rooms. ‘Let’s create a new ‘terrorist’ group. We shall base them in Nigeria. They live not in Lagos, but up in the Northern regions, where they are hard to track. Yes, good. And of course, they are Muslim. Their goals are unclear, but they are jihadist for sure, and hate everything about the good people of the Western world.’

So, this string of car bombings taking place in Nigeria is all conveniently blamed on Boko Haram, even though of course we never see a BK representative on television claiming anything. The sheeple are just  supposed to take the word of some government official, or a BBC or CNN reporter. Just like in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bali, London and elsewhere, these bombings have all the earmarks of the Mossad.

“Cui Bono?” Who benefits from this? If this Boko Haram group really exists, what would they stand to gain from slaughtering innocent bystanders in Lagos? Nothing.  Western powers however, stand to gain much from a breaking up and fracturing of Western Africa. There’s a whole lot of resources there for the taking.

Boko Harma, the new bogeyman hiding under your bed:


As the violence in Nigeria and Mali ratchets up, right on cue Barry Sotero announces the sending of the U.S. military to Africa, supposedly to help find some kidnapped schoolgirls. This is the script of a bad Hollywood ‘B’ movie. The grand chessboard in being played out on the African continent between China and the United States, with the help of NATO.  As the U.S. adopts a more open, and aggressive, military strategy in Africa, it will need new cover stories and new bogeymen to throw at the populace. Not that the elites in Washington DC and London and Tel Aviv care what you think anyway. But they need to say something. It wouldn’t be proper to just say, “We’re going in to get the gold, copper, oil, and manganese.”

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  1. Somehow the U.S. always seems to enter anywhere with military force in the name of peace. Somehow we thrive on conflict and unfortunately when there isn’t any we create some somehow. Angelina Jolie and get Koni 2012 twelve fizzled and George Clooney getting cuffed in front of an African embassy in Armani didn’t work so a new “Goldstein”, 1984 ficticipous villian is created. I keep waiting for the ultimate threat, ghost, boogeyman the Alien Invasion to come. Nazi Werner Von Braun predicted this a long time ago. We’re nuts plain and simple.

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