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Brian Stupar is a  teacher,  writer, nurse, traveler, musician, book lover, anti-Zionist and a student of life. He enjoys yoga, tai chi chuan,  qigong, cooking, Italian food and  fine Italian wine.

He does not own a television, tablet computer , car, or microwave oven. He eschews beef, pork, candy, soda pop, fast food and Starbucks. He is deeply troubled by what he sees happening around him in the world.

Some of the people who have influenced him on his journey include Paramahansa Yogananda, Alan Watts, Fela Kuti, Peter McWilliams, Bruce Lee, Masanobu Fukuoka, Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Paine, Osho, Eric Dubay, John Lamb Lash, Nikola Tesla, Mike King, John Friend, and all the folks at Red Ice Radio.

This blog is his attempt to share his thoughts about the human condition and offer some insight and suggestions on a way out of the mess.



19 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Brian, how refreshing it is to read your blog! So few Americans care to know the truth about their country. The media…etc…have done and continue to brainwash eveyone they can. It has been working for years! I am looking to be an expat…I cannot stay here. What to do!

      1. Your advice is timely. I would up and go were it not for my advanced age. If I were to be say 20 again, I most certainly would move out of Babylon. This place scares me. My abode is remote and I have unplugged damned near every “convenience.” Put another way I have never been happier nor self satisfied. But observing the meltdown is heavy for me. And included in this burden is watching the die off if much if the native Northern Califirnia flora. The most obvious are the millions of dead fir trees. An entire eco system is unraveling before my eyes. I have lived in this area for 24 years. The die off is accelerating. I read the other day that there are over 300,000 cell towers in the United States. Two things come to mind regarding the meltdown: 20 years if chemtrail spraying and 20 years or so of the proliferation of cell phone towers. This does not include the rest of the components of what might well be referred to as a global microwave oven.

        1. Yes, I think chemtrails and the RF, microwave onslaught are related, or at least components of an over-arching program of global depopulation. Throw in HAARP and GMOs and it’s game,set, match for the human race. I watched them clear-cut the Redwoods, and now you say the Firs are dying. Very sad.

  2. I really appreciate the fact that I found you while researching Orgonite Chembusters and the spiritual destruction taking place in our World. I am Anti-Zionist and awake and I’m ready to assist in changing the outcome of destination one attempt at a time.
    Thank you for putting yourself out there for others to find you; I’m glad I looked.

  3. I don’t agree with everything you say (especially on technology), but I find many of your comments insightful and right on the mark. Looking forward to more postings.

  4. Sir. I arrived via Nibiru, to your blog. Okay, not actually from the planet but, whilst researching its arrival to our neighborhood. I haven’t read your post on the subject as of yet but, based on what I did read it should be interesting. Good stuff.

  5. Dear Sir
    You are absolutely right and I wish you were wrong. I went on vacations in Vietnam/Cambodia in February 2014. In the Ha Long Bay (north Vietnam) there are large islands of plastic bags and bottle drifting along the stream amidst ten of thousands boats carrying millions of people with camera!
    Ankor is exactly how you describe it.
    And Paris too!
    Have a nice day.
    All the best

  6. Dear Brian
    About your problem with British English. You are right again! And I am glad for you that you are not French! Well, I am and allow me to tell you that this language is full of grammatical contradictions and pronunciation stupidities which you denounce in your article.
    Just be glad and enjoy being an English-speaker. In spite of colour and programme, UK-English is not that bad after all.

    PS: Your blog is very interesting. How do you find time to think about and write all those things?

    Nice day to you


    1. Hello Jedlep,

      Thank you for the comment. I am so happy that you find my blog interesting. How do I find the time? I don’t know, exactly. I just know that my brain is always working; I am constantly observing, analyzing, contemplating, and writing about what I see around me in this crazy world.

  7. Great bio – love it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on Transhumanism – very hot topic! Important to spread as much as possible.

  8. Can report massive chemtrails in large eastern nation, name unmentionable for resident expat. “This crazy world” seems to be more of a clinical diagnosis these days than a turn of speech. News, drugs, mass entertainment, technology, international conflicts and cultural disintegrations all point in an alarming direction. The USA I grew up in in the 50’s has vanished and been replaced by machines turned ‘human’, ‘humans’ become machines, men become women and women become men. Are we not placed in the Scales and found wanting?

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