Ethnic cleansing in the West Bank continues

As the latest installment of Israel’s relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing and mass murder  in the Gaza Strip winds down, we might ask whether the Israeli zionist leaders/mobsters are considering  ‘lying low’ for a while and behaving, seeing as how they have been condemned around the world for their utter depravity and ruthless slaughter of men, women, and children. A recent story out of Jerusalem gives us the answer to that question and it is a resounding ‘no.’

Coming fast on the heels of the bombing of the Gaza Strip, the government in Tel Aviv said ‘it published tenders for 283 new homes in a West Bank settlement , just days after announcing its biggest land grab on occupied Palestinian territory for three decades’ according to AFP.



Israel is planning to expropriate 400 hectares of land in the south of the territory , between the cities of Hebron and Bethlehem. This has drawn international condemnation, even from usual lapdog the United States and even from some Israeli cabinet ministers. UN secretary Ban Ki-Moon stated he was ‘alarmed’ by Israel’s plans. The settlement building is, of course, illegal under international law.

However, limp protests from the US state department, the UN, and the Israeli cabinet will do nothing to stop the settlement building. The right wing, militaristic Likud party  , led by rabid  warmonger Netanyahu is in control in Israel and they don’t give a damn about what anyone outside their circle thinks. The zionists  do whatever they want. They want all the Palestinian people gone, and settlement building in the occupied territories is an integral  part of that objective.

Former hippy and raver in the USA, now a settler in the occupied territories:


Protests from the USA and the UN about Israeli policies vis a vis the Palestinians is nothing more than political theater. Zionists in the USA are in firm control of the levers of political power and the UN has done nothing over the last 65 years to punish Israel for its war crimes. Indeed, the UN was instrumental in helping the zionists  occupy the land now known as ‘Israel’, so we shouldn’t hold out any hope that any help is coming from that direction.



Is it possible to speak of ‘international law’ these days without breaking out in laughter? On the world stage, there is only one law and that is the law of power and might. Israel has been the beneficiary of US largess for 60 years and is now a nuclear power with one of the most modern and well-equipped armies in the world. It does what it does because it can. Even now, Israel continues to receive a cool three BILLION a year in aid from the USA, most of used to continually upgrade the military. Amazingly, Americans who get 30-40 percent of their paychecks eaten by taxes have not yet revolted over this travesty.


The armed bulldozers will be going  soon to the new settlements. Palestinian families will probably be told they must move within a matter of days or weeks. If not, the Israeli army will have no qualms about bulldozing the houses with the people still inside and burying them alive. Standard operating procedure for the Israeli Defense Forces.

What’s in your toothpaste? Colgate and the triclosan scandal

One of the most difficult items to find for health conscious consumers in large parts of South America and Asia is flouride- and chemical-free toothpaste. Indeed, in countries where I have traveled in Central and South America, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil,  and Peru, there is often only one or two brands to choose from,  even in large supermarkets. And the toothpaste brand that dominates the market in Latin America is Colgate. In fact, no other brand even comes close to approaching Colgate’s market share in those countries.

Colgate-Palmolive company is a publicly traded  American multinational consumer products company based on Park Avenue, New York City. In 2013, they had revenue of more than $17 billion and income of over $2 billion.

Needless to say, Colgate adds fluoride and a host of other chemicals to all of their toothpastes. The chemical cocktail will, of course, ‘brighten your teeth, fight gingivitis, and give you a winning smile!’ Are there any negative effects to swishing all these chemicals around our mouths and mixing them with our  mucous membranes? Not according to Colgate. Everything’s good!

Well, maybe not. A big story broke last month about Colgate and the chemical triclosan which they add to their Colgate Total toothpaste. According to the stories, triclosan has been linked to cancer cell growth and fetal bone malformations in animal tests.

Colgate Total was approved by the FDA in 1997, but a recent Freedom of Information Act lawsuit revealed that the documents used by the agency to approve the toothpaste relied on ‘company-backed science.’ This is due diligence? Is anyone still naive enough to believe that the FDA is a trustworthy guardian of the nation’s food and drug supply?

It gets worse. Recent studies have also linked triclosan to reduced fertility, lowered sperm counts and premature births. Think about that the next time squeeze some colgate onto your toothbrush.

This is a frightening story because of the numbers involved. When you consider Colgate’s market share in large parts of our world, we are looking at hundreds of millions of people who have been exposed to these toxic and possibly carcinogenic substances. As I stated before, for many people, Colgate is the only choice of toothpaste when they go shopping. Most of those shoppers will not see this recent story and take corrective action and don’t expect governments to pull it off the market either.


In the bigger picture, triclosan is probably not as harmful over the long term as the neurotoxin  fluoride, but that’s a subject for another article.

Interestingly,  the most successful natural toothpaste brand in the USA, Tom’s of Maine, sold an 84% stake in the company to Colgate-Palmolive in 2006. This buyout was in line with the large wave of multinational conglomerate acquisitions of natural foods brands.



Faced with the dearth of natural and chemical free toothpastes outside the U.S., I learned how to make my own toothpaste. It’s quite easy and is something anyone can do. With the ongoing  blatant poisoning of the human race, it is something we all should  do. All you need is some coconut oil. baking soda, vegetable glycerin, a natural sweetener, and essential oil of peppermint. Dump the chemical toothpaste into the trash, get fluoride out of your body, decalcify your pineal gland and reclaim your health.

The rise of ‘super bugs’ and the decline of allopathy

I recently came across  two articles which addressed the issue of antibiotic overuse and abuse. One of them was written by Ranjita Biswas of IPS (Inter Press Service) and the other was an article from an English language newspaper in Viet Nam.  The first one gave a global overview of the problem with a focus on India, and the latter  was an analysis of the acute problem we are facing here.

Perusing these articles and sharing them with my students, I was hit with the realization that we really have come to a dead-end with this 200+ -year-old Allopathic model of medicine. Allopathic, or ‘modern’ medicine started to gain serious traction in the 19th century in America, and really took off when the Rockefeller family got behind it and began to fund medical schools and hospitals in the USA and monopolize the cancer ‘treatment’ industry. The Rockefeller influence is a fascinating and little-known part of American history that is never taught to medical and nursing students. For a good introduction to the topic, I recommend Eustace Mullins’ ground-breaking work, “Murder by Injection. The Story of the Medical Conspiracy against America.”



Prior to the rise, and eventual overwhelming dominance, of Allopathy in America, most people visited a homeopath when they became seriously ill. If history had gone in another direction, it’s possible that today we would have allopaths, homeopaths, chiropractors and others all working together and none claiming dominance or hierarchy, but that’s not how things went. The doctors of the new medicine didn’t want competition and homeopathy and chiropractic were suppressed vigorously. Although today you can certainly still find any kind of medical practitioner you choose, it is undeniable that when most people think of ‘medicine’ , they are referring to the Allopathic model, which can be boiled down to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery.

Which brings us back to the subject of the recent articles: antibiotics and their use and abuse.  The IPS article highlighted the problem in India where the average person takes eleven (!) antibiotic pills a year, which means that the country as a whole consumed an eye-popping 12.9 billion ‘units.’  The problem with widespread and regular use of antibiotics is that the bacteria for which they were designed to kill become resistant to them. Eventually, they adapt and evolve, or mutate,  into ‘super-bugs.’ And then pharmaceutical companies must design a new antibiotic which the bacteria will eventually become resistant to as well. We’re in a vicious cycle and the only way out is to exit the system completely.



This has become a deadly serious matter. According to the article, in Europe alone 25,000 people die annually from drug-resistant strains of bacteria.

The overconsumption of antibiotics takes different forms depending on whether you live in the Western developed world or in the so-called developing world where I have lived for the past 3 years. In the USA in particular where many M.D.s have been  corrupted by pharmaceutical pay-offs (disguised as seminars, dinners etc.), antibiotics are routinely over-prescribed.  In the developing world, the problem is the completely unregulated buying and selling of the drugs. Many years ago when I got sick with an infection in Peru, I was delighted that I could walk into a pharmacy and simply buy an antibiotic without a doctor’s order. It saved me a lot of time and money. What I didn’t appreciate at the time was that everyone in the country was doing that whenever they got sick. Neither the populace as a whole nor the pharmacy workers were educated about the potential harmful effects of the drugs.



Going back to India, the article states that the problem is a combination of ‘increasing income and affordability, easy access without a prescription, willingness of physicians to prescribe antibiotics freely and a high background of infections that should ideally be contained  by better sanitation and vaccination.’ In fact, that statement describes quite a few countries in our world including Viet Nam. With the crisis in India growing larger by the day, people are starting to recognize it and dumping Western medicine altogether for  Ayurveda , homeopathy, and naturopathy.

A group has been formed in India to raise awareness of the issue. Ashok Tamhankar, the coordinator of the organization IIMAR stated, “The ignorance and callousness are at every level of society-from care providers like doctors , to pharmacists, lawmakers, manufacturers, and even the consumers.”

Such an awareness-raising organization is sorely needed in Viet Nam where the problem of rampant antibiotic overconsumption is acute. No doctor’s order is needed for most drugs and people routinely take an antibiotic for even the most routine health issue. I have read numerous stories here about people who run down to the pharmacy for a ‘pill’ the moment they start sneezing or coughing. The pharmacists, who lack the necessary training and are rarely held accountable, dispense the drugs without even discussing dosage and side effects with the customers. Is it any wonder that drug-resistant strains are multiplying rapidly in this unregulated environment?

Health authorities are belatedly realizing the magnitude of the problem and are trying to put some programs into place to combat it, such as unannounced visits to pharmacies. A recent survey found that 88 percent of antibiotic sales in the cities did not involve a prescription!

One hospital director here stated, “It’s no exaggeration to say that antibiotics are bought and sold at many pharmacies in Viet Nam as easily as vegetables.”

With the rise of the new bacterial strains, M.D.s in hospitals are prescribing  ‘antibiotic cocktails’ to  their patients, comprising 2,3,4,5, or even 6 or more different antibiotics. What insanity.

In Viet Nam, the level of ignorance around antibiotics and  drug-resistant strains is massive. The government has a big job to tackle and lacks the resources to do much in the short term. In the long term, education at the grass roots level combined with strict enforcement at the national level are the only options to get the issue under control. And when we look further into the future, we will no doubt see a return to the past as well, with  people once again embracing the holistic forms of healing that so many cast aside in the rush to modernism.



Bono: a case study on how rock stars are co-opted and bought off

The subject of famous and prominent  rock musicians who have sold out to the corporate world has been covered extensively by other writers over the years, but it seems that it has become less noticeable and less of an issue than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Perhaps because the public is so used to to seeing musicians take the easy road to corporate riches that we now expect it, and  don’t feel the need to comment upon this phenomenon any longer.

Most of today’s little corporate ‘musicians’ (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Rihanna, et al) are not worth commenting upon, except perhaps to point out how much they celebrate their satanism with their elaborate stage shows featuring  satanic and illuminatist imagery.

However, there is one particular corporate shill who does need a calling-out and that man is known by the name of ‘Bono.’ The lead singer of the world’s most successful rock and roll band, U2,  Bono was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1960 as Paul David Hewson.  Beginning with the release of ‘Boy’ in 1980 and continuing until the 2009 release of ‘No Line on the Horizon,’ Bono and U2 have crafted an immensely successful career as rock musicians and continue to tour the world and sell out large stadiums.



If Bono was merely a run -of- the- mill rock star/corporate sell-out, he would not be worth writing about. But he has gone far beyond merely hawking credit cards or sports cars. In the late 1990s, Mr. Hewson decided that he was going to get actively involved in activism, and in particular philanthropy directly primarily towards the poor nations of Africa. He has taken on ‘third-world’ debt relief and the sub-Saharan AIDS crisis as his pet causes. To this end, he has crafted an entirely new persona for himself outside of his rock star image, though of course the new one is built  upon the success of the former.


What’s incredible to see is how long Bono has been able to deftly weave these two careers together. He uses  his music fame to support his causes and enter into relationships with prominent politicians and businessmen and then turns around and advertises his philanthropy at U2’s concerts. I say ‘incredible’ because judging from the number of young (and old) fans snatching up their music and attending their shows, many people still cling to the old image of Bono as a youthful and rebellious rock star. He is no longer young, and most certainly not rebellious. He is a middle-aged, fabulously wealthy supporter and cheerleader for the status quo.



Author Harry Browne who recently wrote a book about Bono, calls him a ‘spokesmodel for the virtues of neo-liberal capitalism.’ Bono wants his gullible fans to believe that the rich and powerful of this world have good intentions to make the world a better place. He stands for philanthro-capitalism, and believes that this system is more powerful than genuine popular movements for change.

Furthermore, Bono believes in a techno-utopianism (trans-humanism, anyone?) of which Bill Gates is the personification of enlightenment. Gates is the main sponsor Bono’s Africa endeavors, though certainly not the only one. Warren Buffet and George Soros are other names mentioned in association with Bono. Browne states that Bono’s campaigning work is merely a branch of the Gates Foundation. Gates’ unabashed embrace of eugenics and global depopulation has been well documented, and written about, including in this blog. Bono/Hewson also owns a stake in Facebook.



In addition, Bono is an unapologetic supporter of multi-national corporations and has even supported American evangelical Christians with their agenda in Africa.

It has long been said that you are known by the company you keep. Let’s look at the company Bono keeps. He has embraced, both figuratively and literally, war criminal George W. Bush, war criminal Tony Blair, war criminal Barack Obama, and unrepentant racist Jesse Helms. Bono has worked closely with Wall Street bankers and insiders such as Jeffrey Sachs and Bobby Shriver of the Kennedy family.  He has been invited to 10 Downing Street for ‘lunch.’ He has worked with Robert Rubin, a well-connected Wall Street insider who has been implicated in much of the wheeling and dealing that led to the 2008 financial meltdown. He was close friends with Steve Jobs and helped him launch itunes.

Is that enough? There’s more. Bono has been a ‘regular fixture’ at Davos, Switzerland for the yearly meeting of the World Economic Forum. This is the place where the world’s most powerful corporate leaders get together to discuss how to screw over and impoverish the world’s population while increasing their riches. In 2012, shortly after the conclusion of the G8 summit, Bono was out shilling for Monsanto. Yes, Africa will be saved by the introduction of GMOs, monocultures fields and plenty of Roundup. Saved?  That’s more like a recipe for genocide.

When he’s not making multi-millions in grandiose concert gigs or cheerleading for GMOs, or being a spokesmodel  for Bill Gates’ foundation,  Bono takes time to pose for celebrity photographers like Annie Liebovitz and do ads for Louis Vuitton in Africa. Louis Vuitton? Are you serious, Bono?


U2 is rumored to be working on a new studio album which will likely be followed by anther concert tour. No doubt the album’s release and tour will be successful and lucrative for Bono and his bandmates. More than 25 years ago, the late comedian Bill Hicks reminded us that once a musician goes on tv (or any media) and starts hawking products, he has FOREVER given up his artistic license. Let’s be clear about this: Bono has voluntarily relinquished his title of ‘artist.’ He may be a guy who runs around on stage singing and occasionally playing guitar, but he no longer can use the title of artist. He now merely acts to give a hip facade to a global agenda of genocide and pure evil.



The wrap around red sunglasses which Bono always wears in public are, he says, to protect his sensitive  eyes. He claims his right eye ‘swells up’ when it is exposed to bright light. He also claims he has a ‘blockage’ in one eye, whatever that means. I don’t believe any of it. He looks freakish with his silly sunglasses,  befitting a guy who now participates in a malicious  agenda and maybe doesn’t want the world to see into  his soul.