Kate Bush is back!

Kate Bush is performing  live for the first time in 35 years! Most of her fans had given up hope that Bush would ever perform live again and were overjoyed when news came down that the eclectic and brilliant artist was going to perform in London.  Bush’s  first and only tour to date had been the 1979 tour to promote her debut album, “The Kick Inside.”

The first of 22 shows at London’s Eventim Apollo took place on Tuesday night and the reviews have been sparkling. Tickets for the series of shows, 77,000 in all, went on sale online last March  and sold out  in only 15 minutes. According to news stories on CNN and other major media outlets, people are flying to London from Japan, the USA, and other far-flung countries to attend one of the performances.


I don’t remember the exact time I first heard Wuthering Heights, her debut single, but I do recall thinking that she was totally unlike anyone, or anything, I had heard before. I was still in my early teens when the young chanteuse exploded on the scene in Britain and I was mostly listening to Led Zeppelin and AC/DC at the time. She never received the kind of adoration and acclaim, as well as the airplay, in the States than she did in Britain because, some say, her songs were “a poor fit for American radio formats.” Or maybe we Americans just had bad taste in music.


After some limited success with “The Kick Inside” and her 1982 album “The Dreaming”, Bush finally scored  mainstream, albeit limited success in the States with her 1985 release “Hounds of Love.” My brother sent me a copy of the album and I played it incessantly for many moths afterward. It was one of those records that I would take to my all my friends house’s and insist on playing for them. “Dude, I’ve got to turn you on to this musician named Kate Bush. Have you heard of her?”

Bush’s melding of lush, operatic arrangements with poetic and literary references was totally unique. Her deeply personal songs sung with a soaring soprano and sometimes quirky humor were a revelation to young listeners such as myself who had become  jaded with the fluffy pop bands  who were dominating the charts in the early and mid 80s. Did I  mention that she was beautiful and a talented and trained dancer?



“Hounds of Love” became, and still is, one of my favorite albums ever. More than a decade after its release, I was traveling around the  Eastern U.S., and trying to pack as little as possible. Therefore, all of my music was in storage. I recall doing kitchen clean up duty in community that I was visiting. I gazed upon the large stacks of dirty dishes awaiting me and , contemplating the long hour of work ahead, asked if there were some decent music lying around to work to. My coworker for the evening nodded his head behind us and replied, “check on that shelf there.” The first cd I pulled down was “Hounds of Love” and  I nearly fell over with delight. It had been many years since I had last played it and the memories came pouring back as we set to work on the dishes, which now seemed to be not a big deal at all.



Fast forward nine years after that unexpectedly fun night in the community, and on a fine September evening I found myself at the Burning Man festival in Nevada with a group of friends. Wanting to stretch my legs and go out for a walk in the desert, my friend and I  eventually came upon an intriguing site: an Absinthe bar. We had only recently discovered the sublime nature of the Green Fairie, and we ducked into the boudoir/lounge bar; I quickly ordered up the most exotic Absinthe blend on the menu. Looking around and thinking that life couldn’t get much better, the next moment my ears perked up as the bartender, who was also the dj, slipped “Hounds of Love” into the stereo. I leapt up from the cushions and turned to my friend, “Oh my god, he’s playing Kate Bush. Hounds of Love. The greatest album ever!” My friend, who was in her early 20s, had never heard of Bush.

“OK, old man…is she another woman from the 80s?  I know you still love all that old 80s music. Haha.” No matter. I could take the ruthless jibes from the young woman. I had absinthe and Kate Bush. A veritable marriage made in heaven.

I won’t be able to see Kate Bush this month in London. I am not one of the lucky 77,000. I have neither the money, nor the connections to obtain tickets. But like so many of her fans around the world, I will be there in spirit and bask in the reflected glow of the lucky concert-goers.

Kate Bush discography:

The Kick Inside 1978

Lionheart 1978

Never For Ever 1980

The Dreaming 1982

Hounds of Love 1985

The Sensual World 1989

The Red Shoes 1993

Aerial 2005

Director’s Cut 2011

50 Words for Snow 2011





An Appreciation: B.K.S. Iyengar

B.K.S. Iyengar (1918-2014) passed away this week. Iyengar had been one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world for many decades, and his books on yoga, such as Light on Yoga and Light on Pranayama are classics. A student of Krishnamacharya, who is considered by many to be the founder of modern yoga, Iyengar did more than almost anyone to popularize yoga in the West. Today, his  schools are flourishing around the world and thousands of his former pupils carry on his lineage. Iyengar yoga schools are the most popular in the U.S. and many other countries.



I first heard of Iyengar in the late 1980s. I was living in Washington DC at the time and there was a well-established Iyengar yoga center there. My best friend was taking Iyengar classes  and introduced me to the method, which was rigorous and emphasized perfecting each asana and using various props such as blocks and ropes.

I eventually took a number of classes at the Iyengar yoga center, but never really took to the style. It just wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the use of props; it was an innovation, but it was one that seemed to me to stray  from yoga’s core teachings. And I felt that  the emphasis on the ‘perfection’ of the poses was unnecessary.


But these are minor personal quibbles. B.K.S. Iyengar has been lauded for bringing yoga to a vast numbers of people, and rightfully so. He was a committed, dedicated, and loving teacher to an untold number of aspiring yogis all over the world. Most new students try a number of styles and schools before they find one that really ‘fits’ them, so whether I or anyone else stayed with the Iyengar style is not so important. Once the seed of yoga is planted, it stays with the pupil for the entirety of his life.


B.K.S. Iyengar was a giant of the 20th century and his absence in the world of yoga will be felt for a long time. Hopefully, one of his former students will step up and fill the big shoes that he left behind.


Don’t look now, but Monsanto is actually writing your child’s textbooks

Recently, I was browsing through my school’s library when I came across a biology textbook. It was printed in 1998 and appeared to be  a typical textbook used in high school biology courses around the world. Along with the usual chapters on cellular metabolism and the categorization of organisms, the book had a chapter on a subject which has been addressed many times on this blog: genetic engineering. I should not have been so surprised to find that Monsanto has inserted  its tentacles deeply into the education system. They certainly have the money, the power, and the political influence to do so. Still, I was shocked to observe how cleverly and seamlessly the GMO industry has been able to weave their propaganda into schools and universities.

The chapter on GMOs was almost exactly in the middle of the book which is a clever move when you think about it. The naive student reading the text will  infer that GMOs and genetic engineering have  been an acceptable part of the biology curriculum for a long time. Logically, such a chapter should be at the very end of the book, to say, ‘this is where biology is possibly heading…’

The chapter begins with the story of two biochemists, Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer who, we are told, constructed a creature in 1973 which was part frog and part bacterium. Instead of pausing and questioning the obvious Frankenstein overtones of such experimenting, the authors simply ask ‘How did they do it’ ? and then proceed phlegmatically to give a dry explanation of the process.



From here, the next few pages give  a more detailed explanation of the process of genetic engineering. Again, it’s all stated quite matter-of-factly and the blatant, if not exactly explicit, message is this: playing god with genetics and doing bizarre cross species transgenetics is good for humans and the planet.

Following the introduction into the nuts and bolts of genetic engineering, the corporatist scientists really drive the point home with sections on GMO drugs and ‘the new agriculture.’  Just in case you might have some qualms about all this, rest assured! The new class of drugs we can produce from this process can, we are promised, cure genetic disorders. We are shown two photos of cute, smiling children who were given ‘gene therapy.’ The text informs us, “Three years after their treatment, they both appear to be thriving.” Ya don’t say…



Seriously, the entire chapter was no doubt written in a Monsanto PR firm. They then sent it to the publishing company as a ‘gift.’ They probably sent it with a note like, ‘A thoughtful, comprehensive, objective overview of genetic engineering, written by qualified scientists.’

The next section on agriculture is nothing more than an undisguised advertisement for GMO crops and Roundup weed killer. The textbook authors tell us that a recent ‘improvement’ in agriculture is the development of crops which are resistant to the herbicide glyphosate, a ‘biodegradable’ weedkiller. This is pure Bullshit. Glyphosate is most certainly NOT biodegradable and there is no shortage of non-biased research on this. In fact, in 2009 a French court found Monsanto guilty of lying and false advertising by stating that glyphosate (roundup) was ‘biodegradable’ , ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘left the soil clean.’ A recent peer-reviewed study linked glyphosate to the following: autism, obesity, allergies, cardiovascular disease, infertility, Parkinson’s , Alzheimer’s and many more. By using terms like ‘herbicide’ and ‘weedkiller’, Monsanto hides the fact that this is a POISON. And a very deadly one at that. Food crops and poison do not go well together.



The next page in the text states that ‘herbicide-resistant crops (i.e. Monsanto’s terminator seeds) are beneficial to the environment’ because fields don’t need to be weeded. Wow, I never knew weeding did so much damage to mother earth! Let’s get rid of that back breaking work once and for all! Now, all we have to do is drag a rope soaked with poison across the fields and voila! All the pesky weeds are gone and we are left with just the hardy GMO plant.

We the readers are reminded yet again that glyphosate is ‘quickly broken down’ in the environment. Then we are told that if we plant more GMOs, soil erosion will be greatly reduced as well since all that  cultivation we do to remove weeds is so damaging to the topsoil. Gee, I never knew..

What else can these wonderful new GMO crops do? Give us world peace? Make everyone happy? Cure racism?

Note that this text is 16 years old. I can only imagine what today’s texts look like. If you are a parent and you have not taken a look at your child’s biology textbook in a while, perhaps you should. If you are a student and you are unaware that your texts are being written by giant corporations who have no interest in impartial and objective  science and are lying through their teeth, then you need to wake up. Quickly. The number of blatant falsehoods I found in this one chapter makes me question what the rest of the text is filled with. Furthermore, it makes one pause to consider how ‘scientific truths’ are first promulgated,  become mainstream and then get passed along to subsequent generations. Whatever controversy accompanied the original theory is forgotten over time as opinion, speculation and theory become ‘fact.’








Planned world wars and the strange case of Albert Pike

Albert Pike is not a name that is well known to today’s younger generations. Yet Pike was a major figure of 19th century America and he is becoming more and more ‘infamous’ due to a supposed letter which we wrote to a fellow freemason in 1871, Giuseppe Mazzini.

Considering his long, colorful, and influential life, it is interesting to note how brief Pike’s  Wikipedia entry is. It tells us only the barest facts of his life and carefully sidesteps the more controversial aspects of his career.  One gets the sense that there is far, far more to this man’s life and story than is being told.

What we do know about Pike is that he was a Brigadier General in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. His military record was poor: his unit was defeated in a counterattack and ‘fell into disarray.’ He came into conflict with superior officers, was charged with ‘mishandling’ money, and was also faced with charges that his troops scalped and defiled the enemy in the field.

He later became involved in the Ku Klux Klan and became their ‘chief judicial officer.’ According to some sources, he also designed their rituals and was the Arkansas KKK ‘Grand Dragon.’

And last but not least, Mr. Pike was a highly influential and respected 33rd Degree Freemason. In fact, he was the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite’s southern jurisdiction for 32 years and devoted his time to developing the order’s rituals. He published a book titled Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted  Scottish Rite of Freemasonry which even today is revered by Freemasons.

Playing with dark forces:


Typically, being a prominent Confederate General, KKK leader and infamous freemason will not bump you to the front of the line to get a statue in Washington DC, yet today a large monument to Pike stands in Judiciary  Square. Strange indeed.



The freemasonic influence in America’s history is undeniable and is a subject that has been explored by a number of writers, historians and researchers. At least 14 U.S. presidents have been freemasons, including our first president , George Washington. But don’t look for an in-depth exploration of freemasonry and its intricate connections to America’s elite in the New York Times. Or the Washington Post. Or any mainstream source. Don’t look for any references in your college history textbook either. The political, academic, corporate and media elite would rather keep this subject hidden and relegated to the back corners of ‘conspiracy research.’

Is freemasonry evil? Demonic? Luciferian? At the lower levels, definitely not. At the higher levels, probably. And Pike reached the highest  level attainable, the 33rd degree. At this stage , the secret teachings of the ages are revealed and the initiate is given access to information and knowledge that only a tiny minority are privy to.

It is within this context that researchers have examined with interest the letter that Pike wrote to Mazzini. Although many claim that there is no proof of this letter’s existence  and that is was a ‘hoax’, it is my gut feeling that it is authentic and should be read by everyone who is concerned with the global outbreak of war and the future of humanity.

In this letter, which was written 43 years before the outbreak of World War I, Albert Pike predicted three world wars. The accuracy of his predictions is chilling and gives rise to many questions concerning what we have been told about the causes of world wars I and II.  Here is the text of the letter:

“The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.”

“The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.”

“The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

The people who discount and refute this letter point out that nazism, zionism, and fascism were unknown terms in Pike’s day and the beginnings of the communist revolution in Russia were decades away. Yet, as David Icke and many others have pointed out, these so-called ‘movements’ are discussed and planned long in advance of being foisted upon easily duped populations. And if anyone in America at that time had access to knowledge such as this, it would have been Albert Pike, 33rd degree mason.




The catholic church, McDonald’s and Facebook: time for a divorce?

Psychologists, social theorists, and philosophers have all attempted to answer the question of why people remain in abusive relationships. It is well documented that people, especially women, will stay in relationships that have been abusive for years, sometimes decades. Instead of simply walking away or filing for divorce, humans will create all kinds of rationalizations for the behavior of the abuser and for their refusal to leave.

“He only does it because I deserve it…..Deep down, he really loves me….He’s going to change some day, I know it…….It’s only because he had a difficult childhood, I need to be compassionate…..If he didn’t have me, he would have nobody, what would he do”?…… I can’t just abandon him”…….And so on.

This unwillingness to extricate ourselves from abusive relationships carries over into our relationships with governments, institutions, and corporations as well. It is human nature to cling to the familiar and habitual even when those habits are destructive and inimical to our self-interest. Many of us develop ‘brand loyalty’ over the course of our lives. We tend to trade in our old Honda for a new Honda. We throw out our old Adidas shoes for some new Adidas shoes. We root for the same sports team that we grew up with even though we moved away from that city 30 or 40 years ago.

But what do we do, or what should we do, when faced with evidence of corporate or institutional malfeasance and corruption? When is it time to punish corporations for reckless and immoral behavior by withdrawing our financial support for them? It appears that we humans have almost as difficult a time divorcing these companies as we do our abusive partner.

The catholic church, McDonald’s and Facebook

About ten years ago, when yet another huge scandal erupted within the catholic church, the daily headlines were filled with scandalous stories of hundreds, perhaps thousands of priests who had been accused of molesting young children, mostly young boys. As horrifying as these stories of molestation were, what was equally or perhaps even more horrifying was the additionally uncovered fact of  a church cover-up. The bishops at the very highest levels of the catholic  hierarchy in America and other countries knew very well that this child abuse was occurring, much of it inside the churches, and yet did nothing to stop it. In fact, they colluded to hide the crimes from the eyes of police. One could say, without exaggeration, that much of the catholic church was nothing more than a sophisticated pedophile ring.



There is no greater crime in this world than stripping a child of his innocence prematurely and traumatizing him for life. And this was happening on a vast scale with the trail of guilt leading right back to Rome and the doors of the Vatican itself. During the height of the news coverage of the latest scandal, I recall reading a story with the provocative headline: “Why in the world is anybody still catholic?” The writer of the article detailed the scope and nature of the crimes committed within the church and the refusal of the Vatican to take responsibility for its priests and even on many occasions to enable them to continue in their predatory actions. The writer asked the simple and straightforward question: If that is not enough for you to divorce the catholic church, then what is? It was, and is, a fair question. If catholics really believe that the church is capable of reforming itself, then they are as delusional as the battered wife of 20 years who thinks her husband can change. Sadly , a large number of catholics worldwide cling to the notion that if they leave the church, they are leaving god. They still have not grasped Jesus’ main teaching that the kingdom of god lies within you. 



Last month a food scandal in China rattled the stock value of McDonald’s, along with Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut) and Starbucks. A local news organization had smuggled a hidden camera into a meat processing plant which sold its products to McDonald’s and others. They filmed some workers scraping meat off the floor to package and sell and others mixing  old, outdated meat with fresh meat. The story quickly went viral and the fast food companies scrambled to go into recovery mode as sales in China and Japan tanked. In the immediate weeks following the release of the story, many McDonald’s restaurants in both of those countries were empty. However, the impact of the crisis appears to be limited to those two regions and there is no reason to believe that sales will not bounce back in a few short months as the scandal blows over. Here in Southeast Asia, the McDonald’s restaurants are as busy as ever as consumers seem blithely unconcerned with what is happening in our giant neighbor to the north.



What was lacking from most of the coverage of this latest story was any perspective. This is hardly the first time that McDonald’s and other fast food conglomerates have been accused of using substandard products, especially meat products. Investigative reporters and writers have been covering this for decades. John Robbins’ pioneering work in books such as ‘Diet for A New America’ and ‘The Food Revolution’ covered these topics in detail, as did ‘Mad Cowboy’ and Eric Schlosser’s ‘Fast Food Nation.’  Movies and documentaries such as ‘Food Inc.’ and the movie version of ‘Fast Food Nation have also reached a mass audience.

Executives at McDonald’s will make some superficial changes, perhaps change suppliers and engage in their usual spin. But the core of their business model demands large quantities of  cheap, low quality beef. That is not going to change. Ever. What was uncovered in China is happening right now  in many other locations around the world. Perhaps another intrepid reporter will take a hidden camera into more giant meat factories. When will we say ‘enough is enough’ and quit giving this seller of toxic ‘food’ our hard- earned money?


Last month, a story broke on the news wires about Facebook implementing a large study on its users, without their knowledge or consent. FB wanted to see if it could alter its users emotions by manipulating their news feeds. The vast majority of the stories which resulted from this embarrassing leak were variations of “How dare they do that?” Indeed, I don’t recall reading a single editorial or blog where someone tried to defend FB. And yet, what real fallout actually occurred at FB?  Specifically, how many of its billion or so users ‘filed for divorce’ and deleted their accounts? If my students, colleagues, friends, and family are any indication, not many. In the two or three weeks following the initial story, I noticed all of my students logging on and going about business as usual. They are willing to ‘forgive and forget.’ FB’s well documented casual disregard for its users rights and privacy is nothing new. This latest outrage will only fuel the ever present rumors about the company’s close relationship with spy agencies such as the CIA and NSA. But the abused partner, er customer, will rationalize this behavior away, and be content, for now anyway, to keep this relationship going.







Neil deGrasse Tyson outs himself as a corporate shill

GMOs, chemtrails, our RF saturated environment (cell phone towers, GWEN towers et al.) , and technology addicted youth are all serious issues facing our planet, but for transhumanists , they are not ‘problems’ at all, but simply logical and necessary steps that we need to take in order to arrive at what they call the ‘singularity,’ the final merging of man and machine.



In order for the human race to be successfully led to that point in the near future where we have morphed into a completely different species, it is necessary for the ‘powers that be’ (TPTB) to convince us that the technological trends and innovations  we see happening around us are in fact a ‘good thing’ and beneficial. To this end, they occasionally need to employ celebrities, media talking heads, and prominent scientists. In a previous post, I discussed how one such well-known scientist, Michio Kaku, is now a leading cheerleader for the transhumanist/singlularity movement and how we would do well to take anything says with a heavy dose of skepticism.

Corporations such as Monsanto work tirelessly to insert their employees into governmental positions to ensure favorable regulation. However, Monsanto has an increasingly bad reputation around the world and they too need to utilize big name celebrities to  give a smiley face to their  wicked agenda. Hence, we have the recent spectacle of Neil deGrasse Tyson, famous astronomer and scientific celebrity,  making a complete fool of himself by publicly stating that GMOs are a natural progression  of what human farmers have been doing for the last 10,000 years and that opponents of genetic modification should ‘chill out.’



This is a pure psy-op and is about as transparent as you can get. Tyson is immensely popular and regularly works  the talk show and news program circuit to discuss recent astronomical discoveries and his thoughts on the universe. Affable, humorous, self-deprecating, and humble, he is a brilliant scientist who the ‘everyman’ can relate to.

If science truly is our new religion, than Tyson is one of its high priests.  When he speaks publicly on an important scientific issue such as GMOs, people tend to listen. Therefore, it was with no small degree of shock that many of us heard him utter his recent opinions on GMOs. Does he really believe what he said, or was he simply bought off? We will probably never have a definitive answer to that question, but for a man who claims to adhere to the scientific method, his thoughts on GMOs are puzzling indeed.

Unfortunately for Tyson, the issue of GMOs is not akin to astro-physics and I’m afraid that he seriously underestimated the intelligence and knowledge of his audience when he claimed that genetic modification of plants and trans-genics is no different from the plant breeding that we have been doing for thousands of years. Really, it’s as if he thought he was talking to a bunch of schoolchildren.  To make matters worse, when people called him out on his statements on Facebook and other social media, he retrenched and reiterated his stance instead of going home and doing the scientific research on the subject which he so obviously needs to do.

I am happy to see GMO researcher and author Jeffrey  Smith publicly call out Neil deGrasse Tyson and challenge him to a debate. I’m not holding my breath. The last time a GMO/Monsanto shill agreed to a public debate, he was dismantled and humiliated by a fifteen year old girl.



I also heartily encourage Mr. Tyson to take some time off work and work on a GMO farm for a summer. There’s some wonderful GMO cornfields in Iowa that might be looking for farmhands. There’s nothing quite like an afternoon of breathing in heavy doses of Round-Up.

Our artificial sky and Monsanto’s war on the human race

August  2014

This morning I took these pictures from my bedroom window, looking east and south just after sunrise. As is the case most mornings, the sky is filled with chemtrails. Here in Southeast Asia, the chemtrail planes do most of their work at night and off-shore so the worst time of the day to be outside is between 6am and 10am. DSCF8633




Although the spraying here is not quite as bad as it was in Seattle when I was living there a few years ago, it is bad enough. The deafening silence surrounding this ongoing ecoside of our planet’s biosphere demonstrates conclusively how much the mass migration of people from the countryside to the cities over the last century has atrophied their  hard-wired connection to the natural world.

Even though our sky is  sprayed on a daily basis and the resulting diffuse chemical soup obliterates the blue hue, nobody notices it, let alone comments on it. None of the local media here, whether local or expat, print or digital, journalist or blogger, takes note of the sky and what is happening. This new artificially engineered world, indeed artificially engineered reality, has been put carefully into place and we now have a new normal.



As I browse the world wide web, the vast majority of photos from every continent which show a portion of the sky in the background give evidence of the chemtrail program. Whether I’m looking a photo from Paris, Johannesburg, Moscow, Sao Paulo, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, or Riyadh, the sky looks the same: a bleached out morass of chemicals suspended in the air and slowly descending to the ground in the form of nano particles of aluminum, barium and strontium. To reinforce this new normal, advertisements, especially those revolving around air travel and tourism now feature chemtrails. Disney movies are being made showing fat chemtrails spewing from the planes’ engines. Technicians in Hollywood are busy in the studios adding chemtrails to the sky in pre-1990 movies. Increasingly, when I watch films online from the 1970s and 1980s, I’m seeing them, even though the spraying program didn’t really begin until the late 1990s. Not just our current reality, but history itself is being reconfigured so that we, the people of planet Earth, accept what is being done to us without our knowledge or consent.

There is an increasing amount of evidence that the chemtrail program is being implemented in conjunction and coordination with the  push for GMOs which is being led by Monsanto. This monster of a corporation has not hidden its agenda for total control of the entire global food supply. Their patented GMO seeds will be the only ones capable of growing in heavy metal saturated soils.



So far, nobody has been able to prove this link between the spraying program and Monsanto. We are awaiting a courageous whistle blower to come forward and lift the lid on this assault on Earth’s life support systems.

Meanwhile, I will do what I can by continuing to publicize the issue and sound the alarm bell. Take whatever protective measures you can such as building or purchasing an orgonite chembuster.. Detox regularly; chelation therapy removes heavy metals from the body.



Orwell, the language of empire, doublespeak, and the butchering of grammar

In June of 1949,  Eric Blair, writing under the pseudonym  George Orwell , published his groundbreaking novel ‘1984.’  As the novel became increasingly well known in the following decades, the slogan of the party ‘WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH’ became something of a catch phrase to describe political doublespeak.  Astute observers and social and political commentators noticed how many of Orwell’s ‘predictions’ were coming to fruition. Increasingly, the term ‘Orwellian’ came to describe aspects of modern societies  which resembled Orwell’s dystopian nightmare, such as the ever-increasing police state, never-ending war, torture cells, and the ruthless crushing of all dissent.

The novel’s protagonist, Winston Smith, works for the Ministry of Truth where he spends his days rewriting history for the sake of the party. Naturally, he utilizes all the tools of the government propagandist including the use of doublespeak. Current events must mesh precisely with historical events so that the government can always be seen as acting in accordance with logical principles and complete rationality, when of course just the opposite is true.

While the outlines of a  1984-type world could be seen taking shape during the latter half of the 20th century,  particularly during the worst stages of the Soviet Union, the post 9-11 United States has now taken the lead in implementing a completely totalitarian and tyrannical state, with an unprecedented surveillance apparatus watching and analyzing every word and act of its citizens.

However, the United States is hardly alone in this trend and the use of doublespeak and surveillance technology is widespread around the world. Last week, the city government here announced that they were installing thousands of closed-circuit video cameras on downtown streets for ‘public safety.’


So-called ‘Orwellian’ language has now become so integrated into the daily propaganda feeds from government mouthpieces and the media conglomerates which feed at the government trough that the vast majority of it seeps into the collective unconscious without comment.

For example, last week I was reading a summary of international headlines re-printed in my local newspaper. One brief headline from the Central African Republic stated that ‘United Nations Peacekeepers shot and killed a number of rebel fighters’ in that war-torn country. Yes, the role of a peacekeeper  is to kill. To keep peace is to kill… WAR IS PEACE. Just as Orwell told us it was going to be. Indeed, we have become so used to seeing these blue-helmetted UN peacekeepers with their machine guns and bullet-proof vests that we don’t question it.

The manipulation, degradation and inversion of language is one of the most important and vital tools of the power elite of this planet. They love to twist and reinvent the meaning of words, to so butcher them that people quickly forget what they used to mean. Few people understand that dictionaries themselves are regularly rewritten, as are encyclopedias. Find a dictionary from 50 or 100 years ago, and notice how much the meanings of certain worlds have morphed over time. This is all part of the plan.

Grammar too must be put into the grinder so that the ‘proles’ are unable to formulate and articulate  their thoughts and engage in the act of critical thinking. One of the preferred avenues for inserting memes into the collective unconscious is sporting events. The former jocks who act as commentators for events like football games were not intellectual giants to begin with, but it is no accident that increasingly we are seeing the use of the simple present tense only, even when discussing past or future events. For example, a commentator, when discussing a game from ten years ago, will say, “If he catches that ball, they win.” Additionally, when writing about the future, they will state, “If he works hard, he makes the team.” This is absolutely absurd. Are the writers and commentators so brain dead that they cannot formulate the sentence, “If he works hard, he WILL make the team.” ?

The United States is now a global empire and it’s interesting to listen and read the language of empire. The stated goal of the neo-cons in power is perpetual war, taken directly from the 1984 playbook. It follows that Orwellian propaganda and doublespeak must be used at all times to ‘justify’ this state of affairs. Last week, Barack Obama, the leader of the United States, announced that the U.S. military was bombing Iraq, a sovereign country. Whether or not the puppet government in Baghdad invited the U.S. to bomb the ISIS rebels , the totally blasé manner in which this action was undertaken  speaks volumes about the state of our world. The United States military bombs countries  all over the world , mostly with drones, and rarely even bothers  to justify anything. The occasional press conference to state that they are ‘combatting terrorism’ or ‘helping to keep the peace’ is sufficient, apparently. Killing to maintain peace. WAR IS PEACE.

Holly-wood spellcasting, one hundred years of shaping public opinion

People love to ‘go to the movies.’ Ever since the first movie theatre opened at the turn of the last century, the public  has been enthralled and captivated by this new technology of entertainment and has fallen under the spell of the large movie studios who busily create and maintain an entire industry of ‘celebrities’ and ‘stars.’ To this end, the studios employ vast numbers of directors, producers, technicians, advertisers, marketers, actors, movie ‘reviewers’  and various hacks. The owners of this huge entertainment complex, the studio moguls, have used the public’s insatiable thirst to be ‘entertained’ not to enlighten and uplift humanity, but to dumb it down and offer it little more than gratuitous sex and violence, sprinkled with heavy doses of propaganda and mind control.

The public has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will consume anything that Hollywood produces, no matter how shallow, trite, boring, hackneyed, and infantile the product. Even though the mindless fluff that Hollywood cranks out today, in 2014, is a far cry from movies in the heyday of moviemaking in the 1970s, the public utters not a word of protest, so great is the addiction to ‘going to the cinema.’ Indeed, many youth around the world like to spend their weekend afternoons at the movies. Mostly, they do not bother to pick out a movie beforehand, but simply show up at the cinema complex and buy a ticket to whatever movie has the coolest poster and advertising. Endless repetitions of comic book stories,  regurgitated myths,  recycled James Bond movies , Harry Potter, Godzilla, plastic kids toys made into films (Transformers), and special effects-laden blockbusters starring Johnny Depp are the entertainment ‘food’ that the public consumes. It is the mental equivalent of junk food and anyone who wishes to preserve their mental health had best stay away from it.

The sheer number of directors and actors who have sold their soul to the devil to work in Hollywood and achieve their fame is so numerous that it would require a book to list them all. One of these directors stands out in his utter depravity and deserves special mention and that man is Quentin Tarantino.

I can still recall my experience of viewing his film Pulp Fiction in 1994. This film generated an enormous amount of publicity  leading up to its premiere. All of the movie reviewers were going gaga over it and the street buzz was palpable. It was a ‘must-see’ movie. I remember sitting in the movie theatre and feeling extremely uncomfortable, almost to the point of walking out. On the screen, I was watching characters who were unrealistic and cartoonish, thuggish goons who reveled in senseless violence and had a knack for uttering clever one-liners whenever they blew someone away. In one scene, one of the main characters accidentally discharges his gun and blows the head off of the man in the back seat of the car. Needless to say, it was  graphically violent, but because the Samuel Jackson character was such an inept idiot, the audience actually laughed. I looked around me and wondered why they were laughing at some guy who just had his head blown off. But that was , and is, Tarantino’s gift: getting audience members to laugh and revel in his endless portrayals of graphic violence. Media and Hollywood hacks even invented a term for the director’s style: the ‘aestheticization of violence.’

That’s not all. The movie also featured plenty of torture scenes, along with male on male rape and sadomasochism. There was not a single character who was either believable or likable.


Django Unchained - UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

I started going to far fewer Hollywood movies after that experience with Tarantino in 1994. If this was what was now consider ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ , I wanted nothing to do with it. The success of Pulp Fiction propelled Tarantino  to stardom and he went on to make numerous movies in the following decade, all of which used the same themes which had worked so well in his first blockbuster.

It was interesting to observe the professional movie critics discuss Quentin Tarantino. While they acknowledged some of the disturbing aspects of his movies, they said it was all ok because he was such an artistic genius. Siskel and Ebert, not surprisingly, ate it up. Playing their dutiful role of Hollywood pimps, they sang the glories of this new kid on the block. In Pulp Fiction, the only original thing Tarantino did that I could tell was starting the movie in the middle of the storyline. The critics thought that this ‘non-linear’ storytelling was so, you know, avant-garde. Yawn. Tarantino is not an artist, nor is he even a particularly talented filmmaker. He simply hires big name Hollywood actors, copies scripts from real masters like Akira Kurosawa, choreographs lots of stylish fights (ripped off from famous Hong Kong fight directors), inserts hit songs from the 50s and 60s, and claims that he has done something original.

That a director like  Tarantino has been able to achieve such a degree of fame and wealth shows the enormous power and influence of Hollywood’s marketing apparatus. Indeed, the spell casting gurus who live in Southern Californian mansions can pretty much get the public to believe in anything. For example, how is it possible that Adam Sandler has a job? This guy is completely bereft of talent. He knows it, the studios know it, everyone knows it except for the movie-going public who continue to go see his movies. His movies are not merely bad, they are horrible. He’s never made a worthwhile movie in his life, and he never will. He wasn’t even funny on Saturday Night Live. This guy is so bad, so over-the-top annoying, and so talent-less that perhaps it’s fitting that he’s found a home in the one place on Earth that rewards such attributes: Hollywood.

We could also add Samuel Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Keanu Reeves, Steven Seagal, Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Vin Diesel, Ben Stiller, Rob Schneider, Will Ferrell, Hayden Christensen, and Jim Carrey to our list of ‘actors’ who cannot act.

And how about the so-called actresses who grace the covers of the celebrity magazines and are the ‘epitome of beauty’? What a joke. Again, this is a clever mind-trick, getting people to see something which isn’t there and to not see something which is there. Julia Roberts? She wouldn’t have even made the cheerleading squad at my high school. Jennifer Aniston?  There’s a dozen girls who I work with who are far more beautiful than this average-looking female. Angelina Jolie?  She looks like a freak. Even though all of us know women who are far more beautiful than these Hollywood tramps, when asked ‘who is the most beautiful woman in the world’, most people continue to name a famous actress. We prefer, I guess, to let others do our thinking for us.

100 years later: Remembering World War I

This month will be the 100th year anniversary of the beginning of World War I, or the Great War. As the world lurches into the opening stages of World War 3, it is instructive to look back a century ago at that cataclysm.

The history of the war is so vast, including its causes and immense repercussions, that even a full length book cannot do it justice. Indeed, any aspect of the war that one chooses to look at leads down multiple related areas of inquiry: new tactics of warfare, rapid advances in military technology, the break-up of huge empires, the behind-the-scenes maneuvering of zionists in England and the United States, the duplicity of Woodrow Wilson, America’s exit from its isolationism, the redrawing of the map of the Middle East, the unimaginable incompetence of politicians and generals , carnage on a scale never seen before, the mutual assured destruction caused by the system of alliances, the loss of an entire generation of young men, and the effect of the war on European intelligentsia.

Furthermore, the Great War played a large role in creating the conditions which  ultimately resulted in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in  1917 and the great flu pandemic of 1918. The harsh terms inflicted on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles assured that in a short time (21 years), war would break out again.

Considering its role in shaping the 20th century, the Great War is a subject that should be taught in-depth in secondary school and in the universities, but that is not the case. I minored in history at university and learned only the most cursory information about the war. Only much later in my adult life did I begin to get an inkling of the importance of this event and hence began to study it in earnest. I read a number of books and watched some documentaries to get up to speed. The Great War, like all major events in human history can be studied on two levels: the surface level including the actual battles, the major public figures, the official treaties signed at the war’s conclusion and the hidden or conspiratorial level where figures behind the scenes played a role as important as or even more important than the figureheads.

Before getting into the ‘why’ of the Great War and going down that deep rabbit hole, , it is instructive to sit down and read some straightforward accounts of what occurred between 1914 and 1918 to get a sense of the scale of the battles and the territory involved. Although World War 2 produced a greater overall number of casualties, the Great War saw vast armies squaring off against each other in the field on a scale not seen before or since. Reading the accounts of the Battles of the Somme, Verdun, and the Marne, one struggles to imagine and visualize what took place there-hundreds of thousands of men stumbling across pock-marked fields weighed down with gear and ammunition and getting mowed down mercilessly with machine gun  and cannon fire. The casualties incurred on just the the first day of the Battle of the Somme were greater than the total number incurred in many previous wars. It is not at all surprising that so many intellectuals in Europe in the 1920s  were forced to reassess their understanding of humanity and humans’ capacity for good and evil.

The bloodletting occurring on the Western Front was so great that it occupied most of the attention of the generals, politicians, and the press but it was not, of course, the only theatre of the war. Another series of battles was played out on a vast territory in the Middle East, known then as the Ottoman Empire. Most of the conflicts happening today in the Middle East can be traced back to the decisions and redrawing of maps which occurred in Versailles in 1919 as Great Britain, France and the United States carved up the remnants of that once proud empire.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey:


Although most people know little of this chapter of the war, the outcome of the break-up of the Ottoman Empire was as far-reaching as anything that happened in Europe. ‘Gallipoli’ is a name that will be forever remembered in Australia, as it will in Turkey. The war in the Middle East witnessed the rise of legends and heroes such as Mustafa Kemal, or ‘Ataturk’, the father of modern Turkey, as well as T.E. Lawrence, better known as ‘Lawrence of Arabia.’  Also, the battles here saw the  downfall  of many other politicians and military leaders, such as Enver Pasha in Turkey and Winston Churchill in England. Baghdad, Jerusalem, Damascus, Bethlehem, Basra and many other ancient cities changed rulers.



The war extended even into Africa where a German military contingent managed to fight a successful guerrilla campaign for the duration of the conflict.

World War I was the first war where all the modern inventions and innovations in weaponry were put to full use. Richard Gatling’s invention of the machine gun in the 1861 had been refined in the intervening years and was used to devastating effect by all sides. The machine gun, combined with barbed wire, long-range cannon, and trench technology assured that the defensive would reign supreme. The tank was invented and put into use in the latter stages of the conflict and airplanes were employed first as reconnaissance and later as fighters and bombers. Poison gases such as mustard gas were utilized mercilessly on the battlefield. Germany manufactured and deployed hundreds of U-boats which wreaked havoc on the Royal Navy. Dreadnought battleships engaged in the first and only great battleship engagement in history, the Battle of Jutland.

How did it happen? How could such an immense conflict come about? History books in general do an awful job of explaining the outbreak of World War I. They claim that the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Serbia by a radical Serbian nationalist set off a chain of catastrophic events caused by an entrenched system of alliances. And that’s pretty much all the information they give you. It’s not that there is a dearth of information about the real causes of the war, it’s just that most historians and writers are too lazy or too fearful to dig deeper.

And if we are looking at people to point fingers at, there is no shortage of guilty parties. The war was most certainly not caused by a Serbian nationalist. It didn’t just happen, it wasn’t inevitable, and it wasn’t simple political bumbling.

We might begin with King Edward VII of the United Kingdom (1841-1910), a man whose role in early 20th century politics has been downplayed and nearly forgotten. It was Edward who set up the Triple Entente of England, France and Russia which assured each country that if any one was attacked , the others would come to their aid. Even though Edward died in 1910, many in Germany placed the blame for the outbreak of war squarely on his shoulders and considered him an anti-German warmonger. Be wary of allowing inbred European psychopathic ‘royalty’ to get involved in politics.



It has been said by some that all wars are created by banks. Banks (and their arms manufacturing subsidiaries) are the only institutions to benefit from wars. Banks have an incentive to foment wars: they lend money to all sides and therefore profit handsomely regardless of who actually ‘wins.’  Wars are the most expensive enterprise that a government can undertake. They require a vast mobilization of resources, material, and men and the costs required of such an operation are far beyond governments financial reserves. Hence, they go to the banks, all Rothschild owned, with supplicant hands and plead, “Please, lend me money.”

Countries exit wars with debt so severe that it often takes generations to pay off. Every country which participated in World War I came out of the conflict deeply in debt and in subservience to Rothschild banking interests. It is not an exaggeration to say that a country loses its sovereignty to banking interests when this happens. To give one example, the U.S. before the war was virtually debt-free, with a debt to GDP of 2.7%. After just two years of war and borrowing, that figure skyrocketed to 33% and the U.S. found itself $33 billion in the hole ($334 billion in today’s dollars.)



What is particularly infuriating about the above statistic is that the U.S. should have never been in the war in the first place. The American people at the time were resolutely isolationist, a term which was used proudly at the time but later became something of a pejorative term. Americans saw no need or reason to become involved in the Europeans’ fratricidal wars and adhered to George Washington’s admonition to avoid foreign entanglements. American president Woodrow Wilson was well aware of this fact and won his second term in 1916 on the slogan, “He kept us out of war.”  Unfortunately, Wilson was surrounded by snakes such as Colonel Edward House and Paul Warburg, men whose loyalty lay not with the United States and her people, but with Rothschild and Jewish banking interests.

Is it a mere coincidence that the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 after a secret meeting of bankers on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia and one year later World War I broke out? Is it coincidental that  four years later the U.S. entered the war, against the wishes of the American people?  In global politics, nothing happens by accident or coincidence, and the congruence of these massive events is too tidy to overlook or brush aside.

International banksters weren’t the only ones secretly maneuvering the U.S. into the war. Remember, prior to the U.S. entry into France in late 1917, Britain and France were losing the war. Germany was poised to overrun Paris and impose terms  on the battered, demoralized and broken British and French armies. French soldiers mutinied on the battlefield. Russia, after the Bolshevik Revolution, was out of the game. A way had to be found to get America into the war-fast. Jewish zionists working in London at the time sensed an opportunity and took advantage of it. They approached the British leadership and proposed a deal: write a declaration proclaiming Jewish ‘right’ to a homeland in Palestine and British support for it, and we will have our political insiders in America pressure Wilson to change his stance and commit America to the war. The rest, as they say, is history. The ‘Balfour Declaration’ was duly written and given to the worldwide press and America sent hundreds of thousands of its young men off to die on the Western Front. All of the above is a matter of historical record, though again, not taught in college history courses.


The seed of World War 2 was firmly planted in World War I and some historians simply group them together as the ‘Great European Civil War.’ They view this war as a culmination of Germany’s roughly century-old battle to claim its place in the world, and to quit playing second-fiddle to the British and French Empires. While this viewpoint is certainly true in many respects, it ignores the deeper and more complex questions of how political leaders and populations are cleverly and expertly manipulated and conned into entering into war.

The people, of course, never want war. For them, war means only death and destruction. For the banksters pulling the strings of puppet politicians, war means something else entirely: unimaginable profits,  consolidation of power, and control over sovereign nations.

The same forces which pushed the world into the inferno of World War I are now pushing nations into the next world war. Many of the same tactics are being used. Will we wake up before it is too late?