The Western ‘Press’, Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the road to World War 3

If you grew up in the U.S.A. during the cold war, as I did, you were taught to hate and fear the Russians. The politicians and military-industrial complex kept the fear of thermonuclear war ever-present in the public’s mind. This was done through the mainstream media , Hollywood, and the Republican and Democratic parties who competed with each other to see who could talk the toughest toward the ‘Ruskies.’ This cleverly orchestrated campaign of fear reached its zenith (or nadir, depending on your viewpoint) in the 1980s with the election of Ronald Reagan to the presidency. Reagan promised to quit playing ‘soft’ with the Russians, to expand the military, and to ratchet up the arms race. Hollywood did its part with the production of movies such as ‘Top Gun’ which was nothing more than a pentagon propaganda film with lots of special effects and Tom Cruise.



After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet Union a couple of years later, the Russians  lost most of their credibility as bad guys . Mikhail Gorbachev’s policies of Glasnost and Perestroika signalled a possible end to the cold war itself. The 1990s and the early 2000s was a terrible time for Russia. The oligarchs seized control of big chunks of formerly state owned enterprises and Western business interests flew in like vultures  to carve up the remnants of the old empire. Russia’s death rate at this time skyrocketed as the economy was in turmoil and many men became jobless. The combination of joblessness, poverty, cheap vodka and cold winters saw hundreds of thousands of young and middle-aged men dying early deaths. Furthermore, an extremely low birth rate occurring simultaneously meant Russia’s overall population was declining, rapidly.

Given all these factors- Gorbachev’s policies, the end of the cold war, the break-up of the Soviet Union, Russia’s impoverishment and demographic crisis and the aging of its military hardware- it was time for the U.S. to conjure a new bogeyman. Hence, 9-11, and the birth of ‘terrorism.’ The image of the turban-wearing, radical  Muslim terrorist has worked pretty well for over ten years, but now that image doesn’t invoke the same outrageous hysteria and fear that it did five or ten years ago. Many Americans have started to catch on  that the whole Muslim terrorist things was just a war for Israel from the beginning.

So, what have the neo-cons, the military-industrial-security complex, the New York Times, CNN, and the Power Party (aka Republicans and Democrats)  done to reinvigorate fear into the hearts of Americans? Amazingly, they have brought the Russian bogeyman back from the dead. Once again, just like in the 1950s and the 1980s, Russiaphobia is sweeping across America and parts of Europe. The media is blasting its propaganda at full volume, 24/7 across all media outlets, that Vladimir Putin is, you guessed it, the ‘new Hitler.’ Not surprisingly, the easily duped American public is buying what the media is selling.



How could this happen? Only a decade ago, many were consigning Russia to the dust-bin of history. It was finished. Or, maybe it wasn’t. It’s somewhat misleading to give credit to a country’s turnaround, especially a country as large and diverse as Russia, to one man. However, it’s not a stretch to say that Vladimir Putin has not only saved Russia from the oligarchs and Western capitalists, but has also risen to the stature of world statesman. The Western imperial establishment went to sleep thinking that Russia was done and they could focus on carving up the Middle East and suddenly this guy Putin happened. What the hell?

Whether you love or hate Putin, you have to give credit to what he has accomplished in a short time. The demographic crisis has passed and births are once again exceeding deaths. He has upgraded the military and put the important industries back in the hands of the Russians. He has forged important alliances with countries in the Middle East, Asia , and South America. And most importantly, he has served as the strongest voice against the unipolar, zionist new world order being promoted from Washington D.C., London, and Tel Aviv.

As columnist Paul Craig Roberts points out in a recent essay, Western zionist neo-cons want Russia as a vassal state. They are determined to crush Putin and once again weaken the Russian state so that it poses no threat to their plans for global hegemony. Accordingly, the United States and NATO have attempted to encircle Russia with military bases and missile sites. The latest ploy in Ukraine is just one more move in the grand chess game. Already, Western mercenary forces are deeply embedded in Ukraine and working alongside the Kiev forces. The shoot-down of the Malaysian jet is a propaganda ploy, nothing more. The hit pieces on Putin, which now come on a daily basis via CNN, the BBC, the NYT, Washington Post, Business Insider, the Economist, and all the rest, are part of an overall strategy to isolate Russia and Putin. An American/Israeli/NATO nuclear first strike on Russia is not out of the question. The public is being systematically prepped for world war.  Oh, and how about Obama? What’s his role in all of this? He’s making burger commercials and playing golf. It seems nuclear holocaust doesn’t concern him.

Summer 2014 Reading List

In a previous post I gave a recommended non-fiction reading list. Now let’s look at some fiction to expand the mind, stretch the imagination and inspire the spirit.


41YjQvB-3bL1) China Boy 

This little known book by Chinese-American author Gus Lee is an autobiographical account of growing up in San Francisco. Lee was a skinny, weak, and insecure kid. By taking a number of classes at the local YMCA, most importantly some boxing classes, he overcame his fears and stepped out of childhood. I’ve always been a sucker for stories of young men and their mentors.  This tale is told in an straightforward, honest way that captures the reader immediately.

dharma2) The Dharma Bums

I first read The Dharma Bums when I was a senior in university. My best friends at the time were passing this book around. I was expecting a letdown after having reading On the Road the previous year, but instead I found Kerouac’s witty storytelling of his adventures with Gary Snyder to be a far superior work. The blending of exhilarating mountain climbing blended with just the right amount of Buddhist-inspired  philosophical musings told in Kerouac’s everyman language make this perhaps his best work. This is always  a fun book to go back to.

fifthsacred3) The Fifth Sacred Thing 

Starhawk’s first attempt at fiction is not the work of a polished writer. It is overly long and verbose and could have easily been cut by a hundred pages. Nevertheless, it is an inspired work and presents a much needed vision of a positive future, one free of the dysfunctionality of our present age where people actually work together and have re-learned how to live in harmony with mother earth.

FearAndLoathingLasVegasBook4) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson’s masterpiece,  is more akin to a visceral  experience than a simple exercise in reading. Many have told me that they felt changed afterward  and even felt ‘high” while reading it. That’s about the best praise a writer can achieve. Thompson would go on writing for 30 more years after the publication of Fear and Loathing in 1972 but never again soared to the artistic heights that he did with this work.

little tree5) The Education of Little Tree

Getting back to the young man/mentor theme mentioned earlier, The Education of Little Tree tells the story of a young orphan raised by his Cherokee grandfather in the mountains of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. There are precious  few good novels by and about the native inhabitants of North America. This is one of them.

ishmael6) Ishmael , The Story of B

Author Daniel Quinn is a visionary. Unlike most visionaries who can only imagine a future of technology and machines, Quinn looks to the ancient past and envisions  humanity coming back to sanity and wholeness by remembering who we were before the agricultural revolution. Ishmael tells the story of mankind’s downfall through a talking ape who teaches his student through the Socratic method. The Story of B is a sequel of sorts, a continuation of the line of thought brought up in Ishmael, but more in-depth and philosophical. Quinn delves into the deepest roots of our current global predicament and sees it a crisis of mindset. Until that mindset changes, nothing will.

stranger7) Stranger in A Strange Land

Robert Heinlein’s classic is far more than simple science fiction. It is a work of philosophy and a treatise on the human condition. It is the tale of the ‘man from Mars’,  a Jesus type  figure who comes to redeem humanity. What would life be like if we really embraced and lived unconditional love?  Heinlein was a genius and this book’s message is timeless. Such was its original impact when published that a pagan church was founded and organized based upon the ideas contained within it.

19848) Nineteen Eighty-four

This is a book which I had read about for most of my adult life. It had always been on my ‘must read’ list but somehow I never got around to actually sitting down with it until a couple of years ago. Even with the dozens of articles I had read over the years discussing the book’s message, I was not fully prepared for its impact. I understood immediately the importance and genius of what I was reading, but the story is so unrelentingly dark and dystopic that it gave me nightmares. I’m glad I’ve read it, ( and I think everyone should) but I don’t care to relive the experience again.

monkeywrench9) The Monkey Wrench Gang

Edward Abbey moved easily between fiction and non-fiction. This was the fictional work which made him famous and started a movement of environmental direct action- Earth First! This book spoke to a generation of activists who wanted to do more to save the planet than just write letters and do an occasional sit-in. It’s also a really fun read.

Jitterbug_Perfume10) Jitterbug Perfume, Still Life with Woodpecker, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Another Roadside Attraction

These are my four favorite Tom Robbins novels. Robbins was deeply influenced by the teachings of the spiritual master and mystic Osho, and the Tantric message of living life to the fullest shines through in all of Robbins’ work. Funny, irreverent, witty, incisive, warm and adventurous, these novels are food for the soul.

mFHc5eSMMaNnS1abizhvaWA11) Erotic Interludes

Erotica is genre that few serious writers ever delve into. This is unfortunate, as the vacuum is filled with thousands of hacks who hone their ‘craft’ penning garbage for ‘Penthouse Forum.’ This book is actually a collection of short stories by amateur erotica writers, and editor Lonnie Barbach  includes a broad range of writing styles  so that no matter what your taste is, you will find something here to enjoy.  The quality of writing varies, but there are enough delightful gems here to make it a worthwhile purchase.


Synagogue of Satan

The news coming from the Gaza strip is horrifying ;  the world looks  on as Israel continues its unrelenting assault on the defenseless Palestinians. At last count, more than 600 Palestinians have died at the hands of the Israeli Defense Forces, mostly women and children, of course. Israel acts with impunity as we see pronouncements  coming from the U.N. and other governmental bodies ‘urging restraint on both sides’ and ‘calling for immediate cease fire on both sides’ and so on. What a joke. Israel ignores and brushes aside all calls for ‘restraint.’ It knows full well that the U.N.  will do nothing. Neither will NATO nor any other group of nations.

The zionists in Israel have an agenda. What exactly that agenda is we don’t know. But we can observe their present and historical actions and get some idea. Since the founding of the illegitimate state of Israel in 1947, it has systematically taken over more land from the Palestinians  year after year  and from its neighbors to the North and South. The illegal settlements and occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip blatantly flout international law. This is the very definition of ethnic cleansing.

badra killing civilians

The Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip had a miserable existence even before this latest massacre. They are living in the world’s largest outdoor prison, with an maritime blockade on one side and a massive concrete wall on the other. Nothing goes in or out of Gaza without the permission of the jews in Tel Aviv. The current apartheid regime  in Israel cares nothing for the Palestinians or its other Arab neighbors. It will expel  or exterminate the Palestinians. The Arabs who are allowed to live in Israel must live  in the world’s only openly racist state, where Judaism is the state religion and  non-jews are second class citizens.


The invasion of Gaza  with tanks, missiles and a fully-equipped modern  army is  grotesquely unethical, immoral and satanic. And let’s not forget that Israel is also using white phosphorus, a chemical weapon which is prohibited by international law. But they don’t give a hoot about international law. People around the world who have a conscience are speaking out against Israel and marching on its embassies, though this goes largely unreported in the Western press.



While there is no hard evidence , there is certainly a link connecting Israel with the downed Malaysian jetliner. Malaysia does not recognize Israel’s ‘right to exist’ and has no relations with it. Furthermore, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal took place last year in Malaysia, charging Israel and General Amos Yaron with genocide. Shooting down the plane could have been Israel’s pay back to Malaysia for daring to challenge it in an open forum on the world stage.


Bill Clinton pays a visit to Viet Nam

July 19, 2014 –

Viet Nam’s president Truong Tang Sang hosted a reception for notorious war criminal Bill ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton as the former U.S. president visited the country during a trip to five Asian countries to promote his AIDS foundation.

Clinton served two terms as president from 1993 to 2001. Before being elected to the highest office in the land, he was a two-term governor of the state of Arkansas. In 1992 Americans had endured  12 years of the Reagan/Bush era and were eager for change. They elected the young charismatic ‘Kennedy-esque’ Clinton who spoke of ‘change’ and even wore cool sunglasses and played the saxophone! The Oxford-educated politician talked  of a ‘new direction’ for America,  with respect for workers, students, and the poor taking on more importance.


Even at the time of the election in the early 90s, independent investigators and journalists were digging up loads of dirt on the man who looked so suave and spoke with such eloquence. Rumors of massive drug shipments being flown into Arkansas, with the aid of the DEA and Clinton’s mafia friends, were rife. But these reports were ignored by the mainstream media and Clinton got busy in the White House. Just as Obama had done, Slick Willy immediately began instituting policies that went against every speech and promise he had made on the campaign trail. Within a few short months of his election, The Washington Post and the The New York Times penned glowing editorials  of the new president and wrote of how the ‘pleased’ the ‘business community’, i.e. Wall Street bankers, were with the policies of the Democratic president.


In the ensuing eight years, Clinton and his gang, er,  administration,  would go on to inflict  massive damage to the U.S. economy and to the American people, in particular to those very people he had promised to work for: the poor, workers, and students.

The rap sheet against Clinton is so long that it’s far beyond the scope of this article to detail all of it. Nevertheless, a few highlights of this illuminati-sanctioned puppet’s career include:

1) The passage of NAFTA. The North American Free Trade Agreement was enthusiastically lobbied for and passed by his administration and signed into law on January 1, 1994. Thereafter, it was known as one of the darker days in American worker history, as millions of American jobs, mostly high-paying blue collar ones, were shipped away to other countries, mostly Mexico. Although Clinton viciously betrayed and back-stabbed his voting base numerous times, this con job was possibly the lowlight of his career in the White House.


2) The 1996 telecommunications act. This was Slick Willy’s gift to his friends and campaign donors in the media business. The law effectively deregulated the entire telecommunications industry in the U.S., including television, radio, cable, newspapers, magazines and the internet  and allowed media cross-ownership  which meant that cable companies could buy up newspapers, internet giants could buy up cable companies  and on and on. The overall effect of this consolidation was a significant and irreversible decrease in diversity. Good for a few media business billionaires, a catastrophe for the American populace and the marketplace of ideas.

3) The repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. Not content with NAFTA and the telecommunications act, Slick Willy was intent on causing more hare to the American population before he left office and facilitated the dismantling of one of the most important pieces of legislation  in the United States: Glass-Steagall. This law prohibited commercial and investment banks from combining and thereby kept a strict boundary between those two distinct entities. This  protected American consumers from unnecessary risk to their savings accounts.  Overnight, Wall Street was turned into a casino. The global economic implosion of 2008 can be traced back to the very day Clinton engineered this dastardly and immoral deed.

4) ‘The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act’ of 1996. With an Orwellian title like that, it was obvious that Clinton was passing another piece of legislation to grind down the poor even more. Wanting to show that he was ‘tough’ on cheating welfare mothers, this law made it much more difficult to obtain government aid for the poor. Meanwhile, corporate welfare handouts continued unabated.

On the world stage, Clinton’s record was perhaps even worse than his domestic one. Continuing with his predecessor Bush’s war against  Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Clinton oversaw a non-stop bombing campaign against that country along with crippling economic sanctions which killed an estimated 1.5 million people, mostly children. This alone qualifies Clinton for the term WAR CRIMINAL.

Clinton oversaw ‘Operation Gothic Serpent’ in Somalia in August 1993, only months after taking office. Thousands of Somalis were killed in the Battle for Mogadishu along with 19 U.S. soldiers.

In 1999,  Clinton gave full U.S. support to the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Serbia, which occupied the most prominent position in Yugoslavia, was the target. This small but proud country had always maintained a fierce independence from the power structure in Western Europe;  European plutocrats, from Hitler down to the present day, have been trying to bring Serbia under Western European, NATO, and zionist control. Clinton, ever the loyal  soldier, did his part.


The bombing campaign was instigated and carried out without authorization from the U.N. and against a nation that did not pose a threat to any member states. According to wikipedia, 2,300 missiles and 14,000 bombs were used, including uranium bombs and cluster munitions. 2,000 civilians were killed, including 88 children; 300 schools and libraries and 20 hospitals were destroyed.; 40,000 houses and 90 historical and architectural monuments were ruined. Clinton was quite proud of this act of savage butchery, most of which was carried out using American hardware and weaponry.


These days,  War Criminal Clinton travels the world and is still met with adoring fans who are  ever eager to rub shoulders and shake hands with a powerful former politician. Meanwhile, his wife ‘Dragon Lady’ Hillary has set her eyes on the 2016 presidency and we may see ‘Slick Willy’ back in the White House again, this time kissing the hand of the dragon.

One world government coming soon for you

Last week a headline appeared in the local paper which began with the words ‘World Leaders.’  It was a typical headline that one sees whenever there is a big meeting such as the G20. Even though it was typical, it still got me thinking. I wondered about the person who wrote the headline and the editor who approved it. How does one decide that there is such a thing as a ‘world leader’? Why did they choose those particular words to convey the information they were trying to get across: that presidents and prime ministers were gathering somewhere. More not-so-subtle brainwashing.

What the hell is a ‘world leader’? OK, Barack Obama is the president of the United States, which is the predominant  military power on the planet. So does that automatically make him a world leader? I wonder what the cut-off line is for being one of these imaginary creatures. If you are the elected head of a country which has a top-ten GDP, are you in this elitist group? Or is more about the size of your country’s military? The more one looks at this, the more absurd it all starts to sound.


Getting back to Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, does he really speak for anybody outside the United States?  Hell, even within the United States, he only represents a tiny fraction of the population who still support him. And yet we dare to haphazardly pin the moniker of world leader on him?

Just the term itself should make any self-respecting citizen of a sovereign country cringe with embarrassment. Only a few short years ago, if you spoke about a one-world government with a one-world bank and one-world army, you’d be accused by most everybody as a rabid ‘conspiracy theorist.’ And yet the movement towards just such a system has been happening for a long, long time. Much of this agenda has been kept hidden and secret but much of it has been openly and proudly written and spoken of. When you see headlines like this , ‘they’ are merely getting you, the people, used to the idea. Yes, humanity, we now have our world leaders.


Step by step, they lead us along their agenda. Gradually, Europeans have been getting used to hearing about the ‘leaders’ of the EU, who were making laws superseding the laws of their own countries. The next logical step from an EU leader is a world leader. The same phenomenon is happening in other parts of the world. Here in Southeast Asia, the regional bloc is called ASEAN.

People need to learn to recognize the insidious nature of Orwellian doublespeak  and language manipulation by the controlling class. We the people don’t need ‘world leaders’ or any other kind of leaders. We’re quite capable of leading ourselves, if we are brave enough to take on the challenge.

The death of literacy. Restaurant owners leading the charge to a dumbed down world

In many places in Asia, it is not necessary to be able to read when you wish to order food in a restaurant. The majority have menus which require dozens of pages as each page only has two or three items. The reason? Each entree and item must have an accompanying photo. Apparently, there are people out there who do not know what french fries look like. Or a bowl of soup. Or a coconut. Or a can of coke. Literally everything needs a photo. The menu pages have also become cardboard thick. Have we lost so much dexterity in our hands that we cannot turn the pages on regular size paper?

A new dim sum restaurant opened last week on my block. Out front, two six foot tall sandwich board signs are plastered with photos of the menu items. Inside, each wall is covered with enlarged photos of entrees and various dim sum items. Above the counter is yet another three by six foot backlit sign with food photos. You see all that before you even lay eyes on the menu itself, which of course has even more.

A chimpanzee would easily be able to walk in and place an order there. Some day soon, I’m going to do my best chimpanzee imitation and walk into one of these restaurants and not say a word. I will be hunched over and dragging my arms along the ground. I will make high pitched screeching noises and point excitedly at the picture that I like.  I will press my stubby fingers on the menu picture that I like and wait for my food to arrive.  No doubt this will work.

This past weekend I made my first trip to Kuala Lumpur.  My girlfriend and I sat down to eat in a fairly nice but not too expensive restaurant in a downtown shopping mall. The young, fresh-faced server, who was somewhere between late teens and early twenties,  came to take our order. He arrived not with a pen and order book,   but with an iPad computer. He asked for our orders and then proceeded to enter them into the iPad with his thumbs. I couldn’t see the screen but I feel confident that all he had to do was press the corresponding picture on the screen.


We have now come full circle. First, they made it unnecessary for customers to be literate. Now, even the servers need not be able to write. They can merely listen to the order and find the accompanying photo on the screen. Restaurant owners, like owners of many other businesses, are quick to respond to current trends and even quicker to cater to the lowest common denominator. My dear readers, do you see where all of this is heading? Right now, orders to the kitchen are spat out on a ticket which the chef has to read before he starts to prepare the item. Soon, large flat screens will be installed in restaurant kitchens and a light will flash with a photo of an entree whenever an order is placed.


I observed this young kid fumbling with his computer at our table while taking our order. Instead of being focused on us, the customers, he was focused on the screen which he was holding up to his nose. His face was bathed in that eerie computer screen glow. I’m sure the pencil -necked geek owner who thought of the idea of giving all servers an iPad thought he was being clever and efficient. All this cute technology however did not prevent the kid from bringing me the wrong order. Sigh….

The crazed state of Israel

The news this month has been dominated with headlines of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. This latest round of mass murder was supposedly instigated by the killing of three Israeli teenagers. True to form, the zionists in Israel are killing 100 Palestinians for every dead Israeli. The Israeli military machine indiscriminately slaughtering Palestinian men, women and children has become such a recurring story over the last 20 years, so mind-numblingly routine,  that it’s inevitable that one gets a sense of deja vu when reading the news. “Didn’t I read this story last year? Almost word for word? And the year before that, and the year before that too?” Yes, you did.

The Israeli/zionist dominated press in the USA and Europe has been working overtime informing the masses that there is a ‘war’ going on, that ‘both sides’ are firing deadly rockets. According to the Israeli/CIA  news service, commonly known as ‘CNN’, Israel only attacked Gaza after being provoked and the the fighting is the fault of Hamas, who didn’t adhere to a cease fire agreement. According to an ‘Israeli source’, 140 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. So, we have 140 ‘deadly’ rockets fired, and zero deaths. Wow, those are some serious missiles. The whole storyline coming out of Tel Aviv is so farcical and ridiculous that it’s amazing that the reporters can keep a straight face when giving out statistics from the Israeli military.

The mainstream media actually attempts to give the impression that there are two equal opposing sides fighting each other. In fact, on one side you have an impoverished and oppressed people who are under a constant state of siege and are kept in the world’s largest outdoor prison. For weapons , they have some smuggled -in machine guns and homemade ‘rockets.’ And slingshots. The other side has hundreds of modern tanks, hundreds of modern fighter jets, attack helicopters, ships, submarines, howitzer cannons, missiles and nuclear bombs. Not exactly a fair fight.


For the so-called state of Israel,  the routine killing of Palestinians serves a number of objectives. The first one is the obvious, blatant and brutal ethnic cleansing of the native people of Palestine. The Palestinians are seen as nothing more than a nuisance, a sub-human species that is using land that Israel wants. Not until all the Palestinians are gone and ‘Greater Israel’ is realized will they be happy. It is no accident when women and children in the West Bank and Gaza strip die. They are not ‘collateral damage.’ It is the whole point of the operation. Decrease the population.


Second, the Palestinian people serve as convenient target practice for the Israeli military. Relatively defenseless, Palestinians can only fight back by throwing the crudest homemade ‘rockets’ over the border, the vast majority of which don’t even hit their targets and land harmlessly in a field. Israel is free to test out new weapons and give its young soldiers practice shooting at real people.

To witness what is going on in Palestine, even from a great distance, is to feel the utmost sense of revulsion and disgust with the zionist government in Tel Aviv, its duped population and brainwashed, murderous soldiers. For how many more years can this despicable play go on? Until every last Palestinian is exterminated?


Many governments around the world, along with many organizations and individuals, have condemned Israel for its policies vis a vis the Palestinian people, including the hundreds of illegal settlements and colonization across the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip. For what it’s  worth, I join the chorus of condemnation.  But so what? Isra-hell doesn’t care what I think or say , or what anybody thinks. They do what they want. Period. They have an agenda. World-wide condemnation means nothing to Netanyahu and his gangster brethren. With the United States, Great Britain and NATO firmly in the grasp of zionist controllers, Tel Aviv fears nobody , including Russia and Iran.

No. Simple condemnation, whether in the UN or anywhere else, will accomplish nothing. If the world is fed up with Israel and its murderous, apartheid regime, then its time to do something real and concrete. At the very least, sanctions should be implemented, along with a general boycott of ALL Israeli made goods. It’s long past time for the bully in the Middle East to be brought to justice.

The 21st Century- a World of stuff

In the 1970s George Carlin performed a monologue on the purpose of houses. Specifically, he wondered why people have the need for houses, especially large houses.  His observation was that they are simply a place for humans to store their ‘stuff.’

Carlin was certainly correct about that as he was about most things. Of course, in the 1970s people didn’t have nearly as much stuff as they do today. People today buy and accumulate so much stuff that the world is literally overflowing with it.

When I talk about stuff, I am referring to the material goods that humanity produces which is fashioned from the raw material of nature. We take minerals and metals from the ground, wood, rock, oil, sand and other natural substances and transform these in factories and workshops into our world of stuff.



With the rise of China over the last 30 years with its hundreds of millions of factories producing cheap goods, coupled with the rise of mega-stores such as Wal-Mart which  sell these cheap goods to the masses- including the poor who previously could not afford many of the fancy electronic toys- we see peoples’ homes filled to the gills with stuff. Yes, you no longer need to be rich to have a lot of stuff! Just a quick trip to Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, and the Dollar Store and you too can gaze admirably at all the goods you own!

Mega malls now dot the landscape to feed peoples’ insatiable desire to get even more stuff. (I just returned from Kuala Lumpur which touts itself as a ‘shopping destination’ and has dozens of upscale mega malls). Most of this stuff is cheap, plastic, non bio-degradable, and constructed with planned obsolescence.



What have been the consequences of this meteoric rise in stuff which has been manufactured and transported around the world? We have seen the birth and explosion of storage unit companies. Public Storage is now a huge company with thousands of locations all over the USA. Peoples’ houses are no longer sufficiently large to store all their stuff, so they need to pay for extra space in large storage lockers.

As for all of our discarded stuff, most of it ends up in giant landfills or in the oceans. Cities and municipalities now require garbage collection companies to work around the clock seven days a week to collect and dispose of all our stuff. When I lived in Seattle, the most common sight I saw on city streets was the large garbage trucks which were always loading mounds of stuff into their bowels. Witness what occurs when city garbage companies go on strike. Within two to three days, the streets are so overflowing with our discarded and rotting stuff that people start to riot.

All of the stuff we produce is sold to us in a plastic bag, of course. In fact, the rise of the world of stuff and the rise of the plastic shopping bag have been synchronous. The depletion of natural resources  to feed the factories which make our stuff will be the death knell for humanity. The ‘consumer society’ cannot die too quickly.




Christine Lagarde, the IMF, the elite and their fascination with the occult

A  speech by IMF head Christine Lagarde given to the National Press Club earlier this year is making the rounds in youtube and the alternative media for its quite unusual content. It is not a long speech and well worth viewing for a number of reasons.

The IMF is one of the most powerful financial institutions on the planet. It has enormous influence over sovereign countries’ economic policy and has used its influence and power over many decades to wreak havoc on those countries’ populations and enrich the transnational corporations for which it functions through its lending programs,  which are always tied to ‘austerity.’

When the IMF chooses a new leader, they no doubt look for someone with a high intellect, some background in international finance, the right connections and a personality which can be sufficiently molded to fit the IMF’s goals. Compassion, a sense of justice, and the ability to tell right from wrong are qualities that will quickly get you crossed off the list of eligible candidates.





But these qualities we are referring to really only scratch the surface, for when we speak of the people controlling the levers of power at the top of the global pyramid, we are talking about a class who are obsessed with the occult and specifically the dark occult. Black magic, the Qabalah, satanism, numerology and all the dark arts are used in the control system which is used to keep the sheeple asleep and satisfied in their life of slavery.

It has been pointed out by many researchers and writers that over the last two decades,  and especially since 9/11, the Luciferian elite has come out of the shadows and taken off their masks. No longer do they feel the need to disguise who they are or what they are doing. They are quite open about it and even boast of their plans. The zionist neo-con plan, formulated prior to 9/11  called for permanent war in the long term and the overthrowing of, at minimum, seven countries in the Middle East. This state of total, permanent war will be accompanied with the installation of a complete surveillance police state, enforced by a fascistic government run by a small oligarchy and supplied with endless corporate money.

Don’t leave your kids home alone with her:




Only 100 years ago, the tiny cabal who planned the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank felt the need to use pseudonyms , wear disguises, and travel to a remote island off the coast of Georgia to work out the strategy to finally foist a central bank upon the American people. Nowadays, the descendants of those banksters don’t need to use such precautions. Oh sure, when they meet in confabs like Bilderberg, they keep the press out, but everyone knows what they are doing behind the closed doors.

This new openness and confidence of the ruling elite is perfectly illustrated in Lagarde’s speech. This is a woman who is supposedly giving a talk on monetary policy and yet we don’t hear any of the following words: inflation, deflation, money creation, banking, GDP, job creation, lending, and currency. Instead, the only thing the elitist Lagarde talks about is numerology. Let me repeat that: the only thing she discusses in her speech is numerology. For anyone who doubts the elite’s obsession with this art, they should watch this speech.

Furthermore, notice this woman Lagarde and her mannerisms, demeanor, and complete lack of any feminine qualities whatsoever. This is not a person who cares about the world’s poor, that’s for sure. She is one of the new breed of powerful women who now strut across the world stage, as masculine, ruthless and hard-edged as any man. She and Hillary Clinton make a fine pair.

The first words Lagarde utters in her speech are the following: “I do what I am told.” We don’t doubt that, Christine. This reminds me of Hillary Clinton’s remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations a number of years ago when she said, while remarking that it was nice to have their office so close to the state department,   “I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how to think about the future.”



Do you CARE? The closed heart chakra is the root of many of our problems

There’s an old joke that goes something like this: A man is asked “What do you think is the greater problem in the world- apathy or ignorance?” And the man replies, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

Apathy and ignorance tend to reinforce each other. Recently I viewed a fascinating presentation by one of my favorite speakers and researchers, a man named Mark Passio who shed new  light on these subjects for me and gave some fascinating insights into the problems facing humanity as this critical juncture in our evolution. Clearly, we are at a crossroads in history. With the precarious state we are in, it’s time to evolve or perish. It’s really as simple as that.

One of the points Passio made in his lecture which really struck a chord with me was the notion of caring. He stated that this was the foundation of any change in an individual. Before you can use your brain to formulate a plan, and before you can utilize your willpower to put that plan into action, you must first feel with your heart. You have to ‘care’ enough to want to do something, first for yourself and then for the world at large.

I think back on all the times when I have heard someone say to me, “I don’t CARE about that.” Often, someone will state it as “It’s not my business.” Or perhaps, “I don’t have the time to worry about that.” Or, “I have my own problems.” Or, “I have bigger things to worry about.” Many times people will say nothing at all, and simply shrug  their shoulders and turn away with a disinterested look when you are discussing important issues with them. It struck me listening to Passio’s talk that saying “I don’t CARE ” is maybe the most disempowering and soul destroying phrase that one can utter.


When I try to speak with people about environmental issues, I notice their eyes glazing over quickly with the classic “I don’t care” expression. It seems that unless an issue directly affects them or their immediate family right here and right  now, then it becomes an issue which they can safely file away in the back of their minds for another day. As long as it’s NOT IN MY BACK YARD, it’s ok. Other people around the world are of little to no concern. And the plant, animal, fish and insect kingdoms? Forget about it.

The development of compassion and a sense of caring and responsibility for all sentient beings is at the very core of Buddhism.  Your life is lived not for yourself but as a service to creation.


And what about ignorance? When we analyze the Latin root of the world ‘ignorance’, we find that it shares a common root with the verb to ‘ignore.’ Indeed, to be in ignorance is to be in ‘IGNORE-ance.’  To be ignorant is a choice. This has never been more true than it is today when most of the world now has access to the internet and the world wide web. I constantly remind my students, especially when I see them wasting hours playing computer games, “You are the first generation to grow up with humanity’s accumulated knowledge at your fingertips. Almost anything you want to learn about you can find online. Perhaps you can find something interesting to look at to tickle your brain?” But alas, it is near impossible to wrench them away from the online games, given how addictive they are.

In the ‘old’ days, we had to trudge down to the library or bookstore and spend hours looking through the stacks to find the information we wanted. Now, we can find it in seconds with a few keystrokes. And yet, for most, we are not taking advantage of this opportunity. Educate yourself and set yourself free.