June 2014- World War 3 is here.

Many people wonder when World War 3 will begin. World War I is said to have begun with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist. World War II officially began with the German Wehrmact’s invasion of Poland in 1939. Historians especially like specific actions and dates onto which they assign beginnings and endings for grand events like wars. Thus, many modern political commentators seem to be waiting for some mass mobilization of armies, along with the rolling of armored columns of tanks across multiple borders to proclaim that ‘it’ has finally begun.

Yet, World War 3 is already here. As I peruse the daily papers, I see war spreading like wildfire all through the Middle East and Africa. With Ukraine, it is entering Europe. Soon, war will come to Asia.

War in Africa

Nigeria is busy battling an insurgency against a group calling itself ‘Boko Haram.’ Whoever this group is, and whoever they are taking their orders from, they are creating a battleground in Nigeria which, according to sources, is now spreading into neighboring Cameroon.

Mali is battling a tribal Tuareg insurrection in its northern territories. Its army took a bad beating recently and now France is keeping its forces there to prop up that country’s weak forces.

Somalia is a lawless land, overrun with multiple warlords vying for control . Its weak central government is regularly attacked by armed militias.

The violence in Somalia is spilling over into Kenya, which has experienced waves of attacks over the past two years that show no signs of letting up.

Since the death of Qaddafi, Libya has rapidly spiraled downward into a lawless and chaotic land. Nobody appears to know who is really in control. Foreigners are being urged to evacuate the country and the U.S. has sent a convoy into the Mediterranean in preparation for some kind of action. NATO and the zionist West is desperate to keep the flow of oil and the ports under firm control. Another invasion from NATO forces looks possible, even probable.

Egypt is in a precarious state. It has just elected an army general as its new leader. Which direction this country, with one of the largest populations in Africa, is going is anybody’s guess.

The Middle East

Syria is in bad shape. Bashar Al-Assad has amazingly managed to stay alive and in control. His people have rallied around him and his army has beaten back the terrorist mercenary armies sent from Saudi Arabia and various other countries. However, the refugee problem is critical and their infrastructure and economy have taken a terrible beating. While the mercenary forces are in full retreat, they might well re-group and stage further attacks, with Israel’s backing and aid. Israel itself, using Ukraine and other events as a perfect distraction, might unilaterally launch its own attack on Syria. It will most likely use some false flag attack as a pretext.

Iraq suffers daily bombings as the country has spiraled downward into full scale Sunni/Shia civil war. The government is helpless to stop the bloodshed. Further fracturing is inevitable. Most likely, it will eventually split into three or more countries.

The government of Yemen is fighting groups of insurgents, some affiliated with Al-Qaida. The U.S. , not wanting to see its puppet government fall on this strategic piece of property, is aiding Yemen with drone strikes, which occur with such regularity now that Americans don’t even bat an eyelash over daily bombing reports on civilians.

Afghanistan is a battlefield and will continue to be for at least the near future. The Taliban may never gain the strength to achieve a final victory of U.S. and NATO forces, who show no sign of leaving. Nevertheless, they do have the means to attack targets of their choosing and have shown the capability of striking right in the heart of Kabul itself.

Ukraine is the new cold war battleground of the West versus Russia. With mercenary forces supplied and funded by superpowers on both sides. the violence there will get worse before it gets better.


China is making increasingly aggressive moves in its backyard. Its recent installation of an oil rig in the South China Sea in Viet Nam’s territorial waters is both a strategic and a symbolic move, meant to show its neighbors and the U.S. that China is ready to claim its ‘sphere of influence.’


Japan, with fascist leaning Shinzo Abe at the helm, is ready to jettison its constitution, which barred it from building an offensive army. Abe has indicated that Japan is willing to fight for the islands that it considers its own, and which China also lays claim to.

Countries all over the world are spending more than ever on military expenditures. Most of these new weapons will be used on native populations, as always. But a hevily armed world, filled with anxiety-ridden governments and desperate and hungry populations, is ripe for disaster.

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The New Media 2014

Many who work in the ‘alternative media’ are growing weary of that moniker and believe that a more updated term should be used. Some have suggested ‘the New Media.’ I’m all for it, and I hope it sticks. Whatever name we choose, it is clear that we are overtaking  the dinosaur media, the so-called ‘mainstream’ news sources which have dominated the news gathering and sharing arena for so long.

The advent of the internet and  the world-wide web has changed everything. When I was growing up, the ‘news’ was what I read every morning in The Washington Post and watched every evening on CBS news and local television stations. With the advent of cable, CNN carved out its niche, but the model was the same. Giant corporate conglomerates , who owned media outlets across the spectrum, controlled the flow of news. It was a top-down model. The 99 percent at the bottom were simply news ‘consumers.’ The could choose to believe or disbelieve what they read or watched, but the options for directly sharing what they knew were few or non-existent.

While I was studying at university in the mid 1980s, one of my professors gave us the Ben Bagdikian’s book The Media Monopoly to read. Bagdikian (b. 1920) showed, in great detail, how all the media sources in the USA, and around the world, were controlled by a few dozen large companies. The pace of consolidation was moving so fast that he was forced to update his book every five years. What was a few dozen companies in the mid 1980s has now become just six: GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. These powerful half dozen corporations control 90 percent of the news.

When I graduated with a journalism degree in 1988, if I wanted to work outside of the grip of these mega-corporations, there were hardly any choices available. However, this article is not focusing on the old, but the new. Starting in the mid 1990s, the new media has slowly but steadily been eating away at the audience share of the dinosaur media- so much so that many of those old media are in danger of going extinct, so rapidly are they losing their customer base.

Through websites, blogging, youtube channels and other DIY avenues, people are directly sharing with each other on a scale never before seen, and directly bypassing the old media channels. The old guard aren’t just becoming irrelevant, they are passing into history. Let us not mourn their passing. “News, Sports, Weather, Gossip, and Crossword Puzzles.”  What a joke. As Jello Biafra once famously said,”Don’t hate the media, become the media.”



How to bust chemtrails – Just do it

A German aerospace engineer has gone public with his story of installing chemtrail spraying apparatus on planes for years in Germany. You can watch the video of his speech on youtube. I doubt we will see large numbers of engineers copying his brave example, but this is an inspiring story.


Here in Viet Nam, the skies are daily being sprayed. Although it is not nearly as bad as what I experienced living in the Pacific Northwest, it is certainly bad enough. Many of my students have never seen a normal blue sky and are unable to identify even a single type of cloud.


Lest we become too despondent over the continuing onslaught of bad news, it is important to note that many independent activists are busy building and perfecting orgonite devices to knock chemtrails out of the sky. Building on the theories of Wilhelm Reich, these back-yard scientists are crafting elegant and functional devices to do something to clear our skies and fight back at those who wish to poison humanity into oblivion. So, if you are tired of the poison being rained down on you from faceless and nameless evildoers high in the sky, go to the hardware store and build yourself an orgone chembuster. The revolution begins in your own back yard.


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Putin’s careful strategy in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin could be considered the biggest wild card in the arena of international politics and the greatest impediment to the final check-mate of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s grand chess board.  How Putin deals with Ukraine will either cement his grip on power and consolidate the recent diplomatic gains he has made internationally or signal the beginning of the end for him.

tải xuống

One school of thought says that Putin is cleverly and patiently biding his time while the situation in Ukraine spirals out of control. He is demonstrating to the world that he is a calm, cool-headed man who takes a reasoned and measured approach to all things. When the chaos becomes so overwhelming in Ukraine that the Russian population begs for him, he will then strike with overwhelming force against the Kiev regime and be seen as a ‘good cop’, much like the USA used to be seen.


The other school of thought says that Putin is already too late. Russian people are being killed daily in the Eastern breakaway regions of Ukraine, and the forces of Kiev, in bed  with Takfiri fighters from Saudi Arabia  (fresh from the kiling fields of Syria), Greystone mercenaries (formerly Blackwater) from the USA, Mossad agents ,  and of course the fascist Right Sector of Western Ukraine,  are unleashing terror on the populations there.

Since the area known as Ukraine was once part of the ancient empire of Khazaria from which sprang the Ashkenazi Jews many centuries ago, it stands to reason that Israeli zionists would be  keenly interested in establishing a firm foothold there to expand zionist influence even further.



How can Putin stand idly by while all this is happening on his doorstep, some ask. If the reports of Russian troops withdrawing from the border regions are true, then it appears that Putin has decided not to go in with ground troops. Has he left the Russian population in Ukraine hanging in the wind? This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest,  stories in the world right now. However it plays out, the people of Ukraine are in for some serious rough times. Expect to see millions of refugees pouring out of that country into Europe, Russia, the Near East and wherever else they can get to, at a time when the populations of Europe are increasingly prone to closing their borders to more immigrants and refugees.

Turkish protests, one year anniversary : A study in governmental brutality and media propaganda

As I’ve written about in previous posts, governments and the media  utilize double-speak, propaganda, and various word games to confuse and distract the public. One of the most striking examples of this, and one which you can find reading almost any corporate owned paper on any given day, is the terminology used when reporting on protests and police repression.

In 40 odd years of newspaper reading, I have never seen a reporter give an honest account of police and military forces attacking protesters. No. Instead, reporters are instructed to use the word ‘clash.’ Whether it is the NYT, AP, AFP, Reuters, BBC or whoever, they absolutely love this word. The word ‘clash’ allows the reporter and the media company standing behind him to cleverly avoid the appearance of taking sides or assigning responsibility, and hence, blame.


In the fantasy world of mainstream media, nobody ever initiates force or violence, and certainly governments never attack their own populations. In this make believe reality, protestors and police just happen to sort of , you know, run into each other and a ‘clash’ happens. In this scenario, the reader is left purposefully confused, even bewildered. This craziness can reach levels of absurdity that are breathtaking. You see a few hundred protestors, mostly young students, all unarmed, faced off with thousands of heavily armed police in riot gear, and the somehow a ‘clash’ happens. Really? Did those kids bull rush the police, who are dressed up in Darth Vader uniforms and armed with machine guns and armored personell carriers?

journalists for obama1

Another favorite word of the MSM is ‘unrest.’ What the hell is ‘unrest’ anyway?  Neutral, ambiguous , and vague, this wet dishtowel of a word should be jettisoned from all newsrooms.

Police do not fire tear gas. No, they merely deploy it. Oh, and they do this not to injure and kill people, but only to disperse them.

In mainstream media fantasyland, people do not kill people, and government thugs (police and military) do not kill and murder civilians. In government doublespeak, it is violence which claims the lives of people.  So, it’s not actually real people with real names firing guns, its just a force – violence- which claims lives. “Yesterday, during riots, police and protestors clashed and violence sadly claimed the lives of 20 people.” Does that sentence sound familiar? It should. Any regular reader of the news has read that sentence and close variants of it thousands of times.


The presstitutes also love to use the passive voice whenever describing government violence. Thus, we read that ‘thousands were injured…..when clashes occurred,’ and so on.

Here is an newspaper article from today, June 2, 2014. This is from Agence France Press and is about protests in Istanbul and Ankara:

Police clashesd with protesters near Istanbul’s iconic Taksim Square, scene of last year’s unrest that claimed eight lives and left thousands injured. 

Riot police also deployed tear gas and water cannon to disperse some 1,000 people in the capital Ankara, who hurled fireworks. In the run-up to the anniversary, Turkey’s prime minister had warned authorities would do ‘whatever is necessary ‘ to curb protest.

“You will not be able to take to Taksim like you did last year because you are obliged to abide by the laws…If you do not, the state will do whatever is necessary for its security, ” he warned.

You can’t find a much more in-your-face statement of dictatorial tyranny than that.