Three Gatekeepers of the Left

The left wing of the American political landscape is populated with a number of gatekeepers. For those unfamiliar with the term, a ‘gatekeeper’ is one who, while posing as a dissenter to the status quo and as a muckraker, is in fact working for the establishment by carefully and meticulously  circumscribing the limits of debate and research. The gatekeeper’s influence is insidious and highly destructive.

1) Noam Chomsky

The best known and most influential gatekeeper of the Left is Noam Chomsky (b. 1928) , the brilliant  linguist and political dissident who has worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for almost 60 years. His political writings ,which are mostly concerned with analyzing and critically dissecting American foreign policy and the way a complicit media works in a democracy, include Deterring Democracy, Year 501, What Uncle Sam Really Wants, Manufacturing Consent, Hegemony or Survival, and Understanding Power-the Indispensable Chomsky. 



I started reading Chomsky in my early twenties when I was becoming politically awakened.  His writing style includes exhaustive documentation, unrelenting analysis of facts vs. propaganda, and a dry, almost detached tone.  His books, particularly his longer works, are difficult reading and can be unrelentingly depressing.  For aspiring left-leaning intellectuals, reading Chomsky and being familiar with his ideas is de rigueur.


As the years wore on and I continued reading his books, a growing feeling of frustration and dissatisfaction regarding Chomsky came over me. One thing I noticed was how deflated I felt after reading his books. Chomsky hits  you with a thousand and one facts about the government’s evil doings, but never points  to a direction out of the crisis.  He is bereft of solutions. Although he is known as an anarchist, or as he likes to say, an ‘anarcho-syndicalist’ and ‘libertarian socialist’ (whatever the hell that is), one struggles mightily to find an anarchist in all his books. Reading thru his works, one finds only a lot of obtuse, dry academic jargon.

A number of years ago, I found out that Chomsky believes the government’s story of 9/11 and has been openly criticizing and denigrating the 9/11 truth movement. That made me stand up and pay attention. Something was seriously amiss here. Here is  a man who is considered ‘America’s foremost political dissident’ and has spent a lifetime exposing government lies and propaganda, and he accepts without question the complete story of 9/11?  I had to actually sit and watch some of his videotaped interviews regarding 9/11 to believe it, but there it was. He says  on tape, responding to a question of who was actually behind the attacks,  “Who cares, really?” Regarding the nano-thermite founds at ground zero, he stated “whatever the hell that is…” As for the group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth , he glibly dismissed them as ‘a few engineers.’ I later found out that Chomsky also believes (or says he does) that there was no conspiracy behind the JFK assassination. There’s more- much more. You can also watch a recent speech where Chomsky says that “in an economy like ours , we need a central bank like the Federal Reserve.” One imagines Chomsky and Bernanke at the same cocktail parties.

As James Corbett so succinctly summarized in his recent Corbett Report podcast about Chomsky, you earn capital to spend capital. Chomsky has earned a huge following over the decades for his seemingly fearless exposes of government malfeasance, and now he is able to lead his flock of unthinking followers into dead-ends and to make sure that they don’t go where they are not supposed to, i.e. into ‘conspiracy theories.’

2) Amy Goodman

The host of the hugely popular daily news show “Democracy Now- The War and Peace Report” is another darling of the Left and progressive community. Many of my friends in the small Northern Californian town where I used to live  practically worshipped her. I was not at that time  (2000) much of a radio listener but I decided I needed to tune in to find out what all the fuss was about. The first thing that struck me when I listened was the structure of the show. It was Chomsky, ironically enough, who taught me what ‘agenda setting’ means. This is a term that describes what the major mainstream media do in the USA to ‘set the agenda’ for the day’s news. Whatever the New York Times, Washington Post, AP and CNN decide are the top and important stories are then carried by all the second and third tier news outlets across the country. In other words, these few media organizations decide for the population what the news is and what will be discussed. And, by extension, what is not considered newsworthy.



What was interesting was that I was expecting to hear an alternative news show. With all the hype surrounding Amy Goodman and the reputation she had as a fearless progressive journalist speaking truth to power, I was anticipating that she was going to cover events, ideas, and stories of her own choosing. Instead, the first ten minutes of each show- a significant amount of time considering each show is only an hour long- was devoted to Amy reading the front page of the New York Times and giving the day’s headlines, straight from the mainstream news media. Before she had even begun to get into the day’s topic, she implicitly and explicitly allowed ‘the powers that be’  to decide for us what we should be talking about. She then inevitably chose what was the ‘biggest’ story of the day, or what all the other networks were covering, and then gave the ‘alternative’ viewpoint on it by calling in someone to interview, usually some professor or well-known voice within the Democratic party or academia. Loads of airtime were taken up with such insightful commentary like , “they’re not giving us the whole story,” or “they’re lying” and “how dare they do that.”


People on the Left loved her because she criticized Bush and his warmongering. Big deal. Millions of people were out protesting the Iraq War. It didn’t take much courage to call out Bush on his war crimes. The big test, as always, was 9/11. What did Amy Goodman, the courageous, truth-seeking reporter, investigate in regard to the biggest crime of the 21st century? Did she follow where the evidence led, no matter how uncomfortable that may have been, or did she, like Chomsky, accept the government line so that she could move back into more comfortable and safe topics?  Amy Goodman has steadfastly and unapologetically upheld the government’s fantastical story of Arab hijackers and refused to conduct an investigation into the collapse of Building 7.

Let us not forget that Ms. Goodman has also done a nice job of supporting Al Gore’s man-made global warming theory at every turn, and refused to look at the  well-supported evidence demonstrating the absurdity of this theory. She has also been an admirably good foot soldier in the government’s war on the second amendment, by doing irresponsible and tactless reporting on the Aurora, Colorado  mass shooting. Within one hour of the shooting, Goodman had a guest on the air who was calling for gun control.  Amy played right along, looking straight at the camera with her best “I feel your pain” face. How pathetic.

Amy Goodman  has done the job of left gatekeeper with talent and panache. She has managed to deceive a whole generation of gullible, uninformed and easily duped Americans with her lazy reporting. Whether she was bought off or  threatened , the fact is that  she is not only useless to real truthseekers, but an active menace and disinformation agent. She needs to go away.

3) Michael Moore

He’s  a smart funny man and a talented filmmaker. He portrays himself as an ‘everyman’ who fights the big evil corporations and exposes the insensitive and out-of-touch charlatans  at the top of the corporate pyramid. I like him.  I have watched and enjoyed all of his movies and his short-lived television series.  He has done a masterful job of pulling up the rug to expose some of the ugliest characteristics of America, including our gun violence, our dysfunctional medical system, and our corporatocracy. He has even taken on  capitalism itself. Through his movie and tv projects, he has built up a big fan base of mostly youthful and left-leaning voters. Moore has parlayed his fame and notoriety to garner big book deals and is now a frequent guest on news programs where he is asked his opinion on all manner of topics.


66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

This is where his role as gatekeeper comes into play. One of the crucial roles of any competent gatekeeper is to channel the righteous anger and outrage of citizens into harmless outlets, to effectively neuter any real uprising and dissent. And this Moore does very well indeed. He has always been a strong supporter of the Democratic Party, and has never entertained the notion that the Democratic and Republican parties are simply two factions of one corporate party. Instead of calling for revolution, he encourages his young, naive followers to vote for the Democratic party to achieve ‘change.’ Never mind that the Democrats have been every bit as warmongering and pro-big business as the Republicans. Moore adheres to a a notion that was perhaps true 40 or 50 years ago but has long since been discredited- that there is any difference whatsoever between the parties.



Moore also has been a useful idiot for the government and their  unrelenting quest  to abolish the second amendment and confiscate America’s guns. And lastly, he has steered his fans away from a truly honest and critical look at the events of 9/11. His interpretation of that day – that Bush and his gang were merely stupid and incompetent, and perhaps ‘allowed’ the events to unfold –  is one that is accepted still by a large swath of the American population.


Next article: Left Gatekeepers. Part 2.






Satanism in Hollywood and the Music Industry

Katy Perry’s performance at the 2014 Grammys. Miley Cyrus’ performance at the 2013 MTV video music awards. Beyonce’s halftime show at the super bowl in 2013. Madonna’s concert during the super bowl in 2012. What we are witnessing here is a coming-out party for the satanic cult which runs Hollywood and the music industry. In decades past, one may have heard whispers about satanists in Hollywood or the music business, but without much hard evidence to back up the claims, such talk was easily dismissed and brushed aside.

Times have changed. The illuminati and their satanic underlings who run the show in movies and music (mostly based in the United States)  have decided that they no longer need to hide and are out to show the world, through their slave star-puppets, how things are done in Hollywood.

While many people in my generation who grew up dancing to the music of Madonna may get uncomfortable, or even go into denial, when hearing that Madonna is a satanist who worships Lucifer and works for the illuminati, the halftime show speaks for itself. Actually, to call it a ‘show’ or a ‘performance’ is a misnomer. What the people of America witnessed was a ritual, dressed up in a  freemasonic and Luciferian garb. Madonna and her masters pushed the envelope about as far as they dared. No doubt they contemplated putting an inverted pentagram on Madonna’s chest but decided that they had better not- yet.  The most glaring costume prop was the huge devil horns on her headdress, the pop queen’s unabashed homage to Baphomet. The horned headpiece has no relation to her supposed Egyptian outfit, and the Egyptians never wore anything on their heads remotely resembling that.


With the ‘success’ of Madonna’s show behind them, the illuminati decided to up the ante the following year with Beyonce. This woman, who at one point early in her career was indeed beautiful and talented, was corrupted by her Lucifer-worshipping husband Jay-Z, and now proudly goes around flashing the satanic ‘666’ sign to her followers and the papparazi.




Jay-Z himself likes to wear a hoodie with the words “Do as Thous Wilt” , the famous lines from the former ‘wickedest man alive’, Aleister Crowley. Watch Beyonce’s halftime show closely, and observe how she becomes possessed by a demonic force. Watch her eyes change color into charcoal black and her face contort into a truly demonic grin. Watch her repeatedly make the illuminati pyramid hand signal. Again, we see the full-blown ritual taking place behind her with the dancers, the fire and the conjuring of dark forces. Meanwhile, the adoring audience in front of the stage laps it all up, taking in the symbolism unconsciously.



56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Miley Cyrus, a one-time child star and heroine to millions of tween girls, was apparently taken into a dark room during the past year and told by some industry big-wigs, “Your time as a cute, innocent, fresh-faced star are over. We have bigger plans for you now. All the fame and riches of the world will be yours, but you must have a new image. The new image we have in mind for you is , ah, um, a bit more ‘edgy.’ Do you understand Miley? You must now become a woman. A sexy woman, with an attitude. Do you think you can do that? One might even say ‘raunchy.’ Our designers have some skimpy outfits for you to wear, our songwriters are at this very moment composing some new edgy material for you, and our choreographers will teach you some wild dance moves. It’s time for you to enter a new stage of your career. Do you agree? Good, sign her…”



And so it goes. A deal is made with the devil. Even Hollywood stars, who are used to seeing decadence, filth and garbage, were appalled when they saw Miley’s performance. The world learned what the term ‘twerking’ means. The show was the girl demonstrating to the world that she was now in service to Lucifer. Her hair was bundled up to appear as devil horns,  and she simulated sex with her satanic cohort. Teddy bears were in abundance, which was an inside joke to all the illuminati in the audience, as teddy bears have long been used as a symbol for pedophilia. The performance was not just an advertisement for what we can now expect from this ‘star’, but another subliminal message to all her former fans that this behavior is now accepted as ‘cool’. Imitate your idols and do as they do.

And finally we come to Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. Oh, I mean Katy Perry. Katheryn Hudson was a former teen gospel singer who grew up in a deeply religious family. Then one day she got a call from Hollywood and they said, “Hey, we see you are struggling a bit. We can help you. In fact, we are confident,  given your obvious talents, that we can take you straight to the top. However, you will need to change your name. And your identity. And you will need to move down here. And play a different style of music. And you will have to leave behind, forever, all that ‘Christian stuff’ you were raised with. Do you think you can do that, Katy”?



And so yet another young star made HER deal with the devil. In fact, go online and listen to her interview where she admits as much. And I am  not using ‘deal with the devil’ here in a metaphorical or abstract sense. This is a quite literal deal with Lucifer. Again, we see the confirmation of this in the performances. Her grammy performance was the exclamation point on her new identity. The dark horse, eerily reminiscent of the dark horse at the entrance to the creepy NWO Denver airport,  was prominent on stage, with its red malevolent eyes. Her blouse bore the emblem of the Knights Templar and the entire performance was yet another satanic ritual, meant to condition the populace and bring the youth of America into the Luciferian fold. Fires, black robes, broomsticks,  devil horns- we’ve got it all. Talk about ‘in your face.’  Katy’s parents are now stating openly that they have lost their daughter to satan.



Lady Gaga, a brainless piece of trailer trash who has somehow managed to convince millions of adoring fans that she has talent, has been  openly flaunting illuminist symbolism for years. It seems as though she doesn’t even know how to pose for a picture without covering one eye. The ‘all-seeing eye’ of the illuminati is probably one of the best known occult symbols in the world. Here we have a young pop star, telling the world that the illuminati is cool, and that she is a proud member. Watch Lady Gaga on the Jimmy Kimmel show say, “I swear to Lucifer.”


Rihanna is a talented singer who just a few years ago was putting out music that was carefree, fun, and innocent. Then she met Jay-Z and started working with this satanist producer and her image, music, and videos changed overnight. Now she is another satanic pawn in this accelerating tide. She too admitted in an interview that is a ‘devil worshipper’, laughing all the while, of course.




Satanism has made deep inroads into the movie and music industry and now, mainly through pop culture and young , attractive singers, they are bringing it out into the mainstream. Even sports stars are brought into the cult. Watch Lebron James proudly and openly make not one, not two, but three satanic hand gestures following the star spangled banner. Expose this agenda, resist it, and above all, protect your children as best you can.



The Brave New Restaurant Menu

Media, and its related technologies, over the past 100 years has moved us from a literary, left-brain dominated, society to a visual, right-brain focused society. Photography, ‘moving pictures’, television, and computers have all contributed to a new focus on the image, and moved us away from our print  technologies. The late Leonard Shlain, author of the ground-breaking book “The Alphabet vs. The Goddess: The Conflict between Word and Image” argued that this process is taking us full circle, as our goddess-worshipping ancestors ten thousand years ago were image based, and lacked the aggressiveness, hierarchy, linear thinking and male domination so prevalent today.



Shlain contends that many academics and intellectuals today have it all wrong with their hand-wringing about plummeting literary and reading and writing standards. A shift toward a more balanced right/left hemisphere will ultimately be a positive thing for our societies, he says. His thesis is fascinating and controversial. I grew up with a love of books and reading and have watched with great consternation and anxiety as bookstores close by the thousands and younger generations take less and less interest in reading. While I would love to think that all my worries about the dumbing down of humanity are, in fact, baseless and that we will evolve just fine by simply staring at images, I’m not so sure.

When “USA Today” was launched in September 1982, it was the first newspaper to incorporate big color photos and splashy graphics. It was appealing to the television generation , even going so far as to design the boxes containing the newspapers to look like television sets. Newspapers would never be the same. Textbook manufacturers have also had to radically redesign their books over the last 30 years to incorporate more photos, drawings, and graphics. Pick up any text today, from kindergarten thru post-grad level,  and 50% of any given page will be given over to images and photos.




I have been thinking about all this recently as I’ve noticed a distinct trend in the restaurant industry. Here in Asia especially, the trend of putting photos in menus has taken off and gone to extreme levels. Way back in 1989, the brilliant comedian Bill Hicks performed his ‘Sane Man’ routine and mocked the Denny’s restaurant chain for using pictures on their menus. At that time, there were only a handful of restaurants which did this, and Hicks saw it as a classic example of a business catering to- contributing to- a dumbed down society. He metamorphosed into an ape-man and entered the restaurant, needing to use only grunts and growls and a finger to point at the dish he wanted.

If you were going to design a menu for a group of 5-year-olds, how would you do it? Perhaps use thick cardboard pages, thus making it easier for their little fingers to more easily flip thru the menu. Place only two or three items on each page. Put a big color photo underneath each selection. Sadly, this describes most menus in restaurants today, at least here in Ho Chi Minh City, 2014. With so many photos, some menus are 60 pages long. If they are not cardboard, the pages are at least plastic laminated. Many restaurant menus now require punched holes with a three ring binder. Even drinks need a photo: a glass of orange juice. A coffee. A cup of tea. And on and on.

But wait, it gets worse. Or,  at least more weird. As if expensive and detailed color photos on menus weren’t enough, many Japanese restaurants construct elaborate plastic reproductions of each dish. In order to display them properly, they have had to build large display cases , glass-enclosed and stretching for 10 feet or more. One can only hope that these restaurant owners put as much effort into making real food in their kitchens as they do constructing these bizarre plastic recreations. Visiting a restaurant with just a simple one- page menu on nice bond paper, with no televisions playing and soft candlelight and old-fashioned incandescent lighting is feeling more and more like a trip back in time. These trends in restaurants, like all the other trends we are witnessing in our society, seem irreversible. Perhaps I will do an experiment, in Bill Hicks’ honor, and venture into a restaurant making  only ape sounds and pointing at my favorite picture on the menu. Who needs language anymore when we have such pretty photos?