2014 warmest year on record- the IPCC and Al Gore are back!

Last week, news headlines from the corporate press informed us that 2014 was ‘the warmest year on record.’ Along with this headline came the predictable  article : global warming is proceeding apace, the earth is inexorably heating up and the skeptics have been proven wrong. To say that articles such as the one written by Justin Gillis for the New York Times on January 16th are predictable is an understatement. They are written from a script. A template. All the writer has to do is fill in the year and a few updated quotes and he has his article ready to go to print. It’s laughable.

We’re informed in the first paragraph of the NYT article that records have only been kept since 1880, not even a blink of an eye in geologic history. Yet, we are supposed to ignore that fact when scientists make grand claims about ‘hottest ever.’  Mr. Gillis also tells us that this data undermines claims by ‘contrarians’ who dispute the anthropogenic global warming theory. I don’t think he means ‘contrarian’ in a nice way. When the IPCC, UN, and other NWO organizations take off the gloves, they often refer to doubters as ‘deniers,’ thereby attempting to link them with ‘holocaust deniers’ in the public’s mind.

Gillis continues by giving some random facts about heat records last year in the continental United States, caused by ‘the relentless planetary warming that scientists say is a consequence of human activity and poses profound long-term risks to civilization and nature.’ Scared yet?



After  1998 when Earth experienced its hottest year of the century, many climatologists, especially those in the IPCC,  told us that Earth was going to get continuously hotter, and this was due to mankind dumping ever increasing amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.  Well, the amount of CO2 continues to rise, but temperatures have not risen at all over the last 15 years. Scientists are ‘struggling’ to explain this strange trend, which goes against all of their models. And don’t forget ‘climategate’ from 2009 when leaked emails from scientists blew a big hole in the whole IPCC global warming theory. You’d think that the IPCC and Al Gore would admit defeat  and go back to the drawing board. But no. They were right all along, and we – the skeptics- were wrong. Got it?

According to John R. Christy, a scientist at the University of Alabama, the increase in 2014 was only a few hundredths of a degree, well within the margin of error. But Mr. Gillis is quick to remind his readers that Mr. Christy represents only a ‘handful’ of skeptics, and that the ‘vast majority of those who study the climate’  say the earth is in a long term warming trend.’  Links and sources are of course nowhere to be found.

And how about those recent crazy dips in the jet stream which have brought ‘Arctic vortexes’ and other anomalies to the United States? Those are  caused by global warming too! Mr. Gillis makes no mention whatsoever of HAARP, geo-engineering, or chemtrails.  How odd. Does he never step outside his NYT office and look up at the sky? Actually, if he dared to mention those terms in a NYT article, he’d be out of job overnight. Also not mentioned anywhere in the article is the sun. Seeing as how the sun determines just about everything regarding earth’s climate, you’d think it would be worth a mention.


As a send-off, Mr. Gillis ends his article by giving kudos to his buddy, former mayor of New York and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is ‘spending tens of millions of dollars of his personal fortune to battle climate change.’ Really? How is Mr. Bloomberg ‘battling’ climate change? More PR garbage. The guy is worth, officially, 36 BILLION dollars. Ten or twenty million is pocket change to him.




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  1. I find it strange that the sun never gets considered in all this. It’s as though the sun has nothing to do with this situation. The atmosphere on other planets is changing also yet that never gets mentioned either. The carbon tax, aka the new form of pennance payment hasn’t been put in yet. it failed the first time.Turning the situation into money for the likes of Al Gore and Goldman Sachs won’t go away. They are back again and will be back again and again till they turn the issue into money and further bleed the people. Gore’s carbon trading company stands to make billions.

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